AMTROL 444-53548 1-1/4
AIR PURGER,INLET/OUTLET SIZE:11/4",INLET/OUTLET CONNECTION TYPE:FPT,Being sold as new and unused with no warranty or guarantee.
Amtrol 109-1 Fill-Trol with Valve by Amtrol
APR Supply Co.
This quality fill valve is designed to provide flawless functionality and ensure accurate system makeup of water volume.
AMTROL WX-101 Pre-Pressurized Well Tank by Amtrol
Inline well tank;Deep drawn domes are double the strength of rolled steel;The industry's thickest diaphragm provides extra strength and flexibility;Seamless design conforms exactly to the shell without stretching, creasing or forming bubbles that could trap water or sediment;Unique hoop ring and groove design secures the diaphragm, liner and shell for added strength and reliability
AMTROL FT-109 Expansion Tank
Park Supply of America
Amtrol (141S352) RO Steel Pressure Tank 4.4 Gallon 1/4
AMTROL has been manufacturing Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tanks for over 4 decades. Not only have we been doing it longer than anyone else, we actually invented the technology behind RO tanks.Our proven technology, vast experience and countless other qualities are what place AMTROL high above other manufacturers with their look-alike tanks. Remember, looks can be deceiving. And in the end, you always get what you pay for.Fully enclosed polypropylene and butyl water reservoir ensures water purity, and there's less rubber/water contact than with a bladder tank.AMTROLs pioneering diaphragm design provides longest life and most complete water discharge. Benefits:Made in USAUnsurpassed customer serviceExpert technical supportISO CertifiedAll models NSF ListedIndustry's most comprehensive five-year warrantyAMTROL invented technology4 decadesCEFeatures::Fittings: 1/4"Size: 4.4 GallonsStorage Capacity: 2.8 GallonsDimensions: 11" Dia. x 15" Height
Amtrol 700-C Automatic Air Vent
APR Supply Co.
Float Air Vent, Maximum Pressure 150 PSI, Connection Size 1/8 Inch, Diameter 2 Inches, Maximum Temperature 230 Degrees Fahrenheit, Height 3 5/8 Inches. REPLACES 690 & 732. SPECS ITEM Float Type Air Vent INLET 1/8" OUTLET 1/8" MAX. WORKING PRESSURE (PSI) 150 MAX. TEMP. (F) 230 HEIGHT (IN.) 3-5/8 WIDTH (IN.) 2 UNSPSC 40151726 WEIGHT 0.400000
AMTROL 7307-0001 Centrifugal Pump Seals
Park Supply of America
Amtrol ST-12 Thermal Expansion Tank by Amtrol
Eliminates the waste of energy and water, thus saving money; prevents dangerous pressure build-up in the system; prevents the relief valve from going off
Amtrol 13292 500-20 Water Hammer Arrestor
Amtrol SX-40V SX EXTROL Expansion Tank, 20 Gallon (118-78) by Amtrol
Amtrol; SX 40 V; Expansion Tanks
AMTROL EX-30 30 Extrol Expansion Tank by Amtrol
InLine well tank;Watertight reservoir for expanded water;Thick, heavy duty Butyl/EPDM diaphragm for long service life;Sealed air cushion - factory pre-charged and 100% tested;Strong, deep-drawn steel tank
Amtrol 443 1
The water that is used initially to fill a hot water heating system contains dissolved air. Heating this water releases the air and permits it to be circulated in the system, for which it must be vented. The purpose of the Air Purges is to continuously separate and collect any air from the water as it circulates so that it may be vented automatically by a float air vent without the necessity for frequent manual venting. Please Note: This product should be purchased & installed by a qualified heating professional.
Amtrol 421-1 Mixing Valve, 3/4
APR Supply Co.
Amtrol 421-1. 3/4" MIXING VALVE
AMTROL EX-15 15 Extrol Expansion Tank by Amtrol
2 gallon capacity (note: larger size is Amtrol EX-30);NOT for potable water, for use with closed hydronic heating and cooling systems;Factory precharge: 12 psig Max. working pressure: 100 psig Max. operating temperature: 240 degrees F;Watertight reservoir for expanded water;Thick, heavy duty Butyl/EPDM diaphragm for long service life
AMTROL ST-5 Thermal Expansion Tank by Amtrol
Accepts expanded water caused by thermal expansion;Returns water to the system when hot water is used;Prevents the relief valve from going off;Inline thermal expansion tank;Prevents dripping faucets, intermittent toilet fill and pressure relief valve discharge;Protects water heater, appliances and fixtures
Amtrol 940R101 Smart Control by Amtrol
APR Supply Co.
Water heater smart control;Smart control with thermistor;Complete for all models
Amtrol 445-1 Air Purger, 1-1/2 by Amtrol
APR Supply Co.
Amtrol air purger; For 1-1/2 inch connections; Manufacturer: Amtrol