Alto Kew

Alto Kew 6410762 Rotary Brush
Alto Kew
- The ultimate cleaning brush. - Compatible with all Domestic Power Washers. - The head of the brush rotates with the power of the water so cleans whilst it rinses with the minimum of effort. - Its adjustable angled head allows the user to change the brush position to suit the application. - Ideal on cars, caravans, boats, windows, conservatories. Features -Colour of product: Black, Blue -Compatibility: Nilfisk C 115.3-6 PAD X-TRA
Kew Nilfisk Alto 128470804 C110.7-5 PCA X-TRA Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner & Brush, 110 Bar, 240V
Nilfisk Ltd
The Kew Nilfisk Alto C110.7-5 PCA X-TRA Pressure Washer is a compact and handy sized high-pressure washer for basic outdoor cleaning tasks. It has a lightweight design with integrated wheels making it easy to transport. This machine has a number of functions that cover basic cleaning needs and is used for many jobs around the house and garden. It has a reliable and long-lasting universal motor, aluminium pump head and auto start stop. The standard Nilfisk bayonet coupling on the new G1 gun ensures compatibility to all the Nilfisk consumer accessories range. It has on board storage for the gun, lance, nozzles and cable. The Click&Clean nozzle system makes it quick and easy to change the nozzles. Quick connection of hose with integrated swivel function. It can also be operated from a standing water source such as a water butt tap. Standard Accessories: 1 x 5m High-Pressure Hose1 x Click&Clean Extension Lance1 x Click&Clean Powerspeed Nozzle1 x Click&Clean Tornado Nozzle1 x Click&Clean Foam Sprayer and Bottle1 x 5m Mains Supply Cable1 x Nozzle Jet Cleaning Tool1 x Hose Connector Additional Accessories: 1 x Click&Clean Compact Patio Cleaner for paths, drives, patios, decks and other large areas. 1 x Click&Clean Soft Bristled Brush for cleaning cars and caravans, this is also useful for cleaning conservatories and green houses. Specification Max. Pressure: 110 barFlow Rate: 440L/hMotor: 1,400WMax. Water Feed Temperature: 40CHose Length: 5mDimensions: 260 x 295 x 660mmWeight: 6.5kgPTDKEWCOM110HG
Sharplace Pressure Washer Snow Foam Lance for Lavor/Nilfisk Gerni/Nilfisk Kew/Alto/Compatible Adaptor Car Washing - as described, For Nilfisk Kew/Alto
Description: - Easy to install - Rugged, long service life. - Quick connection, no spanners required. - Scope: Connection of high pressure water pot and high pressure water sprayer and other car - Washing equipmentSpecification: - Material: Brass - #1 For Lavor; #2 for Nilfisk Gerni; #3 For Nilfisk Kew/Alto; - Length: Approx. 5cm/ 1.97inch - Internal Thread: Approx. 1.2cm/ 0.47inch - #5 For Karcher : - Length: Approx. 4.4cm/ 1.73inch - Internal Thread: Approx. 1.2cm/ 0.47inch - #6 For Black&Decker: - Length: Approx. 6.2cm/ 2.44inch - Internal Thread: Approx. 1.2cm/ 0.47inchPackage Includes:1 Piece Pressure Washer ConnectorNote:Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
Nilfisk Alto Click & Clean Car Cleaning Kit
Kew Nilfisk Alto
The Kew Nilfisk Alto Click & Clean Car Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to ensure your car, motor bike, van or caravan is kept clean and also salt free in the winter months. Suitable for use with any Domestic Pressure washer that features the Click&Clean accessory system. Contains: 1 x Click & Clean Super Foam Sprayer1 x Click & Clean Auto Car Brush1 x Click & Clean Auto Car1 x Click & Clean Auto Car Nozzle1 x Click & Clean Under Chassis NozzlePTDKEWCARCLNKIT
Advanced Kew Alto Nilfisk C120.3-6 Compact Pressure Washer + Accessories 120 Bar -
Kew Alto Nilfisk
The Nilfisk-ALTO C120.3-6 CP is an upright pressure washer that is lightweight, easy to use and carry, but also has wheels to make it even easier to move around.With its aluminium pump it is a robust and reliable machine with a 2 year warranty that will stand comparison against any other machine in its class.The trigger mechanism on this machine has a system built into it that allows for the repositioning of the jet of water from a horizontal to a vertical position to help reach those tricky to get to areas.All of the Nilfisk-ALTO machines have auto start/stop. This means once switched on, every time the trigger is pressed the machine starts and when let go the machine will stop, so saving time and wear & tear.In addition all Nilfisk-ALTO machines have a quick release high pressure hose with a swivel, so allowing easy replacement of the hose and far fewer hose tangles.Nilfisk-ALTO also recognizes that storage of the machine is a high priority. So with the C120.3-6 CP, storage of all of the standard accessories is on the back of the machine, to keep them within the machine s footprint. Contents include the C120.3-6 base unit, plus the following items: Handgun. 6m high pressure hose. Click and clean tornado nozzle (a fan jet that can cope with virtually any cleaning task). Click and clean powerspeed nozzle (an oscillating pencil jet for tougher cleaning tasks). Compact patio cleaner with extension lance. Click and clean foam sprayer. Full instruction DVD. On board accessory storage.Specifications: Motor size: 1700w.Power: 230V.Cable Range: 5m. Weight (kg): 8.4. Water Flow Rate: 520 l/hr.Max Water Temp: 40c.Pressure Bar: 120 max.Hose Length: 6m.Warranty: 2 Years.--
