Aoyue 469 Soldering Iron Station - 60 Watt
Included with the Soldering Station: 1 pc. 469 Main Station 1 pc. SI-T-B fitted1 pc. Spring Type Iron Holder (with securing screw)1 pc. 469 Platform1 pc. Sponge Holder with Cleaning Sponge1 pc. Solder Spool Stand1 pc. Instruction Manual
Aoyue 60W Digital Soldering Station 9378
.Microprocessor-controlled ESD safe soldering station. Ceramic heater and removal tip design.Compatible with lead free applications.Higih power heating element for fast heat recovery.Large display with digital controls.Auto sleep and wake-up functions.Digital offset.Programmable sleep timer.System-lock out feature.Quick jump to favourite settings. Switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Dimensions - W 155 x D 155 x H 90mm.Weight - approximately 1.5kgTemperature Range: 200°c - 400°cIncluded in box - main station, soldering iron, iron stand, power cord, and manuals
AOYUE-968A+ Repairing System
Features: * An ideal combination of the necessary devices for the work eficáz. It is the most practical station in the world. * Built-in absorbent that absorbs the fumes created at the source. * Microprocessor with precision regulates the temperature and the flow of air * Digital Display of hot air temperature, current and current adjustment of air * Microprocessor controlled with self-testing hot air heating core system which warns the user of ageing or damage of core warmer Specifications: : - Voltage/220 V - Station Dimensions: 188 (W) x126 (H) x 250 (D) mm Soldering Iron - Power Consumption: 70 W Temperature - Fingerboard: 200 - 480Â ° C - Heater Element With The Edge: Ceramic Heater Output Voltage - : 24 V Earth - Resistance: Under 2 Ohms - Ground Potential: Under 2 Mv Hot Air - Power Consumption: 550 W Temperature - Fingerboard: 100 - 480Â ° C - Heating Element: Metal Heater Core Earth - Resistance: Under 2 Ohms Compressor - Type: Diaphragm clutches pump Air - Capacity: 23 L/min (Max) Automatic - Operating time: 20 - 9999 seconds Absorbent of smoke Vacuum - Pressure: 600 mm Hg Contents of pack - 1 x Station 968 to + with hot air gun M5 · 1 x B003 soldering iron M5 · 1 x 2630 stand for soldering of hierrro M5 · 1 x Z003 Hot air gun holder for the M5 · 4 x Air Nozzles M5 · 1 x G001 stand for CI M5 · 2 x Panel Filter M5 · 1 x Power cable M5 · 1 x Manual
Aoyue 866 3 in 1 Reworking Station, Soldering iron, Hot Air Gun, and Pre-heater
HOT AIR GUNPOWER CONSUMPTION:500WTEMPERATURE RANGE:100°C- 480°CHEATING ELEMENT:Metal Heating CorePUMP TYPE:Siroccoo Fan SOLDERING IRONPOWER CONSUMPTION:60WOUTPUT VOLTAGE:24VTEMPERATURE RANGE:200°C- 480°CHEATING ELEMENT:Ceramic heaterTIP TO GROUND RESISTANCE:Below 2 ΩTIP TO GROUND POTENTIAL:Below 2mV PRE-HEATERPOWER CONSUMPTION:500WTEMPERATURE RANGE:180°C- 480°CHEATING ELEMENT:Quartz CrystalHEATING AREA:130mm X 130mmThe Aoyue 866 Complete Repairing System is a reworking station that combines the functionality of Hot Air Gun, Soldering Iron, Hot Air Gun stand, Temperature Meter and Pre-heating in one packagePerfect for prototyping and SMD reworking on small PCBs like phones and tabletsUnique articulating arm allows accurate hands-free positioning of Hot Air gun over work pieceThe Hot air gun has an auto-off function when the station is left idle, or when the temperature goes above a safe thresholdAdvanced features such as solder iron digital calibration, configurable auto sleep for hot-air and soldering iron and switchable Centigrade or Fahrenheit readoutSystem comprises of Pre-Heater, Hot Air Gun and 60 W Soldering Iron with integrated controls.Comes supplied with an Aoyue tool box to transport all spares, air nozzles and soldering iron tipsAlso included - Spare heating elements for Hot Air gun and Soldering Iron, external temperature sensor, hot air gun mast / holder with articulated arm, pcb holder, soldering iron and stand with tip cleaner, vacuum pickup pen with extra cups and IC popper.10x Soldering iron tips T-B, T-LB, T-0.8D, T-1.2D, T-1.6D, T-2.4D, T-1C, T-0.5C & T-I (installed in soldering iron)4x Air nozzles 1194, 1196, 1197, 1313 BGA-S
Aoyue Universal Soldering Iron Holder/Stand 2663
This is the latest model of Aoyue soldering iron holders that is compatible with most Aoyue stations such as 701A+, 768, 936, 937+, 906, 908, 968A+ 2738.
