Andrews Water Heaters

Andrews C456AWH Spare Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve
Andrews Water Heaters
Spare Andrews Water Heaters Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (Part Number: C456AWH) for Andrews Boilers.
Andrews E658 Commercial Water Heater Fan And Gasket *New*
Andrews C788 Spare Expansion Vessel Hose
Andrews Water Heaters
Spare Andrews Water Heaters Expansion Vessel Hose (Part Number: C788) for Andrews Unvented Hot Water Cylinders.
Andrews C782 Spare Potable Expansion Vessel
Andrews Water Heaters
Spare Andrews Water Heaters Potable Expansion Vessel (Part Number: C782) for Andrews Unvented Hot Water Cylinders.
ANDREWS Ecoflo Water Storage Heater Transformer E888
Andrews Transformer Andrews Part Number: E888 This Transformer Fits The Following Andrews Water Storage Heaters:- • Ecoflo Any Questions ??? Please Don't Hesitate To Ask
Andrew James Raclette Machine Set with Oval Stone Grill Plate | 8 Spatulas & Pans for Cooking Cheese and Side Dishes | Adjustable Temperature Control | 2m Power Cable | 1200W
Andrew James
The Andrew James Oval Stone Raclette Grill is perfect for dinner parties or fun family gatherings. It has room for up to 8 people to create their own grilled meats and colourful vegetables as well as individuals sides like the classic melted cheese or a more adventurous potatoes bravas or other tapas dishes. It features a large stone cooking plate for grilling and searing your food. At 41cm x 27cm there is plenty of room for everyone to add their own choice. We've included 8 wooden spatulas, one for everyone to turn and press their food without damaging the non-stick surface of the stone or their individual raclette pans. What's more, because you only need a very tiny amount of oil to get your food sizzling this can be a really healthy way to cook, as well as being delicious and entertaining. Underneath the stone there is room for the individual mini pans that can be used to cook sides, eggs, sauces or to melt cheese etc. After use the removable stone plate can be wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth whilst the individual pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Indoor or Outdoor Use Raclettes are perfect for dinner parties and with a 2m power cable you can place it in the centre of the table with plenty of room for your guests to sit around it. If you want to protect your table from any splashes or marks simply sit the raclette on some place mats. You can also use the raclette outdoors for alfresco dining, just make sure your socket it suitable for outdoor use. Adjustable Temperature Control The electric Raclette Grill can reach 220 degrees centigrade. It has a power on indicator light and an adjustable thermostat so you can easily set your desired temperature just by turning the dial on the front.
Andrew James Electric Milk Frother Warmer and Heater Jug | Dual Function Froth or Foam Hot or Cold Liquids | Non-Stick Coating | Silent Operation | 500W | Black
Andrew James
Your Andrew James Dual Function Milk Frother and Warmer is the perfect tool for heating, frothing, and foaming milk to add to homemade, barista-style coffees. It can warm 300ml of milk up to 65 degrees within 2 minutes - great for cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolate. Using this milk frother couldn't be easier. Pour your milk into the jug and press the power button once to heat and froth. If you want cold, frothy milk, press and hold the power button until the blue 'cold' light illuminates alone. If you just want to heat the milk, remove the foaming whisk from inside the jug so the milk is stirred as it heats rather than frothing up. Safety Features The 360° base boasts non-slip feet, so you can be confident it won't slide by accident, while the main unit detaches from the base leading to cordless operation. There is an automatic shut-off system, ensuring that your milk doesn't burn or over-froth. Smooth Foam The whisking element creates froth with small bubbles for an extra smooth finish. To help you pour your milk, we've added a cool-touch, ergonomic handle and easy-pour spout for accurate dispensing. Excellent Heat Retention Keep your milk warm with the double-walled insulation that helps to retain heat. There are 2 maximum lines marked inside the jug. Use the lower one for frothing milk with the higher one just for heating to avoid spills. After use, the non-stick interior surface makes cleaning your Milk Frother just as simple as using it. Please note: Dairy-free milk substitutes do not froth very well and we don't recommend using this appliance for frothing soy or almond-style milks.