Choen 60w Led Tripod Work Light Led Site Light 6500 Lumen,360 Degree Lighting,Ideal for Buliding Construction,Painting Woker,Plaster Worker,Reparing,Also Ideal for Outside Family Event/Party
Product data of 60w led work light: Equivalent to metal halide 250-300W traditional work light Lumens: 6500lm Working voltage: AC100-277V Color: 5000K white PF:0.95 Lifespan: 50,000h Led chip brand: Epistar led chip,162pcs Product size: the lowest height is 87 centimeters, the tallest height is 180 centimeters when extended Product Application: 60W led work light is unique and idea light for many work site, because it's 360 degree lighting way.No need to change the light location,just put it in the middle of worksite.It's very bright,up to 6500lm. The light is both used indoor and outdoor,such as below application Construction site Workshop Repairing roomPainting room Also is very suitable for household use like outside party Film shooting at night Boat Product Advantages: 360 degree lighting way, not same as other work light-180 degree No need change the light source, the lifespan up to 50,000h No glare,because the cover of bulb is milky. 3 years warranty