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Maine Pyar Kiya by Bhagyashree, Alok Nath, Rima Lagoo, Laxmikant Berde Salman Khan

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The Call of two young hearts smitten with love....! Prem and Suman... HE the son of a multimillionaire, Kishen... and SHE the daughter of an ordinary motor mechanic, Karan... run into each other and cultivate mutual liking which culminates into a CALL OF LOVE....! Losing themselves in the whirlwind of love-laden dreams they sing and dance.... happy like skylarks with hopes verging on fulfilment. Prem's mother has already accepted Suman as her prospective daughter-in-law...! In this lonely need a friend..! But social prejudice always comes in way of love. The mercenary multimillionaire Kishen not only injures the loving hearts, but also rudely insults Karan, his childhood friend. Love becomes hapless victim of class prejudice... Prem and Suman are thrown apart...! Karan takes his daughter Suman back to the village... Prem giving up the riches of his father goes after Suman. An irate Karan confronts Prem and lays down the condition that unless Prem earns two thousand rupees a month on his own, he would not allow the marriage of his daughter with him. Prem accepts the condition and asserts that he would earn two thousand rupees in a month, staying right in the village. The young lovers brave the hazards... struggle hard to overcome the onslaught of class hatred and succeed in realizing their dream of love...! Filmfare Award - Best Feature Film In HindiFilmfare Award - Best LyricsFilmfare Award - Best Music Direction
Dog Bandana with I love Alok (first name/surname/nickname)
Personalized dog bandana with martingale dog collar. The printing on the bandana is customised with bright colours, so please contact us if you would like change the text on that. It can be washed by hand in warm water. The included dog collar is durable and adjustable. It is a nice gift for dog lovers or dogs.
Coloured pencil set with engraved wooden ruler with name Alok (first name/surname/nickname)
Size: 2.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 20.5 cm Contains 6 pencils (red, green, blue, yellow, brown, gray)
Engraved Business Card Holder. Engraved name: Alok (first name/surname/nickname)
André Philippe engraved business card holder in black gift box.Size: 95 x 62 x 8 mm.Silver plated.
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Precision V-Block Clamp Set
This Precision V-Block Clamp Set is designed for checking precision machine parts, general workshop use, and holding stock when drilling and milling. V's are central, parallel and square (and are supplied in matched in pairs with 2 clamps). Made from heat-treated, hardened tool steel for durability and extended lifespan.
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Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks
By the time he was twenty, Alok Kejriwal had his life pre-planned for him. He would inherit the family’s socks manufacturing business and be the hard-working, money minting, quintessential Marwari businessman, forever. Except that it didn’t turn out that way. A few years after surviving the family setup, something turned up that sent Alok on a completely different career path: the INTERNET! A crazy business idea Alok had turned out to be a winner and was born. Soon, Alok was fighting and thriving in a world completely different from the one he had grown up in. A world where technology breakthroughs, VCs, and out-of-the-box thinking decided the real winners. Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks is Alok’s real, life story of starting up and unadulterated entrepreneurship. It traces his roller-coaster ride as an aspiring entrepreneur; traversing through a variety of business ideas in the family business up to his big breakthrough as one of India’s first entrepreneurs to tap the power of the internet. It details the amazing success of and Mobile2win, a venture eventually acquired by The Walt Disney Company. The chapters in the book are actual stories, throbbing with memorable anecdotes that conclude with crisp learnings for the readers. Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks is a deeply compelling story about beating the odds, staying motivated and gung-ho entrepreneurship. It is an inspiration as well as a practical guide to emerging a winner.