ANRIS Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 WiFi Wireless Smart Switch, 4 Gang Inching / Self-Locking / Interlock WiFi RF Remote Control Switch, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest
Description: 4CH Pro R2 are 4 gang WiFi switches. They support switching among 3 working modes: interlock/self-locking/inching mode. 4CH Pro R2 supports to set 1-16s delay in inching mode. This feature allows you to let your switch turn on for a few seconds then goes off, which works like a pulse switch. They integrate with a 433MHz RF receiver module, making them possible to be controlled by RF Remote. Users can remotely turn on/off the connected lights/appliances by iOS/Android App eWeLink or 433MHz RF Remote. They can create 8 enabled single/repeat/countdown timers to automatically turn on/off at the specified time. The timers can run themselves even when the network is unavailable. When you registered via APP ewelink, you need to write your phone number or email address, which is protecting your account and preventing others invading, controlling your home device.Note: This won't reveal your privacy. Specification: Voltage Range: 90-250V AC(50/60Hz) / 5-24V DC Max Current: 10A/gang Max Power: 2200W/gang Wireless Frequency: WiFi 2.4GHz ; Does not support 5GZ WIFI Wireless Standard: 802.11 b/g/n & 433MHz Enclosure Material: Fire-retardant ABS V0 Operating Temperature(recommended): 0oC-40oC(32¡ãF-104¡ãF) Operating Humidity: 5%-90%RH, Non-condensing Certification: CE/FCC/RoHS Package: 1*4CH Pro R2 1* Manual Any question please feel free to contact us via Amazon. Thanks for choosing SPmall!
ANRIS UNI-T UT387B Multifunctional Handheld Wall Scanners Metal Wood AC Cable Finder Scanner
UT387B is a handheld wall scanner whichcan detect the metal, wood and copper conductors hidden in the wall (includingthe floor and ceiling). It is a perfect tool used for interior decoration ofhomes, hotels, factories, and schools. Features: Professional wall detector can be used to detect metal, wood and AC cable hidden in the wall. Keep the instrument close to the wall and slowly move it. When it has detected metal, wood or AC cable, it will display the signal strength and beep. According to signal strength, you can judge the exact location of the materials which can avoid drilling failure. The detector can detect an AC cable with a voltage higher than 110V, 50-60Hz, the sensibility may be weak when the cable is grounded. The ZOOM key is helpful to detect small things or things buried in deep. High accuracy, with a maximum detection depth of 80mm. Portable size, convenient to use. Specifications: Maximum Detection Depth: Ferrous Metal( iron pipe with a minimum diameter of 3cm): 80mm Nonferrous Metal(aluminum with a minimum volume of 30*2*2cm): 80mm Live Wire: 50mm Wood(with a minimum volume of 20*16*4cm): 20mm Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C Storage Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C Temperature for guaranteed Precision: 18 ~ 28°C Package List: 1 * Wall Detector 1 * Bag 1 * User Manual If you have any question, Please contact us via Anazon. Thanks for choose SPmall!
ANRIS Sonoff DIY Wireless Controll Wifi Switch Works with Amazon Echo Goolge Nest for Smart Home Assistant iOS Android
App features and features:- Remote Control -Turn electronic devices on/off from anywhere- Monitor Energy Usage -Keep track of live power, current and voltage of your appliances on App- Historical Energy Consumption -100-day daily/monthly energy usage data and total electricity cost - Overload Protection -Set power, current and voltage threshold values to let appliances auto-off- Measure Power Usage for a Period -Measure your appliances' power consumption for a specified time- Sync Status-Real-time device status provided to App- Timing Function -Supports 8 enabled scheduled/countdown timers- Share Control -Invite your family to control your smart home together- Scene-Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap or triggered on/off by another smart device- Smart Scene-Triggered on/off by temp, hum or other environmental conditions from a sensor- APP Supported -IOS and Android eWeLink app- Compatibility -Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest When you registered via APP ewelink, you need to write your phone number or email address, which is protecting your account and preventing others invading, controlling your home device.Note: This won't reveal your privacy. Specification: Voltage range: 100-240V AC Max Current: 240V 15A Max Power: 3500W Wireless Frequency: 2.4Ghz
ANRIS UNI-T UT501A Insulation Resistance tester meter megger earth ground resistance Voltage Tester Megohmmeter Voltmeter + Backlight
Insulation Resistance (Ω): Test Voltage (100V/250V/500V/1000V) Best Accuracy (0%~10%)100V:0.00MΩ~100MΩ、±(3%+5) 250V;0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ、±(3%+5);100MΩ~5.0GΩ、±(5%+5) 500V:0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ、±(3%+5);100MΩ~5.0GΩ、±(5%+5) 1000V:0.00MΩ~99.9MΩ、±(3%+5);100MΩ~5.0GΩ、±(5%+5) Load Current:50V (R=50kΩ) 1mA、0%~10%;100V (R=100kΩ) 1mA、 0%~10%;250V (R=250kΩ) 1mA、0%~10%;500V (R=500kΩ) 1mA、 0%~10%;1000V (R=1MΩ) 1mA、 0%~10% Short Circuit Current:
