AnySharp Pro Metal Knife Sharpener with Suction, Brushed Metal
The unique, patented AnySharp knife sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives, chef's knives and even serrated blades (like serrated bread knives and hunting knives), making it unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel or sharpening stone you've ever used.
AnySharp Global Classic Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, Gold
Brand New AnySharpGold Colour Item Description:The AnySharp knife sharpener gets almost any blunt knife sharp again in seconds, extending it's useful life, and making cutting easier and safer. Whether you are dicing vegetables, slicing meet, carving the Sunday roast, a sharp knife can really help you have an easy time. You don't even have to worry about the type of material your knives are made from. Super strong and tough TUNGSTEN CARBIDE sharpening blades mean this little magical knife sharpener will put a razor sharp edge on any knife, including hardened steel or ceramic knives. It even works with serrated knives!Item Specifications: • Sharpens any knife with diamond precision • Sharpens hardened knives (e.g. Global, Sabatier) • Even sharpens serrated knives (e.g. bread knives, hunting knives) • Very safe one handed use, PowerGrip suction attaches securely to any flat surface • Dimensions: 60mm diameter and 60mm high In The Box:AnySharp Knife SharpnerInstruction Leaflet
Bolokin Diamond Sharpening Stone 400/600 Grit Double Sided Foldable Portable Knife Sharpener for Outdoor Gardening Camping Hunting Farm Work etc
Specifications: Dimension: 120*30*15mm Material: Diamond, ABS Grit: 400#/600# Weight: 54 g Color: Black Used for: knife, shove, hoe, sickle, axe, planer, chisel, scissor, pruning shears, fishhook, etc. Package included: 1 x Knife sharpener Cautions: 1. Do not use the knife sharpener to sharpen serrated blades. 2. It would be much better to use with sharpening oil or water. 3. THe diamond may discolor. That is normal. 4. Please do not put sharpener in dishwasher or water. 5. Please put the knife sharpener and knife keep away from children.
AnySharp Suction Knife Sharpener Replacement Tools
Replacement sharpening tools for all AnySharp suction based knife sharpeners. 2 set pack. Pack includes 2x sharpening tools, left and right. Simple to replace, just a standard cross head Philips screwdriver required. One size fits all, suitable for all models of AnySharp suction sharpeners. Top grade tungsten carbide, diamond honed, for perfect results every time!
AnySharp Knife Sharpener with Suction Cup, Silver
Works with all your knives - even serrated blades The unique, patented AnySharp uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives and even serrated blades (like bread knives and hunting knives), making it unlike any knife sharpener, steel or sharpening stone you've ever used.
Taylors Eye Witness The Original Super Sharpener
Taylors Eye Witness
The Original Super Sharpener: A quick and handy knife sharpener by Taylor`s Eye Witness. Use it regularly on plain edge blade knives. Serrated (fine toothed) and scalloped edge knives should not be sharpened with this product.
Anysharp Knife Sharpener Silver
Restore a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knives with this knife sharpener from AnySharp. No special sharpening skills required; anyone can get great results. Easy to use, simply draw your knife through the AnySharp sharpener 3 to 4 times using light pressure. The optimum angle to sharpen a good quality steel knife is 20 degrees. AnySharp is pre-set at 20 degrees to give a perfect edge every time. Suitable for use with hardened knives, e.g. Global, Sabatier and with serrated knives such as bread knives and hunting knives. Not suitable for use with ceramic knives or fine toothed knives. Hands free suction grip base clamps on to surfaces. Space saving design, small enough to be tucked away in a kitchen drawer. Featuring a plastic, silver coloured body. Measures 6cm diameter, 6cm high. 10 year warranty. Boxed.
