All For Stone

Grout Haze Plus - Cement Film Remover - 1 Ltr
All for Stone Limited
Fast acting concentrated cleaner based on phosphoric acid. Designed to remove most cement and grout haze, efflorescence, rust stains, limescale deposits, soap scum, red dust & oxidisation marks, mineral staining and ground in dirt and grime. Safe for use on all ACID RESISTANT surfaces
Beava Natural Stone Sealer 1L. Lasting Protection For All Stone
Beava Natural stone Sealer 1L Natural stone sealer is a non hazardous solution which protects stone from most liquids, hot drinks, wine, coffee, tea, oil, soot, soil, food stuffs etc. it is also an excellent repellent for chewing gum on most paving. Can be used internally and externally on natural stone, masonry, cementicious substrates, grout, marnle, terracotta, limestone, slate, brick and terrazzo, fireplace surrounds, hearths, floor tiles, paving and work tops. Natural stone sealer will not discolor any surfaces. Coverage approx 4-8m2 depending on surface properties
Mellerud Rust Spot Remover for all Stone Surfaces 0.5 Litre 2001001056
Mellerud 2001001056 Rust Spot Remover for all Stone Surfaces, 500ml
StoneCare 4u - Essential All Stone Sealer ColourBoost - 5 Litre – Eco Friendly, Highly Effective, Colour Enhancing Sealer for All Types of Natural Stone. Quick & Easy to Apply.
Stonecare4u Limited
ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER COLOUR BOOST - 5L BOTTLE Suitable for all types of patio, paving and pathways Enhancer formula - forms a long-lasting, stain-resistant coating whilst delicately accentuating natural colours! SC4U ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER COLOUR BOOST is a high performance, all purpose stone sealer formulated for porous external natural stone surfaces, such as slate, terracotta, yorkstone, quarry tile, sandstone, limestone, concrete and many more stone types. The powerful, water-based formula of ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER COLOUR BOOST offers high quality stain protection whilst delicately enhancing natural colours & appearance. Stonecare4u Essential All Stone Sealer Colour Boost is a professional sealant for external natural stone. A water-based impregnating sealer, it subtly enhances the stone's natural hues and colours.Essential All Stone Sealer Colour Boost is a water based colour enhancer and impregnator that penetrates into the surface of the stone to protect against water staining and heavy soiling. The colour boost formula will delicately enhance the stone's natural colours. Legal Disclaimer Due to shipping restrictions, this product is not available for shipping to any of the following post codes: AB31-38, AB 40- 56, BT, GU, HS, IM, IV3-54, IV63, JE, KW1-14, PA20-49, PH5-50, PH60, PO30-41, TR21, ZE.
MagicEzy Stone Fix – Repairs Chipped and Cracked Granite Fast – Marble, Quartz and All Stone – Clear Adhesive Sealant
Now-it's easy to fix cracks and chips in granite and marble. With MagicEzy Stone Fix you can do color-matched touch-up or structural repairs on cracks, chips and nicks- fast. You can even use it to glue broken slabs together.The product is a powerful, pre-colored nanotechnology filler sealant and adhesive that penetrates deeply into pores. It's so tough we guarantee repairs for 3 years. Plus, it's easy to use. Just clean the surface, apply, and level. You can also match the stone grain easily with one of our mix and match Stone Fix Repair Kits. Apart from Stone Fix (Clear) you can also buy it in beige, chocolate, burgundy, white, black, or try one of our Stone Fix Repair Kits in Black and White or Beige Repair Kits. The MagicEzy Color System features a step-by-step 'drops' mixing system so you for easy color blending and minimal wastage (see color chart image). FEATURES:One-part, pre-colored, epoxy-based touch-up sealant and adhesive NON-TOXIC: Suitable for food preparation areas.ADJUSTABLE GLOSS FINISH: can easily be adjusted to dry matte.Water clean-up 3 Year Durability GUARANTEE - incredible protection for a DIY user 60 DAY Money Back GUARANTEE - If you're not happy with your purchase (even if you buy the wrong color) return it for a full refund. SUITABILITY:USE IT ON cracks and small chips finer than 6mm (1/4 inch) deep. For deeper chips use Stone Fix Deep Chip Filler then apply a top coat of pre-colored Stone FixWORKS ON granite, marble, travertine, quartz, caesarstone and laminate.Use on kitchen countertops, tables, bathroom vanities, floor or wall tiles or any other stone surface.Perfect for wet areas and on vertical surfaces.MagicEzy Stone Fix (Clear) makes it easy for you to repair chips and cracks in granite, marble and stone - guaranteed. Buy one of our repair kits today.
