Amasan: Women of the Sea (English Subtitled)

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Amasan Solder Fluid Va94 for Soft Soldering of Tin-Plated 1000g Stainless Steel
DIN EN 29454-1 3.2.1.a (SW 13) For Soft Soldering of pipes made gutter and being stainless steel, tin-plated. - -- Stainless Steel tin-plated increasingly in the production of gutters and pipes. The shelf life of gutter pipes made and being stainless steel is very high, and the galvanised Innung means that the material used is very easy to work with. - -- Application: Soldering fluid using a brush on the Schmutzfreie Lötnaht. Solder Point with a suitable heat source heat evenly. Lötvorgang, the Flux Residue With The detergent VA24 For tin-plated stainless steel and the Amasan cleaning sponge SG to neutralize and is an excellent water wash. Desk top enough aeration.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- safety data sheet of the manufacturer r 22: constitute a health hazard when swallowed. R 34: does Verätzungen. S 2: Should not be into the of reach of children. S 24/25: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. - -- Contains: Phosphorus acid - -> corrosive
Utau amasan
East OÌ"saka : YuÌ"taimushuppan, 2010.
Sekaiichi hottosuru amasan no ii hanashi. zoku
ToÌ"kyoÌ" : Magajin Hausu, 2008.
Puro no amasan : rakugoka Maruko no butsudoÌ
ToÌ"kyoÌ" : ShinchoÌ"sha, 2013.
Amasan T12 Heat Conducting Paste 5 g Tube
Jürgen Armack GmbH
Wärmeableitendes Füllmittel between the contact surfaces of the Semiconductor Heat Sink / Amasan Thermal Paste is a T12 up to 200 °C heat-resistant, chemically neutral, white, opaque Siliconpaste with good thermal conductivity. T12 _____ _Amasan Paste does not dry out, is not harsh and melts . It is not konsistenzbeständig with high and low temperatures in storage and _____ _Amasan Thermal Paste T12 serves as wärmeableitendes Füllmittel between the contact surfaces of the semiconductor and Heatsinks. _____ _in the assembly of semiconductor, such as diodes, transistors and through the application of thermal Paste T12 the heat-air thanks to the warm-deriving Siliconpaste T12 / which replaced the Wärmeübergang of component to the heatsink and thereby improve the performance of substantially increases Bauelementes _____ _***This Amasan thermal Paste is perfect for PC, processors or Grafikkartenchips for optimal Wärmeableitung. this was in some Test magazines Computer or Computer fora also confirmed!!! ***_____ _specification: Colour: white, opaque consistency: vaselineartig density at 25 °C : 2.3 temperature range: -30 °C up to 200 °C : bleeding blutet volatility: from non-volatile Thermal conductivity: / 0,4185 W MK electrically conductive yes: Lagerbeständigkeit: 24 months
1000 g Amasan ZWN Soldering Fluid for Soft Soldering of Titanium Zinc and Galvanised Sheet Steel
ZWN Soldering fluid is a ready-to-use soldering fluid, DIN EN 29454-1 3.2.2.A (F-SW 11), for soft soldering of titanium zinc, galvanised sheet steel and fine zinc. ZWN Amasan soldering fluid has an excellent oxide dissolving effect. The zinc is not destroyed by ZWN and so maintains its corrosion resistance and strength. - -- Application: Amasan ZWN soldering fluid is ready to use and is applied with a soldering fluid brush onto the dirt-free solder seam. The Overlap should have a width of 10 to 15 mm. When soldering, make sure that the soldering iron is hot enough. It is recommended to use large, heavy, copper soldering irons, especially when working outdoors. Then you can carry out your Soldering in the usual manner. After soldering, remove the Flux Residue. For the soldering of highly oxidized Zinc, we recommend ZWS soldering fluid.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ legal safety data sheet: H314 - Causes severe skin burns and serious eye damage. H335-H336 - may irritate the respiratory system. May cause drowsiness and dizziness. H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. P101 - if medical advice is required, have the packaging or labelling at hand (may not be in English). P102 - Keep out of reach of children. P103 - Read label before use (may not be in English). P260 - do not inhale smoke, gas, mist, etc. P303 + P361 + P353 on contact with skin/hair remove all contaminated, wet clothes immediately. Wash Skin with water. P305 + P351 + P388: In case of contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. P310: Immediately call a Poison Information Centre or doctor. P405 Stored under lock and key. P501 disposal of contents/packaging in accordance with regulations. - -- Contains Zinc Chloride, Alcohol, – C12 – C15
About 80g Amasan Lötsa Lmiak Stone 65x45x20 mm
Amasan Lötsa Lmiak is a cleaning agent for the copper piece of iron. - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XN - constitute a health hazard - ----- - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - --------------- include safety instructions: - -- - 22: constitute a health hazard when swallowed - R 36: irritates the eyes S 2: Should not be used in the of reach of children
White Plastic-Fermit Dauerplastische Sealer, Heat-Resistant up to 100 °C  (1000 g)
Installation putty plastic Fermit WhiteA Dauerplastische leak stop waterproof sealant Plastic Fermit is a Dauerplastische Knetbare sealant to stop on a plastic base, the highest in the installation. Is particularly suited to the have fun for drain taps in e.g. wash basins, baths and is suitable for hot and cold water.Temperature range: 0 °C to + 120 °C do not use on marble or other natural stone. Features: Quick Dauerplastisch smooth volume: 250 to work with versprödet nicht good adhesion can be stored indefinitely leicht klebbar
Plastic Construction Plugs with O for the Dichtprobe in white: 1 / 2
'Plastic construction Plugs 1/2 inch white made from plastic with o-ring, excellent choice of screen protection for the waterproof test.Design with plastic threading: For leak testing in pipe installation.
Plastic Aqua-Fermit White Permanent Plastic Seal of Gauge Temperature Resistant up to 100 °C (500g/1000 g Tub), White
Plastic Fermit, a Dauerplastische Knetbare leak stop waterproof sealant with plastic, foot base which has the highest during installation to come. Is particularly suited to the pivoting spout drain in fittings in e.g. wash basins, baths and is suitable for hot and cold water.Long-term Plastic Table, smooth, quick economical, to work with, very Rödet, not, good adhesion, limitless can be stored Enzt,Temperatures: 32º F to 140º F (0º to + 120 °CDo not use on marble or other natural stone.
Fermit (GLISSA special fitting grease) approved in accordance with NSF-H 1 and according to DIN 51502 of the German Health Office (14 g tube).
Fermit Glissa Special tap fat (14 gram tube).Non Ropfendes grease for hot and cold water taps.Soft and smooth not dripping grease for use with taps, the Lebensmitelrechtlich easily, making it suitable for drinking water lines. Also suitable for machines and appliances, where Glissa mixer grease comes into contact with food or drinking water, can be used.Food-safe. Non-drip. Supple. Reliable.Temperature range: -20 up to + 140 °CMeets the KTW recommendations of health Ministry is certified to NSF H 1 release and in accordance with DIN 51502.