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Hi-Spec 26pc Household Cordless Power Drill Tool Kit 9.6V Drill Driver with 1200 mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery, 16 Position Keyless Torque Clutch and Variable Speed Switch
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♦ 9.6V Cordless Drill 1200Mah Rechargeable Battery - 16Nm Torque - 550RPM no load speed For drilling holes, and tightening and loosening screw ♦ 5 x High Grade Steel Wood Drill Bits: 3,4,5,6,8mm For making holes in wood ♦ Claw Hammer (370g / 13oz) With Low Vibration Fiberglass Handle for fixing and removing nails ♦ 4 x Precision Screwdrivers: Phillips:#1,#0 Slotted:2.4mm,3.0mm Great for all smaller screws found around the home ♦ 2 x Full-size Slotted & Phillips Screwdrivers (100mm) Soft handles for maximum grip ♦ Bit Driver Handle 10 x Extra long 50mm Bits: Slotted: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7mm Phillips: #0, #1, #2*2, #3 For screws in and around the home ♦ Long Nose Pliers (150mm) For manipulating and cutting cutting wire ♦ Tape Measure (3m) For accurate measuring ♦ Sturdy blow-mold storage case Keeps tools safe, secure and ready for when you need them
Hi-Spec 39 Piece Household Tool Kit with Most Reached for Hand Tools for Home DIY – Combination Pliers, Hammer, Screwdrivers & More in Storage Box - Great Housewarming Gift Idea Tool Set
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Best-Selling Choice Household ToolkitThis 39 Piece Household Tool Kit Contains the Most reached for tools for basic DIY Household Repairs. Handy Go-To set for around the home, apartment, workshop, office and garage a great House Warming Gift Idea!Over 1 Million Units Sold Worldwide!♦ Combination Pliers (150mm / 6")With coarse teeth these are excellent for grabbing and rotating objects, while the tempered blade can cut steel wire and fasteners♦ Claw Hammer (230g / 8oz.)For pounding nails into, or extracting nails from materials♦ Scissors (200mm / 8")Great for everyday cutting tasks♦ Tape Measure (3.5m / 12ft)With steel ruler for measuring♦ 4 x Precision Screwdrivers:Phillips: #1, #0Slotted: 2.4mm, 3.0mmFor most common sized screws found around the home♦ Bit Driver Handle with Co-moulded Comfort Grip HandlesFor Torque when using the 20 most popular bits to turn screws♦ 20 x 25mm Screw Bits:Slotted: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mmPhillips: PH1;PH2; PH3; PZ1; PZ2; PZ3Torx: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30Hex: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm♦ 8 x Metric Hex Keys:1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mmFor turning hex keys as commonly found of bikes♦ Storage CaseTools come organized in a sturdy box making them easy to store and find- Fulfilled By Amazon: Free returns for items within 30 days of shipment receipt- Hi-Spec Warranty: All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design, material and workmanship
Tool Kit 100 Piece Tool Set DIY Home Household Tool Box with Precision Tools Combination Pliers for Men or Ladies
The most-reached-for hand tools for tackling all assembly, maintenance and repair projects around the home, yard, garage, garden and office
FLOUREON DIY Tool Kit 82 Pcs Hand Tool Set Household Basic Tool Kit with Screwdrivers, Spanner,Saw, Clamp, Hammer, Tester Pen for Garden Garage Bike Car Maintenance Repairing
Overview: This is a DIY Household Toolkit Set (82PCS) contains the most reached for parts and tools used in handling most diy household, car garage, office, home yard and garden decoration, repairs and maintenance tasks. Features: :82PCS Parts & Tools with Free Carry Box. :Class A Level Made of Steel Alloy, No-Slip and Strength. :Full Handle Screwdrivers Including Phillips, Straight and Precision Screwdrivers :Digital AC Tester, Spanners Cutters Adjustable Wrench and Pliers :Insulation Tape 9M :Flexible Rule 3M :Specifications: :Type: 82PCS DIY Household Toolkit Set :Material: Metal :Box Size: (L x W x H): 37x28x8cm/14.57x11.02x3.15inch :N.W:2.9kg :G.W:3.4kg Package Includes: :1xRatchet Spanner(Zinc Alloy):10cm :1xPhillips Screwdriver(Carbon Steel Heat Treated):20cm :1xStraight Screwdriver(Carbon Steel Heat Treated):20cm :1xAdjustable Spanner(Forged Carbon Steel) Type: 8" :1xCutter(High-Speed Steel):18cm Type:286 :1xFlexible Rule(PC Covered)Type: 3M :1xExpansion Pipe Suit(pp) :1xSaw(Aluminium Alloy):26cm :1xDigita Electrical Pen :1xFibre Handle Claw Hammer(Forged Carbon Steel):24cm :1xParts Box :1xCutter Pliers(Forged Carbon Steel) Type: 6" :1xSharp-nose Pliers(Forged Carbon Steel) Type: 6" :1xInsulation Tape(PVC):9M :4xPrecision Screwdriver(Carbon Steel Heat Treated):15cm :8xAllen key(Carbon Steel Heat Treated) :9xSleeve Type:5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13