Sharplace Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Snow Foam Lance for Nilfisk Kew Alto w/1L Bottle
Description: - It is used as a matching accessories of pressure washers,for cleaning the car, mechanical equipment, floors, walls, etc. - It can be directly connected with the gun on the pressure washer. - Bottle can be mounted 1L cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid suction amount can be adjusted, spray angle can also be adjusted according to need. - Convenient to use. - Material: Brass +HDPE Bottle - Size(Lx Wx H): Approx. 28x 16.2x 8.5cm/ 11.02x 6.38x 3.35inchSpecification: - Rated pressure: 200BAR - 2900PSI - Allow Pressure: 280BAR - 3200PSI - Maximum flow: 20L / MIN - 5.3USGpm - Max temperature: 60 ° C - 140 ° F - 1/4" female thread - Fitting for: Nilfisk Kew Alto Lavor(Old Type)How to use: - Put PTFE tape on the brass tube (two threads), each thread needs 50cm PTFE tape. - Put the fitting / adapter with brass tube and suction tube on foam lance unit. - Fill fluid bottle with desired amount of shampoo. - Fill fluid bottle with water (for best results, use warm water, 20% shampoo + 80% water is suggested). - Shake the fluid bottle to mix the shampoo with water thoroughly. - Attach fluid bottle to foam lance unit. - Attach the fitting / adapter to pressure washer gun, and you can start playing with it.Package Includes:1 Piece Snow Foam Bottle1 Piece Snow Foam nozzle1 Piece ConnectorNote:Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
Pressure Washer Karcher K-series Female to Nilfisk/Kew/Alto Conversion Adaptor
Female Karcher K-series Adaptor to Nilfisk/Kew/Alto A Heavy duty plastic adaptor Converts Kacher K-series attachments into Nilfisk compatible. No need to throw away your old attachments when switching pressure washers. Max Temp: 60°C Please visit our store for a wide range of pressure washer products. NIlfisk use a range of connections please check with the dimensions supplied on the listing to see if it matches yours.
1L Snow Foam Lance Adjustable Spray Bottle WITH KEW/ALTO/NILFISK ADAPTOR
1L Snow Foam Lance... Attaches to your pressure washer lance to produce a high foam when filled with snow foam liquid for a deep clean when washing cars.... Snow foam lance supplied with specific adaptor to your pressure washer.... The Snow Foam Lance is an essential tool for any car care enthusiast. Constructed from a quality solid brass body, it can be used with any snow foam on the market.... The nozzle on the snow foam lance can be adjusted to deliver varying patterns of foam. The valve on the top of the lance regulates the dilution rate so you can alter the snow foam concentration.... Used with Snow Foam, it is possible to produce a very thick layer of foam which clings to the surface of the vehicle to remove dirt, grit, grime and mud away from all surfaces. By encapsulating and removing much of the dirt and grit prior to shampooing, there is much less chance of creating swirl marks and scratches with your wash mitt.... Key Features: .. Max Pressure: 200 bar.. Max Temp: 60°C.. 1 litre bottle.. Heavy Duty Quality Design.. Chemical Resistant fittings.. Adjustable Spray Nozzle to alter foam.. pattern Dial for adjustable dilution.. 1 litre container..
New* Lightweight Plastic Nilfisk Kew Alto Compatible Snow Foam Lance
Snow Foam Cleaning Lance Pressure washer foaming lance attachment A very popular accessory suitable for use with most pressure washers. Produces a thick coat of rich foam which can then be simply washed off with your standard lance. - max temperature 60°C 1 ltr Tank
Idrobase Italy New Piuma Snow Foam Lance Nilfisk Kew Alto Compatible
PLEASE CHECK YOUR LANCE CONNECTION WITH THE ADAPTOR MEASUREMENTS PROVIDED AT NILFISK HAVE TWO DIFFERENT TYPES. Brand New Designed Light Weight Aluminium Snow Foam Lance. Piuma is an improved and re ned device for the controlled emission of a disinfectant and sanitizing foam. Compared with the previous model, the traditional detergent ow rate adjuster has been replaced by a new patented version to control the foam density, according to the individual user's needs. You can choose three different possible adjustments to obtain three different foam concentrations. With a wide open regulator if you want to increase the foam density, with a completely closed regulator if you want a less aggressive washes. Specifications Detergent dispenser made of shock-resistant POM, AISI 304 Stainless Steel "duck-bill" foam diffuser, fan spray from 0° to 40° 1L polyamide tank, with non-deformable increased thread, External regulator to adjust foam density.
