Alfi 'Juwel' (Jewel) Insulated Thermos Can 1.0 L Chromed Brass
Alfi 0570.218.100 Vacuum Flask Juwel Metal Lacquered, 1 L, Space Grey - chrome, 1 L - Suitable for Your Personal Taste Chrome Plated or Lacquered Available - A classic piece of jewelry - the premium vacuum jug jewel enthusiastic gourmet since 1918 with their elegance and their suppleness and decorate even the Chancellor's Office and the Bundestag. As Bernard original she impresses with excellent insulating performance - Comfortable pouring over practical one-handed operation. The ease of use and the ease of maintenance by hand promise real user experience without any risk - Premium vacuum jug by alfi in different sizes; Made in Germany. To ensure a sustainable healthy indulgence, this jug as any product from the House is Bernard free of any kind - Good insulation keeps hot 12 hours / 24 hours cold thanks to alfiDur glass insert. The AromaSafe principle of conserving the most important ever - to enjoy in all its facets
Alfi Signo 1421211100 Insulation Jug - Varnished Stainless Steel - 1 l - Alpine White
No matter if it's coffee or tea, the vacuum jugs from the series Signo keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. Details: , AlfiDur vacuum tempered glass insert , Pouring system and handle plastic chromed , AromaSafe for perfect taste , Keeps content hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours , Comfortable pouring system with one-hand operation , Recyclable Filling Quantity: 1 L Length: 17,5 cm Width: 14,5 cm Height: 27,5 cm Colour: Alpine White Manufacturer article number: 1421211100 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Vacuum Jug Signo, Coffee Pot, Can, Alpine White, Capacity 1 L, 27.5 cm, 1421211100

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Alfi Gusto Insulated Thermos Can 1.0 L White Metal
alfi GmbH
acquire the following Article: 1 x Alfi Gusto capacity 1.0 l Product Description: 1 piece, Alfi Gusto capacity 1.0 l color: alpine white Notes: Should there are any problems with the goods received, please contact us., please e-mail or call 0351/2849329 complaint shall add a photo. Please rate after receipt of the goods not be too hasty. We will in any case an optimal Find solution in your senses. We rely on a fair valuation, to future goods in a cheap price - performance ratio to offer.
Alfi Juwel Thermos Insulating Jug, Stainless Steel, polar weiß, 1 L
Alfi Isolierkanne Juwel, polar weiß 1,0l 0570.219.100
Alfi Vacuum Carafe Kugel, Coffee Pot, Screwing Stopper, Plastics, Vintage Indigo, 0.94l, 0105060094
Alfi vacuum carafe Kugel: the classic carafe designed by Ole Palsby. This timeless modern vacuum carafe in easy-clean plastic is available in many colours. Contents 0.94 liter. Vacuum carafe, 5 years warranty on best insulation function. Alfi Kugel: long-living innovation and perfection! , The best insulating function , Drinkings remain warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. , Plastic handle, chrome , Practical screwing stopper , Easy to clean AlfiDur vacuum-hardglass liner , Colour: vintage indigo , Volume: 0.94l/ 7 cups , Lenght: 16.5 cm , Width: 18 cm , Height: 20.7 cm , Alfi Article Number: 0105060094 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Vacuum Carafe Kugel, Coffee Pot, Screwing Stopper, Plastics, Vintage Indigo, 0.94l, 0105060094
Alfi Albergo TT Insulated Thermos Can 0.6 L Polished Stainless Steel
Alfi vacuum carafe Albergo TopTherm: the vacuum carafe in a classic timeless design. Robust stainless steel. Vacuum carafe with perfect ergonomics, best insulation function. , Double-walled vacuum-pumped Top Therm stainless steel body , Keeps 12 hours hot, 24-hour cold , Impact-and breakresistant , Pouring-system, plastic chromed , Handle, metal chromed , Screw stopper with one-hand operation , Colour: polished stainless steel , Volume: 0,6 Liter/ 5 mugs , Length: 13,5 cm , Width: 15,7 cm , Height: 18,9 cm , Alfi item number: 767000060 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Vakuum Carafe Albero Top Therm, Thermal Carafe, Double-walled , Stainless Steel, 0.6 Liter, 767000060
Alfi 825010100 Eco Vacuum Flask, White Plastic, 1 Litre, Plastic, black, 1,0 l
