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Amsinck+Sell 'Moon Garden Torch with 2 Brennelementen Torch Brennelemente Wood Chip
This garden torch impresses with its design. The height of the torch, thanks to the tubes can be adjusted. You can pipe (55 cm) or both pipes Andes barrel of the torch to install. The box contents are 2 Wood Chips Brennelemente, to get you started the garden metal torch. The wooden Päne torches Erlischen, even in wind and rain very slightly. A fuel element has a average burn time of approx. 60 min, according to the weather. In the Erstmaligen use catches the garden torch on to racks, this has a more modern Designef effect. In the Moon design, this torch is a real blickfang.Approx. Size: Hø127 cm x 15 cmTorch head: approx. 17 cm tallMaterial: Metal2 Tube on each 55 cm for screwing them togetherTube Diameter: 19 mmIncludes 2 wood chips BrennelementeBurn time: 60min.Expire Heavy wind and rain
Amsinck & Sell Easter egg hunt pendant
Amsinck & Sell
Made from plywood
Set of 24 Straw Hangers, 5 Shapes, Made from Straw, Display Box, Christmas Hanging Straw Star Pendant
Amsinck & Sell GmbH & Co. KG
Straw trailers to decorate your Christmas tree and gifts with these festive seasons. You can get a set of 24 pieces consisting of: 17 straw stars (pack of 12 pieces + 5 pieces per shape, diameter 8 cm) 2 straw angels with red bow (height 6 cm) 2 straw cones with rother bow (height 6.5 cm) and 2 curly stohg with bow (height 3.5 cm) Packaging: 1 set in a box view
Bee/Ladybird Seated 9cm Sort
Amsinck & Sell
Bee/Ladybird Seated 9cm Sort
High Quality Wall Hanger: Ship 'Maritim' Bell; Made of Brass; Diameter: 12.5 cm x Height 14 cm, Baraccessoire, Accessories, Wall Bell, Ship Decorative Nautical
Amsinck & Sell GmbH & Co. KG
Wall hanging: Ship's BellThis is made from brassIncludes screwsDiameter 12.5 cm, height 14 cmBrown box pack of 1Any pieces of wood not included.
Dome Light 'ø12 cm Snowmen Fine Porcelain Wind Light Dome Light for Christmas Xmas Christmas Lighting Decoration
Amsinck & Sell GmbH & Co. KG
Atmospheric and cosy Christmas Lights Our high Great Dome Light with 'Snowmen' motif.The tea light holder is made from fine white china, the pattern filigree inserted into the surface.The height is 8 cm, diameter: approx. 12 cm.Also available in Christmas tree bark Candy Mold.
Display Set Belle Set Of 6 Slate Square 10 x 10 cm Slate Coasters Decoration Plate Buffet Cheese Platter
Amsinck & Sell GmbH & Co. KG
Set consists of 6 square slate in a display. Dimensions: 10 x 10 cm(without decoration) picturedVersatile, Multiple Use slate: e.g. as a coaster for glasses or candles, a labelling on a desk or table to be used as a decorative plate.
Bird on LED Sign
Amsinck & Sell
36.5 cm for wood 2xAA
Atmospheric Decorative Wooden Lighthouse with LED Lighting White/Blue, 12 cm with Jute Ribbon and detail Coast ORST Sea North Sea Maritime Decoration Bathroom
Amsinck & Sell GmbH & Co. KG
You will get a great decorative 60x80 cm Canvas with LED lighting. The light flickers in a slow and atmospheric - The White and Light Blue Lighthouse is a maritime real eye-catcher.For use an CR 2032 button cell battery is required - this is not included.Package Content: 1 x Decorative LighthouseMaterial: Pine WoodDimensions: 13 x 13 x 30.5 cmThis lighthouse is also available in 24.5 cm in height.
5-piece set. 4 large slate plugs (20 x 3 cm) soapstone pencil! For labelling in the garden of herbs and flower beds or as a menu bar buffet name memo
Amsinck & Sell GmbH & Co. KG
You get 4 large slate plugs 1 soapstone pencil for labelling!The plugs can always be re-labelled with chalk or soapstone and are food-safe.Can be used for example in the garden or on the buffet.Dimensions of each plug: 20 x 3 x 0.5 cm.Another soapstone nails available in our shop.
Maple Leaves, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Decoration, Pack of 16
Artificial Autumn Leaves in the shape of maple leaves, height 9 cm long x 10 cm, 16 pieces in a pack. Ideal for scatter for table decoration in the autumn.
3tlg.Set LED to an and auspusten Real Wax Candles
Here we offer you a set of 3 LED wax candles with air draft sensor and one warm-white LED each. Absolutely safe, because no open fire! The flickering of the flame is deceptively real imitated. By the candle no heat and no smoke are developed. Each candle can be switched on and off individually by simple blowing. The wireless candles can be used everywhere. The upper part of the real wax LED candles consists of a wall, which is illuminated brightly by the slightly flickering LED light and shines through. The lower part of the candle is 'solid', it also shines, but not as bright as the thin walls in the upper part. The candles glow brightly in a very warm colour. It's great that the candles can be placed anywhere without fear of causing a fire or injury - ideal if you have cats or other pets or curious toddlers who want to examine everything. Even when turned off, they are an absolute eye-catcher.