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Extra Tough Am-Tech 4 Way Wheel Wrench - (Neoteric Design)
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Am-Tech car care products come with a twelve month guarantee and are built for the rigors of the typical English motorist and car owner. The range includes a comprehensive range of car care products from in car accessories and key rings to heavy duty winches and power station jump starts. Am Tech also offer a range of car accessories lights and garage work lights to ensure plenty of illumination while motoring and in the garage. Am-Tech produces their products from the best materials possible and at the best cost to ensure the consumer is getting a real value for money offering. To view more of the Am Tech range visit us dktools where the whole range can be viewed in our online catalogue.17mm 19mm 21mm 23mm 4 WAY CROSS WHEEL WRENCH BRACEMADE BY AM-TECH QUALITY TOOLSHEAVY DUTYSTEEL CONTRUCTIONSIZES: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mmARMS ARE 14" / 36cm LONG APPROXIDEAL FOR USE IN AN EMERGANCY OR FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE TRADE*Neoteric Design with Eco Packaging
High Voltage Engineering
CRC Press
Inspired by a new revival of worldwide interest in extra-high-voltage (EHV) and ultra-high-voltage (UHV) transmission, High Voltage Engineering merges the latest research with the extensive experience of the best in the field to deliver a comprehensive treatment of electrical insulation systems for the next generation of utility engineers and electric power professionals. The book offers extensive coverage of the physical basis of high-voltage engineering, from insulation stress and strength to lightning attachment and protection and beyond. Presenting information critical to the design, selection, testing, maintenance, and operation of a myriad of high-voltage power equipment, this must-have text:Discusses power system overvoltages, electric field calculation, and statistical analysis of ionization and breakdown phenomena essential for proper planning and interpretation of high-voltage testsConsiders the breakdown of gases (SF6), liquids (insulating oil), solids, and composite materials, as well as the breakdown characteristics of long air gapsDescribes insulation systems currently used in high-voltage engineering, including air insulation and insulators in overhead power transmission lines, gas-insulated substation (GIS) and cables, oil-paper insulation in power transformers, paper-oil insulation in high-voltage cables, and polymer insulation in cablesExamines contemporary practices in insulation coordination in association with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) definition and the latest standardsExplores high-voltage testing and measuring techniques, from generation of test voltages to digital measuring methodsWith an emphasis on handling practical situations encountered in the operation of high-voltage power equipment, High Voltage Engineering provides readers with a detailed, real-world understanding of electrical insulation systems, including the various factors affecting—and the actual means of evaluating—insulation performance and their application in the establishment of technical specifications.
Growth of Crystals
Growth of Crystals, Volume 21 presents a survey, with detailed analysis, of the scientific and technological approaches, and results obtained, by leading Russian crystal growth specialists from the late 1990's to date.The volume contains 16 reviewed chapters on various aspects of crystal and crystalline film growth from various phases (vapour, solution, liquid and solid). Both fundamental aspects, e.g. growth kinetics and mechanisms, and applied aspects, e.g. preparation of technically important materials in single-crystalline forms, are covered.A large portion of the volume is devoted to film growth, including film growth from eutectic melt, from amorphous solid state, kinetics of lateral epitaxy and film growth on specially structured substrates. An important chapter in this section covers heteroepitaxy of non-isovalent A3B5 semiconductor compounds, which have important applications in the field of photonics.The volume also includes a detailed analysis of the structural aspects of a broad range of laser crystals, information that is invaluable for successfully growing perfect, laser-effective, single crystals.