Alfi Dispenser Eco, the new plastic isolation pot, designed by Martin Hauenstein. The coffee or tea pot Eco is available in many different colours with 1,0 liters Capacity and enables pouring through the practical one-hand pour button. , Design: Martin Hauenstein , Plastic with frosted surface , Practical one-hand pour button , Easy to clean AlfiDur vacuum-hard glass liner , Capacity: 1,0 liters (~8 cups) , Length 13,8 cm , Width 16 cm , Height 31,7 cm , Alfi Article Number: 825020100 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Dispenser Eco, Plastic, Black, 1,0 l, 0825020100
Alfi isoBottle 5337.703.050 Thermal Drinking Bottle 0.5 L forest animals, dishwasher safe; 100% Stainless Steel
Open the cap, turn, drink: The one-handed principle of the isoBottle vacuum flask now works even easier and makes every sip an uncomplicated delight. With a more compact design and new drinking system, this flask introduces both a visual and tactile update, however still with all its smart robustness and solid grip in this new, diswasher-safe version. Able to keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cool for 24, the double-walled, vacuum-pumped stainless steel body is ideal for using at work, whilst watching a game or doing sports, and it is also a handy reinforcement in a transport situation. The isoBottle vacuum flask insulates 100% on the bike or in your rucksack, even with carbonated beverages, moreover it is impact- and break-resistant and can be washed in the dishwasher after a bus trip, shopping session or a kindergarden day. , Double-walled, vacuum pumped stainless steel body , Dishwasher safe - colour protect , Impact- and break-resistant , New drinking system , 100 % airtight even with carbonated drinks - power seal , Made in Germany Colour: White Material: Stainless Steel Length: 7 cm Width: 7 cm Height: 25 cm Capacity: 500 ml Manufacturer Article Number: 5337703050 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Vacuum Flask isoBottle II, Thermal Flask, Drinking Flask, Flask with Drinking Cap, Forest Animals, Stainless Steel, 500 ml, 5337703050
Alfi ElementBottle Drinks Bottle, Dinosaurs, 0,6 l
Alfi elementBottle Dinosaurier DV 0,6l 5357.113.060
Alfi Gusto TT Insulated Thermos Can 1.0 L Matted Stainless Steel
The premium Gusto TT vacuum carafe Clearly just to your taste: The impact resistant and unbreakable Gusto TT in an attractive, matt stainless steel look combines highest visual demands with excellent insulating properties. Whether coffee, tea or water - Gusto TT keeps the carafe's content hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours Here, the AromaSafe principle upholds the most important aspect of all - delightful taste all around. The uncomplicated handling and easy cleaning in the dishwasher promise true ease of use with absolutely zero risk. Because with its ten year warranty, Gusto TT is not only a quality product, but will delight you for years to come. To guarantee years of healthy indulgence, like all other alfi products, this vacuum carafe is produced with absolutely no toxins whatsoever. The AromaSafe principle Products by alfi uphold the most important aspect of all: delightful taste all around. Whether taste, insulating properties, health, design or environmental sustainability - as the leading insulating specialist, we apply the AromaSafe principle to ensure that good things stay good longer. Design by Martin Hauenstein Design for good taste - this is the goal that alfi follows with the best designers around the world. Timeless aesthetics and technical perfection define the design language that has received multiple awards. Products created based on this principle are today already on their way to becoming tomorrow's classics. For more than 20 years, we have had one common goal: Implementing form, function and production into successful products. The process never ceases to be exciting." - Martin Hauenstein, designer of Gusto TT Weight & dimensions -Width: 130 mm -Depth: 152 mm -Height: 235 mm -Weight: 1.07 kg Packaging content -Quantity: 1 Features -Product type: Carafe -Volume: 1 L -
