Sealey ANV11 Anvil, Black, 11 kg
Bench mounting cast iron anvil, featuring single bick. Rectangular Working Surface (W x D): 170 x 90mm. Overall Size (W x D x H): 285 x 120 x 136mm. Model No. ANV11
Draper 35481 Single Bick Anvil  4.5 kg
Single bick cast iron anvil, bolt down pattern. Grey cast iron. Oblong working surface 120 x 65mm. Display carton.
Mannesmann Anvil 10 kg M 710–10
Brüder Mannesmann
H&G Anvil 3 kg
Mannesmann Anvil ground Ambossbahn with Hole Two-Horn design Bahnbreite: 1.77 inch (45 mm) Facing length: 3.54 inch (90 mm) Weight: 3 kg
Toolzone Quality Blacksmith Metal Working Anvil - Large 11kg (24lb)
Toolzone Quality Blacksmith Metal Working AnvilSmall 5kg (11lb) or Large 11kg (24lb)- Blacksmiths metal working anvils- High quality construction- Great for metal forming, riveting and general metalwork- Available in either small 5kg (11lb) or large 11kg (24lb) sizes- Base fitted with lugs for easy fixing to workbenches and similarAvailable in the following:- Small 5kg (11lb)- Large 11kg (24lb)
Mini Anvil
Cast Iron With Powder Coated BodyFitted With Lugs On Base To Allow Permanent FixtureIdeal For Modellers Etc.
Premium Jewellers Anvil Solid Steel Jewellery Silversmith Blacksmith Chrome
Blue Sky Components
Steel anvil horn used for flattening and shaping metal. Chrome finish. Surfaces should be kept clean and polished as any marks will impress and impact on the surface of the metal. Length 110mm Height 40mm Width 30mm Length of each point 30mm. Weight - 400g approx This anvil is amazing value for money and they are perfect for all types of work, including Jewellery making.
Anvil! The Story of Anvil

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Anvil fervi from 50kg. Hardened Steel Professional C45fervi 0157/50
Anvil fervi from 50kg. Hardened Steel Professional C45fervi 0157/50
Clarke CA24 24lb Anvil
Clarke International
Ideal for metal forming, riveting and general metalwork. Cast Iron build Flat working surface (L170 x W90mm) 4 base lugs for permanent fixing Weight 11.8kg
BenBow Hammer and Anvil, 7 Piece Set, Wooden Handle
• 3 x hammer • 4 x metal anvil Hammer with Wooden Handle and Metal Anvil.
Silverline 595565 Mini Anvil 475g
Cast iron anvil ideal for jewellery-making or small tasks requiring a small striking surface. Features 33mm horn which is ideal for shaping, and 7 x 22mm striking face.
Gas Propane | Knifemaking Forge | Knife Making | Blacksmiths | Furnace Burner
Our DFS forge is portable and powerful, high quality. Designed for blacksmiths, farriers and knife makers. We combined this forge with a powerful DFP burner. We guarantee that You will reach welding temperature - this forge can reach 2642 Fahrenheit. Powerful and efficient, this burner is pre-tuned to develop a neutral flame, leaving a small amount of oxygen for scaling. Our nozzle design is lasting longer and increases the burner's efficiency. It is operating pressure range 0 - 22 PSI. There is a choke on the top of our burner – it regulates the amount of air that is mixed with the propane during combustion.  Specification DFS: Burner: DFP 1pcs. ; Forge Body Constructed of: steel 21 gauge (0.8mm), the shell is lightweight; Interior Dimensions: 5.4"W x 5.4"H x 10"L (135mm x 135mm x 250mm); (Height with brick: 4,4" - 110mm) Weight: 10lb (5kg); Interior of the forge is fully covered with 1 inch ceramic blanket. The floor is made of ceramic brick, providing superior strength and durability. Connection kit included with every forge: Gas pressure regulator, 1 - 90 PSI ( 0 - 6bar) gauge with manometer; 8' (2m) gas hose; 2 clamps; All you need to supply is the propane tank. Our manometer with Mpa measurement. 0.1Mpa - 1Bar - 14.5PSI  
Pounding The Pavement
Anvil! The Story of Anvil [DVD]
Universal Pictures UK
1kg (2.2lbs) Anvil Blacksmith Metal Work Body Shop Workshop Welding TE865
AB Tools-Toolzone
This anvil is a great addition to your home garage for DIY purposes. The inertia of this anvil allows the energy of the striking tool to be transferred to the work piece. These anvils are for shaping purposes only, they haven't been case hardened. Specifications: Steel Construction Smaller Anvil for intricate work Weight: 1kg (2.2lb)Dimensions (approx.) Face: 90 x 30mm (L x W) Horn: 30 x 40 (L x W tapered size) Height: 70mm Overall length: 130mm Overall Width: 40mm