Anna's Craft

Creativity, Education and Society: Writings of Anna Craft
Trentham Books
This engaging book offers an overview of the work of Professor Anna Craft, an international authority on creativity in education. Anna held concurrent chairs at the Open University and the University of Exeter, and for several years was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. She died of cancer in 2014, aged 52. In over a hundred publications Anna developed her concept of 'possibility thinking', the ability that allows us to transform what is to what might be. And in exploring the notion of 'everyday creativity' she devised classroom and policy strategies to foster the development of a problem-solving approach across the school curriculum from the earliest years of schooling - an ability she considered a fundamental requirement in today's complex and fast-changing societies. In this memorial volume Anna's close colleagues Kerry Chappell, Teresa Cremin and Bob Jeffrey have chosen ten of her key writings on five themes that illustrate the development of her innovative ideas: * The nature of creative teaching and learning * Possibility thinking * Creativity and education professionals * Creativity, wisdom and ethics * Creativity and education futures
Creativity and Early Years Education: A lifewide foundation (Continuum Studies in Lifelong Learning)
Creativity in the Early Years Creativity is firmly embedded in curricular, exam and inspection schemes. Focusing on children aged 3-8, this book discusses the teaching of creativity, explaining the implications for practice, theory and policy, through a consideration of pedagogy, curriculum, learning and assessment. Full description
The Modern Flower Painter: Creating Vibrant Botanical Portraits in Watercolour
Search Press Ltd
Anna Mason's exceptional floral artwork has won awards from the Royal Horticultural Society, International Artist magazine and seen her elected to the prestigious Society of Botanical Artists. In this book, she shares her innovative watercolour technique so that you can paint flowers in her clean, crisp style. The book covers every aspect of painting modern botanical-style portraits of flowers, from tips on gathering your reference to Anna's six stage watercolour process., There are instructions on setting up your studio and how to produce the detailed drawings. Each of the six step-by-step projects is accompanied by an outline drawing, tonal notes and useful colour swatches so that you can compare the tone and hue of your mixes to Anna's own. This all builds into a fantastic guide that will inspire and challenge the experienced watercolour artist, while drawing in and reassuring the complete beginner.
Creativity in Education
Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
The UK Government's publication of 'All our Futures: Culture, Creativity and Education' has started a discussion about fostering This examination offers a guide to issues of practice, pedagogy and policy concerned with creative eduction.
Creativity Across the Primary Curriculum: Framing and Developing Practice: Principles and Practice
Teaching Creativity An inspirational look at how to foster children's creativity whilst following the National Curriculum. A practical book it will ring bells with educators who want to teach with originality and scope.
Transforming Practice: Critical issues in equity, diversity and education
Trentham Books Ltd
This Open University Reader critically examines educational issues of equity, diversity and social justice and how they are socially, culturally, economically rooted in educational practice across diverse educational settings. It highlights research, practice and pedagogies that challenge and transform educational experiences to support equity, social justice and inclusivity. The 25 chapters offer a broad range of methodologies and international perspectives on the effects of diversity on pedagogy, policy, management and curriculum. The critical perspectives and the examples explored offer a wealth of insights for those interested in the pursuit through education of equality, social justice and social inclusion for disadvantaged groups. Transforming Practice is essential reading for students seeking to address equity and diversity issues in all educational sectors, and for professionals with responsibility for enhancing educational achievement. Professionals working in related areas of policy and practice, including health, social welfare, training and employment will find it invaluable.