Alfi Agate Insulated Thermos Can 1.0 L Ruffled Chrome
This alfi Achat Carafe is a Chrome Plated Copper carafe with hinged stopper. It has a unique beveled stripe that adds dimension to this beautiful carafe. The Achat carafes are designed by award-winning designer Tassilo von Grolman. alfi's double-walled vacuum glass liner will keep liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours. , Design: Tassilo von Grolman , High-quality copper, chrome , 12 hours hot, 24 hour cold , Specially designed hinge-lid system with one-hand operation , Perfect ergonomics and comfortable handling , Ergonomic metal handle, chrome-plated , Easy to clean alfiDur vacuum-hardglass liner , Unique comfort-pouring, chromed metal , Colour: Chrome Plated Copper , Volume: 1 Liter/ 8 mugs , Length: 17,8 cm , Width: 17,8 cm , Height: 28,5 cm , Alfi item number: 1562000100 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Vacuum Carafe Achat, Thermal Carafe, Fluted, Chrome Plated Copper, 1 Liter, 1562000100
Alfi unisex Iso Bottle, adult's insulated drinking bottle, multicoloured, 0.5 l
Alfi Isolierfl. isoBottle Style black-lime DV 5677.119.050Die Premium-Isoliertrinkflasche IsoBottle Isoliert - aber immer dabei! IsoBottle ist die zuverlässige Premium-Isoliertrinkflasche, die kein Abendteuer scheut. Als alfi-Original besticht sie durch hervorragende Isolierleistung und hält den Inhalt 12 Stunden heiß oder 24 Stunden kalt. Ob im Fahrradhalter, im Rucksack oder in der Shoppingtasche, der praktische Trinkverschluss sorgt für trockene Verhältnisse, auch bei kohlesäurehaltigen Getränken. Dabei bewahrt das AromaSafe-Prinzip das Wichtigste überhaupt - den Genuss in all seinen Facetten. Die Reinigung der IsoBottle funktioniert leicht und unkompliziert in der Spülmaschine. Die Isoliertrinkflasche ist in unterschiedlichsten Outfits erhältlich. Von den verschiedenen, bunt gestalteten Motiven für Kinder bis zu den zahlreichen einfarbigen Varianten - es findet sich garantiert eine IsoBottle für jeden Geschmack. Um einen nachhaltig gesunden Genuss sicherzustellen, ist diese Trinkflasche wie jedes Produkt aus dem Hause alfi frei von Schadstoffen jeder Art.Das AromaSafe-PrinzipProdukte von alfi schützen das, was wichtig ist: den Genuss in all seinen Facetten. Ob Geschmack, Isolierleistung, Gesundheit, Design oder ökologische Nachhaltigkeit - als führender Isolierspezialist sorgen wir mit dem AromaSafe-Prinzip dafür, dass Gutes länger gut bleibt.Design von PEARL CREATIVEGestaltung für den guten Geschmack - dieses Ziel verfolgt alfi mit den besten Designern aus aller Welt. Zeitlose Ästhetik und technische Perfektion bestimmen die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Designsprache. So entstehen Produkte, die sich schon heute auf den Weg machen, die Klassiker von morgen zu werden."Erfolg, Nachhaltigkeit und ein positives Nutzungserlebnis sind für uns zentrale Elemente jeder Entwicklung - angetrieben von unserer Leidenschaft für faszinierende, zeitgemäße Produkte." Tim Storti & Christian Rummel von PEARL CREATIVE, Designer der IsoBottle
Alfi 0094010040 Cleaner, 40 cm, Specially Shaped Mircros Chaun Brush for gentle, Thorough Cleaning of Pump Pots
True beauty comes from within, and with this cleaning brush you will keep your Alfi thermal jug perfectly clean. The Alfi cleaning brush is suited for any jug and expertly removes all traces of tea, coffee or your favourite drink. , Microfoam brush , Flexible handle , Length: 40 cm Alfi Article Number: 0094010040 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Jug Brush / Cleaning Brush, Brush for Cleaning the Jug, Big, Length 40 cm
Alfi 'Juwel' (Jewel) Insulated Thermos Can 0.5 L Chromed Brass
acquire the following Article: 1 x alfi vacuum jug Jewel brass, chrome 0.5 l Product Description: 1 piece, alfi vacuum jug Jewel brass, chrome 0.5 l Notes: Should there are any problems with the goods received, please contact us., please e-mail or call 0351/2849329 complaint shall add a photo. Please rate after receipt of the goods not be too hasty. We will in any case an optimal Find solution in your senses. We rely on a fair valuation, to future goods in a cheap price - performance ratio to offer.