Pressure Washer Jet Wash Hi & Low Extension Lance Nilfisk Kew Alto Compatible
Hi & Low pressure extension lance. NIlfisk/Kew/Alto compatible. Fully adjustable variable spray angle 0° to 80° Lance length 450mm Quick & Easy to attach. Please Visit Our Store For A Variety of Lance Extensions.
Kew Nilfisk Alto KEWAERO2621 Vacuums
Kew Nilfisk Alto
The Kew Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-21PC Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum with auto power tool take off (Max 1800 watt), exhaust air blow function, 25l polypropylene canister with lifting handle and a Push & Clean semi automatic filter cleaning system for longer operating times. The vacuum has an on board storage for tube, hose, cable and accessories. Supplied with: 1 x Washable PET Cartridge Filter, 1 x Fleece Filter Dust Bag, 1 x 3.5m x 36mm Suction Hose, 1 x 2 Piece Stainless Steel Suction Tube, 1 x Wet & Dry Floor Nozzle, 1 x Universal Nozzle, 1 x Brush Nozzle, 1 x Crevice Tool and 1 x Power Tool Adaptor With Suction Regulator. Specification Input Power: 1,250 Watt.Power Take Off: 1,800 Watt.Capacity: Wet/Dry: 25 Litres.Air Flow Rate: 3,600 l/min.Vacuum: 210/21 mbar/KPA.Working Sound Level: 64 DB-A.Dimensions: 375 x 390 x 530mm.Weight: 9kg.The Kew Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-21PC Wet & Dry Vacuum 110 Volt Version is fitted with a 7.5m power cable.PTDKEWAERO2621L
Kew Nilfisk Alto D-PG 140.4-9 PAD X-TRA Pressure Washer 140 bar 240V
Kew Nilfisk Alto
The Kew Nilfisk Alto PowerGrip D-PG 140.4-9 PAD X-TRA Pressure Washer offers adjustable Eco pressure washer control remotely from the trigger gun. The PowerGrip control on the gun handle enables the user to communicate wirelessly from the gun to the machine. Just using thumb tip control, the user can adjust the power of the machine through 7-levels, so changing easily from various cleaning tasks or surfaces. Adjusting the power to a lower pressure by reducing motor/pump rotations, you save both water and energy.Standard Accessories:1 x Patio Cleaner1 x Rotary Brush1 x Drain & Tube Cleaner1 x 9m High-Pressure Hose on a Hose Reel1 x G4-W Spray Handle1 x G4 Click&Clean Extension Lance1 x Click&Clean Powerspeed Nozzle1 x Click&Clean Tornado Nozzle1 x Click&Clean Foam Sprayer & Bottle1 x 5m Mains Supply Cable1 x Button Battery1 x Small Screwdriver1 x Nozzle Jet Cleaning ToolSpecification:Max. Pressure: 140 barFlow Rate: 550L/hMotor: 2,400WMax. Water Feed Temperature: 40CHose Length: 9mWeight: 11.2kgPTDKEWPOW140M
Monza Professional Snow Foam Lance with KEW / ALTO QUICK RELEASE FITTING
Snow Foam Lance
This Monza Pro Snow Foam Lance has totally changed the way you can wash your car these days it will help to reduce the 'Swirling Effect' on your paint surface when washing your car with the sponge or wash mitt method. This foam lance is proven to be one of the most popular and essential wash tools on the market today with lots of people using them and keeping there car looking great and also holding the value of the cars by keeping there paintwork in nearly swirl free condition. This Heavy Duty Professional Foam injection lance attaches directly to your pressure washer. Used as a Pre-Wash Tool, it mixes with our new Valetpro Snow Foam range and with water flow to create a thick foam which clings to the vehicle. Softening and lifting dirt and girt from the vehicles surface the foam is then removed with either a pressure washer or hose. This process eliminates a majority of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls on the paintwork during normal sponge or mitt cleaning. Directions for use: Pour in up to 25mm of Snow Foam into the 1litre bottle and fill to the top with warm water. The width of the spray can be adjusted by turning the end nozzle. The strength of the mix can be adjusted by turning the top dial.
Tutoy Quick Release Snow Foam Lance Adaptor Pressure Washer Adaptor for Kew Nilfisk Alto
Specifications: Material: stainless steel Total length: 83mm Inner diameter: 13mm 1/4"F Internal thread Net Weight: 74g Features: a.Rugged, long service life, easy to install b.Quick release connection, no spanners required c.Fitting for Kew & Nilfisk/Alto Package included: 1 x Snow Foam Lance Adaptor