Ambi Climate 2, AI-powered smart air conditioner controller, Wi-Fi, iOS/Android compatible, Compatible with Alexa & IFTTT
Ambi Labs Limited
Ambi Climate is a small IoT device, here to make your home a Smart Home, by connecting to your air conditioner & adjusting it to fit your needs, year-round. There's more to your comfort than temperature; enjoy continuous comfort with our unique A.I. engine, Machine Learning capabilities and smart sensors. Sit back while Ambi Climate creates your comfort profile and adjusts your air conditioner to match it! Get complete on-the-go control with our iOS and Android apps - easily manage your home environment from wherever you are with timers and integrations (Alexa and IFTTT). Bonus? With our smart modes and multiple sensors, your home stays in tip-top shape, without overcooling or overheating; which means you can save up to 30% on electricity!
Warmup Underfloor Heating System DWS400 2.5-3.4 Sq/Mtr 400w (Stone Or Ceramic Tiles, Dual-Core Heating Element) DWS400
Warmup Underfloor Heating System DWS400 2.5-3.4 Sq/Mtr 400w (Stone Or Ceramic Tiles, Dual-Core Heating Element) DWS400 Warmup design their systems using a 2mm, ultra-thin, dual-core heating element. The small cross-section of our element allows it to be installed in a matter of hours without raising floor levels. There is no need to dig up the floor and no need to mix concrete. Simply fix our heating element to the subfloor, tile straight over and say goodbye to cold feet for good! Pack Contents: Primer Roller Heating element Tape needed to secure the element to the floor Comprehensive installation manual Product Features: Multiple packs can be used together to cover a larger space (up to a maximum of 25mý) Programmable thermostats are also available This loose wire system is suitable forÿStone or Ceramic Tilesÿflooring only Ultra-thin dual-core heating element won?t raise floor levels Toughest and thinnest wire you can buy: 2mm, multi-strand core, double-insulated using advanced flouropolymers BEAB approved heating element meets the highest safety standards Quick installation ? Single connection lead for fewer steps Technical Data: Operating voltage 230V: 50Hz Cable thickness: 2mm Average output rating: 150 W/mý Inner/Outer Insulation: Advanced Fluoropolymer Single 3m long ?cold tail? connection lead Approvals: ASTA BEAB Component, CE, KEMA and GS Lifetime Warrantyÿ& SafetyNetTM Installation Guarantee
Weldability Sif Aluminised Heat Guard (Ambi)
Weldability Sif
Small, aluminised, slip-on protective sleeves, worn over welding glove to provide additional protection to the hand in close-up, high-heat applications. Available with LH or RH thumb-holes, or in a popular ambidextrous version.
Warmup 140w Underfloor Foil Heater 6m WLFH-140W/840
Warmup 140w Underfloor Foil Heater 6m WLFH-140W/840 Easy to install, the foil heater promotes even warmth across your laminate flooring, eradicating problems with hot and cold spots. It can be conveniently installed under the floor finish in both dry and wet areas without the need for additional earth grids. The thermal and reflective properties of the reinforced aluminium foil used in the heater help conserve heating energy. Improved savings can also be achieved by using the foil heater in conjunction with Warmup© Insulation Board as it dramatically reduces heat up times. Features and Benefits: Installed directly under floor finish; no self-levelling required Fully earthed flat aluminium foil won?t raise floor levels Wire based system can be adapted to fit around objects Great for heating under floating floors such as laminate and hardwood Construction: ECTFE wire encased in aluminium foil Operating voltage: 230V: 50Hz Output rating: 140W/m2 Mat Width: 0.5m Mat Length: min 3m, max 20m Heating Cable Spacing: 50mm Cold Lead Length: 3m Approvals: CE, SEMKO 15-Year Warranty & SafetyNetTM Installation Guarantee * check with vinyl manufacturer for suitability of use with underfloor heating
Electric Heated Socks Thermal Insulated Sock Battery Powered Heating Sox,Winter Rechargeable Heat Socks Kit for Chronically Cold Feet,Climbing Hiking Foot Warmer(Battery not Included)
Time description:With a brand new alkaline dry battery, you can work continuously for about 4-5 hours.Electrical parameters:Fever socks battery voltage: 4.5V battery life: one time  Precautions1. Do not let children touch the battery.2. If you have any discomfort in your body, please take off the electric socks immediately and consult a doctor. Children and pregnant women should consult the doctor before using.3. The product should be stopped immediately after it meets the water and should be dried before it can be used.4. With the shoes with good warmth effect, the effect of electric heating can be obviously improved.5. The following applies only to 4.5V electric socks:1. The battery box LED light is off, the battery is low, please stop using it immediately, and replace the battery before you can use it.2. If the product is not used for a long time, please place the product in a cool and dry place.3. It is strictly forbidden to use the used battery as moisture, water, fire and high temperature;