Daughter of Light and Shadows: A gorgeous fantasy page turner of witchcraft and magic (The Elemental Kingdoms Series)
'A fantasy romance based on Celtic lore. This book is a captivating, well-written dark fairytale that I devoured in one sitting.’ Goodreads ReviewerFaye Morgan – beautiful, independent and lonely – runs her family’s small shop of magical curiosities like her mother and grandmother before her. She longs for an escape, unaware of the dark power that flows through her veins…When Faye casts a spell into the sea one cold morning, her call brings her to the attention of the wild and impulsive faerie king Finn Beatha. Finn pulls Faye into an intoxicating new world, both magical and treacherous… and as bewitching as Finn himself, who seems to command every part of her when he’s near.As Faye’s passion for Finn grows, so does her fear that she might be there for some darker reason... and that she could be trapped in Faerie forever. Is there something in Faye’s past connecting her to this place, to Finn? And dare she find out more when every moment draws her further away from her old world?A gorgeously sexy and action-packed read, perfect for fans of K.F. Breene's Natural Witch, Shannon Mayer and Laini Taylor. You’ll never want to put this book down! This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the Elemental Kingdoms series.The Elemental Kingdoms SeriesBook 1 – Daughter of Light and ShadowsBook 2 – Queen of Sea and StarsWhat readers are saying about Daughter of Light and Shadows…‘A sexy and intoxicating novel… The battle between light and dark played out in very magical way for Faye that kept me on the edge of my seat… cast its own spell upon me, leaving me wanting more and more.’ The Luminessence, 5 stars‘I was hooked… there is so much in this story and before you know it, you too will be sucked into the world of Faerie and all the vivid descriptions and magical elements, that you won't want the story to end either.’ Goodreads reviewer‘The chemistry between the characters is palpable and sparks fly… There is a mystery to the way the story unravels and it takes you for a ride you won’t soon forget. I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys some paranormal fun.’ Up All Night with Books‘A fantasy romance based on Celtic lore. This book is a captivating, well-written dark fairy tale that I devoured in one sitting.’ Goodreads reviewer‘A warm story of magic and witchcraft… The plot twists and turns and takes a few detours to get to the ending.... A very enjoyable read!!!’ Tonya’s Book Reviews‘Sexy fairies, witchcraft, elemental magic, folklore, witchy grannies... the driving energy of the tale comes from the main character's journey… a story about a woman stepping into her own power.’ Goodreads reviewer‘The perfect book to read on a rainy day – a dreamy escape from the mundane world into one darker, sexier, and a lot more dangerous… Laced with magic and sensuality… I can't wait for the second instalment.’ Melinda Salisbury ‘I loved the melding of fae, witch, and magic lore and life. A well-told tale.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘A magical, romantic novel about three friends who work a spell from the family grimoire to find their true loves… Really enjoyed this.’ Lauren James, 5 stars'I liked how the author touched the topic of understanding ourselves and accepting ourselves the way we are. With our past, fears, sadness and also passion… sweet fantasy romance, with some action.’ Notes of a Book Dragon‘I am a huge fan of fairy tales and this was one that definitely has a unique twist… a lot of great characters.’ Sean’s Book Reviews‘I love the lore and the fae world which the author creates… filled with magic.’ Old Socks and Lollipops
Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook
John Wiley & Sons
Rare Book
Developing Reflective Practice in the Early Years by Paige-Smith, Alice, Craft, Anna Published by Open University Press (2011)

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Anna Mason's Watercolour World
Search Press(UK)
This engaging guide to painting a wide variety of natural subjects is packed with information and inspiration.Although there are plenty of step-by-step demonstrations, this is not just a technical manual, but also helps you look, observe and appreciate the world around you, often in your own garden. Anna finds details and small items such as leaves and feathers that can make subjects in their own right, add to a larger composition or just be exercises in capturing textures.The whole idea is of ongoing immersion in your surroundings and the book moves from topic to exercise and demonstration dynamically, changing emphasis and keeping your interest and attention all the time. With this enthusiasm and Anna's beautiful results and clear explanations, it's impossible not to be carried along with her and into her world.The illustrations are particularly clear and enlarged images allow you to see the individual brushstrokes that make up the shading on a single blackberry or the detail in the feathers of a blue tit.This is intriguing, enthralling and, above all, a thoroughly enjoyable book.