HG protective coating gloss finish for natural stone 1L - For protecting with shine of all types of natural stone floors against wear and damage to the top layer.
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd, uk home improvement, HGHAG
HG Marble and Natural Stone Shine Finish is also alcohol-resistant. Prior to applying HG Natural Stone Shine Finish, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned with HG Marble and Natural Stone Stripper. Or in the case of cement or grout film residues, use HG Marble and Cement and Lime Film Remover.
Cflagrant® - stewing pot 20 cm - stone aspect with lid - suitable for all stoves including induction - PFOA free - fat-free cooking
20 cm stewing pot with a glass lid. Made of die-cast aluminium and a superior quality non-stick coating. The coating of this stewing pot is suitable for all heat sources even induction and is non-deformable. Its high-quality non-stick coating allows for healthy cooking without or with a little fat. Just to add a little bit for the taste. From the excellent range of Cflagrant. - The range is complete and available all year round. It consists of: 5 sizes of frying pans from 20 to 32 cm - 2 different size sauté pans with lids - 2 sizes of saucepans with lids - 4 sizes of cooking pots with lids always made of glass - 1 pancake pan and the essential grilling pan, unquestionably the star of the range. This range from Cflagrant is of exceptional quality. You can start to build your complete cooking set little by little as we stock this range all year round. Die-cast aluminium structure. Bakelite handle - 0% PFOA. (Perfluorooctanoic Acid).
HG Headstone Cleaning Spray 500 ml – is a headstone cleaner spray that thoroughly removes all types of dirt
HG Hagesan Headstone Cleaning Spray removes thoroughly and effortlessly dirt, bird droppings, and other heavy soiling from natural stone and marble headstones and statues. HG Headstone Cleaning Spray is also suitable for use on plasterwork and masonry
Atoplee 6pcs Sharpening Stone Set Knife Razor Professional Sharpening Stone Oilstone Kit 180# 400# 800# 1500# 2000# 3000# [All Sizes]
Specifications: Particle size: 001:180#(heavy-grade) 002:400# 003:800# 004:1500# 005:2000# 006:3000# (finer-grade) Size: 148mm*20mm*5mm (Can be used as a fixed angle sharpener assembly grindstone) Package Included: 6pcs Sharpening Stones
Stonecare4u - Essential All Stone Sealer MATT Finish - 25 Litre – Eco Friendly, Highly Effective, Matt Finish Sealer for All Types of Natural Stone. Easy to Apply by Roller, Sprayer or Brush
Stonecare4u Limited
ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER MATT - 25 L CONTAINER Suitable for all types of patio, paving and pathways Quick drying formula - forms a long-lasting, matt look stain-resistant coating! SC4U ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER MATT is a high performance stone sealer formulated for porous external natural stone surfaces, such as slate, terracotta, yorkstone, quarry tile, sandstone, limestone, concrete and many more stone types. ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER MATT provides excellent water repellency and long lasting protection. Once sealed, the attractive matt finish helps to prevent efflorescence, moss and algae growth and creates a self-cleaning surface tension that reduces the need for regular maintenance. Stonecare4u Essential All Stone Sealer Matt is a professional sealant for external natural stone that creates a matt look finish. The safe, water-based formula imparts excellent water repellency and stain resistance. Essential All Stone Sealer Matt has a technical formula that significantly reduces the capillary water absorption of the treated surface, but doesn't clog the pores or capillaries. This significantly reduces the potential for organic soiling and moss and algae growth, whilst allowing the surface material the ability to "breathe" and transfer moisture vapour. Legal Disclaimer Due to shipping restrictions, this product is not available for shipping to any of the following post codes: AB31-38, AB 40- 56, BT, GU, HS, IM, IV3-54, IV63, JE, KW1-14, PA20-49, PH5-50, PH60, PO30-41, TR21, ZE.
