Alufix 10-Tread Concertina Loft Ladders - Ideal for Tiny attic Spaces | Easy DIY Fit | Aluminium | Floor to Ceiling 2.46m-2.73m (8.1ft-9.0ft)
TB Davies
The 10 Tread Concertina Loft Ladder is easy to climb and perfect if you have no storage space in your loft as it stows directly above the trap door. The ladder is housed on a specially designed carriage that is dual-sprung making the ladder easy to operate.The large 78mm deep treads give plenty of grip and you'll feel safe climbing, especially when carrying boxes into your loft. The swing clearance is just 470mm so you can fit this loft ladder in the narrowest of hallways or landings. The concertina loft ladder is supplied with a hook accessory that you can easily fit to a brush handle for easy opening or closing.Floor to floor this loft ladder is good for heights between 2.46 - 2.73m. If the height you have available is greater than this, then note that this concertina loft ladder is also available in 2.4m and 3.0m sizes. The ladder is fully assembled with all components supplied and takes minutes to fit. We have also included a kit to convert your existing "push up" door to swing down door. Specifications Small ceiling openings min 600 x 500mm (23.6in x 19.7in) Swing clearance 47cm (18.5in) Min landing space 83cm (32.7in) Max landing space 150cm (59.1in) Tread width 340mm (13.4in) Tread depth 78mm (3.07in)Max working load 100kg (220lbs)
Dolle Alufix Vertical Concertina Aluminium Loft Ladder (11 Tread) with Operating Pole
The Dolle Alufix Vertical concertina loft ladder is ideal for vertical wall applications or mezzanine floor areas. It comes complete with 11 Treads and is suitable for floor to floor heights between 2601mm - 2880mm. The ladder is perfect for use in domestic locations where storage is restricted. Simple to install into a new or existing vertical opening. ::: Manufactured from high quality extruded aluminium alloy. ::: The loft ladder stows in a vertical position (stored height: 470mm & stored depth: 350mm). ::: If using the product within a vertical wall opening then the minimum aperture size is 440mm (wide) x 590mm (height). ::: Opening in the wall can be closed by a door (supplied by others) with a maximum thickness of 25mm. ::: Deep and wide non-slip treads (80mm x 340mm). ::: The Alufix Vertical Loft Ladder is not spring assisted so its descent & ascent will need to be controlled with the use of an Operating Pole (provided). ::: Supplied with a special pole hook as standard - which you will need to fit to the Operating Pole. ::: Max working load: 100 kgs. ::: Installation Instructions are provided. ------ DELIVERIES MADE TO HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS, ISLE OF WIGHT, CHANNEL ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN AND NORTHERN IRELAND WILL INCUR AN ADDITIONAL TRANSPORT CHARGE - PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES OFFICE ON 01243 785 246 BEFORE MAKING AN ORDER ------
Alufix – Sea Breeze Scented Bin Liners 25 Litres
Alufix - Bin Bags 25 L diffuser - Sea Breeze.
Alufix Premium Drawstring Bin Bags 60L, 64x70 cm, 10 pcs/roll, Trash Bin Liners, Blue, Made in EU
Alufix Premium Drawstring Bin Bags 60L, 64x70 cm, 15 pcs/ roll, Trash Bin Liners, Blue
TB Davies 1530-005 Envirofold 3-SectIon Wooden Loft Ladder with Hatch, 33mm Insulation, 1.11 W/m2oC, Max. Floor2Ceiling 2.8m (9.18ft), EN14975
TB Davies
The EnviroFold Wooden Loft Ladder is a superior quality loft ladder that boasts two handrails for safety and ease of use and purpose designed to fit snugly between standard 600m UK joists. Made from seasoned timber, the EnviroFold will not warp, split or shrink. Made from wood that comes from fully certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) forests that ensure biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes.The EnviroFold can also help reduce valuable heat loss into your attic space by ensuring there is no space for drafts. The ladder's efficiency is significantly increased with the fitting of a rubber draft excluder that is tested to EN 12207, the internationally recognised air-seal standard. The 26mm deep fully insulated trap door also helps minimise heat loss, has concealed hinges and is finished in white on both sides to blend seamlessly into your homes decor. The door is easy to operate thanks to a sprung counterbalance mechanism and positive door lock. Floor to ceiling this loft ladder is good for heights up to 2.82m.The ladder is easily adjusted to fit and then finished with purpose designed feet to protect the stiles and your flooring. Strength tested to 265kg, the EnviroFold is certified to EN 14795, which has a max working load of 150kg. Alongside the double handrails that help you safely get into the loft the ladder also features comfortable 82mm deep ribbed treads to provide extra grip.The EnviroFold will require assembly before first use.
