Allpax AX1210 No. 1 Packing Hook, T-handle, Steel by Allpax
Tempered tool steel corkscrew-style bit; flexible wound-wire shaft; steel T-handle; Made in the USA.
Campale by Allpax Mens Jacket with Elbow Patches, beige, S
Campale by Allpax
Campale Men's Casual Jacket. Item Features: Made from 100% cotton with long sleeves and zip and press studs, elbow patches, 2 upper pockets, 2 slip pockets and 1 inside pocket, washable at 40 °C. RRP: 139,00 EUR
Campale Dressage Horse Saddle Oxford 18 Inch Leather Horse Dressage Saddle
Camapale by Allpax
Campale dressage saddle cloth Oxford 18 inches. Classic look with quality and, Seat Back When Riding With and removes pressure from the spine and muscles of the horse riding. The anatomically shaped deep seat makes for a comfortable fit. Item specifics: Material: Leather, Colour: Brown/Ochre, saddle tree made from wood, with have spring, flat, long Pauschen, long girth strap, Langge Zogenes saddle sheets ideal for narrow Horse, about 45 cm Seating unit which rotates on the base. You will get the saddle as shown in the first picture shown.
Small Town Criminals
Bluestown Records
Allpax AX1852 Dovetail Punch, Number-3
GuardAir - Industrial
Allpax AX1850 Dovetail Punch, Number-1
GuardAir - Industrial
Allpax AX1851 Dovetail Punch, Number-1
GuardAir - Industrial
Perfect for fabricating interlocking dove-tail joints when the outside diameter of the gasket is larger than the width of the material to be cut. No pre-measuring, marking or scoring required. Cut 3/4" to 3" wide flange gaskets with this 3 piece kit.
Allpax AX6010 Standard Gasket Cutter Kit, No. 1, Steel
Features. Chrome plated steel extension bars.. Easy-to-read engraved precision scale.. Ergonomic design offers secure comfortable grip.. Premium brass cutter block with contoured edges to minimize gasket material buckling and assure precision cuts.. Rugged storage case. Cutting Capacity - 0.25 - 13 in.. Cutting Diam - 0.25 - 13 in.. Handle Color - Natural Wood. Material - Brass Steel Wood. Includes - 18 in. Cutting Board Center Pin Ferrules - 2 installed Bolt Hole Locator Template Center Pin Handle Cutter Block Assembly Cutting Knob Disc Pin Dove Tail Designer Template Long Center Pin Medium Center Pin Pivot Post Post with Offset Pin Short Center Pin Storage Case Knurled Nut for Pivot Post - 2 pieces Heavy-Duty Blades - 6 pieces Standard Blades - 6 pieces. Item Weight - 11.3 lbs.
Allpax AX6100 Metric Gasket Cutter Kit, No. 6, Steel
Metric Gasket Cutter, Dimension Type Metric, Number of Pieces 26, Cutting Dia. 6 to 330mm, Body Material Brass, Max. Workpiece Thickness 19mm
Vacuum rolls 2 rolls at 30x600cm Vacuum roll embossed Foil roll vacuum Suitable for Caso, Lava, Allpax, Valko, ROMMELSBACHER and many more
Vacuum your food and save money. Suitable for all vacuum foil welding machines. These embossed vacuum rolls are only suitable to use for external suction devices (without vacuum chamber)! Our embossed vacuum bags or rolls are available in different sizes. The continuous honeycomb structure on one side ensures uniform air extraction as well as a secure welding of the vacuum bag. Of course, you can also label the vacuum bags. Wieldable on both sides and impermeable to air. Why should I vacuum my food? Vacuuming increases the durability of your food by 3 to 5 times. This way, your food stays enjoyable longer, which naturally will make you save money. Since the air is sucked out by vacuuming, you also save a lot of space. This is a real advantage for food that is going to be frozen. Even the annoying freezer burn is eliminated by vacuuming your food. Still, vacuuming isn’t only useful for kitchen-related things. You also might want to vacuum small items, such as silver cutlery, tobacco or, for example, travel utensils, to save space whether at home or in your holiday suitcase. You will receive the highest quality with our structural bags/rolls for a small price. Embossed bags. Material: PA/PE, multi-layered. Food-safe structural side: 100µ, smooth side: 85µ Our vacuum bags are suitable for Andrew James, FoodSaver, Von Shef, Profi Cook, Luvele and many more vacuum devices.
Allpax AX7000 Steel Allen Vise Mounted Rotary Style Gasket Cutter
Liverpool Campale Eventing Saddle Leather/Brown
Campale by Allpax
Campale versatile saddle Liverpool. This saddle is made from quality leather. Because of its comfortable to wear, it is particularly suitable for long Ausritte and dressage Bradoon. Item specifics: Material: Leather, Saddle Tree made of wood, chamber Width: 29 - 31, Colour: Brown. Choose between the following sizes: 16 " - approx. 41 cm Seat - 17" (43 cm Seat - 18 Inch - Approx. 45 cm Seating unit which rotates on the base. For other saddles and accessories for animals are available in our online shop. Please click here.
Cuttable Vacuum Sealer Bag Food Roll Caso For All Bars Vacuum Sealer Suitable For Cookproof Microwave
Description:1. Material: PA + PE. 2. Size(approx.): 15 * 500cm / 5.91 * 196.85in , 28 * 500cm / 11.02 * 196.85in, two specifications available. 3. Heat-resistant temperature of 100 ℃, cold-resistant temperature of -40 ℃. 4. Vacuum packaging special bags, special treatment on the surface, with a convex and non-slip sense. 5. Functions: with refreshing, isolation, moistureproof, storage and other functions, is your vacuum baler' best partner. 6. DIY cutting: our vacuum bag is of rolling type, no sealing, you can cut it according to your needs and the size of your objects, the maximum to meet your size requirements.