RCA Composite S-Video to VGA Converter Box, AMALINK TV AV Video to VGA Adapter for Laptop Computer PC to LCD Monitor (Plug Not Included)
Description: Name: VIDEO TO VGA converter Input Interface: AV interfaces, S-Video port, VGA port. Output interface: VGA interface. Specifications: Length 9.5cm, width 5.5cm, height 2.7cm (highest point). Product functions: converts video signals into a variety of resolution VGA signal. Output resolution: the ability to switch from 800X600 to 1920X1200 VGA output resolution. Found effect: HD fine, clear picture quality, the effect is great. Scope: home, office, monitor, business, health, education, entertainment, theater, KTV, games, restaurants and so on. Feature: 1. Widely used in DVR back-end display, video teaching equipment, subway engineering, industrial, etc. Replace the traditional CTR monitor, small size, clear picture quality, plug and play, simple and convenient. 2. Synchronize the display on the monitor and on the TV. While the output CGA / VIDEO / S-VIDEO signal 3. Designed for the security, medical, home users. 4.Output resolution:800X600@60Hz, 800X600@75Hz, 1024X768@60Hz, 1440X900@60Hz,1680X1050@60Hz, 1920X1080@60Hz,1920X1200@60Hz 5.Using high-performance environmentally friendly fire ABS shell,with good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, resistant to chemical and electrical properties, but also has easy processing, stable product size, good surface gloss and so on. Package contains: AV to VGA Video Converter x1 Product Manual x1 RCA cable x1 Power supply cable x1
VGA to RCA Cable,Pistachio VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA PC Computer AV Adapter Cable (Black)
Descriptions: a:VGA cable can only carry video signal,Not support audio output. b:Designed for transmitting the VGA signal (Output) to S-Video or Composite Video signal (Input). c:This is an adapter cable only, not a converter.It will NOT convert VGA signal into component RGB,This adapter will not convert S-Video or Composite Video signal to VGA signal. Note: Please make sure the Video Card of your system supports TV (RCA / S-Video) output through VGA Port. If not , a signal converter box is needed to pair with this adapter. Please check your Video Card manual or manufacturer to ensure the VGA Port has TV-Out function. IMPORTANT: This cable does not add TV-output functionality. Your video card must have S-Video over VGA functionality . If your video card/controller doesn't already have this function, this cable WILL NOT WORK for connecting your VGA output to a TV input. Package includes: 1 x VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA AV Adapter Cable
AMALINK Car Mount, Universal Car Phone Holder Mount Cradle Windshield Strong Sticky Gel 360 Degree Rotation Cell Phone
Wide angles of view-- 360° vertical and horizontal ball joint rotation, plus an easy-to-adjust grooved back wheel for the perfect grip. - Fully adjustable with 360° rotation for perfect angle while you are driving - Small and discrete size won't block your view Strong Sticky Gel Pad -- The Super strong sticky gel can stick securely to most surfaces and the suction force retained longer than that of other gel pads, yet it's still easily removable. If the gel pad gets dirt on its surface due to frequent use, rinse it with warm water and let it air dry to restore for continued use. Universal Compatibility -- This universal car mount can be used with smartphones 5cm to 9cm in width, Phone models included: iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus, HTC, Motorola, Google Nexus 4/5, Samsung S8/S7/S6 Note 5/4/3, LG etc. Easy to install -- 1. Remove protective film on the suction cup 2. Release the lock button on the base 3. Put the mount on dashboard or windshield and press down the lock button (press hard the base of the mount to letting air off will help you to mount the holder more secure) 4. Put the cellphone between the gripping wings and adjust the viewpoint Then enjoy safe driving with Mostfeel Car Phone mount! Product Spec: Mode: OTN-7602 Name: Car phone Holder Material: ABS shell Product size: 93x70mm Color: black