Aoyue 20093 Replacement Hot Air Gun Heating Element
.Next generation heating element designed for improved life and heat displacement.Aoyue 20093 Replacement Hot Air Gun Heating Element - 220V / 450W.Suitable for following Aoyue systems - 906, 908, 909, 857 (please note - not the 857A++), 860, 998 systems.
Aoyue 486 Benchtop Solder Smoke Absorber
Great for electronics, arts and crafts, and stained glass work;Quiet yet powerful operation;Activated carbon filter;ESD-safe
Aoyue Slot Type Soldering Tip T-RT
Shape: Slot Size: Large
Aoyue Desktop Magnifying Lamp - Black
Aoyue Desktop Magnifying Lamp - Black
Aoyue SP1800 Mini Solder Pot 120W
Aoyue SP1800 Mini Solder Pot 120WSuitable for lead-free and standard processesSmall size allows for easy handling and storagePower control - 120 Watts for very fast heatingGreat for tinning wires or stripping off insulation coatingPot Diameter 23mm (0.9")Operating Temperature 200-400°c (392-752°F)
AOYUE Spare Part Hot Air Compressor for 850+850C
Replacement compressor fot the Aoyue hot air devices / Hakko / Waec 850, 850 C, 909 and 968.
AOYUE Spare Part 950 Type T001 Soldering Iron Handle for Tweezer
This Tweezer handle is ideal if you already have an AOYUE soldering station(leaded) and you always wanted to use a tweezer with it. You can plug the tweezers instead of the soldering iron in the soldering station and work normally. Suitable for AOYUE Int950 (WilTec-Art.90950). You will receive a tweezer handle suitable for your AOYUE Station Int950 (WilTec-Art.90950).
Aoyue 9050 Ultrasonic Cleaner 500ml
This ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for hobbyist/ home use, to clean jewellery, optical lenses, razors, coins, and other small lightweight objects. Applications for this unit include jewellers, watch repair, tattoo studios, body piercing parlors, labs, universities, PCB boards, coin collectors, opticians, and more. Removes Dirt and Greases - Can be used for cleaning small Electronic & Mechanical partsFor best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the itemMicroprocessor controlled - with LED Display showing 99 second count-down timeDual Power Setting - Clean at either 30W or 50W power Acid / Alkali Resistant Lid Included500ml Tank capacity For more effective cleaning used with our Ultra+ cleaning solution - see listing US-SO-ULT-1L
Sonline IC SMD Easy Pick Up Picker Vacuum Sucking Pen AOYUE-939
* TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings. Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. Suction Pen - TOOGOO (R) Vacuum SMD Pump Suction Pen Vacuum Tweezer Pick Up NewBring a suction cup to the vacuum tweezers. Place the vacuum tweezers on the SMD component and press the button to evacuate the air. Release the button, the device will be canceled. Press the button to let out the air and the component will fall out of the suction cup. 3 suction cups in different sizes (L/ M/ S) are included. Load L: 40g Load M: 18g Load S: 3g Package: 1 x SMD vacuum tweezer 3 x suckerNote:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3 cm.