Alfi Dan Insulated Thermos Can 1.0 L White Plastic
The Vacuum bottle Dan by Alfi is a modern, timeless insulated flask. Design: Ole Palsby. Clear lines, well-balanced proportions and modern, timeless elegance: purely formal, the insulated flask by Alfi has what it needs to become a style icon. With the specially conceived cap system, you donÂt have to spend a lot of time on turning the cup. For the clever cap, it doesnÂt matter which way you hold it: it will automatically find the beginning of the twist cap. The twist-off cup sits firmly, but is easy to open and close with its cross arch. The ingeniously formed handle makes it easy to grab the flaks. , High-quality plastic with glazed surface , Easy to clean hard glass AlfiDur vacuum insert , Hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours , Extra-large opening, optimal for tea bags and tea filters , Handy twist-off cap , Colour: White , Volume: 1 Liter/ 8 mugs , Length: 17,5 cm , Width: 17,5 cm , Height: 23 cm , Alfi item number: 935012100 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Insulated Flask Dan, Vacuum Bottle, Coffee Bottle, Plastic, Twist-Off Cap, 1 Liter, 935012100
ALFI brand AB1772-BN Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Faucet, Brushed Nickel
Includes valve. Wall mounted. Perfect for bathroom. Flow rate GPM: 1.5. Flow pressure PSI: 60. Valve type: Ceramic disc cartridge. Handle type: Lever. Number of handles: One. Requires two holes. cUPC and NSF / ANSI 61 certified. Low lead compliant. Designed to be installed on the wall behind the sink. User-friendly installation. Long-lasting durability. Compliant with standard US plumbing codes. Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship and five years warranty for mechanical components against defect from the original purchase. Made from brass. Made in China. Spout reach: 7.3 in.. 2.63 in. W x 7.88 in. D x 5.25 in. H (5.1 lbs.). Installation Instruction.
Alfi 'Kugel' (Sphere) 0101205094 Insulated Thermos Can 0.94 L Matte Stainless Steel
The Alfi Kugel thermal carafe is a beautiful and unique spherical jug from award winning designer Ole Palsby. Each Kugel thermal carafe features the AlfiDur vacuum hardglass. The combination of strict quality, perfect ergonomics and maximum functionality makes the thermal carafe Kugel to a symbol of perfection, since 25 years. The Shiny models are constructed with high-quality, scratch-proof transparent acrylic body. The Frosted models are constructed with high-quality polypropylene with an easy one-hand operation. Also available with an aluminium titanium silver lacquered body. , Best insulating performance , Keeps 12 hours hot or 24 hours cold , AlfiDur hard glass liner , Brushed Stainless Steel , Practical screw stopper , Ergonomic handle , Capacity: 0,94 Liter / 7 cups , Lenght: 16,2 cm , Width: 16,2 cm , Height: 21,0 cm , Alfi item number: 101205094 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Thermal Carafe, Kugel, Brushed stainless steel, Screw stopper, 0.94 Liter, 101205094