100 Pcs Disposable Surgical Face Flu Masks, 3+1(Filter Layer) Medical Mask
Best Disposable Earloop Face Mask for you! Filter mask helps decrease the transmission of viruses and germs,Keep your friends, family members and others from contracting your cold of flu. The product is Non-woven fabric such as ultrasonic heating, spot welding and banding with processes, Cellulose and paper / plastic-coated carbon steel, disposable and non-sterile. Air permeability, Hypoallergenic, dust prevention and sterilization.They are able to block dust and microorganisms, and it will not cause tension or anaphylactic reaction for long-term wearing. Smooth cloth is adopted to reduce the falloff of fabrics, which is wash-free, maintenance-free, convenient, practical, safer and more healthful. Please note: When wearing masks, do not excessively pull the strings at both sides or they will break.
Amzhealth HSE 10 Person First Aid Kit Refill
This product contains: Guidance Leaflet 1 Assorted Plasters 20 Sterile Eye Pad Dressing 2 Triangular Bandage 4 Safety Pins 6 Medium HSE Dressing 12cm 6 Large HSE Dressing 18cm 2 Wipes 6 Disposable Gloves (pair) 1
Omnitex Surgical Face Masks With Earloop 3 Ply (CE Marked), Pack of 100
Omnitex Premium 3ply Surgical Type II Face Masks Boxed in 50s Blue Colour 3ply Construction Meltblown Filter 98% Minimum Bacterial Filtration Latex free, Nickel Free, Cadmium Free, Fibreglass Free CE Marked With Ear Loops Ideal for Personal Protection or Beauty Use
Aillvend® 100pcs Thick Disposable Anti-Dust Face Mask with Earloop for Medical, Dental, Nail Salons, Occupational, Construction, Paint, Allergies, Gardening(Light Blue)
These disposable masks are designed with pleat and ear loop to ensure a comfortable fit. They can prevent you from dust, bacteria, formaldehyde, pollen, virus, fungus, odor, flu, PM2.5 and other uses, which are disposable for single use only. Specifications: Material: Non Woven Fabric Mask Colors: Blue Weight:about 270g Quantity: 100pcs Type: Disposable Mask Function: Preventing Dust, Bacteria, Fungus, Odor, Flu, PM2.5, etc. Package Includes: 100pcs 2.7g thick Disposable Masks
Foam Oral / Cleaning Swab (250) Pink
Foam Dry Oral Swabs Toothettes Swab Sticks x 250 Colour pink or green. Ideal for Oral Cleansing Mouth wetting for patient care Product is not sterile Latex Free Does not contain pharmaceuticals In packets of 250 Please beware of the following Guidelines for use Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use (where available). Check that the foam head is firmly attached to the stick before use. Do not leave the swabs soaking in liquid prior to use as this may affect the strength of the foam head attachment. If required moisten the swab immediately before use. If the patient is likely to bite down on the swab consider using an alternative such as a small headed toothbrush with soft bristles. Ensure that all users, including unsupervised patients and carers, are aware of this advice and the manufacturer's instructions for use. Discard oral swabs after use.
Surgical Face Masks by ISC H&S with Earloop 3 Ply, Pack of 50 Masks (White)
ISC | Innovative Services and Consumer Products
ISC is a privately held company based in Austria committed to quality-assured and frustration-free products with a purpose. ISC Hygiene & Safety (H&S) is ISC's product line dedicated to personal and product protection. culinarii is ISC's brand for kitchen and home helpers. Our brand culivac stands for preserving food with vacuum. Search Amazon for culinarii and culivac. For a risk free purchase click 'Add to Basket'. Anti Virus Pollution Protection protective hygienic swine flu infection Hypoallergenic
10 x Flu Surgical Face Masks with earloops Antirus and Pollution Protection
Product Description Extremely lightweight and can be carried in your pocket, bag, jacket etc. Will go in short supply if the predicted flu pandemic arises, so best to be prepared
Ciaoed 100 pcs Disposable Mask Medical Face Masks,Flu Masks Earloop Face Disposable Masks for Filter Dust and Bacteria to Protect Respiratory System,5 colors each 20 pieces Masks.