A-BF 10pcs 900M-T Soldering Iron Tips Silver for Hakko, TENMA, ATTEN, QUICK, Aoyue, Yihua, Maplin, ABF Soldering Station, Soldering Gun, Solder Tips with Cleaning Sponge
900M Series Tips for Soldering Iron, Soldering Station 10 pcs of soldering iron tips: 900M-T-B 900M-T-SK 900M-T-2.4D each 2pcs 900M-T-3C 900M-T-I 900M-T-IS 900M-T-K each 1pc NOTE: Because each brand or manufacture has many different models of soldering products. Please compare your tips' size with our size data check photo in this listing before purchasing. Fit Hakko, ATTEN, QUICK, Aoyue and other brand soldering iron / station use 900M-T series soldering tips Fit A-BF GS60D/90D/110D,BF-836,BF802 soldering irons We frequently met below reviews under soldering tips links: "Doesn't fit my soldering iron. In the trash." "Junk not worth buying, 1 out of 11 pieces did fit, rest are garbage" "Only 6 out of 11 fit my XXX" We acknowledged buying replacing tips is troublesome. So we did the following three things to HELP you. 1. We have put a data check photo in the list. You can check before purchasing to avoid not fitting with your tool and review"garbage/trash"to us. 2. We have selected 3 frequently use tips each 2pcs and 4 occasionally use tips each 1pc. This will ensure what you bought is worthy and economical. You can make full use of every soldering tips. 3. Different shape of tips are made by one molding. If one fits your iron/station, then the rest 9 will fit as well. Same quality, same size. Package include: 1 x 10 pcs Soldering Tips1 x Cleaning Sponge
Aoyue 1183 - SOJ Type Air Nozzle - 15mm x 8mm
Suitable for all Aoyue Hot-Air Repairing Systems Including :768 Repairing Station 850 Rework Station 850A+ Rework Station 852 Rework Station 852A+ Repairing System 852A++ Repairing System 857 Rework Station 857A++ Rework Station 860 Rework Station 899 Repairing System 899A+ Repairing System 906 Repairing System 908 Repairing System 908+ Repairing System 909 Repairing System 986 Repairing System 986A Repairing System 6028 Repairing System 6031 Repairing System 8032 Hand Held Hot Gun 8032A++ Hand Held Hot Gun 8208 Rework Station 738 Repairing System 2702 Lead Free Repairing System 2702A Lead Free Repairing System 2703A Lead Free Repairing System 2738 Lead Free Repairing SystemSuitable For Aoyue and Atten Hot Air Guns - also compatible with some Atten, Hakko, Xytronic, Quick, Antex, Kada, Sunnko, Saike, Segawe and Yihua Equipment.Inside Fitting diameter of 22mm
12W Fluorescent Tube for Aoyue 929 Magnifying Lamp
12W Fluorescent Tube for Aoyue 929 Magnifying Lamp** Please Note **This replacement bulb is ONLY suitable for Aoyue 929 models that are fitted with Electronic switch mode transformers, NOT wire wound models.The way to check for the difference is when you switch the lamp on:No flicker on start-up = this is electronic switch mode = bulb should be suitableFlicker on start-up = this is wire wound = bulb will not be suitableLong Lasting 12W Fluorescent tube for Aoyue 929 lamp.
Gasea 10pcs 900M Soldering Tips Replacement Solder Iron Tips Kit for Hakko, Radio Shack, TENMA, ATTEN, Quick, Aoyue, Yihua Solder Station
Feature: Made of high-quality oxygen-free copper that has fast conductivity and heat resistance up to 480 degree celsius for durable use. Iron tips are both Iron and Nickel plated which are anti-oxidized, thus ensuring long-lasting use. Easy to take and clean, it saves you lots of time, labor and energy when you're keeping yourself busy in maintenance and repair work. Professional heat-resistant material and fine workmanship ensures reliable quality of the product, and really great choice for your soldering iron. Specifications: Material: Iron + Copper Colour: Silver Temperature Range: 200-480℃ Replacement for: 900M-T-B, 900M-T-I, 900M-T-K, 900M-T-1.2D, 900M-T-1.6D,900M-T-2.4D, 900M-T-3.2D, 900M-T-2C, 900M-T-3C, 900M-T-4C Length of the Tip: 40-44mm Inner Dia. of the Tip: 4.1mm Outer Dia. of the Tip: 6.5mm Shank Depth: 26mm Package List: 10 * Solder Iron Tips
MENGCORE 10pcs + Iron casing /lot Lead-free Solder Iron Tip 900M-T For 936 SAIKE ATTEN AOYUE KADA YIHUA Soldering Rework Station Iron
Description: Model:F0104 10 x Solder Iron Tip 900M-T For Soldering Rework Station Package inside 10 x iron tip 1 x Iron casing Below are the models of the tips: 900M-T-B 900M-T-I 900M-T-K 900M-T-1C 900M-T-2C 900M-T-3C 900M-T-4C 900M-T-1.2D 900M-T-1.6D 900M-T-2.4D These tips are plated with lead-free solder. For: 936/951/937,Saike 852d+/852d++/909d,ATTEN and other brand soldering station.