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Wolf Girl
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Robbie The Reindeer: Hooves Of Fire [DVD] [1999]
Robbie the Reindeer is as short as many of the made-for-TV classics that have preceded it. However, so much action, zippy dialogue and witty visual puns have been packed into its 29-minute running time that you'd swear it was longer. The content of the film, like many new animations and cartoons, is geared slightly in favour of older audiences, because of its sexual innuendos and adult comedy, but the kids will love the slapstick comedy and loveable characters. Robbie's father is another stop-motion favourite, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and pop is keen to see his loveable--but lazy--son follow in his famous hoof prints. The adult theme continues in the shape of the storyline, which was actually inspired more by Rocky than by Rudolph. As in Rocky, there's a supportive female (Donner) and a crusty trainer (Old Jingle). Together they help Robbie get in shape for the Reindeer Games, where he'll have the chance to show Santa whether he has the right stuff or not. Fans of Aardman Animations should appreciate the detailed animation and clever humour. The cream of Britain's comic crop provides the voices, including Jane Horrocks as Donner. Robbie Williams narrates the story, and Mark Knopfler provides the music. --Kathleen C Fennessy,
The Moon Riders
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Voyage Of The Snake Lady
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The Herbie Collection [DVD]
Buena Vista Entertainment
All 4 'Herbie' films in one box set. 'The Love Bug' (1968), was the first film to feature the little car with a mind of its own, Herbie the Volkswagen. Herbie gets involved with a race car driver (Dean Jones), after a stuffy rival (David Tomlinson) takes a haughty attitude towards the car. In 'Herbie Rides Again' (1974) Herbie tries to help an old woman who is trying to prevent a property developer from building a skyscraper on her land. In 'Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo' (1977) Herbie is the vicitim of some villains when a spy ring hide a huge diamond in his gas tank while he is racing in a Paris to Monte Carlo race. Herbie also finds time to fall in love with a Lancia. And finally, in 'Herbie Goes Bananas' (1980 ) the little VW is being driven to Brazil to to race in Rio, but finds several slapstick obstacles are in his way.
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Alliteration Ink
The most important characters don't always get top billing...Sidekicks: We know them, and we ignore them. They sit courtside, they wait in the shadows, they ride on the coattails. They have nothing to offer. Or do they?Heroes and heroines perform world shaking deeds, but sidekicks? Sidekicks are the unseen glue holding those powerhouses together. They are the backbones. They are the voices of reason. It's long past time for them to shine.Here, the fangirls, the trusted associates, the loyal assistants, and the imperiled wards have their moment in the spotlight. Join them as they shake up the world in unexpected and understated ways.Let the heroes sit this one out. Celebrate the Sidekick!
The Greatest Store In The World [VHS] [1999]
Great video in excellent condition, starring Dervla Kirwan, Peter Capaldi, Ricky Tomlinson, Sean Hughes & Brian Blessed, fast dispatch, UK SELLER
Herbie Collection [DVD]
Walt Disney Studios HE
Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play. Set Comprises: Herbie - The Love Bug: He tale of a struggling race car driver, named Jim Douglas who only begins winning races once he starts driving Herbie. Elated at his new found success, Jim does not realise that it is the Volkswagen who is responsible for the first-place finishes! Herbie Goes Bananas: There's disorder south of the border when Herbie, the almost human Volkswagen, meets Paco the pickpocket and has to dismantle a counterfeiting ring down in Mexico! Herbie Rides Again: Herbie the lovable VW protects Grandma against an evil property tycoon! Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo: The lovable VW Beetle is entered for a road race from Paris to Monte Carlo. He falls in love and gets mistakenly involved in a robbery; will he manage to make it to the finishing line in time? Herbie Fully Loaded: Maggie Peyton, the new owner of 'Number 53', puts the free-wheelin' Volkswagen bug through its paces on the road to becoming a NASCAR competitor. Being a third generation member of a NASCAR family, racing is in Maggie's blood, but she is forbidden from competing by her overprotective father, Ray Sr. (Michael Keaton). When Maggie's offered a car as a graduation present, she surprisingly ends up with a battered old '63 VW Beetle; but this is no ordinary 'Bug'. As she prepares to leave town for a career at ESPN News, Maggie discovers that 'Herbie' has a mind of his own... and an alternate route for her future.
Blackstone's Guide to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Blackstone's Guide Series)
Blackstone Press
Blackstone's Guide to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 Provides the full text of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, together with a practical explanation of the legislation. This guide comprehensively explains the scope and impact of the Act.
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2000AD Prog. 1139 with Thrills Of The Future supplement 7th April 1999
2000AD PROG 1139 COVER DATE: 7th April, 1999 Cover: Nikolai Dante by Simon Fraser FREE GIFT 16 page Thrills of the Future supplement CONTENTS Judge Dredd Termination (With Extreme) 2 episodes (Progs 1139 to 1140) 13 pages Script: John Wagner, Artist: Alex Ronald, Colour: Gary Caldwell Mercy Heights Mercy Heights Book 2 15 episodes (Progs 1133 to 1148) 91 pages Script: John Tomlinson, Artist: Trevor Hairsine (1-5), Lee Sullivan (6-10), Neil Googe(11-15), Colour: Chris Blythe (1-5) Featuring: Tor Cyan Not in Prog 1138. Nikolai Dante The Hunting Party 2 episodes (Progs 1139 to 1140) 20 pages Script: Robbie Morrison, Artist: Andy Clarke, Colour: D'Israeli Sinister Dexter Eurocrash 13 episodes (Progs 1127 to 1139) 87 pages Script: Dan Abnett, Artist: Simon Davis
Simon Says
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