Amalink Aluminium XQD 2.0 USB 3.0 High Speed (500 MB/s) Carmera Memory Card Reader Adapter
Excellent Compatibility: XQD card reader is compatible with Mac and Windows system, Compatible with professional models,such as Canon 1 dx Mark II, Canon C300 Mark II,The hasselblad H6D-100-C, Canon XC10, ARRI High-end video equipment. Specification: Compatibility devices: all USB 3.0 /2.0/1.1 devices. Working voltage: 5V 1A Card capacity: 2TB MAX Transfer rate : 5 Gbps Working ambient: TEMP 0~40℃ HR 5%~95% Color: Dark Gray Body size: 62(L)*53(W)*14(H) mm Cable length: 120 mm Package Included: 1*XQD Card Reader
VGA to RCA Cable, RUITEXUN VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA PC Computer AV Adapter Cable
Features: Designed for transmitting the VGA signal (Output) to S-Video or Composite Video signal (Input). Perfect for display your PCs output on an external monitor like any TVs with RCA input. This adapter will not convert S-Video or Composite Video signal to VGA signal. Not possible to connect any game consoles like xbox with RCA output to any monitor with VGA input. VGA cable can only carry video signal. Not support audio output. Please check your Video Card manual or manufacturer to ensure the VGA Port has TV-Out function. If not, a signal converter box is needed to pair with this adapter. This is an adapter cable only, not a converter. It will NOT convert VGA signal into component RGB. Package includes: 1 x VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA AV Adapter Cable
Amalink HDMI to VGA Cable 5.9 Ft 1080P HD Male to Male Adapter Convertor
Description: The HDMI to VGA adapter allows you from most personal computers and laptops to HDMI signal to you with VGA Interface HDTV. With 3.5mm audio port,transport audio and video at the same time. Attached Micro-USB cable provides additional power for devices with low-power output. Feature: 1.Using 24K gold-plated plug, fashion and pull-resistant, plug and play, transmission stability and can avoid high-intensity signal attenuation. 2.Applicable for home theater, big screen games, efficient office, computer teaching, video conferencing, HD display venue, public video system, high-quality multimedia display. 3. You can watch HD movies synchronize on a large-screen TV, also can cast PPT on your laptop or desktop via a projector. 4.Strong compatibility:Connect Notebook,HD Set-top box, Host PC and other HDMI interface devices to Projector,monitor and HDTV. 5. Extended mode:you can surf the internet,while watching TV to watch HD movies.   Spec: Input interface: Standard HDMI interface. Output Interface: Standard VGA15 pin ,3.5mm audio interface. Resolution: up to 1920X1080. Audio cable to connect an external power supply or USB power adapter. At 60HZ(Max) for HD monitors or projectors. Colour: Black Material: PVC Scope: mobile phone / tablet / notebook
3RCA to VGA Cable, Yilan 5ft/1.5m Nylon Fiber Braided 3RCA Male to VGA Male Video Component Converter Adapter Cable Gold Plated for TV Monitor Projector
Important Note: 1.ONE WAY (RGB to VGA only!) video cable will connect RGB (YPbPr) devices in a one way direction to VGA devices, it will not convert from VGA signals to RGB signals. (Example that will not work: PC/laptop with VGA to Component (RGB) like a TV/monitor/projector) 2.This rca to vga cable is not a video converter, it transfers video signals only and will not transmit audio signal. Package Includes: 1 x Yilan 3RCA to VGA cable
Yilan Premium VGA 15 Pin Male to TV Converter S-Video + 3 RCA Out Cable Adapter Wire Cord for TV PC Computer AV Projector
