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American Educational Products SANDEIMER TRANSPARENT 14CM SOR
Getting Fit
Truxx Vehicles Bring Great Value And Are Multifunctional. These 12 Vehicles Are Made In The Czech Republic. The Roof Lifts Up To Allow Removal Of The Poseable Figurine That Is Always Included In A Play Set. Wide Non Marking Wheels Allow For A Safer And Easier Pulling And Pushing Of These Toys. Made Of Brand New Food Grade Plastic Resin That Is Easy To Clean And Has Uv Filter Protection; From the Manufacturer; Great value and function with these 12 vehicles made in the Czech Republic. The roof lifts up to allow for removal of the poseable figurine.
American Educational Products Cubes with Actions Numbers Fitness Dice, Set of 2
Gonge - Toys
Roll the dice and then perform the exercise: 4 jumping jacks; 6 sit-ups, etc. Excellent way to motivate exercise for 1 or the whole classroom.
American Educational Products Feet Markers, Assorted Colors, Set of 6
Gonge - Toys
Combine movement activities and cognitive skills easily with Feet. Colorful teaching aids direct movement activities to reinforce active learning of shapes, colors, and right/left differentiation. Durable poly vinyl is skid resistant. Set of 6 pairs in assorted colors.
American Educational Products Catch and Balance Band Set
Gonge - Toys
Teamwork is a must for this fun activity! Participants must work together to move the included ball down the parachute chain and back without dropping it on the ground. Included in this set are six 13.5" diameter parachute bands (each with 4 straps) and one inflatable ball with nylon cover.
Mohs scale of Hardness w/Diamond Rock Mineral by American Educational Products
Ages 11-18.; 6-12 degrees.; ten specimens, approximately 1 x 1 1/2 (except Diamond), number-coded.; Traditional Mohs scale with a small diamond included.
American Educational Products Crawling Tunnel, 41
Gonge - Toys
Used like a treadmill Hoops easily attach with hook & loop fasteners High density nylon covered foam padding 34 OR 41 Crawling TunnelAmerican Educational Products have a lead ship time of 21 days.
American Educational Products Trick Stix Juggling Sticks
Gonge - Toys
Excellent for use in school, gym or at home;Challenge yourself to balance one stick on the other;Master fine motor skills and juggling techniques
American Education Raised Relief Map: Colorado NCR Series by American Educational Products
American Educational Products (Wisconsin)
1 = 20 miles; Scale; 1, 250, 000; Size - 22 x 17; State/
American Educational Products Dancing Scarves, 54 x 54, Assorted Colors, Set of 6
Gonge - Toys
Lightweight scarves will float, swirl, and parachute. Use for large motor skill applications. Can be used individually or in group play. Made of 100% machine washable nylon. Set of six in assorted colors.
American Educational Products 7-225 Hot Plate, 154 mm Diameter, 1000W, Grade: 9
Ginsberg Scientific
Single hot plate with skid proof rubber feet. High quality excellent polish indicates life quality. 0-5 switch user can adjust. Voltage: 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz Power: 1000W Diameter: 1000W Diameter: 154mm Length of cable: 1.0m (unit might smoke the first time it is used as it is burning off any oils that are left on the burner during the manufacturing process)
Electro Magnet, 200 Lb. Lift by American Educational Products
American Educational
powered by only 4 C batteries;Lift 200 lbs;is 4 in length, 2 7/8 in diameter
American Educational The U.S. Mounted Rocks and Minerals Collection (Pack of 100)
American Educational
Excellent reference collections and a valuable aid in identifying and comparing common and rare rocks and minerals.These mounted collections display common minerals and igneous sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.Specimens are 1/2-1". Rocks and Minerals Study Guide included.
American Educational Products Rainbow Egg and Spoon, 13
Gonge - Toys
The classic relay game with a colorful twist! Teaches balance, eye-hand coordination, and large motor skills. Each set comes with 6 large mulit-colored wooden eggs and 6 wooden spoons.
American Educational Vinyl Clever Catch Ice Breaker Intermediate Ball, 24
American Educational
The Clever Catch ICE Breaker Advanced ball is a great way to begin the school year. They really help students get to know each other quickly. The Ice Breaker Clever Catch® provides an excellent way for children to get to know each other and feel more comfortable in a large group. Students answer a series of questions about themselves and the things that matter to them at their appropriate age level. There are 88 questions included. Clever Catch® Ice Breaker can be used at school in organized classroom activities. It can also be used on the playground or at home. Grades 6+, Ages 11+. Sample advanced questions: What is your worst personality characteristic? What is your earliest memory? What unusual talent do you have?BASIC PLAY:Basic play for Clever Catch® is simple. Two or more players toss the ball to each other, answering the question under, or closest to, their left thumb. Each problem is numbered and enclosed in its own space, assuring the child will know which question to answer. Most questions are open-ended, allowing players to elaborate if they feel comfortable doing so.
American Educational Products Marker Rounds, 9
Gonge - Toys
American Educational Products Marker Rounds, 9 , Assorted Colors, 2 Sets of 6 (12 Pieces)
American Educational Vinyl Clever Catch CPR First Aid Ball, 24
American Educational
This colorful inflatable 24" vinyl ball (no latex!) provides a fun way for students to practice their CPR and first aid skills. Students will answer the question found under their left thumb after catching the ball. Questions include: True or False: If a person has a burn with blisters you should break the blisters. Do people die most often from car accidents or fires? Where should you check for a pulse on an adult? A sheet with instructions and answers is included.American Educational Products have a lead ship time of 21 days.