The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age
Harvard Business Review Press
Alliance Armada (The Alliance Trilogy Book 2)
Balsalom Publishing
After fending off the Adjudicator attack, the Alliance learns that the enemy is preparing a final, exterminating push against the human systems and their allies, the Hroom Empire. To buy time while building their forces, the allies send Captain Jess Tolvern and her sometimes rival, the former pirate Catarina Vargus, in command of a fleet to raid and reconnoiter the aliens’ own home worlds.They cross the inner frontier into systems torn by novas and black holes to find the aliens, who have hidden themselves in a previously undiscovered system, where they are awakening an ancient machine with the capability of devouring entire starships.
World of Warcraft Cup Alliance Logo 325ml Ceramic black blue
World of Warcraft Cup Alliance Logo 325ml Ceramic black blue
Alliance: Legacy War Book 3

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A Chance for PeaceThe crew of the Gnosis is set to make history again, this time for diplomacy. A message from the Pahxin has arrived, inviting humanity to a neutral space station where they might negotiate a treaty for cooperation and peace. It seems like a perfect opportunity to gain an ally against the malevolent Tol’An and the insidious Kalrawv Group.But a dark force musters against them, one bent on disrupting this moment of peace with chaos. The joint forces of two worlds must come together to save not only themselves but also the delicate chance for lasting peace and cooperation. As the conflict intensifies, the crew of the Gnosis is confronted with a very real possibility of defeat.
Weapon Of Choice
The Gift: Dark Warrior Alliance Novella
Trim and Julka, LLC
Christmas is a time of joy, goodwill, and cherished moments spent with friends and family. But not for Ren. The holidays are a painful reminder that he's alone and depressed. The worst part is knowing it's all his fault. He put his parents through hell while in the throes of addiction, and despite years of sobriety, the damage is irreparable. His only solace is a beautiful angel that visits his dreams, offering comfort and support. Arial consumes his every waking thought and is the object of his nightly fantasies. Unfortunately, she is nothing more than a figment of his imagination.When a surreal event brings Arial into his life, and ultimately his bed, Ren must face something greater than addiction. Forgiving himself for past mistakes is an impossible task, and it will take the love of an angel to prove to him that everyone deserves a second chance.
Alliance Athletic Boxing Reflex Ball - Adjustable Headband, Reaction Ball, Elastic String. Train Boxing, MMA, Fitness, Punching Accuracy, Timing, Reflexes. Fits, Safety Glasses Included
Alliance Athletic
BOXING REFLEX BALL from Alliance Athletic Get the ultimate boxing ball workout! Our reflex ball is the only reflex training tool you'll need to develop pro-boxer like reflexes and skills: • FUN TO LEARN: Challenge your friends to do the longest punch combinations in a row. Because our reflex ball is so easy to adjust you can quickly swap between users. • LEVEL UP: You can adjust the elastic length to suit your training no matter what you're level. Start with a longer setting for a slower, easier pace. A shorter setting will give you a faster, harder workout! • TRAIN ANYWHERE: Our Boxing reflex ball is so compact it's easy to take with you and use as part of any workout: at the gym, after a run or even in the office. • PEACE OF MIND: We provide safety specs to keep you protected while you pick up your Reflex Ball skills, and a full money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied with any part of your purchase!
PCSL Star Wars - Windows Sticker/Decal/Wall Art/Bedroom/Living Room/Car - Truck (Red, Rebel Alliance)
Star Wars themed Windows / Car stickers, made from high quality waterproof vinyl
TYR Unisex's Alliance Backpack, Evergreen/Black, Medium/45 Litre
A new twist on an old classic, the LATBP45 is packed with state-of-the-art features engineered for athletes on the go. With a cutting-edge space saving design, the 45L maximizes storage without the bulk. In addition to contour shaped padding for ideal ergonomics and lumbar comfort, the new design also includes multiple front and side pockets, expandable mesh pockets for separating wet and dry items, spring hooks for wetsuits, adjustable straps and a protective storage space for large electronics. The TYR Alliance 45L Backpack is designed with fabric technology to ensure a lightweight feel and durable, water resistant construction. 20" H x 13.5" W x 10.5" D (51 cm x 34 cm x 27 cm)
Alliance Electrical FPC1GSOCWH 13 A 1 Gang White Insert Single Plug Socket Flat Plastic Rocker Switch - Polished Chrome
The contemporary flat plate switches and sockets have a polished silver mirror finish. Full range available including light switches, light dimmers, plug sockets, cooker controls, fused spurs and many more!
