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HOMEWELL LED Handheld Shower Heads w/ Temperature Display Screen- Water Powered Light to Read Celsius Special for Skin Health, Child and Pet Shower- w/ Shower Accessories for 79'' Stainless Steel Hose (Cost Free) - Luxury Chrome
About products: Water Powered LED Light (No Battery need), energy saving, money saving, enjoy LED colors, enjoy LCD digital show. PARTS INCLUDED: One Homewell LED Temperature Display Handheld Shower head One 79 inch Stainless Steel Hose (for cost free) One Teflon tape (for cost free as optional) Two Extra Hose Washer (for cost free in case future replacement) One Manual instruction One Service Card for any quality issues no excuses LCD display settings: 50°C - flashing Red light. Attention: because of the complexity of the environment, it is permissible to have one or two degree tolerance Specifications Corrosion Protection with Luxurious Chrome Finished Temperature accuracy: ±2°C Temperature range:10°C-50°C Feature: Digital screen and lighting is working well even under the low water pressure less 10psi/0.5bar The Best Temperature for a Shower 39°C is the optimal temperature for an everyday shower. 37°C -43°C is a good temperature range for an indulgent foot spa 37°C -41°C promote better sleep, especially for a baby. 35°C -37°C is the recommended temperature range for seniors when showering. The 34°C -35°C is best for showering dogs. 38°C - 40°C is the best temperature range to shower your cat. About company:HOMEWELL is famous and noble brand which born and registered in UK, HOMEWELL's designers focus on the smart home products development and manufacturing, HOMEWELL team are committed to optimize the life of people from daily anxiety and pressure. We invite and appreciate you can join together with us by HOMEWELL's products. Thank you!