Alkan: Edition
Brilliant Classics
BRIL 95568; BRILLIANT CLASSICS - Inghilterra; Classica in genere
Alkan: Genius-Enigma
Piano Classics
Alkan: 12 Etudes, Op. 35
Piano Classics
Alkan: The Man/The Music
Kahn & Averill
Unusual book
Alkan-Piano Music, Vol 2
NAX 8555496; NAXOS - Germania; Classica da camera Piano
Piano Works
Alkan: Piano Works
Brilliant Classics
Alkan - Piano Music Vol. 1
NAX 8555495; NAXOS - Germania;
Alkan: Vianna Da Motta Complete Transcriptions [Vincenzo Maltempo, Emanuele Delucchi] [Toccata Classics: TOCC 0237]
Toccata Classics
TOCC 0237; TOCCATA CLASSICS - Inghilterra; Classica da camera
Le Festine D'Esope: Le Festin D'esope and Other Works for Solo Piano (Dover Music for Piano)
Dover Publications Inc.
This unprecedented collection rescues extraordinary, challenging piano works from undeserved obscurity: Alkan's Etudes in Minor Keys, Op. 39 (the complete Symphony for Solo Piano, Op. 39, Nos. 4-7); the complete Concerto for Solo Piano, Op. 39, Nos. 8-10; and "Le Festin d'Esope" [Aesop's Feast], Op. 39, No. 12; Saltarelle, Op. 23; Barcarolle, Op. 65, No. 6; and Toccatina, Op. 75. Introduction. Notes.
Petromax Alkan, 1 litre 1466610
The handy Alkan 1 Litre Bottle of Petromax with you on trips in the wilderness and is a safe Paraffinöllager in your home wardrobe. Alkan is the clear, high purity and odourless lamp oil for your Petromax lamp. Also great to identify it's ideal for other petroleum or oil burners and stove. Odour free fuel can be used indoors or outdoors due to its high purity and of the unique formulation burns Alkan clean and almost odourless. That is why you can use it without any problems also for indoor use. The but always on a good ventilation and oxygen supply should be taken. Drip-free filling with filling tube The handy Alkan 1 L bottle is designed to make you fill up lamp or cooking really easy and clean, as on the neck of the bottle is a handy filling tube attached. This can be removed, if desired, also. The bottle stopper is also fitted with a child protection safety shutter and, ensuring that it is safe to handle.
Alkan: Piano Works
La Dolce Vita
LDV 11; LA DOLCE VOLTA - Francia; Classica da camera
The Alkan Murder (Julius Falconer Series Book 14)
Pneuma Springs Publishing
The wealthy and reclusive Harry Quirke, misanthropist and student of the piano works of Alkan, is stabbed to death in his country house outside Tadcaster. Only one of the obvious suspects seems to have much of a motive: his alibi is shaky, it is true, but there is no proof of his involvement. DI Moat and his assistant DS Stockwell follow one false lead after another in an exasperating investigation that seems to be getting nowhere: a gypsy caravan, an old murder in Kansas, the hurried will of a dying man, a golf-course green and an unfinished catalogue of Alkan’s works – none of it seems to make sense. Finally, the murderer makes the smallest of slips, and the penny drops - but it’s a close thing!
Alkan - Piano Works
25 Préludes, op. 31 - Deuxième recueil d'impromptus, op. 32 - Le Chemin de fer, op. 27 - 12 Études , op. 35 - Marche funèbre, op. 39 n° 5 - Esquisses, op. 63 - Scherzo diabolico, op. 39 n° 3 / Laurent Martin, piano - Bernard Ringeissen, piano
Alkan-Werkzeug Telescopic Inspection Mirror, Diameter 82 mm, Length 75 cm
Double-jointed inspection mirror, particularly useful for work in environments with poor visibility The mirror has a non-slip handle coating, making it safer to handle particularly with wet and oily hands.   Mirror size: diameter 82 mm Material (telescope): stainless steel with high-gloss polished surface Total length (when extended): 750 mm including handle  For use in: industry, handicraft and DIY Handle colours available: black, red or blue depending on availability Please note: All handle colours may not always be in stock. However, if you would like a particular colour, please ask us in advance about availability. Packaging: This product is supplied loose or in self-service packaging depending on availability.