amphiro a1 Basic - the intelligent Consumption Display (without Bluetooth) for all shower with Hand Shower
Amphiro AG
The shower is the zweitgrößte Energy consumers in the household - much against in the fridge and Gefriergeräten, cooking hobs and lighting. Even when drinking water in the available, is a economical handling of hot water for a reduction of the energy verbrauchs. Amphiro a1 displays energy used for individual shower processes and encourages savings of 440 kWh/8.5 m3/110 EUR per year. This means you'll keep your consumption in your field of view, efficiency goals, and hear develop a feel for your personal energy consumption. The consumption display amphiro a1 place anywhere as a design component between shower hose and riser rail - the mount lets you find with just a few flicks of the wrist and no need tool itself. Energy for the measurement and the display wins a generator out of the water flow, the batteries are fitted in such a way so as not required. - -> Please download the English manual on our website
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