Cflagrant® 32 cm Stone Style PFOA Free Casserole with Lid, Suitable for All Heat Sources Including Induction for Fat-Free Cooking
A 32 cm casserole with a glass lid. Made from high quality cast aluminium with non-stick coating. The coating of this casserole keeps its shape and is suitable for all hobs, even induction. Its high-quality, non-stick coating enables healthy cooking using very little or no fat. Just a little bit for taste. Part of the Cflagrant's Excellence range. A favourite for internet buyers and shoppers. A complete range is available. - The products from the Cflagrant Excellence are of an excellent quality. You can start to build your complete cooking set little by little as we stock this range all year round at an affordable price. Cast aluminium structure. Bakelite 0% PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) handle.
UniBond One For All Universal Adhesive & Sealant / Strong Adhesion All-Purpose Glue Solvent Free / Bond, Seal, Mount, Fill / 1x 390g
The Unibond One For All Adhesive & Sealant Universal is a solvent free waterproof adhesive and sealant that is suitable for use with most common household bonding and non-structural sealing jobs. For use on most household materials around the interior and exterior of your home.For use on wood, brick, ceramic, concrete, plaster, tile, stone, metal, plastics, glass and mirrors.Size: 300ml C3 Cartridge.Colour: White.
T A Paints Two Pack Epoxy 2.5 Litre Safety Golden Yellow | Heavy Duty Floor Paint for Industrial, Factory, Workshops Garage Floors Showroom Finish for Concrete, Metal, Stone & Brick All Traffic Types
T.A Paints Ltd
Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint Suitable for use on concrete floors where heavy traffic will occur. For use on concrete factory, garage workshop, warehouse and showroom floors to provide a protective coating with excellent chemical resistance. Two Pack Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint is based on a epoxy resin that provides a excellent hard wearing coating once fully dry Key Facts Minimal operation temperature is 10 degrees Mixing Ratio 4 parts paint to 1 part catalyst 4:1 mix components together extremely well Coating will fade and chalk in external applications Two coats recommended for best results Touch Dry in 2-4 Hours Overcoat in 12-24 Hours Suitable for heavy traffic Like cars, forklift trucks, vans and plant Product exhibits excellent chemical resistance with a high gloss finish Thinners if required T0200 Universal Thinner Coverage 8-10 squared metres per litre, we cannot be held responsible for the method of application, absorption of substrate or wastage Application by suitable brush or roller Suitable for concrete, brick, stone floors and mild steel along with other suitably primed substrates Things to know Mix paint well before use and check colour before use Make sure substrates are suitably prepared (lightly abraded, degreased and or primed) When applying to pre-painted substrates ensure existing paint is in good condition and lightly abraded to provide a key for the new coating to provide good intercoat adhesion If thinning is required 10% is recommended Colour representations are a guide only
3pc Diamond Whetstone Knife Blade Sharpening Set 3 Grits All Blades Wet TE316
A high quality and handy sharpening set. Sharpens blades, scissors, shears etc. Virtually all household implements and tools can be sharpened. 3pc set includes three different grades; Coarse (180 grit), Medium (280 grit) and Fine (400 grit) Fast and easy to use, no oil required, just add a small amount of water. Each Stone is 50mm wide and 150mm long. Includes bench holder which doubles as a storage case.
