Alta Cuir

Alta Leather Balm Colour Leather, Dark Brown, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
Avec ce baume vous redonnerez Colour to your leather whilst retaining its natural patina. Ideal for reviving the colors of your leather jackets, your old armchairs.
Alta – Repair Scratching Cat Leather – Cleaning Leather – Leather érafflé, Mousey grey, 60 ml
Alta Cuir
This kit allows you to small loss of colour on your leather. Great for repairing cats from clawing at your, small loss of colour on the leather. Repair your leather garments.
Alta Leather Leather Fate dépigmenté – Fix a hole on – Kit, light brown, 60 ml
Alta Cuir
With this set you are boucherez a hole, loss of material on all of your leather. With this kit you can stop the holes of cigarettes, tears, abrasions of the leather.
Alta Leather Repair by Cast, Peche blanche, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
With this kit you rénoverez your leather that shovel. This is the kit for your by-cast leather.
Alta Leather Colour Leather – Brown Leather, burgundy, 100 ml
Alta Cuir
To cover stains, from scratching or leather that you dépigmentations, a kit. It contains the equipment you need to upgrade your chair, seat, saddlery, clothing or accessory, to restore its lustre. Cleanser, a leather that you résicolor top and base- make up this kit for your home.
Alta – Colouring Kit – Colour Faux Leather Imitation Leather Leather, taupe, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
This Varnish Spray is ideal for your anilines. Use this kit to maintain the same colour or stay in the same shade, you'll find in this kit all you need for the renewal of the imitation leather.
Alta Leather Leather imperéabilisant, transparent, 400 ml
Alta Cuir
It helps waterproof your leather furniture, clothes, accessories and shoes. In addition, it protects reliably against stains of food origin.
Alta Leather Leather Small Brush Clean Your Leather, transparent, Petite
Alta Cuir
Silk Brush. Its very soft bristles, natural fibre, the nature and the treatment of the leather.
Alta – Cleanser Cleansing textile-microfibre – Suede Leather, transparent, 1 L
Alta Cuir
Our cleaner is ideal for micro fibre and Alcantara. It deeply cleans the fibre and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Give New Life To Your leathers returned.
Alta Leather Leather Cleaning Kit
Alta Cuir
This set of cleaning leather includes a 200 ml soap which thoroughly cleanses all traces of humidity and dust. For more defficacité, use a soft-bristled lappliquer floss on your chair, accessory, upholstery or clothing.
Alta Leather Leather Dye Colouring Leather – Colour Leather Car Kit, medium grey, 500 ml
Alta Cuir
Use this kit to maintain the same colour or stay in the same shade, you'll find in this kit all you need for the renewal of the leather. You spourrez Colour A Salon Chair, Car Seat, etc. It is available in three sizes to colour is a couch or living room complet. same applies to the car to carry out the coloraition of one, two or the full interior leather.
Alta Leather - Coloured leather resin - Cat scratches on leather., cerise, 60 ml
Alta Cuir
Coloured restorative resin - restores and strengthens your leathers. Ideal for cat scratches, scratches on car seats; handbags or any type of leather. Repair cat scratches; scratches on seats and sofas.
Alta Leather Paint Leather – Leather, Mesh, 500 ml
Alta Cuir
This leather to avoid permanent pigment will your leather. Ideal for renovation of your worn or leather new. Change color leather. Decorate your leather paint for leather, and as good as new. It must be accompanied by at least a finishing hair spray.
Alta Repair Leather/Leather Repair Fix Leather Chair – Leather Seat, black, 500 ml
Alta Cuir
With this kit you have all the equipment you need to repair and colour to your leather. You can upgrade the leather of your car, to your living room. It contains all the products to repair & Plug A trou. it also contains the products of colour, notices and methodologies.
Alta Leather Case Cleaning Cloth, transparent, 200 ml
Alta Cuir
Alcantara cleaning, Microfibres, and tissues.
Leather kit hitch depigmented
Alta Cuir
This kit can repair and brown leather . Using this kit, you repair addicts , holes , leather found a plain colors. It consists of 4 products essential for an accurate and definitive work : a leather cleaner ( degreaser cleaner ) , colored restorative resin, magic alta , leather polish ( Hairspray ) .
Leather Paint kit 200ml
Alta Cuir
The Leather Paint Kit 1 seat is enough to colour an entire armchair (seat, backrest, armrest, frame), a car seat as well as door fittings, a jacket or riding trousers, a travel bag... With a resicolor you can chose any color car leather dye for exemple..
Leather recolouring Paint 1 Litre
Alta Cuir
Resicolor is a leather paint. It enables the renovation of leather while respecting its original appearance. An exclusive and original leather dye with excellent, long lasting performance. Renovate your leather. paint for leather, dye for calfskin, dye for buffalo skin, dye for thick leather.
Leather care and change colour kit 200ml
Alta Cuir
Kit contains everything needed for the restoration of leather and the color of thick leather. Leather dye for color and renovate your leather cleaner-degreaser, préfond grip, resicolor, fixer, applicator pads, felt fresh leaflet