LEGO Star Wars TM 75133: Rebel Alliance Battle Pack Mixed
Lego - Star Wars - Rebel alliance battle packJoin the battle against the Empire!When the rebels need a quick response, call in the speeder bike with front and rear stud shooters. Seat the pilot, position the rear-facing gunner and lead the Rebel Troopers into battle!Features:Includes 4 Rebel Trooper minifigures.Features a speeder bike with front-facing stud shooter, detachable rear-facing stud blaster, and space for 2 minifigures.Includes 4 stud blasters and extra ammo.Fire the stud shooters to defeat the enemy.Also includes 3 Rebel Trooper helmets.Play out endless Lego Star Wars adventures.Makes a great addition to any Lego Star Wars collection.Measures over 1" (4cm) high, 6" (16cm) long and 2" (6cm) wide.
TYR Alliance Big Mesh Mummy Backpack - Swimming Mesh Bag - Black
Backpack specially designed for Aquatic Activities.Multiple pockets for easier storage of your businessMesh net bag for total ventilationSpace for water bottle or water bottle
Womens Ladies Girls 80cm Light Grey Color Long Straight Wigs High Quality Hair Carve Cosplay Costume Anime Party Bangs Full Sexy Wigs
Alliance Station
80cm Synthetic Hair Costume Wig Made of high quality synthetic hair these costume wigs can often be worn "right out of the box" with little or no styling. The fiber used has "memory" for the style and volume which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort -- the pattern is permanently set.
Percol Rainforest Alliance Italiano Instant Coffee 100g (Pack of 6)
INSTANT COFFEEOur instant coffees are expertly roasted and dried, locking in the taste and aroma of our top-notch beans.OUR STORYWe're a small bunch of coffee lovers who are based in the UK and believe in good coffee, from seed to cup.Giving you a tasty cup of coffee is important to us, but so too is making sure the people and environments that grow our coffee are supported, respected and protected.We've always been this way, right from the start back in 1987. Our founder travelled the world and saw the conditions coffee farmers were facing, so he decided to make a change.Percol Coffee was the first ground coffee on shelf to bear the Fairtrade mark, as well as the first coffee brand to use single origin and single estate beans, leading to more awareness about the provenance and characteristics of different coffees.Since then, we've also chosen to support the Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association and, of course, our own initiatives too. We love sharing all the wonderful ways you can enjoy our range of coffees, from new ways to brew your daily cuppa, to coffee inspired recipes and how to use up old coffee grinds.THINGS THAT MATTERGiving back to the farmers and environments that grow our coffee is a priority for us.It's essential that we support our amazing growers, their communities and the environment; after all, it's because of their hard work that we're able to source consistently tasty beans.We're incredibly proud also to be part of the Next Generation Coffee project, which helps the next generation of farmers see a positive future in coffee growing by providing education about climate change, training and growing techniques and sustainability. 
World of Warcraft Alliance Faction Logo Blue ID & Card Bi-Fold Wallet
World of Warcraft
Showcase your love for World of Warcraft with this superb World of Warcraft Bi-Fold Wallet! This unique World of Warcraft Alliance Faction Logo Wallet is made from premium materials and is built to last and make you stand out from the crowd!It has 5 Card Slots (Including One ID Window) and Card slots can take up to 2 cards per slot also a 80mm note area for UK 20 & Euro 100 notes to fitReplace your old Wallet now or buy the perfect gift for any World of Warcraft fan!The design of the Wallet is Bi-Fold and it includes an area for notes, credit cards slots and space for your ID. The Wallet is approximately 85mm x 110mm x 20mm. The interior is fully lined and detailed pattern accentuates the features