Allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB 3 Metre UK Power Socket with 2 Built-In USB Ports
Allocacoc PowerCube 4-Way/2 USB Travel Plug with (3.0m) Extension Cable
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB Power Socket UK - 1.5 Metre - Grey/White
Allocacoc PowerCube 4-Way/2 USB Travel Plug with (1,5m) Extension Cable
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Remote Set Power Socket UK 1.5 Metre plus Remote Kinetic Button
Powercube Extended Remote SET (UK) takes user-friendliness to a whole new standard. Plug all your desk devices into PowerRemote SET without sacrificing sockets, then with one big step-on button built into the PowerRemote you can turn it ON/OFF using either your hands or feet. The reusable sticky-pad on the remote attaches it wherever is easy to find and reach, so you will never lose it. The modular design concept allows the PowerRemote to pair with multiple PowerCubes, and vice versa, to customize it to your needs. This model comes with the Kinetic Button as a seperate button and also a built in switch.
Powercube 8830/UKORMO Original Monitor
PowerCube Extension Plug monitors the power use of devices plugged into its sockets and shows the information on an e-ink display in a monetary value. This feature included with the PowerCube allows the user to easily understand how much energy usage and what's the costing. On/Off Switch The counter displays the total consumption over the product's lifetime, and the consumption of a period of your choice, which can be reset by double clicking the screen. By pressing for 8 seconds the total counter can be reset. With a single push on the display, it is also possible to cut the power immediately to all connected devices, reducing the consumption to zero. Safety The PowerCube Extension Plug is tested up to 16A, the industry standard. Also, all contacts are grounded and child proof. No obstructions Plugs cannot obstruct each other, as each plug connects to a different side of the PowerCube. Specification - Colour: White - Brand: PowerCube - Voltage 100-240V; 16A - Outlets 4 - Type G socket (BS 1363) Box Contents 1 x PowerCube Original Monitor Extension Plug and Cost Calculator
Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Power Socket UK -1.5 Metre (Non-USB) - Red/White
Allocacoc PowerCube 5-Way Travel Plug with (1.5m) Extension Cable
allocacoc Power Bar DuoUSB Travel Adapter with 2 USB Outlets (2.1 A) and 2x Splitter/Extension 220 V 250 V
The PowerBar USB is a great new addition to your desktop: due to its flat design, it is an inobtrusive and elegant solution to connect your ungrounded plugs. As it is delivered with a mounting bracket it can conveniently be mounted beneath a desk or table. The USB-version allows you to charge all your mobile devices. Weight & dimensions -Weight: 240 g Power -Nominal input voltage: 230 -Output voltage: 5 Packaging data -Number of products included: 1 pc(s) -Package width: 210 mm -Package depth: 235 mm -Package height: 400 mm Features -AC outlets quantity: 2 AC outlet(s) -AC outlet types: Type C -USB ports quantity: 2 -Colour of product: Grey, White -Certification: CE, RoHS
Allocacoc PowerCube Rewirable (Type F, Extended USB)
Features:Child protection, replaceable fuse, Compliant Standards:RoHS, DEKRA, Included Accessories:3 power plug adapters, Power Output Connectors Details:4 x power ¦ 2 x 4 pin USB Type A (power only) - 5 V - 2.1 A, Input Voltage:AC 100-250 V, Circuit Protection:Fuse
PowerCube 5 Outlets 3M Extension Cord Wall Adapter with Resettable Fuse (Red)
Mount the PowerCube anywhere The |Extended| versions of the PowerCube come with a mounting dock, enabling you to mount the PowerCube anywhere, also upside-down underneath your desk, or on a wall. 5 Outlets/No Obstructions Plugs cannot obstruct each other, as each plug, connects to a different side of the PowerCube. Modular Design You can create the setup you prefer by adding more PowerCubes to the PowerCube |Extended| mounted on your desktop. 3.0M Extension Cable With the included docking, station, the |Extended| versions, of the PowerCube can be mounted anywhere: on your desk, on a wall, .... the options are endless. Specification: Available Color:Boston Red Rated AC:13A/230V Outlets:5 Cable Length:3.0M Unit Weight:638g Product Packing Size:230x77x77mm Grounded:Yes Child proofing:Yes Sockets type:UK Available plug: UK Type Plug / Type G Plug Application:Residential / General-Purpose Quality Standard: Fully CE/ROHS/ETL Approved Tip:The best way is that sticks the dock on a flat surface!
