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2x hippo water saver - save money on water bills every toilet cistern flush

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These are brand new. There 2 in the pack. What is a Hippo? Hippo is made from durable heavy gauge Polyethylene, which opens up, origami style, into an open ended box shape when installed. The Hippo happily sits in the water underneath the large cistern float. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined within the Hippo is the volume saved. The Hippo also has a small hole which acts as a relief valve allowing slow circulation of water to prevent stagnation and evaporation. How long will my Hippo last? Indefinitely - Hippos are manufactured from Polyethylene and, when immersed in the confines of the toilet cistern, they are designed to last a lifetime.
AM Conservation Group, Inc. KC600W-84 Simply Conserve White 84-Inch Door Weatherstrip Kit
AM Conservation Group, Inc.
Unique back seal replaces the need for caulking - less mess!;Remains pliable in sub-zero temperatures;Works on even the most inconsistent gaps up to 3/4-Inch;Kit includes hardware and installation instructions;Please contact seller if the screws are missing
AM Conservation Group, Inc. FA012CPB1-WS-2 Simply Conserve Two Pack of Low Flow 1.5 GPM WaterSense Standard Faucet Aerators
AM Conservation Group, Inc.
1.5-Gallon per minute WaterSense Certified;Works with kitchen or bathroom faucet;15/16-Inch Dual Threaded
Hippo 7 The Water Saver
The Hippo the Water Saver is the simple, proven and low cost water saving device to help conserve water in toilet cisterns. A Hippo is simply a Polyethylene unit that opens to look like a box, which sits neatly in the cistern of your toilet and saves you water and money every time you flush the toilet. It will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. It happily sits in the water underneath the large cistern float. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined within the Hippo is the volume saved. It also has a small hole which acts as a relief valve allowing slow circulation of water to prevent stagnation and evaporation. Suitable for home & office use. Waterwise Recommended The Hippo is available in two sizes: Which Hippo is best for you? Hippo 7 - If you have slim-line 9 litre and smaller cisterns to 6 litres Comes with full instructions on reverse of the bag Please note the Hippo is NOT suitable for modern continental style dual flush (post 2001) The average water used in England is approx. 150L per person per day. That is equilivent to 317 pints! In the home 70% of water consumption is in bathrooms and toilet flushing accounting for 30% of household water use Installing a Hippos in your home can save enough water to make 35,000 cups of tea a year! Average household flushes a toilet 5,000 a year (5x10L = 50,000L - save 3L PER FLUSH = 15,000L saved = £55 per year on metered water) Water is costing businesses in England and Wales approx £30 million EVERY DAY Installing in the workplace can save upto £9 per employee per year
Hippo the Water Saver - Single Pack - (not for slimline cisterns) - saves water each time you flush
The Hippo Water Saver is suitable for 9 litre standard cisterns. The Hippo 9 can save up to 3 litres of water per flush.
AM Conservation Group N2150 Luxury Spa All Metal High Efficiency Showerhead
AM Conservation Group, Inc.
1.5 gallons per minute;WaterSense certified;Patented pressure compensating technology provides constant output regardless of available pressure;All metal body with chrome brass ball join;1 spray function
AM Conservation Group 07179-I Automatic Door Sweep, White
AM Conservation Group
The Automatic Door Sweep is a high quality sweep that automatically lifts when the door opens for inside opening doors and lowers when the door closes. The sweep is spring activated so it is ideal for use where carpet makes utilization of a conventional sweep difficult. Comes individually packaged with installation instructions and matching Phillips head screws. Improve comfort while sealing out drafts. Helps save energy and money by reducing heating and cooling costs. Dimensions are 36"L x 2-1/2"W.
AM Conservation Group N9620CH Vara Spa High Efficiency Showerhead
AM Conservation Group, Inc.
2.0 gallons per minute;WaterSense certified;Patented pressure compensating technology provides consistent output of water regardless of pressure;Soft rubber nozzles allow for easy cleaning;5 spray functions
Toilet Tank Bank Flush Cistern Insert Water Saving Device
The toilet tank bank is designed to be filled with water and inserted into your toilet cistern. This means that when the toilet is flushed the cistern never empties fully and thus you save water as less water travels back into the cistern after flushing. Ideal for older cisterns in particular which can have a flush level of between 9 and 12 litres the toilet tank bank is made from non-corrosive materials that resist microbes and fungal growth. One toilet tank bank can take up to 2 litres of water and it has a air lock fill valve so that no water ever evaporates and thus you never have to refill the bank making it a maintenance free product. The product also includes a clip for attaching to the side wall of the cistern so that it fits neatly in place and won't float around the cistern and get caught in the toilet mechanisms. How to Use the Toilet Tank Bank: 1: Fill with water and close cap 2: Open cistern cover 3: Flush toilet 4: Place your toilet tank bank in position cliping onto the side wall of cistern. Ensure that it won't interfere with the ball cock or order mechanism in the cistern 5: Replace cistern cover and start to save water
Universal Water Saver Toilet Big Tang Flush Eco Friendly Flushing System
Universal Water Saver Toilet Big Tang Flush Eco Friendly Flushing System Live GREEN and help protect your environment! This Eco-Friendly Flushing System is a necessity for every household and is a great gadget that can easily be fitted into your toilet. It will save an astonishing 2 gallons of water with EVERY FLUSH! A single typical household flush releases, on average, 3 gallons of water. Not only is water being wasted, but your money is also being flushed down the toilet. This gadget is not only efficient for the environment, but also for you. The Eco-Friendly Flushing System is compatible with most toilets and very easy and quick to install. Comes complete with installation instructions.
