Cable Clips with Self Adhesive, 6mm TV PC Wire Holder, Tidy and Management Extension Cord (Pack of 20, Black)
Cable Clips withSelf Adhesive, Tidy and Management Extension Cord Wire, Pack of 20 Thesewire clips are good for managing many kinds of cables such as TV/computercables, USB cables, mouse wires, earphone lines and so on. With theself-adhesive base design, these cable clips can attach on smooth surfacesfirmly, They help keep your place neat and organized, and get rid of annoyanceof mess wires. ProductDescription: Colour: Black Material: ABS Engineering Grade Thermoplastic Size: 31 X 11 X 9mm Adhesive Specification: 3M How to use it? 1.Wipe up the wall or desk, Make sure the surface is clean and dry. 2.Rip off the glue tap, and stick the clips on the surface, Press and hold for 50 seconds after sticking. Avoid moving it frequently 3. Makethe thread into the clip, done Note:Small items, not suitable for children under 6 years old. Package: 20 X Cable Clips 20 X Adhesive Pads
Alightings 100pcs Mounting Brackets Clip for LED Strip Light, One-Side Fixing, 100pcs Screws Included, 0.42inch Hollow Distance, Ideal for 10mm Wide PCB 5050/5630 SMD LED Non-waterproof Strips
These are mounting brackets clips which suitable for flexible bare board non-waterproof strip lights, to fix by one screw for each clip, don't affect the lamp brightness. Suit for 10mm PCB non-waterproof strip light The bracket has 10.7mm hollow distance and 1mm hollow height. It is ideal fixture to mount the 3528/5050/5630/3014 SMD LED non-waterproof strip light within 10mm width.   Ultra-thin appearance design This mounting brackets has an ultra-thin appearance design, which made it can hold the lighting effect of the strip light completely and no damage on brightness.  Upgraded installation process The upgraded installation process made it easy to fix by one screw for each clip. You can take it down from the other end side freely when you want to replace or maintain the LED strip lights Specifications: Hollow distance: 10.7mm  Hollow height: 1mm  Material: plastic nylon 66, UL 94V-0  screw: 3*10mm   Use and installation:  1.First when you fixed the led strip light, please check if the model you need to installand by using article lamp specifications matching   2.Please check your power supply has been without electricity, do not in the condition of power supply is not closed   3.First of all, please install the lamp, the lamp with 3 m glue stick with fixed to remove the isolation paper your ideal location,then using a fixed booth installation lamp bead in position between the lamp bead,we suggest 2-3 PCS per meter installation fixed booth is the most ideal effect   4.After the operation of the above steps, with the screw on the booth of circular Kong Shun turn clockwise, make sure the screw has been locked tight booth(please use screw special tools)   5.After complete the installation, please check whether all are in place    Package Includes: 100 pcs strip lights mounting clips  100 pcs screws
Timberlake Wertenbaker Plays 1: New Anatomies; Grace of Mary Traverse; Our Country's Good; Love of a Nightingale; Three Birds Alighting on a Field
Faber & Faber
New Anatomies, Grace of Mary Traverse, Our Country's Good, Love of a Nightingale & Three Birds Alighting on a Field
Make It Yourself Records
Alightings Wire Connectors Quick Splice Without Stripping the Wires Compatible with 22 - 20 AWG Cable for Some Tight-fitting Automotive Uses (I Type 2 pin)
Solderless Wire Joint Quick Splice Connector for 22-20awg Cable Our products were an innovative safe and quick wire connector,peeling free,tapping free and twisting free. well waterproof and dust proof function. it greatly changes the way of wire connection .it allow any users to just insert the wire into wire joint and press cover by pliers to connect the wire safely and conveniently.Further more it looks beautiful,exquisite and tidy just like little pet on wire,not to mention it is slightly waterproof,heat resistant,dust proof,and electric shock free,etc These are perfect for all audio/video/electrical installations in vehicles Tap splices instantly secure connections without stripping the wires. Commonly used in low-voltage applications such as a vehicle's wiring and when you want to connect a new wire to an existing wire without soldering.. Simply insert one wire into each end and crimp. Connection is secure and stable. Quickest and easiest way to splice, split or tap wires A very quick and reliable way of connecting additional cables to existing wiring in, for example fitting car alarms, radio-cassette units, etc. The cables to be joined are placed inside the snap-lock connector, the cover is pushed home with a pair of pliers and locks shut, thus completing the connection. Package Contents: 10pcs Wire Connectors
A-Lighting 3D Pop up Greeting Cards for Anniversary, Birthday,Wedding,Fathers Day etc (Red)
Nice romantic greeting card for Valentine's Day or for your upcoming anniversary etc! Handmade PAPER 3d pop up greeting cards.