HG Natural Stone Oil & Grease Stain Absorber 300 ml – is an oil absorber which removes all types of oil and grease stains from porous stone surfaces
HG Hagesan (UK) Ltd, uk home improvement, HGHAG
HG oil & grease stain absorber. Draws out unsightly oil or grease stains from floors, tabletops and walls. The product is so effective that it removes even the most stubborn stains. Can be applied on all porous stone surfaces including flagstones, terra cotta, marble, limestone and other types of natural stone as well as cement, concrete and paving slabs. Is self-acting meaning that there is no need for brushing or scrubbing.
BearMoo Sharpening Stone, 2-IN-1 Whetstone, 400/1000 Grit Knife Sharpening Stone - Waterstone - Rubber Stone Holder Included
-- What could we do when our knives or tools are dull or even chipped? -- Don't worry, BearMoo professional sharpening stones can help you solve this problem. 400 Grit Side: This grit is an in between grit. It well suited mainly as a grit to use after a coarser grit and prior to a finer grit. It sharpens more slowly than coarser grits but does not leave as refined of an edge as the finer grits. 1000 Grit Side: This grit is a very good overall grit. It is fine enough for many jobs and still have enough abrasive properties to do sharpen knives and tools that are not very dull. If you keep your knives and tools in good shape, you'll find yourself reaching for this grit level often. This grit is also very common for the final stage for many kitchen knives . Instructions to use: 1. Soak the sharpening stone with water for 5 minutes, then put it on a steady surface such as a table or a desk. 2. First use the #400 grit side for rough grinding in 10~30 degree angle, push the knife with a little force, and then gently retracted. This process takes about 15 minutes. 3. Then use the #1000 grit side for fine grinding. This process takes about 10 minutes. 4. After sharpening the knife, clean the knife with wet cloth or water, then dry it. 5. Use a soft brush to clean the sharpening stone, then placed in a ventilated place out to dry. Attention:1. Do not only use the middle of the sharpening stone, please make full use of the surface of the whetstone. 2. Do not use whetstone to sharpen serrated blades and ceramic knife. Specifications: Material: white corundum, Color: Green Dimension: 7.09"(Long) x 2.36"(Width)x 1.18"(Thickness) , Particle size: 400grit(green side), 1000grit(light green side) , Weight: 19.75oz. Packing list: 1 x Sharpening stone 400/1000 grit1 x User Guide
Draper 65737 Sharpening Stone (200 x 50 x 25 mm)
Draper Tools
A range of silicon carbide stones with combination fine and medium sharpening surfaces. Display packed.
Fuginator® Tile Grout Cleaning Brush – Orange/Blue– in All Household Areas
The ingenious brush for joint cleaning.  Your tile joints have never been so deeply cleaned. Joint cleaning does not have to be painful. FUGINATOR is the versatile joint brush for an optimal cleaning: Clean and hygienic joints in the kitchen, bathroom and all floors. We have spent a year perfecting the design of the FUGINATOR Basic Brush. Both the ergonomic grip shape and the bristles are optimized for easy, fast and lasting cleaning of joints. We use polypropylene for the handle of the FUGINATOR Basic Brush and the bristles are made of nylon. The product is made entirely in Germany. The four colors but the same hardness of the bristles. Everything for more hygiene in your house. The color variation makes it easier to assign your brush for the application areas and prevents cross-contamination and bacteria spreading. Advantages: - ergonomic shape for ideal power transmission and a non-exhausting work - no loss of force - the brush works directly in the joint - suitable for both right- and left-handers - bristles also on the front side - for your floors and sockets. - light and stable - swims in water - Deformation-free (clean your brush hygienically with hot water) - Resistant to alkalis and acids - Can be sterilized As a cleaning accessory the FUGINATOR is one of the most popular products in the field of joint cleaning. The professional brush for effective, easy cleaning of tile joints. That nasty dirt is quickly and easily removed even from hard-to-reach corners. Prove the FUGINATOR by yourself and let us know about your own experience.