Niagara Conservation N3610CH Tri-Max 3 Flow Rate Dual Thread Needle Spray Water-Saving Aerator, Standard, Chrome
AM Conservation Group
Simply twist the aerator to produce a 0.5 GPM flow rate for soaping, an eco friendly 1.0 GPM, or the 1.5 GPM power rinse mode. These aerators accommodate both male and female applications and install by hand without tools.
TOOGOO(R) Faucet Water saving device For Home hotel ECO-friendly blue
* TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. TOOGOO(R) Faucet Water saving device For Home hotel ECO-friendly bluePackage Contents: 1 x Kitchen faucet Anti Splash Shower headNote: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.
Flush Wiser Water Saving Toilet Device
Flush Wiser The flush wiser is designed to attach to the siphon in your toilet cistern and if installed it is estimated that on average a household will conserve 36 litres of water per day without effecting the efficiency of the flush of your toilet. The Flush wiser works by allowing your toilet to fill with air instead of water. The more air that comes in, the more water you will save. The flush wiser has five settings and thus is adjustable to suit the efficiency of each individual toilet cistern. Advantages of the Flush Wiser Over Cistern Displacement Devices With the flush wiser the amount of water used to flush the toilet can be adjusted to suit each individual cistern depending on its size and performance. This is not possible with the cistern displacement devices. The flush wiser cannot interfere with the mechanisms of the toilet cistern. How to install the Flush Wiser Flush toilet and turn off water supply ensuring that there is no water in the cistern. Insert 7mm drill bit into the head of the drill. Drill hole into the top of the siphon. Insert Flush Wiser into the hole in the siphon. Line up arrow with number on the Flush Wiser. The Higher the number the more water you save. Test for the efficiency of the flush and if necessary adjust the number setting. Important Information on the Flush Wiser. The Flush Wiser is designed to work effectively in all toilet cisterns installed pre-2001. It is not suitable for use on dual flush toilets.
AM Conservation Group S-TT010 Toilet Tummy Water Saving Device
AM Conservation Group, Inc.
Tame your toilet with a Toilet Tummy. The Toilet Tummy is a globally recognized water saving product that's effective, low in cost, maintenance free and user friendly. This proven waste water solution has sold over 2 million worldwide. Invented 20 years ago, millions have been sold and remain in successful operation saving water every day. The Toilet Tummy is the least complex and easiest to use toilet tank water saving product; just fill with water and hang on the inside of the toilet tank wall then forget about it... It is estimated that approximately 40% of household water is used by flushing the toilet. Much of this water is wasted. A toilet tummy can reduce the amount of water used when you flush by 2 litres. If you install one on either side of the cistern you can save up to 4 litres per flush. The Toilet Tummy is lightweight, and never needs maintenance. With the average person flushing a minimum of six times a day the Toilet Tummy's water savings add up. **Same day dispatch for all orders received before 3pm GMT** Installation: Carefully remove top of your toilet cistern and place aside. Fill your toilet tummy as close to the fill line as possible with water from the sink. Hang the filled Toilet Tummy on the left side of the tank. Flush toilet. If the Toilet Tummy interferes with any moving part in the tank, move to another location in the tank, re-hang and flush again. Before replacing the tank top, check the water level. The fill line on the back of the tank usually marks the right level, approximately 0.5 Inch below the top of the standpipe. If the water is higher, adjust the float to lower it a bit. For larger volumes please message us via Amazon for a quote. Thank you!
Kitchen Bathroom Cartoon Style Water Tap Faucet Sprinkler Shower Splash Filter Valve Water Saving Device Kitchen Accessories Random Color Quantity 1
Great for home kitchen and bathroom use.Fits all standard round and long water faucets with 15-23mm diameter.Cartoon design, cute and lovely, bring some fun for your life.Water board is made of pp, durable to use.The body is made of silicone, soft and good toughness.Adjustable valve.Easily choose the water way by the valve.Close the valve, it can changed to a shower-like mode. When you open the valve, the water flow through the column hole.Two kinds of water flowing mode:1. Straight water, can save water.2. Shower-like water mode. Large water area, can improve efficiency. Suits for washing vegetables, fruits and so on.Please note that the color is sent at random.Material: PP + SiliconeSize: Approx. 6.5 x 3cmPackage:1 x Faucet Water Filter