American Olean

American Olean Tile 061S4669 Designer White B&M Tile, 6
American Olean Tile
Distinctive detailing offered in a variety of sizes make this modular floor field tile the product of choice for design versatility. Add a coordinating glazed ceramic wall tile and universal floor or wall accent for a timeless floor and wall duo. Introducing Bordeaux™ manufactured with reveal imaging™. Bordeaux's reveal imaging™ creates a look that's virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, with the durability and ease of cleaning found in porcelain tile and glazed ceramic tile.
Love and Hate in the Heartland: Dispatches from Forgotten America
Meet the “deplorables.” Meet the majority that was silent until the election of President Donald Trump. Meet the Middle Americans whom globalism and the modern economy have left behind. In a collection of vignettes telling of family history and bar stool interviews and stubborn beliefs and resignation, Mark Phillips gathers a collage of the forgotten Americans—the Americans that urbanites didn’t know existed, pollsters couldn’t define, and politicians sought to target. The Alleghenians featured, the author among them, feel left adrift. They are not politically active; they are more concerned with eking out a living at failing factories than with the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act. Love and Hate in the Heartland goes beyond talking heads and superficial media portrayals to tell stories of humanity, strength, resilience, generosity, and self-reliance. Faced with a bleak outlook, these noble ideals mingle with resignation and misguided bitterness. Written in evocative and graceful prose, it gives faces to the voices we heard in November 2016.
American Olean Tile Q01QCR3565 Quarry Tile Canyon Red Qcr3565 Quarry Tile Canyon Red Tile, 5
American Olean Tile
American Olean quarry tile Canyon red Qcr3565 tile, from the brand American Olean Tile
American Olean Tile N46Q1665 Quarry Naturals Shadow Gray Tile, 6
American Olean Tile
American Olean quarry Naturals shadow Gray Q1665 tile, from the brand American Olean Tile
Bath Accessories 24
Designed to be installed while installing tile. Can be added afterwards by cutting out a section of tile, but takes more work. There is a lip on the back of the towel bar to fit into your tile. 1/4 inch lip on backside of each bar. Towel Bar bathroom accessories complete any shower, tub surround or bath installation. This collection provides the finishing touches to manage all of your cosmetic and hygiene bath products. Stylish white towel bars open under utilized space in your bathroom. Coordinating soap dishes, toilet paper holder are an attractive way to maintain key essentials in your bathroom. This collection is offered in traditional almond, white to coordinate with rustic, modern and even contemporary styles. The best adhesive to use is cement based tile thinset mixed with a liquid latex modifier. Use the same thinset or tile adhesive you used to install the wall tile. Place enough adhesive on the tile surface that will touch the wall to thoroughly embed the tile without spilling out around the tile.