TR940 Portable TV Tripod stand w/up to VESA 200 x 200 Mounting Bracket - Mobile Floor Stand for 19 to 37
Allcam TR940 is specially designed for companies and professionals who need an exhibition stand which is quick and easy to setup / remove and compact enough to carry around in a car. It is a premium quality TV floor stand made in TaiWan, suitable for 19" to 37" LCD/LED TVs/Monitors with VESA 200x200 mounting holes or less. The tripod part of the TR940 is super heavy duty supporting up to 40Kgs in weight (TV + mounting bracket). The vesa TV brackets sits on top of the tripod and is easily detachable so you can use the tripod alone if you are in such a situation. The tripod can extend up to ~ 1.8 meters in height. The Allcam TR940 portable TV stand also features a vesa-compliant TV bracket (VESA 200x200, 200x100, 100x100, 100x200, 75x75) with tilt and swivel functions, so you can adjust the viewing angle of the screen. The mounting bracket can turn a full 360° and tilt up 20° and down 20° so can angle the screen precisely for the benefit of the viewer. It is designed to be portable, quick & easy to set up and remove, and compact to carry around in a car.It will save you a lot of money too, you would normally pay twice or 3 times as much just to rent a TV stand from the exhibition organiser. * Notes : If you want 100% assurance that this TV floor stand is compatible with your TV/Monitor, simply check the 4 threaded holes at the back (of your TV or monitor), and the horizontal/vertical distances between these holes. If the distances of your TV are: horizontal = 200 or 100 or 75, and vertical = 200 or 100 or 75, then your TV is compatible with this TR940 portable TV stand. Box Contains Tripod TV mounting bracket Fitting for securing TV to the vesa bracket Assembly Diagrams (manual)
Allcam Electric Motorised TV Bracket Ceiling Mount, 6° Level Adjustment & Height Adjustment to suit most LCD/LED/Plasma TVS 32
Save space and keep tidy, our electric ceiling mount will do the hard work so you can sit backand relax. This electric ceiling mount is compatible with 32"-55" TVs that have VESA 400x400 or less mounting holes AND are 30 kg / 66lbs or less in weight. The height of the TV in viewing positions is adjustable in length and there is also 6° level adjustment ao you can level the screen perfectly. The height of the TV in the storage position is just 10.8cm and when is lowered it's 66cm. For even more convenience, it is possible to sync the bracket remote with the TV remote therefore when the TV switched on the bracket will be flipped down with one single click. This ceiling mounted electric TV Bracket is supplied with professional heavy duty fixings plus a lage assortment of fixing bolts to attach your TV. Our ECM500 -series of ceiling mounted motorised TV brackets are designed to offer versatility and universal compatibility. Featuring a very convenient storage postition when not in use, they are ideal solution for retail shops, showrooms, exhibition halls, tourist centers, hotel receptions and more. About the Manufacturer: Allcam has 10 years experience in designing TV/monitor brackets, we are so confident with the quality of our product that we provide 5 years warranty on all our monitor stands. We are based in UK and the warranty is always provided from here.
MDM12D Dual Monitor Arm Stand w/Desk Mount Clamp & Grommet, Heavy-duty for 19
The MDM12D is the desk mount bracket for two 19" to 30" LCD monitors. Two monitors can be mounted on one desktop side-by-side in one row. It is the twin monitors version of the Allcam MDM1X series (MDM11, MDM12 ...) multiple monitor desk mount bracket with the same black finish, same modules, same features, and same mounting method. The Allcam MDM1X series multiple LCD desktop mount bracket are carefully designed in modules: Pole module (with clamp and cable holders): short pole 44cm (default, MDM10PS), long pole 72cm (MDM10PL), extra long pole 100cm (MDM10PXL) Arm Sections (MDM10AL): if the cantilever arm assembly in your MDM1X bracket is not long enough, you can add one or more arm sections. The long arm sections are 190mm (7.48") long, and the short arm sections are 130mm (5.12") long. Joint locks: these module connect the arm assemblies to the pole. Joint lock single (MDM10JLS) for connecting one arm assembly (one monitor), and Joint lock dual (MDM10JLD) for connecting two arm assemblies (two monitors) VESA bracket (MDM10BKT): these first bolt to monitors, then mount to the arm assemblies or the joint locks. In addition to the preconfigure models (MDM11S: single monitor, MDM12D: twin monitors horizontally, MDM12Q: Quadruple monitors), customers can easily configure / customise a desktop bracket according to their own requirements. p>HEALTH BENEFITS: Many problems with shoulders and back pains are related to the fact that the monitor is below the required eye level for optimum body posture; this Allcam monitor stand will allow the users to adjust the stand based on the height of the user / desk to find the best height for each individual. Having the monitors at the correct height will reduce neck and back pains.