Eagles Alighting. A History Of 1 Australian Parachute Battalion
Australianparachute Battalion Association
320 pages. Book and Jacket appear to have hardly been read and are both in Fine condition throughout.
Electrical Wire 5m 2-pin Extension Cable Cord 20 Gauge UL1007 Strands for LED Strip Lights Single Colour 3528 5050 5630
UL 2468 Extension Cord Cable 20 Gauge Electrical Wire 2Conductor 16.4ftGreat for all single colour LED strip lights, Electronic, electrical appliance and equipment, transformer, lamps andmotor lead wire connection, various DC electrical hookups, low voltage 12V-300VDC, low-loss in-home or car stereo speaker installs or any other audio interfaces.Compared with the existing 22 AWG wires on the market, this 20 AWG extension cord cable can better match the led strip connector without stripping, or wire connectors, such as Alightings 10 mm 2pinled connector or 8 mm 2 pin connector,or Dual Way Electrical Butt Terminal. Specifications:Style: 20AWGUL 2468Reference standard: UL Subject758Passes UL VW-1 vertical flame testLength:16.4feet(5Meters):2conductor parallel wire, Red and Black Rated voltage:300V Temperature Range:-20 Deg C to 80 Deg CConductor: Bare CopperInsulator: PVCColour: Black & RedConductor:(1) Gauge:20AWG(2) Copper Number/Wire Diameter:21/0.18mm(3) Diameter: ∮0.94mmInsulator:(1) Jacket Thick:0.41mm(2) Over Diameter:1.76mm(3) Flame retardant:VW-1Electrical Characteristic:(1) Maximum Resistance at 20℃: 34.6 Ohm/km(2)Bear Current: 5A
Alightings LED Strip Connector 5 Pin 10mm for RGBW Non-Waterproof LED Lights Strip (Pack of 10)
These solderless 5 pin connectors are ideal for non-waterproof 10mm (SMD5050) RGBW LED trip, They are fully bendable and are perfect for extending your non-waterproof 5050 LED light strip across a gap, around an obstacle, or for making a bend. Installation Instructions:  1.Ensure your section of LED light strip has 5 contacts (+, B, R, G,W) and all the contacts all clean. 2.Open the white clasp of the connector. 3.Insert the tape light into the clasp, and with the 4 contact points of the led strip under the 5 prongs of the connector- make sure positive and negative poles match. (If you have a waterproof LED strip, should peel off silicon on the surface around soldering line area) 4.Close the clasp with the plier,gently pull the tape to confirm you've made a good connection. 5.Your connection is made!  This product is used only to conductive connection, want to solid connection please to solder. Technical Specifications : Metal material: Copper/Surface treatment:tin Plastic material:NyLon66 UL94V-0 Wire range: AWG#22#20 Applicability PCB board: thickness:0.2-0.4mm / width:10mm Applicable specifications: 60/30leds per meter SMD5050 RGBW Non-Waterproof strip Working voltage & current: DC12-24V,4A Working temperature:-10℃~ +55℃ Package : 10 pcs LED Strip connector
Glass Breaks [VINYL]
Alighting on His Shoulders: Ten Tales From Sideways Worlds
PF Publishing
Welcome to the sideways worlds: Where the unexpected meets the ordinary, and the future shakes hands with what might have been. Robots plot revolution, grocery aisles disappear, and troubled ghosts seek Tarot readings.
Follow the chimes of the faery ice cream van…You never know what you might find.In these tales, the unexpected meets the ordinary, and the future shakes hands with what might have been. Welcome.
