Ambiente Haus

Ambiente Haus 92075 Towel Rail 90 cm Black
Ambiente Haus
Towl stand cottage style. Lovely bath room decoration. Colour: antique black. Measurements: H approx. 90 cm, W approx. 36 cm, D approx. 29 cm
Ambiente Haus 92077 Iron Cook Book Stand 33 cm
Ambiente Haus
Cookery Book Stand Made from iron grey in a shabby chic styleBeautiful swirl effect book stand made from iron with a stylish 'used' look. Is set in a shabby chic look, the irregular structure of the surface and intended Abgestoßenen ensure that give the stand a special rustic, country house charm. Ideally the book stand is particularly decorative and is suitable for use of cookbooks (book thickness open up to max. 5 cm). On both sides of the stand there are two link chains with a small ball at the end, which can be placed on the aufgeschlagenen sides, to prevent umschlagen.Material: IronColour: Grey 'has been aged and distressed'Dimensions: Dimensions when open: approx. 29 x 30 x 19 cm (W x H x D)
Ambiente Haus 92086 Wall Light 36 cm Black
Ambiente Haus
Wall mounted candle holder - Sconce. Lovely wall decoration. Powder coated. Colour: Black. Measurements: Height approx. 63 cm, Depth approx. 17 cm. plate diameter approx. 11 cm.
Ambiente Haus 81030 Decoration Piano 18 x 12 
Ambiente Haus
miniatur-klavier 18 x 12 cm Decoration - Music Box - Very Fine Crafted deko-klavier - Inclusive Box - Colour: Wood/Black
Ambiente Haus 92104 Increto Toilet Roll Stand 78 cm
Ambiente Haus
As decorative can be practical. Almost playfully has been created with this toilet roll holder is made of solid wrought iron Herziges craft. Toilet Roll Holder, made from iron.
Ambiente Haus Console made from metal 45 cm Shelf 95310 L Flower shelf Colour: brown antique Iron
Ambiente Haus
Console Melanga Made from metal. Very decorative. Varnished. Colour: Green. Measurements: Height approx. 15 cm, Width approx. 17 cm, Depth approx. 14 cm.
Ambiente Haus 92124 Newspaper/Toilet Roll Holder (43 cm)
Ambiente Haus
Toilet Roll Holder, In Country House Style with a compartment for newspapers. Beautiful Bathroom Decorations. Primed with anti-rust paint and painted white. Dimensions: Height 43 cm Width 28 cm, depth 8 cm. Condition: 100% Brand New. Available from stock for immediate dispatch.
Enemal Jug Mini jug 51226 enamelled 11 cm Can Milk can Enamel Water jug
Ambiente Haus
Wine shelf - lovely decoration Made from metal Colour: black - bronze antique Measurements: Height approx. 105 cm, Width approx. 33 cm, Depth approx. 19 cm
95225 Pan Rack with Shelf Metal
Ambiente Haus
Ambiente Haus 95225 Iron Pot Hanger 57 cm Antique Brown - Versatile dekorier- and Usable - Very stable - Rustic iron pot hanger with 12 hooks and stable support for another cooking utensils - Color: Iron / Antique Brown
SPARES2GO 3D Type FJM Hyclean Bags for Miele Vacuum Cleaner (5 Bags + Micro Air Filters)
Longer lasting and higher performance compared to all leading compatible bags. Fantastic filtration performance with stunning efficiency even at low power settings. These are eco friendly, thick microfibre dust bags. Pack Includes: 5 x layered 3D micro filtration dust bags, 2 x Air clean and motor filters (complete with guidelines tailored to your model)Product features: layered FJM Hyclean type 3D micro filtration dust bags -- hygienic dust flap shutter to prevent dirt spills -- 3D sidefold and soft structure ensure instant inflation for maximum dust intake -- rubberised collar to remain fixed in place after bumps and jolts
String Curtain with Lurex by 250 cm or 140 x 250 cm Assorted Colours Door Curtain
Haus und Deko
Thread curtain 90X250 cm or 140 x 250 cm Various ColoursIndividually to trim product Franzt will not go out.With Pole eyeletsPerfectly100% polyesterCurtain together before washing a design or be placed in laundry bagWashable at 30 °C on a gentle cyclePackage Content: 1 x String Curtain
Ambiente Haus 94011 Dresden Fireplace Set 90 cm
Ambiente Haus
Antique style Manufactured fireplace tools, consisting of a stand, tongs, a rake, a shovel and a broom. Made from cast iron. Black/Gold. 86 x 36 x 28 cm
SPARES2GO 3D Type FJM Hyclean Bags for Miele Vacuum Cleaners (10 Bags + Micro Air Filters + Fresheners)
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Fish Shower Mat Bath Mat Bath Rug Bath Mat Bathroom Rug # 1552, 100% Cotton, blau dunkel, 50x80 cm
Haus und Deko
Bathroom Carpet Square Fish Bath Mat Bath Mat Bath Rug Bath Mat Bath MatBath mat fish SquareSizes: 50 x 80 or 60 x 120 cmQuality: 1600 g per m²Material: 100% CottonHigh pile bath matPackage Content: 1 x Bath Mat Rectangular
Ambiente Haus 92083 Toilet Roll Holder 24 cm antique brown
Ambiente Haus
Toilet roll stand Cottage style. Lovely Bathroom decoration. Antique-Brown varnished. Measurements: Height approx. 26 cm, Depth approx. 9 cm, Width approx. 16 cm.