Alufix 10-Tread Concertina Loft Ladders - Ideal for tiny attic spaces | Easy DIY Fit | Aluminium | Floor to Ceiling 2.46m-2.73m (8.1ft-9.0ft)
TB Davies
The 10 Tread Concertina Loft Ladder is easy to climb and perfect if you have no storage space in your loft as it stows directly above the trap door. The ladder is housed on a specially designed carriage that is dual-sprung making the ladder easy to operate.The large 78mm deep treads give plenty of grip and you'll feel safe climbing, especially when carrying boxes into your loft. The swing clearance is just 470mm so you can fit this loft ladder in the narrowest of hallways or landings. The concertina loft ladder is supplied with a hook accessory that you can easily fit to a brush handle for easy opening or closing.Floor to floor this loft ladder is good for heights between 2.46 - 2.73m. If the height you have available is greater than this, then note that this concertina loft ladder is also available in 2.4m and 3.0m sizes. The ladder is fully assembled with all components supplied and takes minutes to fit. We have also included a kit to convert your existing "push up" door to swing down door. Specifications Small ceiling openings min 600 x 500mm (23.6in x 19.7in) Swing clearance 47cm (18.5in) Min landing space 83cm (32.7in) Max landing space 150cm (59.1in) Tread width 340mm (13.4in) Tread depth 78mm (3.07in)Max working load 100kg (220lbs)
Alufix 6X cling film with fix-cut system, approx. 29 cm wide
6x Alufix cling film with fix-cut system, approx. 29cm wide
Alufix Trash Bags 45 Liter, White, with Handles - 20 pcs
Alufix Trash Bags 45 Liter, White, with handles - 20 pcs - -
Alufix Cling Film 30 cm
Alufix cling film, 30 cm wide, 300 m
ATG ALU-FIX Alloy Wheel Repair Kit - Special Filler for Alloy Wheels & Steel Wheels to Fix Surface Damage - including Silver Aluminium Metallic Paint Pen - DIY Smart Repair - 13 pieces
ATG GmbH & Co KG
ALU-FIX - the smart repair solution for your alloy wheels With the ATG rim repair kit you can quickly and inexpensively remove optical damage such as scratches, kerbstone scratches, small stone chips and dents on your aluminium and steel rims. Repair yourself like a professional ✔ Rim can remain attached to your car during repair✔ Special filler is heat-resistant up to 130° C✔ Car rim remains insensitive to vibration and car wash after maintenance   The 13-piece repair set includes: 1 x transparent rim kit (contents: 6gr., reclosable) 1 x Alu Silver-Metallic Varnish 5ml 2 x alcohol cleaning cloths 1 pair of rubber gloves 1 x file 2 x plastic spatula 2 x brushes 2 x cotton swabs 1 x extra detailed and multilingual user manual   A perfect look in just a few steps: Smooth out any unevenness with the coarse abrasive paper, clean all dirt and sand the area with the fine water abrasive paper. Press the required amount of repair compound into a suitable container, fill the damaged area with the spatula and allow the compound to harden for approx. 20 minutes. Then use the abrasive papers (first coarse and then wet with the fine water abrasive paper) to adjust the contour of the rim, rub the sanded area dry with a clean cloth. Apply the wheel paint with the paint pen, after 1 to 2 hours you can start your vehicle again (after 2 to 3 days your wheels are fully loadable again).   Hint: Read the instructions carefully before use.
Alufix 30x Zip-Fix 6 Litre 28 x 40 cm
Alufix Zip-Fix 6 Litre 28 x 40 cm Pack of 30 Hygienic and multi-purpose use. With practical zip closure. Also suitable as a plastic bag for transporting liquids etc. in aircraft.
Wide Tread Telesteps Black Line Mini Loft Ladder Telescopic Ladder 2.45 m
This Telesteps ladder, with those visible markers on each thread, could be expanded and closed automatically. With an adjustable height of 2,45-2,55 m, it would help you enter your loft in an easy way. Wide treads provides you comfort even in long work sessions. Comply with European standard EN131-SP, the ladder is highly safe to use. The ladder could be quickly and easily expanded to its full size, but take up very little space when stored and transported. Made from a unique aluminium alloy, it is strong and durable for years of use. Simple and safe folding with AUTOSTEPSNumber of treads: 9Tread width: 90 mmLadder height: 2,45-2,55 mFolded length : 1 mWidth: 47 cmWeight: 13.0 kgMax load: 150 kgEasy to install and useHigh strength anodised tubing with fibre glass reinforced plastic details
Alufix Kosmetikeimerbeutel, White, 10 Litres-Pack of 50
Alufix cosmetic bin bags - 10 L - White - Pack of 50 - -
Alufix for Kitchen Foil/Aluelementen Repair Tape 50 mm x 50 m
Single-sided metalised tape for taping and repair of aluminium foil, Aluminiumhaltigen and metallised construction elements. Made of polyethylene film that are difficult to reach with aluminium as well as with special adhesive, acrylic dispersion based coating.Advantages:Has a large thickness of adhesivesWith no solventsResistant to UV radiationWidely used when glueing and repair the Diffusionsoffenen membrane underlays and of the aluminium based vapour barrier or plastic base with a metallised surface. Very well suited for repairs from this damage, such as holes, cut or torn area of parts of the building construction.
Alufix 20 x Lunch Bag 12 x 26 cm Paper
Alufix Paper Sacks 12 x 26 cm Pack of 20 Paper lunch bag - appetising, aroma-protecting and grease-proof.
Alufix Bags 25 Liter, White, with Handles - 30 pcs
Alufix bin bags, 25 litres, white, with handle, pack of 30 - -
Alufix Großvolumen 240 L refuse Bags-Black - 10 St.
Alufix Large volume bin bags 240 l black - Pack of 10 - -
Alufix Cling Film, 45 cm
Alufix Cling Film, 45 cm wide - 300 M - -
Alufix 3X Aluminium Foil with Cutter, 29 cm Wide
3x Alufix aluminium foil with cutter, 29 cm wide.