☆Details description Type: dust mask  Mask style: hanging ear  Material: Non-woven fabric  Model: Non-woven three-layer flu masks  Executive Standard: ISO9001 / CE Mask size: 17.5 * 9.5CM  Color:5 colors (black, pink, white, blue, purple) masks, each color 20.  ☆Applications  Flu Masks Suitable for occasions: for electronics manufacturing, clean rooms, catering, schools,            motorcycles, beauty, environmental cleaning, public places, etc. Flu Masks Suitable for the crowd: cleaners, generators, farmers, doctors, students, nurses, etc.  ☆Package includes 100 pcs/ pack,5 colors each 20 pieces . ☆Warm notice  Before wearing a flu masks, keep your hands clean and try not to touch the inside of the mask             to avoid contamination of the mask by bacteria on your hands.  If the mask needs to be used for the second time, it should be cleaned in time and dried after             high temperature sterilization. It is best to dry in the sun. 
50 x Disposable Surgical Ear Loop Face Dust Mouth Cover Masks
50 x Flu Face Masks with earloops Anti Virus and Pollution Protection
Surgical Face Mask with Ear-loops against Pollution - Virus Protection - Pack of 100 Masks
Wholesale Solutions
Getting sick is no fun at all, so you want to be able to protect yourself as much as possible. By purchasing these convenient surgical face masks, you will be able to keep yourself safe from the common cold! Avoid getting the flu and also protect yourself from air pollution and harmful allergens!Wearing this mask will keep you from having problems with getting sick. It fits comfortably over your mouth and nose in order to prevent germs from negatively impacting your life. External threats will be far less worrisome when you make use of these convenient disposable masks.There are many uses for these types of surgeons face masks too. They will come in handy for anyone who works in the medical field. Surgeons, doctors, dentists, and nurses will all be able to use these masks all the time. They can also be beneficial for construction workers, farmers, nail artists, and much more!You can keep yourself safe from germs, noxious smells, and many other hazards. All of this can be accomplished while staying perfectly comfortable. These masks will fit you fantastically and you will barely even notice that it is on. It feels very natural overall and will simply keep you safe.The masks themselves are hypoallergenic, meaning that they can act as powerful filters. If you regularly ride your bicycle or if you like to talk long strolls, then it will be helpful to wear this mask. It can protect you from allergens, pollen, dust, bacteria, and even viruses!To add to this, you will be getting this surgical masks at a very great price. Take advantage of this amazing deal while supplies last to keep yourself protected.
Disposable Mask,50 Count 3 Ply Disposable Earloop Face Masks Earloop Woven Masks Nose Allergy Dust Mask Filter Mask for Medical Dental Surgical Hypoallergenic(Blue)

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Reliance Medical Dependaplast Washproof Plasters (Pack of 100)
Flexible PU plastic film is used to ensure a super-thin, flexible, washproof plaster. The membrane is moisture vapour permeable, allowing the skin to breathe, without the need for physical perforations, keeping the adhesive securely in place, whilst acting as a complete barrier to water, virus, bacteria and fungi. High-tech acrylic adhesive provides a really secure fixing but is skin friendly and low allergy.
Steroplast Sterowash Saline Eye Wash Solution - 2 x 500ml Bottles
0.9% saline solution is ideal for eye washing applications. Easy to squeeze, soft plastic bottles. A topical, sterile eye wash solution, containing Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v in purified water BP - no antimicrobial agent or other substance has been added. The product is sterile and pyrogen free and is designed for single use only.
6 x Sterile Eyewash 500ml Bottle
A topical, sterile eyewash solution, containing Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v in purified water BP No antimicrobial agent or other substance has been added The product is sterile and pyrogen free Sterile eyewash solution may be used for the irrigation and cleansing of the eyes and for removing chemical splashes from the body
12 Microporous / Micropore Surgical Dressing Retention Medical Paper Tape 2.5cm x 10m.
Crest Medical
Product Qualities: Hypo-allergenic adhesive-stronger medical grade. Tape holds dressings in place. Perfect on a child's skin. Permeable to air and water vapour to reduce maceration (whitening of skin). Soft surgical tape for sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic adhesive is kind to all types of skin, but does not compromise on its ability to adhere well. Ideally Used For: Retaining dressings & bandages. Using with the sensitive skin of children or the elderly. Size & Quantities 2.5cm x 10m - 12 Rolls VAT Invoice always supplied with every order