Alta Cuir

Alta Cuir Fixasoft Leather Fixing with Leather Varnish Transparent Size: 200 ml
Alta Cuir
This spray varnish is ideal for your aniline leather. Ideal for protecting your leather colouring work, to prevent any disgorging. Protect water from rain, rubbing.
Alta Cuir Leather repair & paint kit 1000ml
Alta Cuir
Kit containing all the material necessary to repair and colour pigmented leather: calfskin, buffalo, dye for thick leather, motorbike leather: - leather cleaning: grease removing stripper, - leather repair: corrective resin, magicalta mastic, - leather paint: primer, resicolor, fixer, - accessories: applicator pads, soft felt, explanatory notes.
Alta Cuir Cleaning Kit for Upkeep of Leather
Alta Cuir
The leather soap (200 ml) cleans dust and traces of damp, the leather cream (200 ml) hydrates and cleans in depth. The silk bristle brush enables perfect and gentle cleaning of natural grooves in the leather.
ammoon Rubber Attachment for Alto Sax Saxophone Mouthpiece Ligature Artificial Leather Compact Durable
This artificial leather ligature is designed for alto saxophone with rubber tip. Specifications: Material: Artificial Leather Product size: 3.4 * 3.3 * 2.5 cm/1.5 * 1.3 * 1in Product Weight: 23g/0.8 oz L & # 39; Package Size: 17 * 12 * 1.6 cm/6.9 * 4.7 * 0.6in Package weight: 24 g/0.9 oz List of packages: 1 x Ligature
Alta Cuir Leather repair & paint kit 200ml
Alta Cuir
Kit containing all the material necessary to repair and colour pigmented leather: calfskin, buffalo, dye for thick leather, motorbike leather: - leather cleaning: grease removing stripper, - leather repair: corrective resin, magicalta mastic, - leather paint: primer, resicolor, fixer, - accessories: applicator pads, soft felt, explanatory notes.
Vintage style livre sister carrie 1870»; son âge getrimmtes avec reliure livre en cuir, avec épaisseur des feuilles volantes comme décoration de mariage, geschenkbuch et bien plus encore
Jeanette Dietl
We are a small "Weiberwirtschaft" from Bavaria and are almost all'our products even her. Natural we let Print) with fun and Friends in the work we hope that our customers are satisfied There should not be immediately report to their satisfaction, we will find a solution. Herzliche greetings, Jeanette Dietl & Team. Telephone we are accessible at: 09403-962747. own our shop you can use the "logbook" googeln-Verlag.
Alta Leather Paint Leather - Leather, Mesh, 500 ml
Alta Cuir
This leather to avoid permanent pigment will your leather. Ideal for renovation of your worn or leather new. Change color leather. Decorate your leather paint for leather, and as good as new. It must be accompanied by at least a finishing hair spray.
Alta Leather Leather Small Brush Clean Your Leather, transparent, Petite
Alta Cuir
Silk Brush. Its very soft bristles, natural fibre, the nature and the treatment of the leather.
Fitbit FB158LBBPL ALTA Leather Accessory Band Blush - Pink/Large
Changez de style grâce aux bracelets interchangeables Fitbit Alta (coach électronique non inclus) - Réalisé a partir de cuir doux véritable - Doté d'un fermoir en acier inoxydable - Ne résiste pas a l'eau ou a la sueur - Garantie : 2 ans
Alta Leather - Coloured leather resin - Cat scratches on leather. Size: 60 ml
Alta Cuir
Coloured restorative resin - restores and strengthens your leathers. Ideal for cat scratches, scratches on car seats; handbags or any type of leather. Repair cat scratches; scratches on seats and sofas.
Alta Leather Leather Dye Colouring Leather - Colour Leather Car Kit, anthracite, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
Use this kit to maintain the same colour or stay in the same shade, you'll find in this kit all you need for the renewal of the leather. You spourrez Colour A Salon Chair, Car Seat, etc. It is available in three sizes to colour is a couch or living room complet. same applies to the car to carry out the coloraition of one, two or the full interior leather.
