AP Emergency Sensor Light and Torch Rechargeable
AutoMotion Factors Limited
Key features. . Energy saving long life LED 50,000 hours (non-replaceable). Cable free induction base charger. Motion sensor night light:. . 15 LED area light is motion activated. Only activates in dark conditions. Remains on for 20 seconds - then switches itself off. 3 metre activation area. . Emergency power cut off:. . 15 LED area light is activated if a power cut occurs. Automatically switches off when power is restored. . Torch or area light:. . Removable from mains charger base to use as either a torch or area light at the push of a button. 5 LED torch - 9 lumens. 15 LED area light - 35 lumens. .
AP 200 Lumens Rechargeable Torch 2200mAH
This rechargeable torch uses the very bright CREE LED light, the 200 lumens gives a 220m beam on high and 70m on low setting and there is also a flash mode
AP 130 Lumens Rechargeable Spotlight 4V
AutoMotion Factors Limited
AP 3 LED Rubber Torch 2D
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Key features. . 2 x D batteries included. 35 metres beam. 21 hours battery. 14 lumens. Durable rubber to withstand dropping. Handy carry strap. Energy saving long life LED 50,000 hours non replaceable. .
AP 150 Lumens LED Rechargeable Spotlight 2200mAH Lithium
150 Lumens LED Spotlight. 4 Hours Battery Life. 1 Ultra bright LED. 400 Metres Beam. 3.7V Lithium-ion battery (non replaceable). AC/DC and car adaptor supplied. Swivel stand. 2 position handle . Charging indicator light. Rubber ON/OFF button. Long life LED 50,000 Hours (5.5 years).
AP 120 Lumens Cree Torch 2AA
AP Torches Cree LED Torch. Powerful performance, 120 lumens. Adjustable beam focus. Long distance beam throw, 125 metres. High, lower 50% brightness and flashing modes. Runtime 3 hours on high, 7 hours on low. Reliable and durable aluminium body. Efficient long life LED bulb does not need changing. 2 AA batteries and wrist strap included in pack. IPX4 water resistant.
Pro Series 220 Lumens Spotlight 6V 4R25
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Active AP Pro Series 220 Lumens Cree Spotlight Bright Torch - High Performance The CREE LED puts out a massive 220 lumens, bright enough to light up the darkest recess. The beam is both floodlight and spotlight at the same time. The adjustable base lets you work hands-free and the unit highlights what you need whilst illuminating the surrounding area at the same time. The high grade, moulded body is robust, durable and water resistant IPX4 standard. Features Energy saving, long life LED 100,000 hours (11 years) Simultaneous flood and spot beam Adjustable stand and shoulder strap Beam 220 lumens Distance up to 300 metres Water Resistant Specifications Requires 1 x AAA battery (included) Battery life: High beam up to 45 hours Durable and lightweight high grade plastic body WHY BUY FROM US: œ"Fast, Free Delivery. œ"Experienced and Trusted Seller. œ"Expert Customer Service.
AP 55 Lumens Aluminium Torch 3AAA
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1 Watt led 60 LumensBeam distance - 80 metresBurn time - 5.5 hoursRubber tail switch
AP 80 Lumens Heavy Duty  Rubber Torch 2AA
90 Metre Beam 80 Lumens 3 Hour Battery CREE Heavy Duty 1W
AP 120 Lumens Heavy Duty CREE Rubber Torch 2D
120 Metre Beam 120 Lumens 10 Hour Battery CREE Heavy Duty 3W
AP 90 Lumens Rechargeable Spotlight 4V
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Key features. . Energy saving long life LED 50,000 hours approximately. Rubber on/off button switch. High beam and standard beam capacity. AC/DC mains adaptor supplied. Weather proof. Withstand 1 metre drop. 90m in high beam/ 70m in standard beam. 4 hours in high beam/ 9 hours in standard beam. 90 lumens in high beam/ 40 lumens in standard beam.
AP 118 Lumens LED Spotlight 6V 4R25
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Bright 1 Watt bulb120 LumensBeam distance - 90 metresBurn time - 20 hoursAbs plastic constructionPJ996 battery included
AP 80 Lumens Head Torch 3AAA
AutoMotion Factors Limited
The AP Torches range is reliable, durable & easy to use making it the ideal torch for home, car, outdoor and leisure use. Durable Tilt Adjustable Body with Elastic Head Band. Energy Saving Long Life LED 50,000 Hours
Active CREE 100 Lumens Head Torch with movement sensor
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100 Lumens High Performance Head Torch