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Allegro Industries 1500 Shower Tester 5 gal, Metal
Allegro Industries
The Allegro Shower Test Kit allows for easy operational testing of emergency safety showers to confirm that the equipment meets ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliance. A vinyl sleeve fits over the shower head and directs water into a bucket for minimal clean-up. Kit includes a vinyl funnel sleeve, PVC handle to hold sleeve in position, and a heavy duty 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid for kit storage.
Allegro Industries 9600-500 Layflat Ducting, 500', Fits 16
Allegro Industries
' Lay Flat Ducting, Color Clear, For Use With 16 In. to 20 In. Blowers, Material Clear Polyethylene '
Allegro Industries 9535-12 Air Bag 12, 12
Allegro Industries
Allegro Air Bag 12All in one unit for ease of operation. Featuring a 12" metal blower system with 15' duct built into aheavy duty polyester bag. Designed with zippered ends that allow blower use without removing blower from the bag. Zipper openings allow for plug/cord inlet and outlet. Easy to carry and store. Polypropylene nine blade fan, steel/pwder coated housing and grill, carry handle with molded-in 2 speed switch. 60 Hz 3.8 Amps, 2 speed on/off switch. Ducting: Single-Ply lightweight vinyl/polyester PVC coated. Orange with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment strap on one end.Features:* 60 Hz, 3.8 Amps, 2 speed on/off switch* Ducting: Single-Ply lightweith vinyl/polyester PVC coated* Orange with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment    strap on one end* Dimensions: 28"l x 16"w x 14"h* 1800 CFM (Free Air), 1/2 hp, 115V AC/120V* 35
Allegro Industries 9910-D Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood CF SAR Assembly with Suspension and LP Flow Adapter with OBAC Fitting, Standard
Allegro Industries
Allegro Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood CF SAR Assembly w/ suspension and LP Flow Adapter w/ OBAC Fitting 9910-D
Allegro Industries 06BG Browguard Lens, Standard, Blue
Allegro Industries
Allegro Browguard (LG) w/Headgear, Clear Visor (06BG)
Allegro Industries 9911-10 Replacement Double Bib Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood CF SAR (Low and High Pressure), Standard by Allegro Industries

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Made of poly-coated Tyvek material, this hood offers the increased protection of two bibs. The inner bib tucks inside protective garments so air flows down for a cooling effect on the body, and the outer bib secures under the arms with hook and loop to keep the hood from rising up. The hood features an extra large lens for better visibility. It offers the same convenient design with down tube and suspension built in, making the complete hood fully disposable.
Allegro Industries 9535-08 Air Bag 8, 8
Allegro Industries
Confined Space Fan, Axial, 1/4 HP, Duct Dia. 8 In., Material Steel Fan, Nylon Bag, Blower/Fan Speed 3300 rpm, Maximum Flow in Free Air 650 to 700 cfm, Voltage 115VAC, Amps 1.4, Color Black And Orange, Length 27 In., Width 15 In., Height 12 In., Standards 29CFR1910.146/ CSA, Includes Combination Axial 8 In. Fan, 15 ft. Duct and Storage Bag to House the System Confined-Space Blowers, Fans, and AccessoriesDesigned for positive and negative ventilation.Steel Axial Fan Air BagsAll-in-one portable axial fan system built into a heavy-duty polyester bag. Zippered ends allow blower to be used without removing unit from the bag.
Allegro Industries 9900-40 Flow Test Kit, Standard
Allegro Industries
Flow Test Kit for Constant Flow Supplied Air Respirators CFM tester checks the volume of air that gets to the respirator. A flow meter simply quick connects onto an airline hose to check the respirator system for NIOSH compliant air flows. The kit contains flow meter and a full assortment of quick connect plugs and adapters to fit all respirator manufacturer's airline hoses. Excellent for use with ambient air pumps. NOTE: NIOSH mandates 4 CFM for tight-fitting masks and 6 CFM for hoods.
Allegro Industries 9804-21 M2 Multi-Mold Cassette (Pack of 5)
Allegro Industries
The M2 is a patent-pending two-sided air sampling cassette for easier and more efficient use in the field and in the laboratory. This is the first cassette to provide sampling options to field personnel. Each cassette can be used to collect two different samples, two identical samples concurrently, or one sample while using the other side as a control. The M2 Cassette is also the very first of its kind for laboratory personnel. It provides one-time preparation for two samples, pre-printed traverse marks on the collection side for standardized counting, and size-by-side comparison of the samples under the microscope. Sold 5 per box.Do you order this product often and/or in large quantities? Check out our Large Order Program to save yourself time and money.Ã'Â