The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age
Harvard Business Review Press
Warcraft Alliance Logo Cup Black-Yellow-Blue
Warcraft 'Alliance Logo' for Unisex in black-yellow-blue made of ceramics. Officially licensed product.
Alliance Armada (The Alliance Trilogy Book 2)
Balsalom Publishing
After fending off the Adjudicator attack, the Alliance learns that the enemy is preparing a final, exterminating push against the human systems and their allies, the Hroom Empire. To buy time while building their forces, the allies send Captain Jess Tolvern and her sometimes rival, the former pirate Catarina Vargus, in command of a fleet to raid and reconnoiter the aliens’ own home worlds.They cross the inner frontier into systems torn by novas and black holes to find the aliens, who have hidden themselves in a previously undiscovered system, where they are awakening an ancient machine with the capability of devouring entire starships.
New Alliance (The Survivors Book Seven)
Woodbridge Press
Dean Parker thought he was going to coast into retirement. He was wrong.Things have slowed down for Dean and Mary as they manage the expanding human colonies on Haven, New Spero, and Earth—until they receive a distress call from the Keppe.Magnus and Natalia are in the midst of a three-year exploration mission on the alien vessel, but mysteriously vanish with less than a year left to go.With no one else to call on, Dean, Slate, and Karo, the last remaining Theos, commence the search for the missing ship. When their wormhole drive malfunctions, they end up stranded, with no way to return home.Join the journey as Dean Parker fights to rescue old friends while forging an unlikely coalition.The epic Survivors story continues with New Alliance, a brand-new adventure with familiar faces.
Imperial Assault Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack
Fantasy Flight Games
The Rebellion prefers to avoid dealing with criminals in most circumstances, but its dedicated smugglers are crucial to the continued survival of the Rebel Alliance. These smugglers carry weapons and medical supplies to beleaguered worlds, they can transport political leaders safely and quickly, and they can hold their own if pressed to fight. With the Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack, you gain a single Alliance Smuggler figure to support you in your campaigns and skirmishes.
Dead Alliance (PS4)
Maximum Games
Avanquest Dead Alliance DALPS4D1 AVANQUEST
The Grand Alliance (Blood on the Stars Book 11)
System 7 Publishing
Hell is UnleashedThe Hegemony controls Megara, the Confederation’s capital. War has raged for five years. Millions are dead, vast fleets of ships have been destroyed. But in the stronghold where Tyler Barron and his comrades have gathered their allies and the last of their strength, a plan is being devised.Barron and his people have fought bravely, stubbornly, relentlessly, but the Hegemony has been too strong. Now, Barron is relying on the one source of strength that remains to him.Defiance.He will not surrender, he will not yield. And he will not remain meekly on the defensive, waiting for the enemy to bring forward reinforcements to launch the final assault.That leaves only one option. Attack. Take back what the enemy has captured. Bring the war to the invader, and send them reeling back into the Badlands from whence they came.The fight will be difficult, the odds steep. But Barron is ready to take the final gamble, and as one, the thousands of spacers he leads are behind him, shouting a single rallying cry.Back to Megara!Blood on the StarsBook 1 - Duel in the DarkBook 2 - Call to ArmsBook 3 - Ruins of EmpireBook 4 - Echoes of GloryBook 5 - Cauldron of FireBook 6 - DauntlessBook 7 - The White FleetBook 8 - Black DawnBook 9 - InvasionBook 10 - NightfallBook 11 - The Grand Alliance (Coming)Book 12 - The Colossus (Coming)
TYR Alliance Team II Backpack, Royal/Gold
The best selling swim backpack ever? The TYR Alliance Team Backpack II from TYR features a goggle saver pocket, reinforced inner pockets, MP3 player pocket , wet/dry compartment and comfortable carry straps. Size: 18.5 x 13.25 x 9.75". Here in Royal Blue / Gold (Golden yellow) as pictured.
Alliance (formerly Webster's) Ecolube Pro Quality Valve Oil
A Valve Oil That Works Well On Piston And Rotary Valves. These Larger Bottles Offer Great Value For Money And Is One Of Our Best Selling Oils.
Groovy Uk Star Wars Rebel Alliance Neon Table Light

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TYR Unisex's Alliance Backpack, Blue/Green, Medium/30 Litre
The TYR Alliance Team® Backpack is a great size allowing you to fit all your swimming equipment inside. It has large front and side pockets, a mesh water bottle pocket and even has an interior laptop sleeve. Other great features include suit hanger spring clips plus the large wet/dry compartment opening allows for quicker drying. These bags by TYR are built to last and engineered to carry and protect the essential gear swimmers need to perform.
Alliance ASP 1/2
Brand new PAIR of Metal Bathroom Basin/Sink or Bath Conversion replacement Handles. Suitable for both Bath and Basins. Fast same working day despatch. Item carries a Lifetime Guarantee.
The Alliance Way
Harvard Education Press
PERCOL Rainforest Alliance All Day Americano Instant Coffee Rich, Aromatic Full-Bodied Blend 100% Arabica Beans Freeze-Dried - 100g 6 Pk
INSTANT COFFEEOur instant coffees are expertly roasted and dried, locking in the taste and aroma of our top-notch beans.OUR STORYWe're a small bunch of coffee lovers who are based in the UK and believe in good coffee, from seed to cup.Giving you a tasty cup of coffee is important to us, but so too is making sure the people and environments that grow our coffee are supported, respected and protected.We've always been this way, right from the start back in 1987. Our founder travelled the world and saw the conditions coffee farmers were facing, so he decided to make a change.Percol Coffee was the first ground coffee on shelf to bear the Fairtrade mark, as well as the first coffee brand to use single origin and single estate beans, leading to more awareness about the provenance and characteristics of different coffees.Since then, we've also chosen to support the Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association and, of course, our own initiatives too. We love sharing all the wonderful ways you can enjoy our range of coffees, from new ways to brew your daily cuppa, to coffee inspired recipes and how to use up old coffee grinds.THINGS THAT MATTERGiving back to the farmers and environments that grow our coffee is a priority for us.It's essential that we support our amazing growers, their communities and the environment; after all, it's because of their hard work that we're able to source consistently tasty beans.We're incredibly proud also to be part of the Next Generation Coffee project, which helps the next generation of farmers see a positive future in coffee growing by providing education about climate change, training and growing techniques and sustainability.