ETO Multicenter Molecular Integrals:
The First International Conference on ETO Multicenter Molecular Integrals was held August 3-6, 1981, on the Florida A&M university campus in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. Thirty four scientists from eight countries assembled in Tallahassee under the sponsorship of the Institute for Molecular Computations and the Physics Department at Florida A&M. Financial support is gratefully acknowledged from the National Science Foundation, U.S. Army Research Office (Durham), Office of Naval Research, the National Aeronautics and Space Admini- stration (NASA), and Florida A&M University. In particular, the editors would like to thank Dr. Joe Majowicz and Dr. David Squire of the U.S. Army, and Dr. Aaron Temkin of NASA for their support and encouragement. We would also like to acknowledge the Atlanta University Resource Center for Science and Engineering for financial support in the pre- paration of the manuscript. Also, of course, we sincerely appreciate the participation of the attendees and especially the contributors to this work. As a result of their presentations, the conference was a very intense and fertile forum for the exchange of ideas on a very important and historic problem of quantum chemistry. Finally, we want to thank Ms. Sonja Richardson for the enthusiastic, diligent and competent preparation of a very difficult manuscript. Charles A. Weatherford Herbert W. Jones vii C. A. Weatherford and H. W. Jones (eds.), ETO Multicenter Molecular Inteffrals, vii.
Nuclear Fact Book
Inventive-Action RAAS - RADT225F - 22MM SWITCHES LED PILOT TEST AM 110V - Pack of 1 --
Advanced RAAS
22MM SWITCHES LED PILOT TEST AM 110V BezelHeight: 13mm Body Diameter: 21mm Colour: Amber External Diameter: 29mm External Length / Height: 50mm IP / NEMA Rating: IP65 Material: Plastic Operating Temperature Max: 55°C Operating Temperature Min: -25°C Operating Voltage: 110VAC Panel Thickness Max: 7mm Series: Test Facility Size: 22mm 'Further Manufacturer's Details (for this range)...RAAS
Pike & Co® Branded - CABLE/LEAD, USB 2.0, AM - AF, 5M, CLEAR . (Pack of 1) - w/Min 3yr Warranty
LEAD, USB 2.0, AM - AF, 5M, CLEAR . **More info...USB 2.0 A to B and A to A cables Available in grey, black or clear Minimum 3year Manufacturer Warranty (Registration Card Included)
Pike & Co® Branded - CABLE/LEAD, USB 2.0, AM - BM, 2M, WHITE . (Pack of 1) - w/Min 3yr Warranty
LEAD, USB 2.0, AM - BM, 2M, WHITE . *Coloured USB 2.0 cables*More info...Coloured USB 2.0 cables Minimum 3year Manufacturer Warranty (Registration Card Included)
Pike & Co® Branded - CABLE/LEAD,USB 2.0,AM - BM,2M,BLUE TRANSPARENT (Pack of 1) - w/Min 3yr Warranty
LEAD,USB 2.0,AM - BM,2M,BLUE TRANSPARENT *Coloured USB 2.0 cables*More info...Coloured USB 2.0 cables Minimum 3year Manufacturer Warranty (Registration Card Included)
Pike & Co® Branded - CABLE/LEAD, USB 2.0, AM - AM, 2M, WHITE . (Pack of 1) - w/Min 3yr Warranty
LEAD, USB 2.0, AM - AM, 2M, WHITE . *Coloured USB 2.0 cables*More info...Coloured USB 2.0 cables Minimum 3year Manufacturer Warranty (Registration Card Included)
The RACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) concept for food products was an outgrowth of the US space program with the demand for a safe food supply for manned space flights by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The original work was carried out by the Pillsbury Company under the direction of Roward E. Bauman, who as the author of chapter 1 describes the evolution of the RACCP system and its adaptation to foods. The second chapter discusses the adoption of RACCP principles and explains how they fit into the USDA and FDA meat, poultry and seafood inspection systems. The next chapter discusses how RACCP principles can be extended to production of meat, poultry and seafoods, a most important area involved in producing a safe food supply. Chapter 4 deals with the use of RACCP in controlling hazards encountered in slaughtering and distribution of fresh meat and poultry, while chapter 5 discusses the problem - both spoilage and hazards - involved in processing and distribution of meat, poultry and seafood products. Chapter 6 covers the entire area of fish and seafoods, including both fresh and processed products from the standpoints of spoilage and hazards.