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Alco-stat 30 patches
Alco Stat Viaguard
Extensive scientific evidence shows how habituation to the use of alcohol and the craving for alcohol may be reduced by competitive inhibition at alcohol receptor sites. Competitive inhibition at alcohol receptor sites means that the requirement for alcohol to satisfy a need is diminished by the action of competitive inhibition. Competitive inhibition results when competitive antagonists reversibly bind to receptors at the same binding site (active site) as the endogenous ligand or agonist in the brain or central nervous system. The competitive antagonist must lock into the site precisely, like interlocking pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle. Once locked in, the site is no longer available for another compound or drug, including alcohol, at that site. The level of activity of the receptor will be determined by the relative affinity of each molecule for the site. The substance employed as the competitive antagonist should be safe, and in the case of alco-stat -, natural and herbal. By binding to the site, it replicates the satiating effect of alcohol, with obviously none of the side effects of alcohol. The urge to drink is diminished.
Kitchen mould to make six jelly party shots. Simply fill the six moulds with jelly and then place the mould in the fridge to set. This Jelly Shots set also includes a recipe book for jelly aloc-shots, making it the perfect addition to any gift or party range.
Alco-Albert 893 80 Key Cassette; 370 x 280 x 60 mm
Mit fortlaufend nummerierten Hakenleisten. Aus Stahlblech, innen und außen kratzfest lackiert. Verchromtes Drehriegel-Zylinderschloss. 2 Schlüssel. Farbe: lichtgrau., Hersteller: ALCO-Albert, Marke: ALCO, mit: 70 Haken, Größe (BxTxH): 170x75x250 mm
Alco Office Light with Clamp Base 220 V 11 W White Including Media
Table lamp G23 Compact Fluorescent Lamp with Plug Socket 230 V 11 Watt Package Includes: Table Clamp Light intensity: Approx. 1100 lx at a distance of 45 cm Height: Max. 72 cm Lamp head: 30 cm Practical workplace light with double articulated arm Dimensions: lower arm 42 cm, upper arm 30 cm Certificates and approval: CE mark. Colour: white
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Alco Textile Mönchengladbach Folding Cushion diagonal stripes, grün/weiss/schwarz
Borussia Mönchengladbach
'Borussia Mönchengladbach seat cushion "diagonal stripes" Size (Height x Width x Depth): approx. 33 x 33 x 3 cm Material: Outer material 100% cotton Filling: 100% polyurethane bottom side with PVC coating Seat Cushion "diagonal stripes Item No 1/051413 - 6000 Green/White/Black100% cotton/PVC, filling: 100% polyurethane
ALCO 059313 Emerson Filter Drier PCN: 059313 FDB-084
ALCO 059313 Emerson Filter Drier PCN: 059313 FDB-084Filter dryers FDB. Hermetic design, beadstyle, for liquid refrigerants.Characteristics: Compacted bead style (spring loaded) Optimal mixture of molecular sieve and activated alumina combined with high filter capacity Final filtration of 20 microns Filtration first for a more efficient use of the area of ??desiccant High water and acidity Padded flow for non-turbulent performance ODF copper connections for easy soldering Robust steel housing Corrosion resistant epoxy paint Temperature range TS: -40 ° C to + 65 ° C Max. Operating pressure PS: 45 bar CE marking according to art. 3.3 PED 97/23 EC HP Marking acc. Pressure equipment line
3x Pathfinder 24 hour Alco-Clear Finings for clearing Turbo Yeast Wash
3x Pathfinder Alco-Clear 24 hour Turbo Finings Easy to use, quick to clear! Two stage clearing process removing over 90% of unwanted yeast & solids in suspension from your alcohol wash within 24 hours. Producing very clean alcohol with excellent quality. In simple terms, when you add Pathfinder Alco-Clear to your wash, they make all the floaty bits sink to the bottom leaving you with a remarkably clear brew. We sell a full range of Pathfinder Products
123t Funny Hoodie - I Read an Article On The Dangers of Drinking Hoody Jumper Hoodies Christmas Wine Beer Margarita Mojito Tequila Item Birthday Zip Up Presents Auntie Novelty Alco
123t Funny Hoodie - I Read An Article On The Dangers Of Drinking - Hoody Jumper. This unique Unisex Premium hoody is one of thousands of 123t creations featuring funny slogans as well as novelty, joke, vintage and retro designs ­- the perfect gift for him or for her, regardless of whether their fashion is hipster, urban, cool, chic, geek or nerd. All of our unisex AWD college hoodies for men and women are premium-quality, 280gsm weighted designs produced using 80% cotton/20% polyester. Featuring drawstrings and kangaroo-style pouched pockets, we stock these smart phone-compatible hooded sweatshirts for anyone in your family - Mum (Mummy), Dad (Daddy), Nan (Nanny/Grandma), Granddad (Grandpa) as well as your sons and daughters (teenage kids and toddlers). Sizes are available in SMALL (36"), MEDIUM (40"), LARGE (44"), XL (48"), 2XL (52"), 3XL (56"), 4XL (60") and 5XL (64"). (Please contact us if you would like this design in child sizes). These expertly designed items make wonderful ideas for any special occasion - whether as a Christmas gift for your brother, birthday present for your sister, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even a birth in the family. Although cheaper items may be available elsewhere, the quality of our garments and production techniques are unparalleled. So while the price may be a little more expensive, we're adamant our assurance of quality is worth spending that little bit extra. If you want cheap and nasty, please find a different supplier. We operate a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY. Please note, this design is also available in other garment styles, so please search the title within our store.
INNOVATION - Bye Bye Acetone! For removal of Pure manicures Alcohol based product Not on acetone! Safer for the nail plate Protests against excessive dryness Has antibacterial and antiseptic properties Removes the nail design in approx. 15 minutes For filing with a nail file Directions for use: Remove the top coat with a nail buffer block. Apply the remover to a cotton swab and place on the nail, cover with aluminum foil, next put the Nail Clip on the nail and press. Wait 15 minutes and remove the nail design.
5Pcs 16g 16 gauge 1.2mm 5/16 8mm steel ear spiral barbells Sapphire Crystal eyebrow twist ALCO Pierced Body Jewellery
You are watching 5 Pieces of spiral twist barbell eyebrow ring. bar ring. - 16g 16 Gauge (1.2mm) of stem thickness - 5/16 Inches (8mm) surgical steel stem - 3mm Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Balls. All items are exactly as shown in the picture and the items will be shipped with beautiful jewellery box or pouch at no extra cost.