Ampacoll Ampacoll RS

Ampack Ampacoll RS (6 mm) High Quality Butyl Rubber Cord 6 mm x 8mtr Roll - Self-adhesive, Round, Swiss Quality
Ampacoll RS (6 mm) self-adhesive round cord made from high quality butyl rubber surround. For Seal together accurately fitting wall elements in the wooden frame, construction site or edge port of steam brakes on brick. Highly flexible - follows Component movements, for component ports at uneven surfaces for Anschlussverklebungen on to highly textured surfaces, ideal in the threshold wood industry. Processing instructions please note that, in general adhesion on wet or damp ground difficult are locked up safe and sound. The To verbindenden levels need to be dry, clean, dust- and fat-free. With top, bottom and rim fittings on textured or order surfaces such as concrete or masonry needs to Vorgängig Ampacoll® Primer 531 be applied or Ampacoll® connecto. Abzudicht end joints are not to be wider than 2/3 of the to use round Chnu diameter. This is confirmed by a any Ausnivel coat of component. When using Ampacoll® RS, 20 mm to help you when sealing of the wall elements to concrete floors The masking paper after laying out Ampacoll® RS, 20 mm on the left round cord. This means that the wall unit during 'Automatic lowering mechanism phase' It can be moved.
Ampack Ampacoll® Int 60 mm x 40mtr for overlaps & Durchdringungen - Swiss Quality
Ampacoll int for bonding overlaps or bumps in panels and Plattenartigen building materials for all types of airtight masking Durchdringungen, each flat surfaces in the interior. Build Instructions: Surfaces to be verklebenden have to be clean, dry, weather-proof and fat-free. You may Überlappungsverklebung: Clean the surfaces to be verklebenden as the surface. Tear they Ampacoll int by hand to the desired length out and bring it with the help of the printed positioning line in the middle with the joint or pile on. Thanks to the Anreiben the hold also come to life. Bonding Durchdringungen: When Masking Durchdringungen such as rafters, mist, pipes, bar etc. Ampacoll® heads int geschuppt and overlap on the penetration to install and Anreiben. Ampacoll® int can be collected during the processing of Durchdringungen not Vordehnen prevent later Component movements. - It is sturdy, extensible and hand tearable - No Messy Glue exit - can be used immediately from -5 °C - Translucent, with fabulous positioning line on the side
Ampack Ampacoll® RA 310ml Cartridge – Edge Connection Adhesive for vapour checks and barriers – Swiss Quality
Ampacoll RA (cartridge) solvent-free, air tight and permanently elastic Edge Connection Adhesive. Perfectly for vapour checks and barriers. Fragrance free, no solvents, permanently elastic, no primer required, works on all floor types, easy to press out. Manufacturing instructions: base or surface must be clean, dry dirt and fat-free. Continuously apply an 8 to 10 mm thick bead to the substrate. Any dimples should be evened out with additional material. Vapour barriers or seals should be lightly pressed onto the bead, without pressing it flat. Drying time 2 – 3 days. A short airing time improves the initial bonding. This technique allows a tension-free installation without the use of an edge slat. Safety issues should be carefully considered.
Ampack Ampacoll® Ra 600 ml Tube Pack - Edge Connector Glue for Turning Steam - Swiss Quality
Ampacoll ra (bag) solvent-free, air tight and permanently elastic connection rim adhesive. Perfectly suited to use with steam brake and lock. Fragrance free, no solvents, permanently elastic, no primer required, works on all floor types, light Auspressbar. Manufacturing instructions: subsurface or surface must be clean, dry dirt and fat-free. Seamless 8 to 10 mm thick Caterpillar to the floor for the best result. Recesses with additional material. Steam brakes or for - from draught free with very little pressure to caterpillar connect as they go on without flat. Australian Ocknu Ngszeit 2 to 3 days. Short Ablüft time improves initial tack. Please not included Lastfreier installation of the train and suitable surface texture can look back on a edge Latte and voltage. The valid standards regarding mechanical lock are in English.