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Idropulitrice Annovi Reverberi 471 Ar 160 Bar 480 Litri/ora - 2100W
Idropulitrice Acqua Fredda, pompa a 3 pistoni assiali in acciaio inox temperato. Carrello a 2 ruote con manico, pistoni comandati da piattello oscillante, testa alluminio. Valvola di sicurezza automatica con azzeramento della pressione nella testa pompa, sistema d'arresto totale a distanza. Protezione termica del motore, filtro acqua ispezionabile. Cavo elettrico da 5 metri. Fornita con: pistola, lancia con getto regolabile, lancia con getto rotante, kit schiumogeno con serbatoio da 0,5 litri, tubo alta pressione in PVC da 6 metri, mini patio.
Pressure Washer Cold Water Pump to 3 PISTONS Axial, Controlled by Piattello Oscillating, Aluminium Head. Pistons Tempered Stainless Steel, Automatic Valve. Suction Cleaner Incorporated with Adjustment. Induction Electric Motor with PROTEZ
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High Pressure Washer AR Blue Clean AR 381. COLD WATER 3 axial piston pump driven by the oscillating plate, aluminum head. Pistons made of hardened steel. Automatic safety valve with pressure in the head pump, total stop system of the high-remote. Motor thermal protection, aspiraziomne detergent tank for direct incorporated. Detergent tank capacity 1.4 lt. Water filter and inspect electrical cable length 5 m. Technical Datas Category: AR Series Model: 3 SERIES Product: 381 ARCode: 13691 Max Pressure (bar): 125 Max Pressure (psi) 1812 Flow l / h: 420 Flow gph: 111 Power (abs): 1.6 kw Power (abs) rpm: 3400 Power (abs) Hz: 50-60 Power (abs) V :220-240 Unit Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 280x240x650 Package dimensions LxWxH (cm): 440x375x620 Weight 9.6 kg
Annovi Reverberi AR North America TPP1401/4A Thermal Relief Valve, 1/4-Inch
AR North America
The Annovi Reverberi TPP140-1/4A thermal relief valve series are mounted into the low pressure side of the pump manifold and will vent when water temperatures exceed the valve's specifications. The protects the pump from heat abuse. A must for any pump that might ever be left in bypass mode (unloading) for more than 15 seconds! protects the pump from overheating caused by recirculating water.
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Idropulitrice Acqua Fredda, pompa a 3 pistoni assiali, comandati dal piattello oscillante. Carrello in metallo a due ruote gommate con manico. Testa pompa in ottone con valvola By-Pass automatica. Motore elettrico a induzione monofase con protezione termica. Sistema arresto automatico a distanza (TSS). Ingresso acqua fino a 50°. Misuratore di pressione in bagno di glicerina. Aspirazione detergente regolabile e distribuzione in bassa pressione. Con tubo alta pressione mt.8 rinforzato con maglia metallica, pistola professionale e lancia con getto a ventaglio regolabile. Cavo elettrico mt.5 e attacchi a vite in ottone.
Annovi Reverberi MLSP Pressure Washer Sluge Pump, Green
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32 foot PVC Sludge Pump hose 4.8 Max GPM 22mm x 1.5 M Inlet Hose Size Ø38mm Hose Type PVC
Annovi Reverberi PW909199FLEX Pressure Washer Unloader, Black
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AR Blue Clean upgraded 20′ flexible high-pressure hose. For use with electric pressure washers. 2,200 max PSI M22 X 15mm connections 25′ 1/4″ hose
Annovi Reverberi AR0-5000 Pressure Washer Unloader, 5000 Max PSI, Stainless Steel
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A.R. Pressure Gauges enable the user to see what pressure levels their system is developing. Accurate gauges can warn of internal pump damage, cavitation, pressure spikes, and other problems. Glycerin filled. Bottom Mount. 2 1/2" Case Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Case 1/4" Connection Max PSI: 5,000 Graduation Major: 1,000 Graduation Minor: 100
Annovi Reverberi AR3223B Pressure Washer Unloader, Stainless Steel
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A.R. Pressure Gauges enable the user to see what pressure levels their system is developing. Accurate gauges can warn of internal pump damage, cavitation, pressure spikes, and other problems. Glycerin filled. Rear Mount. 1 1/2" Case Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Case Material 1/8" Connection Size 2000 Max PSI Graduation Major: 500 Graduation Minor: 50
Annovi Reverberi AR376000 Pressure Washer Unloader, Stainless Steel
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Quick Connect & Plug Mount Kit 2 1/2" Case Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Case Material 1/4" Plug Inset Quick Connect Outlet PSI - 0-6000 Graduation Major: 1000 Graduation Minor: 100
Annovi Reverberi AR23506 Pressure Washer Unloader, Brass
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The VRC-B internal by-pass unloaders are designed for the RC electric and gas commercial plunger pump series. Features a bolt on design with internal by-pass system. Adjustable pressure releases pressure in pump head when in by-pass, protecting from over pressurization. Eliminates by-pass hose and fittings. Built-in chemical injector available. The molded plastic adjusting knob is designed for user comfort. Brass body with a stainless steel plunger and spring, by-pass is aluminum or brass. Adjustable Injector Max GPM: 4 Max PSI: 2600 Inlet: 3/8" F NPT Outlet: 3/8" M NPT Pump Series: RC Plunger Pumps
