American Hammer

Estwing EB/15SR 15oz Black Vinyl Gripped Ultra Hammer, Short Handle
This Estwing Framing Hammer has an extra notch built into the head; solid forged in one piece of steel for excellent strength.
Estwing E15SR 15oz Leather Gripped Short Handle Ultra Hammer
Engineered lighter and Stronger Forged in one piece Magnetic nail starter Two nail pullers Short Handle with Leather Grip
Silverline 656608 Hickory Claw Hammer, 8 oz
Handles made from genuine American hickory, with laser cut zig-zag grip. Fully polished head with wooden wedges and twin steel wedges. Available in 8oz, 16oz & 20oz.
Picard 0009251-27 Claw Hammer 20oz Magnetic American Pattern, Brown/Black
Other InformationNoteIt=Ash HandleBrief DescriptionCunner form, magn. nail holder, with socket, finely polished
Seymour 423-19 16-Inch Oval Eye Engineer's Or Blacksmith Hammer Handle
Shock-absorbing American Hickory with Clear lacquer and Fire finish For 3 to 4 lb hammers Oval eye 1" x .75" 16" length Length: 16Width: 1.25Height: 1
Modex Profi-Line Carpenter's Hammer American Type 0.6 kg
Carpenter's Hammer - Claw Hammers are the most common type of hammer and probably the one that comes to mind when most people think about a hammer. They are very versatile and can be used for a great many jobs so are an absolute must for any tool bag. The claw is used as a lever; it generally has a notch which is used to lever out nails from timber. The claw is inserted under the head of the nail so that it catches - this can take a little jiggling about. The nail is then levered out by pulling back on the handle and using the curve of the claw as the fulcrum. The claw can be used to lever other things, such as floorboards, but excessive use can put strain on the join between the head and handle, so check this regularly.
Silverline HA50 Hickory Sledge Hammer, 7 lb
Double steel and wood wedges. Geniune American hickory handles.
Silverline HA62 Hickory Lump Hammer 4 lb
Genuine American Hickory with laser cut zig-zag grip. Polished faces, wood and twin steel wedges. British Standard.
Silverline HA24B Hickory Ball Pein Hammer 24 oz
Handles made from genuine American hickory with laser cut zig-zag grip. Polished head with wooden wedges and twin steel wedges.