Allcam CPU Holder Mobile PC Computer Floor Stand Trolley w/ 4 Wheels, Width Adjustable, in Black
For easy access to your computer, Allcam's adjustable CPU holder elevates your CPU off the floor. This unit features front and back wheels that roll so you can easily move your CPU for access to rear cables and ports. Its front wheels lock to keep your computer securely in place. Easy access to your CPU: No more twisting, bending or crawling in a tight corner again to reach your CPU's rear cables. Simply roll the stand forward for access. This stand adjusts from 119mm to 209mm (4.68 to 8.23 inches) and is built to hold up to 10KG (22lbs) to fit virtually any type of computer. Keep your Computer Clean: This stand keeps your CPU off the floor and away from dust, debris, pet fur and other contaminants that can affect your computer. It also protects against day-to-day messes and accidental spills by keeping your CPU elevated and out of harm's way. The Allcam computer floor stand it's a steel adjustable mobile CPU stand that conforms to most ATX cases. The stand features simple adjustment and easy transportation. It has a range of width adjustment for most ATX towers. With 4 castor wheels the ATX case can be easily transportable. 2 lockable wheels prevent the stand from sliding. Manufactured from high-quality steel, the stand will take many years of usage. If you need a CPU stand which suits different ATX cases, this is your best choice!
Allcam Compact Workstation w/Gas Spring Monitor Arm & Laptop Tray, Desk Clamp & Grommet Mount - in Black
The Allcam G12LTRY is a compact workstation comprising a gas spring monitor arm and a laptop tray (on a separate arm). Ideal for people who regularly use laptop along side their main monitor. The monitor is mounted on the gas spring arm, to give it the max flexibility to move around: adjust higher/lower, tilt 180°, swivel left/right, orient portrait/landscape. The laptop tray is mounted on a normal arm (non-gas spring), so when you type on the laptop it will stay (instead of sinking down). The Allcam G12LTRY workstation is compatible with LCD/LED monitors which are: 1. Weight between 1.5 to 6 Kg 2. VESA 100 or 75 compliant (the 4 mounting holes at the back of LCD are 100mm or 75mm apart, as 99% of the 15 to 27"" monitors are). It is easy to mount via the included desk clamp or grommet. With an extra wall-mountable pole (optional), you can also mount the workstation to a wall or a warehouse racking.
Allcam Laptop Tray or Tablet Tray attachment with adjustable arm for 35mm pole or Monitor Stands MDM11S, MDM12D, MDM12Q
If you regularly work on your desktop and laptop computers simultaneously, or a laptop along with a separate LCD monitor, then you need the combination of Allcam MDM11S LCD monitor arm and MDM10TRY laptop tray combination. The MDM10TRY is also ideal for those who regularly use your tablet and desktop computer side by side. Please note MDM10TRY is not a complete product. You either need to buy the MDM11S / MDM12D LCD monitor arm desk stand, or the pole /desk clamp module for MDM10 series (MDM10PL or MDM10PXL). You may also use this laptop tray on MMS10 series monitor stand, please make sure you understand the potential risk of tipping over if you pull the arms.