Annovi Reverberi AL-QC3/8B Pressure Washer, Coupler, Quick Connect, 3/8
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The quick connect coupler are designed for safe and easy connection of frequently change or moved fittings. 420 Stainlesstell secured ball bearings 75 shore viton O-ring Ball Quick Connect. 4000 Max PSI 300 Max Temp (Fahrenheit) 3/8" Female
Blaupunkt Induction Pressure Washer PW7000-165 bar 2100W High Power AC Electric Aluminium Pump – Long 8m Hose - with Hi/Lo Pressure Nozzle, Turbo Nozzle and Car Cleaning Accessories Kit
When it's time to battle against dirt, only the right power washer tools will help you to win the war. The BLAUPUNKT PW series pressure washer with its amazing accessories set, has the weapons that you need. The PW7000 is a professional grade pressure washer that comes equipped for whatever enemy you face.This high specification power washer features a 2100 watt Brushless Aluminium Induction Motor you have 165 bars max pressure (135 bars working pressure) and 7.5L/min Flow Rate with the strength to easily tackle deep ingrained dirt and the durability to work for extended periods without rest. Not all surfaces are the same, stonework requires a higher concentrated pressure yet car paintwork can be damaged and needs a softer touch - thankfully the PW7000 has you covered. Simply adjust the blue rear section of the nozzle to switch between high and low pressures or the grey front section to alter the shape of the jet from a point to a flat line. For the toughest jobs like neglected patios with a heavy build-up of dirt, normal jets just aren't enough, for tasks like these we've supplied the turbo nozzle giving you up to 50% more power to shift dirt than the standard nozzle - featuring a rotating blast of water that lifts muck other pressure washers cannot move. Cleaning performance can be further improved by using detergents which is made simple thanks to the handy tank which automatically feeds the solution when filled. The PW7000 is neatly stored thanks to the convenient hose reel, a telescopic handle, cable tidy and lance holder while the wheels make moving it around easy. The package is completed by the addition of a pair of brushes ideal for cleaning cars and other objects which include a rotary brush for delicate surfaces and a detail brush for hard to reach places. Backed by an extended 3-year warranty when you register your product.
Trueshopping Pressure Washer 2000W 150 BAR / 2176 PSI and 700W Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Trueshopping Pressure Washer 2000W 150 BAR / 2176 PSI and 700W Wet & Dry Vacuum CleanerThe Trueshopping 2000W 2 in 1 Power Washer and Vacuum Cleaner for quality, design and affordability.This innovatively designed 2 in 1 combination machine from Trueshopping provides a high-pressure Power Washer with all the features and benefits brought together with a detachable high suction Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner.Both units come with a range of very useful tools and accessories enabling fast and effective cleaning in and around a vehicle, vacuuming around the workshop, sucking up spills, leaves and power washing around the garden.2 in 1 Pressure Washer Specification: Output power: 2000 Watts Max. Pump Pressure:150 BAR / 2176 PSI Nozzle Pressure: 100 BAR High Pressure Power Hose Length: 5 Metres Power Cable Length: 5 Metres (PVC) Flow (Ltr/Min): 5 Max. Flow Rate (Ltr/hr): 300 Power Source: Electric Input Voltage: 240V Auto Stop/Start: Yes Built-in Detergent Tank: Yes Hose Reel: No Wheel Mounted: Yes Weight: 13KG Special Features: Click & Connect Accessories Includes: High Pressure Lance with 'Click & Connect' fitting and Plastic Pressure Gun with Adjustable NozzleWet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Specification: Wet & Dry operation Motor: 700 Watts Drum Capacity: 8 litres Flexible Hose Length: 1.2 Metres Fitted with 10 metre power cable Dimensions: 640cm x 370cm x 370cm Weight of combined machines: 13Kg Telescopic chromed steel wand Washable and reusable filter sleeve for dry operation Includes: Car & Window Brush Angled, Turbo and Vario Nozzle Reusable filter bag with blow function
Annovi Reverberi AR Oil Seal Repair Kit 2236 for RMW & RMV Power Pressure Washer Water Pump
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It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that this item is the correct part for their unit. All buyers are encouraged to check the dimensions of their unit prior to purchase.
Annovi Reverberi AR North America 5412 T5000 4.5 Orifice Turbo Nozzle
AR North America
Rotary nozzle with 045 orifice, rotating high impact ceramic nozzle: 0 degree impact with 25 degree pattern, max psi; 5000, inlet: 1/4"f, max temperature: 194 degree f.
Annovi Reverberi AR North America MV60H Horizontal Mounting 4,350 PSI Flow Switch
AR North America
Flow Switch, Max. Flow 8 gpm, Max. Fluid Temp. 180 Degrees F, Max. Pressure 5660 psi, For Use With High Pressure Pumps, Inlet 3/8" NPT, Dimensions 4-1/4" L x 1-1/2" dia., Material Plastic, Brass, Steel, Includes Switch Assembly, Manual