Aloris Tool BXA-4D Boring Bar Holder by Aloris Tool
Precision ground bore and split clamping design to accommodate excellent clamping pressure and the ability to adjust positive to negative cutting angle on boring bar; Offers the trusted, enduring qualities; BXA-4D, Boring Bar Holder.
Aloris Tool CA-104 Boring Bar Holder
Heavy duty boring bar holder with precision ground bore and set screw clamping to provide maximum rigidity and alignment of boring bars. Capacities listed in chart. Bushings sold separately.
Aloris Tool BXA-8 Threading Holder by Aloris Tool
Threading Holder BXA-8;3 Item Length
Cameron Sino 600mAh/2.16Wh Replacement Battery for Philips Aloris 5100
Cameron Sino
Compatible with Models: Philips Aloris 5100Compatible Part Number: Alcatel C39453-Z5-C193, Alcatel HSC22, GP T294, GP 60AAH3BMX, Philips C39453-Z5-C193, Siemens C39453-Z5-C193, Siemens V30145-K1310-X147
Global Scandal
VINTRONS Replacement Battery For PHILIPS Aloris 5200, Evalia 5400, Evalia 5500
vintrons Replacement Battery For PHILIPS Aloris 5200, Evalia 5400, Evalia 5500Please ensure both model and battery part number are matched with your device.- Compatible Model: ALCATEL 2070,2570,Altiset Comfort,Altiset Easy L,Altiset Pro I,Daytona,Easy,Eole 100,Eole 200,Eole 300,Eole 400,OneTouch Plus,Vocal,ASCOM Adesso,AT&T 7150,AUDIOLINE FF888,FF988,DORO 950,955,ECHO EC921,KPN Miami 50,PHILIPS Aleor,Aleor Ana TD 9220,Aloris 5100,Aloris 5200,Evalia 5400,Evalia 5500,Evalia 5600,Evalia 5600C,Evalia 5800,Icana,Icana 5260,Icana 5550,TD5100,TD5200,TD5400,TD5500,TD6200,TD6400,TD6600,TD6800,TD6820,TD6850,TD9210,TD9629,Xalio 5100,Xalio 6100,Xalio 6400,Xalio 6600,Xalio 6800,Xalio 6820,Xalio 6850,RADIO MAXI Torch,SIEMENS Gigaset 100,Gigaset 200,Gigaset A1,Gigaset A100,Gigaset A110,Gigaset A200,Gigaset A200S,Gigaset A245,Gigaset T11,TELECOM Italia Gipsy,UNIDEN 254,2600,2700,8050,V TECH VT9109,VT9110,VT9117,VT9118,VT9119,VT9122,VT9123,VT9124,VT9126,VT9152,- Compatible Battery Part Number: ALCATEL C39453-Z5-C193,HSC22,GP 60AAH3BMX,T294,PHILIPS C39453-Z5-C193,SIEMENS C39453-Z5-C193,V30145-K1310-X147,- RoHS approved for toxic free.- CE and ISO9001 Certificate for quality assurance.