ANRIS KOTION EACH G2000 Upgrade Over-ear Gaming Headset for PC Gamer Computer Tablet PS4 X-box1 Gaming Headphone with Mic LED 3.5mm
KOTION EACH G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset 2.2m Cable LED Light Over-ear Headphones with Mic for Computer Game The KOTION EACH G2000 headset is a professional gaming headset for computer game players. Customize the surround sound to your listening preferences and know exactly where the enemy is coming from to strike with precision and secure your win. And it also owns exquisite craftsmanship and fashion appearance. Cool LED lights on the ear cups, making it look more stunning.Professional gaming headset of your choice. Features: High-performance -38dB all directional capacitive polar microphone brings a high-quality conversation The headset comes with a high precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver to deliver the high-fidelity audio and ensure excellent clarity through the entire frequency range. Easily connected to your computer via 3.5mm audio connectors to play games, watch movie or enjoy music. USB interface is for powering the LED lights (this USB will vibrate when you play games) Two 3.5mm Plugs and One USB Port Specifications: Driver diameter: 50mm Impedance: 20Ω±15% Sensitivity: 115dB ± 3dB at 1KHz Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz Mic dimension: 6.0 * 2.7mm Mic sensitivity: -38dB ± 3dB Mic impedance: 2.2kΩ Directivity: All directional Cable length: Approx. 2.1m±0.15 LED working voltage: DC5V ± 5% Working current: Below 100mA. Headset interface: 2*3.5mm(one is audio,another is mic)+ USB (USB only for LED light power) Headphone size: Approx. 225*225*110mm/ 8.9*8.9*4.3in Headphone weight: 400g / 14.1oz Package size: 230*240*115mm/ 9.1*9.4*4.5in Package weight: 693g / 1.53Lbs
ANRI WOODCARVINGS: Bottle Stoppers, Corkscrews, Nutcrackers, Toothpick Holders, Smoking Accessories and More (Schiffer Book for Collectors with Price Guide)
This book presents vintage, often whimsical, and one-of-a-kind wooden figurine carvings by ANRI, the world-renowned company founded in 1912 in the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy. Among the more than 2,500 carvings featured are bottle stoppers, bottle openers and corkscrews, bar sets, calendars, letter openers, bookends, humidors, ashtrays, lighters, cigarette boxes, pipe rests, salt and pepper sets, pepper mills, napkin rings, timers, toothpick holders, brushes, salt and serving spoons, spoon and key racks, door knockers, and figurines, including monks and characters from novels by Charles Dickens. Collectors with a wide range of interests will be delighted with the amazing number of woodcarvings shown. This book will amuse and inspire today s woodcarvers and collectors, novices and experienced devotees alike.
My Hero Academia: School Briefs, Vol. 2
At U.A. High School, it’s tradition for students to attend a training camp in the woods. Though the kids are mostly there to improve their Quirks, it’s also an opportunity for these aspiring heroes to cut loose in a way they can’t during regular classes.
ANRI.E. Knee Brace Support Meniscus Tear Arthritis ACL MCL LCL PCL Running Jumping Fitness Hiking - Best Adjustable Patella Stabilizer Knee Braces Women Men Velcro (Black, One Size (12.3
The Knee Brace patella stabilizer can reduce pain, enabling you to master day to day life with ease. Either you have arthritis, patellar tendinopathy, sprain, ACL injury or you wish to prevent the patella injury, you can use our knee brace support open patella with silicone fixing ring for meniscus tear recovery. If you are powerlifting or visiting a gym actively please mind that a huge load goes to the knees, joints and meniscus. The best way to avoid serious problems with knees is to fix them with patella stabilizing knee brace, regulating the strength of the brace with adjustable modern velcro strap with soft edges. Also you can protect your knees and patella tendon while jumping, fitness, going in for sports, hiking, riding, biking, volleyball, basketball, running, jogging, dance, skiing, workout, tracking, squats, cycling and even longboarding. In longboarding tricks and downhill when the longboarder gains speed there is a big risk for knees and patella tendon, so it is reasonable to protect your knees with knee sleeve or more firm knee braces for women men or patella stabilizing knee brace. The knee brace for meniscus tear is easily adjustable for more or less compression based on your needs and comfort. Elastic side Metal Spring Bars provide a perfect tightening and comfortable feeling during every day activities . The velcro patella knee brace is 7.5 inch tall, 12,3 - 16,5 inches in diameter, so please measure the circumference around the kneecap. ADD TO CART ANRi.e. knee brace and take a stress away!