ATG ALU-FIX Alloy Wheel Repair Kit - Special Filler for Alloy Wheels & Steel Wheels to Fix Surface Damage - including Silver Aluminium Metallic Paint Pen - DIY Smart Repair - 13 pieces
ATG GmbH & Co KG
ALU-FIX - the smart repair solution for your alloy wheels With the ATG rim repair kit you can quickly and inexpensively remove optical damage such as scratches, kerbstone scratches, small stone chips and dents on your aluminium and steel rims. Repair yourself like a professional ✔ Rim can remain attached to your car during repair✔ Special filler is heat-resistant up to 130° C✔ Car rim remains insensitive to vibration and car wash after maintenance   The 13-piece repair set includes: 1 x transparent rim kit (contents: 6gr., reclosable) 1 x Alu Silver-Metallic Varnish 5ml 2 x alcohol cleaning cloths 1 pair of rubber gloves 1 x file 2 x plastic spatula 2 x brushes 2 x cotton swabs 1 x extra detailed and multilingual user manual   A perfect look in just a few steps: Smooth out any unevenness with the coarse abrasive paper, clean all dirt and sand the area with the fine water abrasive paper. Press the required amount of repair compound into a suitable container, fill the damaged area with the spatula and allow the compound to harden for approx. 20 minutes. Then use the abrasive papers (first coarse and then wet with the fine water abrasive paper) to adjust the contour of the rim, rub the sanded area dry with a clean cloth. Apply the wheel paint with the paint pen, after 1 to 2 hours you can start your vehicle again (after 2 to 3 days your wheels are fully loadable again).   Hint: Read the instructions carefully before use.
Alufix Aluminium Foil, 29.2 cm
Alufix aluminium foil 11.5 cm wide x 30 metres - For decades, the Alufix aluminium foil in Austrian households, on holiday, in everyday life, to keep food fresh and frying, baking used dishes and for grilling, e.g. for delicious film potatoes, fine powder.
Alufix for Kitchen Foil/Aluelementen Repair Tape 50 mm x 50 m
Single-sided metalised tape for taping and repair of aluminium foil, Aluminiumhaltigen and metallised construction elements. Made of polyethylene film that are difficult to reach with aluminium as well as with special adhesive, acrylic dispersion based coating.Advantages:Has a large thickness of adhesivesWith no solventsResistant to UV radiationWidely used when glueing and repair the Diffusionsoffenen membrane underlays and of the aluminium based vapour barrier or plastic base with a metallised surface. Very well suited for repairs from this damage, such as holes, cut or torn area of parts of the building construction.
Alufix Kosmetikeimerbeutel, White, 10 Litres-Pack of 50
Alufix cosmetic bin bags - 10 L - White - Pack of 50 - -
Alufix Lunch Bags – Pack of 100
Alufix lunch bags - pack of 100 - -
Alufix Cling Film 30 cm
Alufix cling film, 30 cm wide, 300 m
Alufix – Biodegradable Waste Bags 10 L
Alufix - Organic bin liners 10 Litre - -- Biodegradable waste bags made from corn starch.
Alufix Cling Fix – Pack of 50
Alufix cling fix and cling film with perforation - 50 Sheets, 29 x 45 cm - Pack of 50 - -it is transparent, self-adhesive and preserves the aroma of your food. Storing, Packaging and keeping things fresh.
Alufix Cling Film, 45 cm
Alufix Cling Film, 45 cm wide - 300 M - -