LCD201 17
The Allcam LCD201 is the super flexible wall mount bracket for small-sized LCD TVs. The LCD TV wall bracket is able to swivel left/right 60 degrees , tilt up/down 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees (along the plane of the TV screen). Ideal for installation in kitchen, hotel rooms, and corridors, the LCD201 TV wall bracket is the best companion for 15" to 26" LCD TVs with VESA 100x100 or VESA 75x75 mounting holes. Allcam makes a wide rangeTV wall brackets and floor stands, with many different styles and features. If you want want more flexibility than what the LCD201 tv bracket offers, you can consider the Allcam LCD101, LCD107 which have swivel arms. If your TV is 30" or over (or 26" but with VESA 200 mounting holes), please choose Allcam L293SS, L273S which are bigger and come with swivel arms.
Allcam ACEDF01S Electric Standing Desk Frame/Sit-stand Workstation in Black (frame only), Height Adjustable 73-123cm
Scientists estimate that by reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours a day could increase your life expectancy by 2 years. Several studies on lower back pain showed it is becoming a common problem for people sitting too long (over 4 hours per day). Without proper care, it will ultimately becomes a chronic issue. Featuring one electric motor that allow you to adjust the height of your desk, the Allcam electric sit stand help reduce your sitting hours without sacrificing working hours, as well as extending your precious life and alleviating your lower back pain. It is quick and easy to adjust the electric desk and it can be raised from 73cm to 123cm within seconds. A simple controller will make for easy operation and will prevents unwanted movement of the desk providing additional safety. Please note: This product is only the frame. The table top must be purchased separately. Allcam Ergonomic Office Concept Allcam ergonomic office suite includes 6 products: Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks / Workstations; Monitor Arms and Stands; Desktop Power / AV Extensions; Cable Management; CPU Holders and Mounts; Office Exercise Equipments. Any more you think we should add? send us your feedback via Facebook and enter the prize draw for One Allcam Electric Height Adjustable Desk.
Allcam 3-metre FCP Rubber Floor Cable Cover/Cable Protector w/Visible yellow Stripes & 15x 8 mm Cable Channel
Sometimes you want temporary power/data access at places not designed to provide those, so you run extension cables on the floor. Cables on open floor is a serious healthy and safety hazard, and this is where you need Allcam FCP Rubber Cable Protector. It keeps the cables tidy inside, protects their insulation, reduces accidental trips & falls, and prevents electrocution. The Allcam FCP-series cable cover is made from duanble heavy-duty rubber, able to support up to 2,000 Kg (4,410 lb), ideal for exhibitions, shows, and galleries with heavy foot traffic. Its low profile (13mm / 0.5") and yellow high-visible bands also makes it suitable for homes, offices, gyms, and halls with light to medium foot traffic.The FCP-series cable protectors are available in variable lengths, FCP1 for 1 meter, FCP2 for 2 meters, FCP3 for 3 meters... up to FCP5 for 5 meters. For other lengths, please buy multiples, for example, 1 x FCP2 and 1x FCP5 for 7-meters. Maximum length in one piece is 9 metres
GSA22WD Gas Powered Monitor Arm Wall Mount w/vesa bracket for 17
The Allcam GSA22WD Gas Power Wall Mounted Dual Monitor Stand is ideal for organisations and professionals where frequent adjustment of monitor height and position is important. Featuring Gas Spring technology, the GSA22DD makes it possible to change the monitor height / position in 1 second (yes 1 sec.). Simply use your hand to move the monitor to your desired position and it floats there like magic, NO tools required! The GSA22WS monitor stand is compatible with LCD/LED monitors which are: 1. Weight between 1.5 to 7 Kgs 2. VESA 100 or 75 compliant (the 4 mounting holes at the back of LCD are 100mm or 75mm apart, as 99% of the 15 to 27" monitors are)
Invision Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount Bracket with 20 Inch Cantilever Arm/1.8-Inch Wall Profile Tilt and Swivel for Most 26-42 Inch LED LCD Plasma 3D & 4K Screens (HDTV-M)
Invision Technology