ANRIS Sparkpen Battery Capacitor Discharge Pen +LED Light 4RD Gen Discharger Protection Electrician Voltage Discharging Tool for Electronic
Description: Capacitor Discharge! You need to discharge the device internal storage capacitor while repairing of product equipment. so that the operator in the repair process to be safe and ensure the effective repair rate of equipment. In our daliy life, will use it for a lot of home appliances and Some electronic digital equipment cars and so on When discharging, touch the contact point until the LCD lights into a weak light or off. As long as the LED lights become weak ,you operate it safely, and weak lighting that the voltage has been below 10V Note: When discharging, the discharge tool is not necessary to distinguish between positive and negative. It is important to note that the edge of the metal tip during the discharge do not touch any conductive objects, including the human finger and discharge tool itself, two metal nib. Instructions: When indicated light tending to darkness,taking off 2 seconds, then repeat discharge again. Confirm the indicated light become Completely dark, which shows it is achieve safe operating voltage (Safe operating voltage range should under 10V) Specification: Model: discharging capacitor Wire Length: 100cm Discharging Voltage: DC 5-1000V Discharging Time: It depands on the capacitor capacity Single lamp (W): 5W Ohm of the resister inside :100000ohm=100KJ Watts of the resister inside:8W Box material: By the aluminum alloy plating layer composed of insulation Buck components: high temperature ceramic surface, high power, high standards, high stability, moisture resistance
Phantom Sound & Vision
Our product to treat is a regular product. There is not the imitation. From Japan by the surface mail because is sent out, take it until arrival as 7-14 day. Thank you for you seeing it.
Security IP Camera included 32G SD Card and One Additional Support ANRIS Vstarcam C7824 wip Wireless WiFi Security Monitor with 720P HD Night Vision IR control Motion(Black)
Description: C7837wip Wireless Remote HD Camera makes it easy to watch your kids, elderly parents, or pets wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet--anytime, anywhere. Simply download the Eye4 app to your mobile device and you're ready to go. The camera's adjustable wide-angle lens (270¡ãhorizontal angle and 80¡ãvertical angle) gives you a full view of any room, superior high quality H.264 video compression format with maximum clarity allows you to experience the best live video footage. Ideal suited to small business, factory, home usage. you can watch room, baby, toddler, pet, elder person, with sharp HD video and contrast-rich voice. One key Wi-Fi Configuration Connection step: 1, Plug in your camera and launch Eye4 App on your phone. 2, Open the Eye4 App, choose 'One Key Wifi Configuration'. 3, The camera will auto connects to the same wifi as your smartphone. Manual connection steps: 1, Dowmload the app"Eyes4" 2, Enter the APP, and sign the user and password 3, When the camera sounds,then choose "+" and click IP Camera 4, Click the wireless Installation.And your phone need to closer and closer by the camera 5, Click the connected the power and wirte your WIFI name and password in it and confirm. Note: 1, The camera only works with 2.4GHz network (Incompatible with 5GHz). 2, This camera does not support Mac ios. 3, This camera not contain SD card,and we recommend to use 32G SD card. Specifications: Online users:Support 4 online visitors simultaneously Housing material:ABS plastics Installation:Wall mounting, ceiling mounting WIFI: WiFi802.11b/g/n
Great Eastern Entertainment Durarara Mikado, Masaomi & Anri SD Keychain
Great Eastern Entertainment Inc.
Durarara!! Mikado, Masaomi & Anri Sd Keychain
Great Eastern Entertainment Durarara Sonohara Anri Messenger Bag
Great Eastern Entertainment Inc.
Messenger Bag. Size (Approx.): 14" x 13" x 3". Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Licensed Products.