Allocacoc PowerCube Remote Kinetic Button
If they have an ON/OFF switch to cut standby power usage, most often these are located on the power strip itself. This is not a good solution, as the power strip is often tucked away behind furniture, making it hard to reach. Existing remote-controlled power sockets on the market do not offer a convenient solution, as the remote gets lost or the batteries run out. PowerRemote - Can turn ON/OFF a paired PowerCube |Remote| from a distance - Can be paired with multiple PowerCube |Remote| versions - Hands-free use: the one big Step-On button can be pressed by foot - Attaches to any flat surface with its reusable Sticky-Pad Battery-free remote Weight & dimensions -Weight: 68 g Technical details -Colour of product: Orange, White -Compatibility: PowerCube Remote Extended
Allocacoc PowerCube Originals USB (Type E, Blue)
Dual USB charger for iPad, iPhone & iPod and 4 additional power outlets in clever cube design making them overlap-free. Daisy-chaining of units possible up to max. load of 3500 W (ca. 16 A). France-type power outlets are standard in BE, CZ, FR, PL, SKFor Export use! These French-type power outlets are standard in the following countries in Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Monaco, Poland and Slovakia. Other countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Madagascar, Mali, Martinique, Mongolia, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Syria and Tunisia. Safety Tip: Make sure that the PowerCube does not carry more than 250 g in attached power supplies/cords to avoid damage to the wall socket!
Dax The wallet with a trick up its sleeve
Allocacoc Corp. DesignNest
DAX holds 5 cards in its man compartment. In addition, there is a slot on the back of DAX that can hold 1-2 additional card(s). The optimum capacity for DAX is 5-6 cards. Add any more and the wallet starts becoming bulky and the cascading becomes too long.
Allocacoc PowerCube 4 Outlets Built-In Dual Powered USB Port WAllocacoc PowerCube Extended USB UK Power Socket + 360° Ring Holder Handy Phone Stand Blue (with USB)
A group of graduates of industrial Design from Delft University of technology(The Netherlands)noticed the frustrations many people have with one of the daily used products;power sockets.often there are not enough power outlets or sockets are blocked by bulky plugs.therefore we would like to introduce the PowerCube original:a compact power socket that prevents plugs blocking each other and is designed modular to expand the number of sockets to your needs. Dual USB-Output The USB-versions of the PowerCube come with powered dual USB ports, enabling you to charge, all USB-charge enabled devices, including tablet computers. 4 Outlets/No Obstructions Plugs cannot obstruct each other, as each plug, connects to a different side of the PowerCube. Modular Design You can create the setup you prefer by adding more PowerCubes to the PowerCube |Extended| mounted on your desktop. Docking Station With the included docking, station, the |Extended| versions, of the PowerCube can be mounted anywhere: on your desk, on a wall, .... the options are endless. Tips: Do not exceed max.weight of 1.71/b/800gram when used in wall socket! Specification: Available Color:Cobalt Blue Rated AC: 13A/230V Power: 2500W Outlets: 4 USB Output: 2 Unit Weight: 292g Product Size: 100*64*64mm Grounded: Yes Child proofing: Yes Available plug: UK Type Plug / Type G Plug Application: Residential / General-Purpose Quality Standard: Fully CE/ROHS/ETL Approved Package Contents 1x PowerCube 1 x Ring Holde
allocacoc PowerCube Original Remote Grey, Orange, White Power Plug Adapter Adaptor Plug for 76 mm, 76 mm, 137 mm, 310 g)
Turn your appliances ON/OFF with a remote Specification 250V~; MAX. 13A fused MAX.2990W(grounded) 4 power outlets ON/OFF button Childproof shuttersA single button Our products are meant to make your life more efficient and less complicated and should take no more than a glance to figure out how to use. The PowerCube |Remote| lives up to this standard with its single On/Off button to power your devices on and off.Press by footIf both hands are occupied, you can just as easily use your foot to press the big step-on button to control your devices.Battery-free What's better than a remote with batteries? A remote without batteries. The PowerRemote gives you one less thing to buy from the supply store and keeps things green at the same time.One-to-many and many-to-oneTo pair the PowerCube |Remote| with different PowerRemotes and vice versa, simply press and hold the button PowerCube for five seconds and it will pair to the next PowerRemote that is clicked.Double clickIf, for any reason, the synchronization is lost, pressing the button twice will switch all connected devices on and off again.Sticky-pad on the PowerRemoteSimilar to our mounting docks, the PowerRemote can attach to any smooth surface without leaving any residue when removed. Simply wipe the sticky pad with a wet napkin and let it regain its stickiness to move elsewhere.
PowerCube 7100/UKORPC 240V Power Strip with 5-Way Socket - Blue
In most kitchens, counter-tops are covered with various appliances, from blenders to coffee makers, but lack enough outlets. With the PowerCube Original plugged into one socket, you gain five additional sockets. From toasters to microwaves, your kitchen will be stocked with power. Living rooms are often swarming with wires and tangled TV cords. A lack of outlets leads people to daisy chain power strips together, creating an unpleasant looking and potentially hazardous situation. You can avoid this mess with the PowerCube |Original|, which allows power cords to combine into one compact solution. The world would be a better, more efficient place, if the devices we use had compact plugs. Unfortunately, most of our technological accessories come with bulky adaptors that cover adjacent sockets, wasting an entire outlet, but the uniquely designed PowerCube avoids outlet blockage, keeping things easy and efficient. The modular system of the PowerCube Original allows for cubes to be stacked to accommodate your desired amount of outlets, creating a tailored source of power.