This premium Yilan cable has a VGA connector on one end and both RCA Jack Video (TV) Out and S-Video Out connectors on the other end. Connect TV-output enabled video cards to your TV's RCA or S-Video connector. You can use this converter with your Computers, Laptops to TVs and Projectors. Product Features: Connector: D-Sub High Density 15 pin Male to S-Video Mini Din 4 pin Female and RCA Female. Standard Sub-D VGA Input. RCA TV-output and 4-pin S-video output cable. Please make sure the Video Card of your system supports TV (RCA / S-Video) output through VGA Port. If not, a signal converter box is needed to pair with this adapter. Please check your Video Card manual or manufacturer to ensure the VGA Port has TV-Out function. This cable has molded connectors and integral strain-relief for durability and long life. Constructed of high quality materials, it has double-shielding with foil and braid to provide maximum EMI/ RFI protection and superior signal quality. A flexible PVC jacket makes this cable easy to install, even in tight corners and other space-restricted areas. Package Includes: 1 x Yilan VGA to TV S-Video 3 RCA Cable
DVI to HDMI Cable, AMALINK High Speed 1080P DVI (24 + 1) to HDMI HDTV Adapter Cable Bi-Directional (Black) 1M
Feature: 1.HD transmission, support 1920 * 1801P HD resolution 2. After connecting the network box, the film contents display on large screen by the monitor. 3. After connecting the projector, you can convert the contents of the meeting on the notebook to the big screen monitor. 4.Suitable for connection between computers, notebooks, televisions, set-top boxes, projectors and other devices with HDMI 19-pin / DVI24 +1/ DVI24 + 5 interface, unlimited conversion, more devices more fun. 5. 24K gold plating process for interface, wear-resistant and durable,strong antioxidant, make sure the signal high-speed transmission. 6. Pure copper wire core,the inner layer by the woven network + aluminum foil,plus PVC jack,multiple shield,transmission faster and more stable. Spec: Product Type: AL-7581 Name: DVI to HDMI adapter Interface type: DVI, HDMI Bidirectional transmission Material: environmentally friendly ABS Resolution: 1080P Colour: Black Scope: computer host, notebook, monitor etc. Cable length: 1M Jacket Material: PVC
HDMI to VGA, Amalink HDMI to VGA Adapter Cable with Aduio and USB Cable for Laptop, DVD, Desktop metal - black
HDMI to VGA (set-top box to computer monitor), support PS4 to the computer monitor. Notice: This is NOT bi-directional converter. It only converts signal from HDMI to VGA. Product Spec: Name: HDMI to VGA Converter Input Port: Standard HDMI interface. Output Port: Standard VGA 15pin*1, 3.5mm audio port*1. Supports resolution: 720, 1080i, 1080P Type: HDMI to VGA connector + Audio (3.5mm standard audio port) Material: 24K Gold-plated super wear-resistant design Package Content: HDMI to VGA Adapter * 1 Audio cable * 1 USB cable *1
VGA to HDMI Adapter, AMALINK 1080P VGA Male to HDMI Female Converter for PC Laptop DVD Desktop (Black)
Description: This VGA to HDMI Adapter allows you to convert analog VGA output from most PCs and laptops to your HDTV. Our adapter features a built in audio cable and usb cable, so you only need one connection to connect both video and audio signals from computer to TV. Share your video/audio/data from computers or old-styled notebooks, desktops, laptops that has only VGA ports to any HDMI-equiped devices like HDTVs, monitors, displayers for big screen. Features: Input:VGA (DB15 Male)and Audio(3.5 Audio Jack). Output:HDMI(Type A 19pin Female). Convert VGA +Audio to HDMI output. Support resolution: 720P / 1080i / 1080P. Support VGA resolution from 800*600 to 1920*1080. Audio Cable for aduio input connection.(Audio Cable NOT INCLUDED) USB Cable for power supply.(USB Cable NOT INCLUDED) Private and unique outlook design. Cable length:20cm. Package contents: 1x VGA to HDMI Adapter NOTE: This converter is NOT bi-directional. It only converts signal from VGA to HDMI.