Nicksher Music
Emergency Foil Blanket Rain Poncho - Unisex Adult Rain Coat with Hoods Windproof and Keep Warm, Perfect for Hiking, Outdoors, Camping
Emergency Foil Blanket Rain Poncho - Unisex Adult Rain Coat with Hoods Windproof and Keep Warm , Perfect for hiking, outdoors, camping When emergency occurs, it's vital to keep body temperature for survival. This rescue blanket is made of CPP material with aluminum coating, the surface reflects most of body heat to keep necessary temperature for survival. Keep warm and sunscreen Use the survival blanket on camping trip when the temperature plummeted one night. will keep you from freezing once you have stopped moving. Use the foil poncho blankets to cover your tent during the hot sunny days. Reflects the sun brilliantly and keeps tent much cooler. Also works as blackout curtain, dog shade and keeps a cool bag colder for longer if you wrap it. Perfect for use in emergency survival situations These foil poncho blankets are waterproof, windproof, and moisture-proof, helping to keep you dry in damp, wet, rainy, and downright cold environments. Perfect for hiking, outdoors, camping, backpacking, climbing. Can be used as ground cover, sleeping bag liner, or to prevent hypothermia and shock in extreme weather conditions. Keep the foil rain coat blanket in your rucksack and car boot now "just in case" winter is coming, could snow heavy, you could get stuck overnight in your car, likely you won't but if you did, also you may afford assistance to someone else so could also come in very handy. it's highly useful product if you find yourself stuck outdoors in the winter when the car breaks down. Specification:     Materials: CPP with aluminum coating Colour: Silver Size: approx. 47" wide 30" from shoulder to hem   Thickness: 12 microns Weight: Approx. 66 g / 0.15 lb   Package Included:     1 * Emergency Foil Poncho Blanket
Matashi Rhodium Plated Necklace with Butterfly Alighting on a Flower Design with a 16
This carefully crafted Necklace is Rhodium plated which enhances its eye catching design. Integral to the Necklace are the stunning Crystals that truly brings it to life. Designed to last as much as it is to catch the eye, this is truly a one of a kind piece.Included in Box:Rhodium Butterfly and Flower Necklace and Pendant with Pink CrystalsIndividually serialized Matashi warranty card ensuring the authenticity of your purchase.All in a gift ready, Matashi box.The perfect gift for any occasion:The gift ready packaging makes it easy to send Matashi jewelry as a present! Celebrate countless holidays and happy occasions with this piece!Highest quality:Matashi Sparkle CZ Diamonds and Matashi Crystals are created using the highest quality tools and processes. The results are high quality Crystals and CZ Diamonds that sparkle and shine!Start your collection today:Browse other Matashi products and start your collection today. From wind chimes to night lights, you never know what you'll find once you start collecting Matashi.100% Money-Back Guarantee and 1 Year Limited Warranty:We are 100% confident with our product and its quality. Your purchase is safe with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year limited warranty on craftsmanship.Matashi:Matashi is a custom design house based in the U.S.A. Using uniquely crafted designs and 100% authentic, highest standard crystals and CZ diamonds, Matashi creates beautiful pieces and gifts that have been enhancing lives for many years.
Easibee Langstroth Cedar Bee Hive Stand 4 leg Alighting Board
This offer is for 1pc Langstroth Bee Hive Stand with 4 legs and alighting board made from Cedar. Product will arrive flat pack and will require some simple assembly ( instructions included) Will not include glue or nails.
Alightings 100 Pack Strip Lights Mounting Bracket, Self-Adhesive Fix Clips for 10mm Wide 12V 24V 5050 RGB Waterproof LED Strips Lights
100pcs Cable Clips with Self Adhesive These wire clips are good for managing many kinds of cables such as Ethernet cables, USB cables,mouse wires, earphone lines and so on. With the self-adhesive base design, these cable clips can attach on smooth surfaces firmly, They help keep your place neat and organized, and get rid of annoyance of mess wires. Led Strips Lights Mounting Clips, Self-Adhesive Strip Brackets Holder It is perfect for waterproof and non-waterproof 3528/5050/2835/5630 SMD LED strip within 10mm wide How to use it? 1.Wipe up the wall or desk, Make sure the surface is clean and dry. 2.Rip off the glue tap, and stick the clips on the surface, Press with force and hold for 35 seconds after sticking. Do not attempt to shake the clips to test stickiness at the first 24 hours. The 3M tape need 24 hours to maximize its adhesiveness. 3. Make the thread into the clip, done Note:Small items, not suitable for children under 6 years old. Package: 100 X Cable Clips
Go Travel Earthed America to UK Adaptor - Compact USA to UK Adapter (Ref 554)
Go Travel
Designed for American travellers visiting the UK, this travel adaptor converts American 3-pole earthed plugs to fit UK sockets. Sleek, compact and light, it is simple to use and easy to pack. Some countries may have more than one type of socket outlet. We recommend you check this before travelling.
A-Lighting Ethnic Style Coarse Flax Cloth Automotive Steering Wheel Cover Anti Slip and Sweat Absorption Auto Car Wrap Cover - B
Unlike the average rubber ring steering wheel cover,can easily installs to most standard steering wheels in just minutes, while creating a virtually odor-free driving experience. Coarse cloth flax, protecting your hands from hot or cold steering wheels. good anti slip sweat absorption function. New steering wheel cover,install feel small because the steering wheel cover installation is very tight,let the steering wheel cover is fixed at the top, the steering wheel really play a security role. According to feedback from our buyers, share a clever little skill for all of client: If Its difficult to put it on at first time, because it has kind of hard rubber coating inside , you can heat it up a little under the sun to soften the rubber then put it while its warm. Its easier to stretch it a little.About customer serverce: your unique and valuble suggetion is the most helpful way to make this item you love become more and more bette,so free to contact us, come on!
Lantana [DVD] [2002]
Universal Pictures UK