Anest Iwata AZ3 HTE 2 1.3mm Tip Air Fed Gravity Spray Gun Paint Light Weight Ergonomic gun design
Anest Iwata
INFO:Fine finish polished bodySmooth polished surface makes it easier to cleanErgonomic gun designNew trigger and ergonomic grip shape to relieve stress on paintingLight weight & well balanced bodyGun head 20-50 g lighter than previous modelImproved AKULON cupImproved paint cup with multi thread constructionPressure assisted cup (new product)AirGunsa have added a pressure assisted paint cup system to the high viscosity paint application rangeSpare parts compatible with previous AZ3 HTE
Anest Iwata Paint Spray Gun AIR GUNSA AZ3 HTE2 1.3mm
Anest Iwata
Spray Gun AZ3 HTE2 recommended for spray painting with acrylic and polyurethane colours, clear varnishes, base coats and undercoats in conventional and water-diluting systems. New heads ensure a high transfer of the product to be sprayed · Base coat 89% · Surface and clear varnishes 84% · Basic Colours that can be diluted in water 79% Ergonomic shape, perfect balance, simple and durable design satisfies all users. Technical details: Nozzle: 1.3 mm Pressure: 2 bar Liquid yield: 140 ml / min Air consumption: 200 l / min Beam Width: 240 mm Head type: 10-15HTE Case weight: 517g
ANEST IWATA 1Kw Infra Red Heater Unit Car Bodywork Smart Repair Infrared Paint Dryer & Stand Car Automotive Vehicle Dry Paint
Anest Iwata
1Kw Infra Red Heater UnitThe 1kw hand held with stand is the ideal model to comlement any existing full sized drying system.This is the ideal model for spot repair dryingCombining all the features of a flexible hand held heater with all the benfits of a free standing paint dryerBuilt in isolating switchWide angle high light reflectorPistol grip handleFitted with a 300mm 1.0Kw GC shortwave lamp3 metres of flexible cableSturdy 6ft chrome plated standFull height 'slide and lock' heater bracket
Anest Iwata’s VIUAF2010KIT Air Breathing Protective Mask Set very easy to wear and highly functional It complies with European Regulations for compressed air equipmen/throat protection.
Anest Iwata
This 2010 air fed mask has a new upward air flow for operator comfort and to protect the user from 2 pack paints. This balances the positive pressure and also helps against irritation of the eyes when the mask is used for long periods. The 2010 air fed mask is certified as class 3 which is required for 2 pack paint, the mask requires a visible or audible warning for this certification. Features Upward air flow, means less irritation to eyes, when used for long periods The new warning made from one complete pipe, this means no joints Floating headband adjustment for maximum comfort Comfort sweatband Easily adjustable headband ratchet Wide vision visor Cartridge type vision cassette Replaceable visor cover Low noise air diffuser Air filter regulator mounted on pliable bracket that moulds to the body Carbon filter Adjustable air control regulator Consumes roughly 6CFM
Iwata 5935 1.2mm Supernova Entech HVLP Air Spray Gun
Includes LS400-1205 1.2mm Supernova Entech HVLP Air Spray Gun - 5935
ANEST IWATA Impact Controller 2 Air Regulator for Paint Stolen
Anest Iwata impact controller 2 air pressure regulator for paint stolen
ANEST IWATA 5560 LPH400 LPH-400-164LV 1.6 mm LPH400LV Spray Gun without Cup
High performance center post gravity feed HVLP spray gun with low air consumption and superior atomization utilizing LV technology and our tulip inspired spray pattern. The gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up and reduces material waste. Application:Woodwork, Furniture, Metal,Automotive refinish Touch-ups, Base Coat, Top Coat
ANEST IWATA AVF 2 Air Regulator with Quick-Action Coupling for Paint Stolen
Anest Iwata
• * Control Range 0 - 6 bar Mounting control allowing you to individually adjust of the working pressure when painting. The print on the paint spray gun can be adjusted from 0 to 6 bar. For direct connection to the paint spray gun with Quick Couplings to hose and paint spray gun for rapid removal when cleaning. Remove not lösemittelfest - Preliminary cleaning in gun car wash.
Anest Iwata W-400-132G Bellaria1.3mm paint spray gun with 600cc cup
Anest Iwata
Anest Iwata has improved the outstanding LV2 air cap with two unique new air caps with technology Flat & ThinTM • Only 250/270 l/min air consumption, giving the sprayer an excellent control of the fluid build • Stable, large and compact pattern shape • Perfect for Clear Coat HS
Anest Iwata LPH 80 Premium paint spray gun
Anest Iwata
Anest Iwata LPH 80.Professional paint spray gun for the smallest tasks and very thin materials.Specially designed for small repairs and hard-to-reach places.Vehicle paintwork.Spot repair painting of wood.Patinating, industrial coating.Toy Industry and porcelain.Specially designed for small repairs and hard-to-reach areas, LVLP technology (low air volume, low pressure), very low overspray formation, thus no risk of "silting" in the run-off zones, extremely low material consumption even with sensitive colours, very fine vaporisation with low air requirement (60 Nl/min), perfect handling, finely adjustable gun settings, use of different nozzle sets with one air cap only, Anest Iwata specific: quiet and pleasant noise with one of the lightest spot spray guns on the market (205 g only), easy operation of adjusting knobs, suitable for right and left handers, conical sealing nozzle, few wear parts, clear pistol construction, easy maintenance, high quality surface for an easy gun cleaning, compatible with 3M PPS, interchangeable cup system (adapter type 31).LPH 80 operating instructions in German (English language is not guaranteed).Technology tips:Replacement part matrix - Anest Iwata paint spray gun.-
ANEST IWATA Twin 1.0Kw InfraRed Heater Car Bodywork Repair Paint Dryer/Stand + Digital Timer Car Automotive Vehicle Paint Dry
Anest Iwata
MDA Bitec are please to announce the launch of the new Anest Iwata Twin Infra Red Heat Drying Lamps product to compliment the existing excellent range. The new 2 x 1.0Kw 300mm cassette is ideal for drying sills, bumpers and lower area of the vehicle due its new fixing bracket1 x Twin Bracket for drying at the same height1 x Single bracket to be used along with the Twin Bracket to allow drying at different heights.2 x New swivel joint makes the repair process nice and easyDimensions: 300mm x 140mm x 85mmElectrical Specification, 220/240.Volts: 1.0KwSturdy 6ft chrome plated standPistol grip handleSingle Phase. 2 x New 300mm cassette head is perfect for longer areas, including sills and bumpers.Great for drying windscreen pillars and back of top quarters. The handle on the back makes the 1.0KW infra red easy to lower to the floor to dry those difficult hard to reach areas.
Tear Off Visor Covers for Anest Iwata Air Fed Mask - Pack 10
Anest Iwata
Tear Off Visor CoversSuitable for Anest Iwata 2010 Full Face Air Fed Mask (VIUAF2010KIT)Pack of 10 covers