Digiflex VGA to TV RCA S-Video Adapter Converter Cable Lead
VGA TO TV RCA S-VIDEO ADAPTER CONVERTER CABLE PC LAPTOPFeatures Allows video output from PC / laptop to any TV with S-Video or RCA video input. VGA connector and RCA TV-output and 4-pin S-video output. VGA connector on one end and an RCA Jack Video (TV) Out and S-Video Out connector on the other end. D-Sub High Density 15 pin Male to S-Video Mini Din 4 pin Female and RCA Jack Works with laptops & desktops with VGA cards that have a TV-Out function. Please check that your VGA card has TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector to ensure this cable will work for you!Contents 1 x VGA to TV Converter S-Video RCA out Cable Adapter
PC Laptop VGA to TV RCA Composite Video Converter S-Video Box
Features: 1. Support Composite VIDEO, S-VIDEO, RGB (Optional) output. 2. Power from PS/2 or USB port. Support 640 X 480@60/72/75/85Hz .800 x 600@60/72/75/85Hz,1024 x 768@60/70/75/85Hz , 1280 x 1024@60 display mode. 3. On Screen Display (OSD) operation status, Zoom, Size. 4. Independent Horizontal Size and Vertical Size adjustment, programmable 2D scaling. 5. Pure hardware design, just Plug & Display. No software driver requirement, compatible with any operation system. 6. Switch able NTSC, NTSC-EIAJ (for Japan), PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-combination-N and SECAM (via RGB OUT) video system. 7. RGB (OPTION CABLE NEEDED) output supports the interlace format. 8. Supports Position control, ZOOM & MENU button. 9. MENU button supports HSIZE, VSIZE, BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, HUE, SATURATION, SHARPNESS and OSD BACKGROUND color adjustment. 10.Simultaneous display on VGA monitor and TV. 11.24 bit, true color digitizer. Specification: Product size: approx. 100*55*25mm/3.93*2.16*0.98'' Net weight: approx. 65g Note: Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement. Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding. Package concludes: 1 x PC Converter Box 1 x VGA Cable 1 x USB Power Cable 1 x AV Cable 1 x S Terminal Cable 1 x User Manual
DecentGadget® Video and S-Video Input to VGA Output, VGA Converter used for CCTV DVD DVR TV RCA AV PC Game Console Converter
**Video to VGA Converter** Use display device instead of monitor, greatly save the cost of monitoring! Purpose of Product: The device comes with VGA, S-Video and RCA Video input Port, and VGA output port. It allows you stream the video from DVD, DVR,CCTV, STB or PC Host to display on a PC/VGA monitor or TV/LCD. Product Features: 1. Regeneration rates between frequency in 60-75HZ cut over, the image without loss. 2. Facilitates cut over to the full compatibility of CRT and LCD monitor. The monitor resolution will perform well in (640*480/800*600/1024*768/1280*1024/1440*900/1680*1050/1920*1200). 3. The technique of enhanced 3D image denoising makes the pictures clear and steady. 4. The input interface can be connected to DVD/PDP/PS2 and other game console station, and etc. Device Interface Description: 1. DV 5V, connected to DC 5V power;2. Video IN, connected to Video camera / DVD / VCD / Game Console (AV/BNC);3. S-Video IN, connected to S-Video camera / DVD / VCD / Game Console; 4. VGA OUT, connected to monitor;5. VGA IN, connected to AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port);*Package:* 1*Video to VGA converter.1*AV line.1*VGA line.1*S-Video line.1*Power adapter. 1*User Manual (English language)
Neoteck 3RCA AV CVBS Composite S-Video to VGA Converter AV S-Video to VGA Adapter Upscaler 720P/ 1080P with 3.5mm Jack Audio for NES SNES N64 Sega Genesis PS2 PS3 VHS VCR Player PC Monitor Projector
Overview: The AV/ S-VIDEO to VGA converter can convert AV or S-VIDEO video signal to VGA video signal . It will help users convert high quality AV/ S-VIDEO signals to display on TV with VGA interface. Specification: Input: PAL, NTSC3.58.NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N Output: 720P/1080P VGA Output Cable length: ≤5m AWG26 VGA Standard cable Max working current: 5V/380MA Operating Temperature Range: -10~+55℃ Storage Temperature Range: -26~+60℃ Operating Humidity Range: 10~90%RH Storage Temperature Range: 5~95%RH Case Dimension:85 x 65 x 20mm Weight: 140g Materials: Alloy Color: Black Package Contents: 1 x AV/ S-Video to VGA Converter 1 x 1.5m S-Video Cable 1 x 1.5m 3RCA Cable 1 x USB Power Cable 1 x User Manual