Bed Guardrail Folding Toddlers Guardrail, Full Size Baby Bedrail for King Size Bed, Purple Anti-collision Anri-rollover Kids Bed Guard Rails (Size : 200×70cm)
ZJM baby guardrail will make bedtime safer for your kids and keep your toddler safe from rolling over, an easy-to-use and practical item for your choice.【Specification】Name: Bed railMaterial: Steel tube+oxford clothSize: 150×70cm, 180×70cm, 200×70cmColor: Purple【Package content】Baby Bedrail×1【Key Features】★ Bed rails can be combined freely upon request.★ Seamless stitching: Stitching the buckle, just lock it to prevent the baby from opening it.★ Solid steel base, strong and not bent, overlapping mattresses will not bulge.★ High-strength mesh, not easy to break.★ Smooth welding, smooth rounding, no burrs, no bursts when the balloon is crossed.【Installation notes】★ Please select the appropriate fence length according to the size of the mattress. ★ If you have any questions, please contact customer service for details (【Notes】● The delivery time is 9-15 working days, and return range is within 30 days.● Since the physical installation takes up a certain area, the size may have an error of 1-3 cm.● Due to the angle of shooting and the light, the color may be slightly different.Please refer to the actual product.
DHG2 anri-frost control panel - CCEI - provide frost protection of pools
How to overwinter with complete security DHG-2 freeze protection panel for pool equipment heats the pipes and thus allows to avoid any risks of fissuring. The frost protection control panel makes circulate the deepest recuparated water for any greater temperature regulated by means of an electronic thermostat. The forced start permits the mixing of the water and pressure increases of the pipes thus lowering its freezing point. Suction pump is providing to take the warmer water from the bottom and thus to heat water on the surface. You never have to worry about the drop in temperature. This process is fully automated even if you are absent. The water will be preserved perfectly until the startup in the spring.  Probe for previse measurement To measure effectively water temperature of your pool, DHG-2 frost protection device is equipped with a NTC (negative temperature coefficient) probe. With digital display visualize the temperature on freeze protection control panel.
Great Eastern Entertainment Durarara Anri SD PVC Keychain
Great Eastern Entertainment Inc.
Durarara Anri Chibi Pvc Keychain
Secrets of a Desperate Housewife by Anri Suzuki

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ANRIS LYNCA DSLR Camera Hard Metal Waist Belt Buckle Button, Waist Belt Quick Strap Buckle Button Mount Clip Aluminum Alloy for DSLR Cameras Canon Nikon Sony and Other Accessories
Features: The buckle kit with open design is easy to install on the waist strap or shoulder strap which allow for hands free. The buckle kit is composed with four parts: waist buckle, buckle base, quick release plate and connect pin. The buckle kit is creative equipped with a quick release plate which is available for connecting the camera easily either on the buckle or tripod with 1/4" screw thread. Metal design makes it more durable and anti-corrosion. The buckle with auto lock design can prevent your camera from stealing. Easy operation: a, Clip the waist buckle and base on your waist belt or shoulder strap. b, Just insert the connect pin into the camera screw thread, and then fix the pin with camera to the buckle via pressing the control button. c, Before use, make sure the pin is tightened and that all screw threads are properly aligned. Specifications: Material: Aluminum alloy. Weight of buckle: approx. 300g. Durable, portable and fine workmanship 100% Brand new
ANRIS Sonoff 4CH Pro WiFi Wireless Smart Switch and Elastic Finger Grip for Smart home, 4 Gang Inching / Self-Locking / Interlock WiFi RF Smart Switch, compatible with Amazon Alexa
It is a 4-channel WiFi switch, designed for your appliances Support to connect and control 4 appliances, can create 8 individual timers / repeat / countdown enabled to automatically turn on / off at the specified time. Timers can run even if the network is unavailable. Can support switching between 3 operating modes Inching (0.25-4s adjustable) / locking / self-locking. In self-locking mode, users can turn on / off the 4 connected devices instantly and separately. In lock mode, users can activate 1 device at a time, and turn off other devices at the same time. In inching mode, users can activate devices connected by 0.25-4s (time is adjustable). Users can configure some devices in the inching mode, while others in the lock mode. 2 remote control methods for your choice RF Remote Control - 433MHz RF On / Off Switch indoors. It is integrated with a 433MHz RF receiver module so the switch can be controlled by RF remote control. Can be switched on and off separately by buttons or iOS and Android APP eWelink Compatible with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap), Google Nest and Google Home Specifications: Voltage range: 90-250v AC (50 / 60Hz) / 5-24v DC Maximum current: 10A Max Power: 2200W Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz WiFi (Does not support 5 GHz) Operating temperature (recommended): 0 ¡ã C-40 ¡ã C (32 ¡ã F-104 ¡ã F) Operating Humidity: 5% -90% RH, non-condensing CE / FCC / RoHS Certificate Package: 1x Sonoff 4CH Pro 1x Elastic Finger Grip Note: The RF remote control is not included. Order separately