KKmoon Upgraded Version Fixed-angle Knife Sharpener Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener Kits System 4 Sharpening Stones
Features: With a sucker, can be fixed on smooth and flat surfaces stably. (If you put some water on the bottom of the sucker, it will have stronger adsorption capacity.) With specially designed angle indication mark on adjustable pivot rod, you can adjust its angle according to the angle of knife blades. A sliding piece can be adjusted to fit different knives. Dedicated knife sharpening kits come with four high-quality sharpening stones, 120#, 320#, 600#, 1500#, meeting your different needs. Made of stainless steel (including screws), ABS engineering plastic, durable to use. After grinding, knives can be very sharp and do not have any rough grinding crack. Specifications: Color: black Material: ABS plastic & stainless steel & millstone Stone size: 14.8 * 2 * 0.5cm/ 5.8 * 0.7 * 0.2in Operating lever length: 44cm/ 17.3in Workbench size: 18.5 * 7.5cm/ 7.3 * 2.9in (L * W) Sharpener weight: 712g/ 1.57lb Package size: 46.5 * 14 * 8.5cm/ 18.3 * 5.5 * 3.3in Package weight: 1260g/ 2.77lb Packing list: 1 * Knife sharpener 4 * Sharpening stones (120#, 320#, 600#, 1500#) 1 * Pen 1 * Cleaning Cloth 1 * Carrying case
Knife Sharpener - Designed For all Knives - AnySharp
Pocket Size Design. Use on almost any knife. Great for any Kitchen
AnySharp Scissors
Aydya Ltd
Multipurpose 5-in-1 Scissors by AnySharp - the only scissors you will ever need! Perfect for general use and equipped with the following handy multi-tools: bottle opener, nut cracker, garlic crush and wire stripper. Hardened tempered steel, razor sharp blades cut though tough materials with ease. Curved blades for ease of use and to help protect fingers. Featuring larger than normal, comfort grip handles to suit all sizes of hand. Suitable for left or right handed use. Adjustable tension bolt allows you to tighten these scissors if they ever work loose, ensuring they'll keep on working for years. Dishwasher safe. Measures approximately 23cm long. No quibble performance guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.
Accusharp Lightweight Sharp-N Easy  Outdoor  Knife Sharpener available in Blue -
AccuSharp Sharp-N-Easy Two Stage Sharpener. Measures 2 1/2" x 2 3/4". Rubberized grip. Keychain attachment. Features pre-angled coarse and fine ceramic rods that will maintain an accurate edge. Use three or four strokes through the coarse rods to restore the edge, then three or four strokes across the fine rods to finish and polish the edge for a smooth sharp finish. Includes instruction brochure. Bulk packed.
AnySharp ABS Plastic Multi-Tool and Knife Sharpener, Blue
Aydya Ltd
Multi Tool Sharpener from AnySharp suitable for use with knives and garden tools. Featuring two sharpeners in one tool; one for rejuvenating knives and the other for kitchen and garden tools. Just a few light strokes with the knife sharpener and any straight or serrated blade will be as sharp as new in seconds. The second sharpener is tungsten carbide to clean up, hone and sharpen almost any tool in the kitchen or garden, use for scissors or garden tools such as pruners, shears, trowels and more. Clear symbols on each end of the sharpener allow you to quickly identify which end to use. Compact, portable, versatile and lightweight, weighs just 62g. Textured, ergonomic grip with thumb guard for safe accurate control and a full length finger safety guard. Not suitable for knives with micro-toothed serrations. Easy to use; anyone can get professional results. Can be conveniently stored or hung after use. Solid ABS construction. Product lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Measures 16.5cm long, 2cm deep, 6.5cm high
AnySharp Mini Chopper, Black
Aydya Ltd
Mini Chopper from AnySharp, the safer, cleaner, easier chopper. Featuring enclosed blades to keep fingers safe. Dual auto-rotating blades for fast, smooth, even chopping. Simple press-to-chop action makes chopping effortless, needs only light pressure. Because the ingredients are covered this puts an end to onion tears, chilli burns and smelly garlic fingers. Chop directly onto a board or into the included cup. Perfect for small jobs where a full size chopper is simply too much - less mess, less washing up, less waste. Easy to take apart for cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Built to last the AnySharp Mini Chopper has a product lifetime guarantee. Approximate measurements 6.25cm diameter at base, 17.5cm high. Boxed
Victorinox Pocket Knife Ceramic Sharpener - Black
Cet affûteur a été conçu avec une grande maîtrise par Victorinox. Cet affûteur dual possède une pierre d'aiguisage et un aiguiseur en céramique. L'affilage de vos lames ne sera plus un handicap pour vous.
AnySharp 3-in-1 Box Grater, Black
Aydya Ltd
3 in 1 Smart Box from AnySharp perfect for grating smaller quantities of cheese, chocolate, etc. Can also be used to peel vegetables or for shredding. This handy tool makes preparation safer, easier and faster. Comes with 3 easy change, quick click plates: Grate, Peel, Shred. Plates store away inside the catch-all box. Hanging hook for storage. High quality stainless steel blades make every task effortless. Ergonomic grip and handy shape lets you grip the whole box securely with the cutting surface facing away from your moving hands. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Measures approximately 6.5cm wide, 5cm deep, 14.5cm high. Product lifetime guarantee. Boxed
The ANYSHARP Pizza Cutter and Pie Server. With a stainless steel cutting wheel and finger guard that allows you to slice through deep dish or thin crust pizza with ease. The serrated edged spatula allows you another cutting option as well as a convenient and hassle free way to serve your pizza or pie slices.