Invision TV brackets have designed and manufactured our product range with an overwhelming commitment to quality. Some other cantilever TV brackets only achieve a closed depth distance of 7 inches from the wall, our product folds away neatly to an impressive 46.8mm, well under 2 inches! Engineered to be compatible with most makes and models of TVs with VESA mounting holes 100mm x 100mm, 100mm (h) x 200mm (w), 200mm x 200mm with M4 M5 M6 or M8 fixing bolts. This easy to install bracket comes with all the necessary hardware and an installation guide included. Our back plate is narrow yet strong and can be fitted to wood stud, brick or concrete (NOT suitable for plasterboard walls), each arm has integrated cable management to give better functionality, tidiness and a higher quality finish. Our hinge mechanism used to operate the tilting feature is a one-touch tool less operation, advancing from the widely used and dated and impractical nuts and bolts arrangement which require much manual adjustment. The cantilever arm reaches an impressive 500mm extension and is able to manoeuvre left and right over 180 degrees yet this is dependent on the size of the TV screen providing the much needed versatility to optimise your viewing experience. Idea for kitchens bedrooms and all other home and office entertainment areas. *** PLEASE CHECK YOUR TV VESA MOUNTING HOLE MEASUREMENTS ARE COMPATIBLE BEFORE PURCHASE ***
Allcam LCD110 15
A LCD TV wall mount bracket kit in two plates design, one plate fixed to wall, and one plate fixed to the flat panel TV, hence the LCD TV can be easily attached to the wall simply by slide in and also easily removed from the wall. The distance to the wall after installation is within 1-inch. Suitable for 15" to 22" flat screen LCD TV/monitors compatible with VESA 75x75 and VESA 100x100 standard with a max load of 20Kgs (44lbs). Notes: This wall bracket will not work with any TV which is not compatible with the VESA standards mentioned above.
Allcam Set of 4 Wheels with M8 screw thread, 2 with brakes
Set of 4 wheels, Screw thread size M8 (8mm), Screw length 15mm; 2 wheels with brakes Wheel diameter: 50mm, Wheel width: 50mm; Suite for all light duty applications (
Allcam Star 4W Bayonet B22 LED Candle Bulb 350 lumen, 6000K Daylight White, 330° 40W Equivalent - energy saving, pack of 3
Allcam Star flat-shapped LED bulbs combine the best in LED technology (SMD LED), the popular strip lighting design, and the ubiquitous GLS fitting(Bayonet B22, E27, E14). The clever strip light design in an otherwise small candle light body hugely increases the heat dissipation efficiency, making it possible to use the SMD LED technology without the ungly heavy metal top half, and achieving amazing 330° beam angle at the same time. In contrast all competitor's similar LED lights have the ugly metal top half for heat dissipation which also reduces the beam angle. The Allcam Star LED candle light bulbs are available in various bases: Bayonet BC/B22, B15, E14/SES, as well as different colours: Daylight White 6000K, and Warm White 3000K. The Allcam Star 4W Led bulb uses super-bright LEDs emitting 350 lumens light equivalent a traditional 40W Halogen / Incandescent candle bulb, saving you £100s each year in electricity. Their 25,000hr long life span also means even further savings in replacement bulbs. The Allcam Star LED candle bulbs comply with all relevant UK and EU standards and safety regulations. The light bulb measures 115mm (Height) x 40mm (diameter)-the standard size of candle lights in UK, so it will fit perfectly in all existing fittings. Many competitors' LED candle light bulbs are either taller or bigger which make them unsuitable for fittings with small external enclosures. Q: What color of LED light should I choose?A: It depends: Warm White is soft and warm, ideal for living spaces, dining areas, and any other place where a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is preferred. Daylight White is similar to daylight looks, ideally for personal working spaces, offices, & retail shops. Q:Are these LED bulbs dimmable? Why my new LED is flickering?A: Sorry this model is NOT dimmable. If you use it with a dimmer, it may flicker or stop working quickly. Pls try the dimmable LED candles:
Allcam Long Arm MDM04 MDM05 and MDM06 series LCD Monitor Desk Mount Bracket
The MDM0AL is the long arm module of the Allcam MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 series LCD monitor/TV Desk Mount brackets. If you want to modify or enhance the MDM05, MDM06, or MDM07 desktop mount bracket, or want to configure your own desk mount bracket, then the arm module is an essention parts. The arm module has a hole at one end and an axis at the other end, and the axis will fit into the hole of another arm module so you can easily extend the total length of the desk mount bracket.