Algi Equipements

PULVERISATEUR Special Advance 2 Litre Pressure Cleaners
Fitted with an adjustable nozzle and Viton seals to detergents products industry
5 Litre Measuring Jug Translucent
Algi Equipements
Contenance (l) : 5. Weight (Kg) : 0.406.
Manual Grease Gun with Hose and Holder
Algi Equipements
Manual Grease Gun equipped with a flexible 300 mm and a clip.
Sprayer Mist, Flue & Refoulante Special Hydraucarbures – Capacity: 250 ml
Algi Equipements
Enables independent transfers from a tank to another in the same time. Syringe zinc-plated steel 250 ml Double Effect. Special piston Treaty hydrocarbons. Comes with 2 pipes.
150g Push Pump with Nozzle Strainer
Algi Equipements
150 g for fat metal push pump.
2 Litre Measuring Jug Translucent (x2)
Contenance (l) : 2. Weight (Kg) : 0.173.
Professional Grease Gun with Hose 30 cm and 4 Jaw Clip
Algi Equipements
ALGI Grease Pump for 400 g cartridges and fat in bulk (maxi) NLG13 flexible design, comes with three-jaw clip in bulk réduitExcellente Professional Quality
Algi Luke 07192000 Syringe Made from Brass
Algi Equipements
Professional brass syringe. Special aggressive liquids. Polyethylene plunger Capacity: 250 ml. Tube diameter 38 mm. Length with handle and spout 490mm Comes with 1 straight spout and 1 angled spout