Alta Repair Leather/Leather Repair Fix Leather Chair - Leather Seat, black, 500 ml
Alta Cuir
With this kit you have all the equipment you need to repair and colour to your leather. You can upgrade the leather of your car, to your living room. It contains all the products to repair & Plug A trou. it also contains the products of colour, notices and methodologies.
Alta Leather Balm Colour Leather, Dark Brown, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
Avec ce baume vous redonnerez Colour to your leather whilst retaining its natural patina. Ideal for reviving the colors of your leather jackets, your old armchairs.
TANKLE Compatible con la funda para teléfono Samsung Galaxy S9 Viajero la funda trasera de grado militar [anillo giratorio],funda de metal resistente a los rasgu (blue, Samsung Galaxy S9)
Si usted es un trabajador de la construcción, un miembro del personal, un viajero, un entusiasta de los deportes al aire libre, un trabajador de campo, un explorador, un trabajador del petróleo y un teléfono móvil costoso que puede proteger perfectamente a las personas, entonces su dise?o ultra elegante le pertenece. Vale la pena. Proteja su caja delgada y liviana Samsung Galaxy S9 con soporte de vidrio templado y marco de TPU suave, doble protección: original: busca la protección legendaria para una mayor exploración. Características del producto Samsung Galaxy S9 cubierta a prueba de golpes con protector de pantalla incorporado, protección de pantalla táctil, dise?o robusto,Diseño exclusivo 100 para tu teléfono Samsung Galaxy S9. La funda resistente a los rasgu?os de Samsung Galaxy S9 brinda fácil acceso a los controles, conectores, altavoces y cámaras, lo que le permite proteger su dispositivo sin quitar la protección. Lista de embalaje 1 x Samsung Galaxy S9 cajas Nuestra fábrica ofrece productos de la más alta calidad dise?ados para servir a todos sus equipos técnicos. No importa dónde viva, nuestro objetivo es brindarle todas las aventuras. Su completa satisfacción es nuestra misión.
Alta - Repair Scratching Cat Leather - Cleaning Leather - Leather érafflé, raspberry, 60 ml
Alta Cuir
This kit allows you to small loss of colour on your leather. Great for repairing cats from clawing at your, small loss of colour on the leather. Repair your leather garments.
Alta Leather Leather Fate dépigmenté - Fix a hole on - Kit, light brown, 60 ml
Alta Cuir
With this set you are boucherez a hole, loss of material on all of your leather. With this kit you can stop the holes of cigarettes, tears, abrasions of the leather.
Alta 019939 Leather Cleaner Leather Conditioner, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
To clean perfectly the leather in your motorcycle, your clothes (Jacket, Trousers, handbags, gloves), car seats, or even your sofas, leather cleaner is the perfect choice. No rinsing needed. it sapplique easily all over the surface to be treated to with a brush or a soft cloth. This product helps you to cleaning and degreasing leather. On the other hand, this leather cleaner removes stains, without altering the colour.
Hkm Equestrian Adults Kids Special Elasticated Imitation Leather Riding Gloves
Functions: Breathable.Features: Reinforced faux suede palm. Faux suede rein reinforcement. Elastic fabric inserts.Material: Stretch material.Material composition: 85 % polyester, 15 % polyurethane.Washing instructions: Machine-washable at 30 °C.
Alta Leather Colour Leather - Brown Leather, burgundy, 100 ml
Alta Cuir
To cover stains, from scratching or leather that you dépigmentations, a kit. It contains the equipment you need to upgrade your chair, seat, saddlery, clothing or accessory, to restore its lustre. Cleanser, a leather that you résicolor top and base- make up this kit for your home.
Alta Leather Repair by Cast, Peche blanche, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
With this kit you rénoverez your leather that shovel. This is the kit for your by-cast leather.