USB Type C to 4K HDMI VGA Adapter with 3.5 Audio Jack for Dell XPS 13 XPS 15 S9 to TV/Monitor/Projector
USB C to HDMI VGA adapter, AMALINK Type C to HDMI VGA Adapter with audio and indicator for Dell XPS 13 XPS 15 S9 to TV/Monitor/Projector- BlackType-C to HDMI VGA adapter is offer plug-and-play solution for connecting your laptop or notebook to an external display and other essential devices. With HDMI and VGA output, it covers most of the devices, it gives you the flexibility to use a wide variety of monitors to expand your desktop and stay productive while managing multiple applications.Compatible Devices(not all):Laptops:2017 / 2016 MacBook Pro, 2017 iMac, 2015 MacbookDell XPS 13/14/15Microsoft Surface Pro 4ChromeBook PixelHP Spectre X360 Pavilion X2 EliteBook Folio G1 LenovoYoga 910 Acer V15 NitroSamsung Notebook 9 900X5L-K01Phones:Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus / Note 8/ S9 Huawei Mate 10How to use:1. Connect the adapter to TV via hdmi cable( sold separately), and select the signal to the corresponding HDMI channel.2.Connect the adapter to the USB-C devices, and wait a few seconds, the screen would be streamed to the TV.3. the same operation for the VGA output.Note:1. When hdmi and vga work at the same time, the highest resolution of HDMI only up to 1080P.2. The two external monitors will show the same content when work at the same time.3.Only support the Type C smart phones or Notebooks which support the DP Alt mode.4. Some USB C ports only has charging or data transfer function, no video output function. Please make sure USB C Port has video output function before purchase (For example, it can't work for AUSU UX360C, HP envy 13 )5. To manually adjust resolution for yourMacBook / MacBook Pro, hold down the "option" key and then click "Scaled"6. HDMI Cable and VGA Cable Sold Separately.
TeckNet 4K HDMI Switch 3 Port HDMI Auto Switcher Box Support 4K 3D 1080P 60fps For PS3, PS4, Laptop, PC, Xbox One, Blu-ray Player, DVD Player, TV and More
TeckNet 3-Way HDMI Switch - HDMI03: Switch between 3 HDMI sources through one output cable. This HDMI Switch is compatible with Blu-ray, HD-DVD, STV, PS3, Xbox360 etc. Supports 3D and HD resolutions up to 4K, highly compatible with standard HDMI cable. Auto Switching: Please make sure the 'Auto' indicator light is on. Please note that you can enable the Auto switching function by pressing the "switch button" for 5 seconds. In automatic mode, when another device is plugged in, the image of output device is automatically switched to the last device you inserted. Therefore, when two or three input devices are connected at the same time, you can unplug the HDMI cable of the input device then plug it in again to automatically switch the image. At this time, the automatic function can be enabled. NOTE: When two or three input devices are connected, you can also manually switch to the corresponding input device by pressing the 'Switch' button. Please test your device using the above tips. If the issue persists, we would appreciate if you can provide a video to show the situation. Please be assured that we will provide the further help to you. Plug & Play: Plug in the hdmi input sources into the input connections and the output connection to your TV or projector, HDMI03 will automatically switch to the active input source if there is only one input. If there are multiple active inputs, then you can select the input using the select button Specifications: HDMI Resolution: 24/50/60fs/1080P/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480P/480i,24/30/2160P Deep Color: 24/30/36bit/1080P/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480P/480i,24bit//2160P HDMI In/Out Supported Audio Format: DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD Note: Apple devices (Apple boxes, PCs, laptops, etc.)/Sony devices (PS3, PS4,Blu-ray machines, etc.)/TV sticks must be properly plugged into the USB power cable for operation.