AMAZONAS AZ-1018140 Barbados natura hammock, load capacity 200kg, white (Natura), lying area 230 x 150cm, one size fits all
Laminvale Ltd
"The Amazonas Barbados is a true double hammock and with the perfect balance between cost and strength - a classic of it's time and our best seller! Made from heavy duty 400g/m2 material this hammock can comfortably carry up to 200kg and with a carrying width of nearly 2.5 metres, there's plenty of room too. Fixtures and fittings available. Available here in the natural canvas weave to fit into any surroundings. Compatible with Arcus, Olymp, Vario Gala and Madera stands.
AMAZONAS AZ-1025200 Gigante Hammock - Lava
Probably the largest hammock in the world. With 6,000 cotton strands and 6 m² it provides a giant reclining surface in an extra strong weave. Gigantic! Type: hammock Dimensions Maximum capacity: 280 kg Surface (L x W): 300 x 200 cm Total length: 450 cm Weight: 3.3 kg Hammock/ Hammock Chair Model: without stabiliser Material: 85% cotton, 15% polyester Number of persons: 1 Material type: fabric
AMAZONAS AZ-4028000 Sumo Grande Hammock Stand
Dimensions: approx. 320-380 x 132 x 107 cm Weight: approx. 20,5 kg Load capacity: max. 200 kg
Amazonas Carry Sling,  Pacific, (510 cm)
Carry Slings promote the childs development and thus ensure an increase of emotional, cognitive and motor skills. A special weave type called cross t will guarantees that all Amazonas Carry Slings have an optimum longitudinal strength and stability while providing the required diagonal flexibility and stretchability. This means Carry Sling only stretches diagonally, not longitudinally. This way, it can adapt to the baby's body gently but securely and firmly. Both ends of the Carry Sling are tapered and narrower at the bottom than at the top so that less material hangs over the hips, which not only looks better but makes the carry sling even lighter. Available in two sizes of 450cm and 510cm. The Amazonas Carry Sling is suitable for infants from zero up until three years of age. Note: Detailed instructions can be provided - Please email a request. Size: approx. 450 x 70 cm or 510 x 70 cm. Self-weight: approx. 0,65 kg or 0,75 kg. Weight: approx. 1,0 kg or 1,2 kg. Load capacity: max. 15 kg. Fabric: approx. 180 g/m sq. Age: 0 - 3 years.
Laminvale Ltd Amazonas Aruba Juniper Weather Proof Spreader Bar Hammock
Laminvale Ltd
The EllTex pole-hammock. Weatherproof, UV-steady, stabile and cosy soft like cotton. This hammoch can stay outside - even you are already Indoor. Type: hammock Additional Information: - Weather and UV-resistant special Polyester EllTex Dimensions Maximum capacity: 180 kg Surface (L x W): 210 x 120 cm Total length: 310 cm Weight: 1.6 kg Hammock/ Hammock Chair Material type: fabric Model: with stabiliser Material: 100% polyester Number of persons: 1
Amazonas Easy+
Laminvale UK Baby
Fast mounting for hammock seats, hammock chairs and hammocks. These sets are equally suitable for wood or stone. Special mounting, load capacity up to 120 kg 1x plate (75x3 mm) with 1x carabiner (120 x 60 mm) with plastic insert 4 screws with plugs 8 mm diameter Galvanised steel hook with bracket
AMAZONAS - Fixation Attache hamac Smartrope
Laminvale Ltd
Weatherproof, adjustable rope with carabiner. For a hammock two Smartropes are needed, for a hanging chair one is required. Item no.: AZ-3025000 Total length: approx. / max. 320 cm Load capacity: max. 150 kg per Smartrope Weight: approx. 0,6 kg
Laminvale Ltd Amazonas Brasil Hanging Chair Rainbow
Laminvale Ltd
Seat surface: approx. 160 x 130 cm Length spreader bar: approx. 110 cm Weight: approx. 2,7 kg Load capacity: max. 150 kg
Laminvale Ltd Amazonas Medera Stand
Laminvale Ltd
Dimensions: approx. 165 cm Weight: approx. 4,0 kg Load capacity: max. 100 kg
AMAZONAS AZ-4017000 Palmera Hanging Chair Stand - Rockstone
Very little space is needed to relax in your AMAZONAS hanging chair. The Palmera stand, especially developed for the AMAZONAS hanging chairs is stowed away flat against the wall when it is not needed. In this way, one can set up his own place for swinging and dreaming in a state of well being in the smallest of spaces. - Made of high-quality, powder-coated steel - Telescope tubes for adjustable height - Fixing to the wall with the supplied bolt - Suitable for all AMAZONAS hanging chairs - Space-saving for house, balcony and terrace Item no.: AZ-4017000 Dimensions: approx. 100 x 225-250 x 60 cm Load capacity: max. 120 kg Weight: approx. 13,5 kg
AMAZONAS AZ-3010000 Jumbo Hammock Hook
Special hook set for hammocks and hanging chairs. Consists of a screw, a carabiner and a dowel. Item no.: AZ-3010000 Load capacity: max. 150 kg Weight: approx. 0,35 kg
AMAZONAS AZ-6010100 Starset Hammock Set - Candy
Dimensions: approx. 358 x 113 x 105 cm Lying surface: approx. 200 x 100 cm Length spreader bar: approx. 80 cm Weight: approx. 16,0 kg Load capacity: max. 120 kg
Amazonas Magazine
Reef to Rainforest Media, LLC
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Amazonas Real Brazillian Tarp Hat (X Large) -Fishing hat -Walking hat-Hiking hat-Sailing hat
The Amazonas Real Brazillian Tarp Hat Company
Original Amazonas Real Brazilian Tarp Hats and accessories have been made in Brazil by friends of ours, They live in Amazonas on the edge of the rainforest and their family wear these tarp hats day in day out, they are made from recycled tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from Amazonas North west to the south of Brazil along thousands of miles of unmade red dust laden tracks with rain, sun & dust aging the material in a way that no factory could ever replicate. After which the material is washed and prepared ready to be made into "probably" the best original Brazilian tarp hats around. So all of the hats have seen more weather than most of us might see in a lifetime and do not need any looking after and are ready for their next job of keeping the elements off of you whilst looking rather cool at the same time. They are fantastic hats for the garden,trekking,walking on the boat,work you think of an activity and they will make you look and feel cool. They are waterproof,sun proof,sand proof,in fact do not worry about these hats they will look after themselves and you. All of the hats are individual with no two being the same, some will have repair patches on others will have stamps or writing on , this all adds to their charm and they are as individual as all of mass production here , just individual style!. So now you can get your Brazilian Tarp hat in the UK at a great price cutting out the middle men and keeping the small shop in Brazil going. Let these Real Brazil hats look after you. Stand out from the crowd.... These Tarp canvas hats are great for the beach,trekking,sailing,skiing , snowboarding,and generally just looking cool, they have seen and dealt with all the weather in Brazil, now they are going to look after you.

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