VonHaus 53pc Household Tool Set/Box/Kit for DIY - Includes Precision Screwdrivers, Claw Hammer, Pliers, Hex Keys, 20 Bits & More
VonHaus 53pc Household Tool SetThe VonHaus 53pc Household Tool Set comprises a comprehensive range of tools and bits guaranteed to come in handy when carrying out DIY jobs around the home.Made from high grade steel with ergonomically designed soft-grip handles, the hand tools are designed for comfortable use.Comprehensive SetThe full set includes:1 X 8oz Claw Hammer - the power you need to fix nails. Features a pulling mechanism for easy nail removal1 X 6" Adjustable Wrench - turn nuts and bolts of various sizes1 X 6" Longnose Plier - cut wires and get a strong grip in small spaces1 X Magnetic Pick-Up Tool - pick up small metal pieces in every nook and cranny4 X Combination Wrenches - 11, 12, 13, 14mm - for use on bikes and cars16 X Hex Keys (8 X Metric and 8 X Imperial) - use L or T shape to drive bolts and screws1 X 9" Spirit Level - make accurate measurements1 X 3.5m Tape Measure - flexible to measure all kinds of spaces20 X 25mm Bits:Phillips: PH1, PH2, PH3Pozi: PZ1, PZ2, PZ3Slotted: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mmTorx: T10, T15, T20. T25, T27, T30Hex: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm1 X Bit Holder6 X Precision ScrewdriversIn addition to these popular household tools, the VonHaus set includes a number of precision drivers for small, intricate jobs. Ideal for tightening the hinge on your glasses, accessing the sim card in your mobile phone, or changing batteries.The screwdrivers include:Phillips: #0, #1Slotted: 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mmBlow Moulded CaseAll tools come presented in a durable case with pre-moulded indentations to securely store each item. Compact for easy storage and transportation.Makes the perfect gift for keen DIY-ers and new homeowners.Case Size: 32.7 X 25.3 X 7cm (Length X Depth X Height)
Stanley Material Tool Set, 38 Pieces, STMT0-74101
Tool set 38 pieces includes: 1 measurement of 3 m, 1 hammer 369 g, 1 combination pliers, 1 pince bec long, 1 bit screwdriver with 11 Connector, 4 of cisions screwdrivers, 1 x TORPEDO LEVEL, 1 Duffel Bag and 1 set of 16 Key Male.
INTEY 57-Piece Tool Box Basic Household Tool Kit with Pliers Screwdrivers and Wrench for DIY Projects and Daily Repair Perfect as Housewarming Gift
Essential Household Tool KitThe INTEY 57-Piece Tool Kit has been carefully selected to include an assortment of common and practical tools, with various types and specifications of screwdriver collocation, more convenient to use and wide application range, easily meet the basic needs of the family daily use of tools and DIY projects.Combination Pliers:Slip-joint pliers with a notched inner grip for holding and grasping round objects and cutting and bending wire,with gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use, cutting edges for soft and hard wire and long cutting edges for thicker cables.Needle Nose Pliers:An essential electrician's tool, needle nose pliers are good for any household project which requires you to cut, bend, grip, or strip wire. Because of their long and skinny shape, they're particularly useful for getting into small cavities.Claw Hammer: A good, solid hammer can be used for driving nails into wood as well as small demolition jobs.It's heavy enough for most basic home repair needs, but light enough for you to carry around without it being a nuisance.Go with something that has a long-lasting synthetic handle. Also, when picking out a hammer, you want one that has a good balance in your hand and isn't head heavy.Flathead Screwdriver:A flathead screwdriver has a single blade that fits into the single slot of a flathead screw. In addition to driving in screws, flatheads can also be improvised for different uses like light prying, scrapping, and nudging.Phillips Screwdriver:A Phillips head screwdriver has a four star point at the end that fits into the corresponding screw's shallow, cross-shaped depression. This design allows a user to apply more torque than is possible with a flathead screwdriver. The depression forces the blades of the Phillips screwdriver to slip out before any damaging over-torquing can occur. Crescent Wrench:The crescent wrench is an adjustable wrench with a sliding jaw that changes the width of the wrench. So you can use the same tool on different size nuts and bolts. Remember, when you're using a crescent wrench, the movable jaw is located on the side towards which the rotation is to be performed. This reduces the chance of backlashTape Measure:You need a tape measure for that and to do other things like make sure furniture will fit in a room and measuring windows for blinds.Utility Knife:For opening boxes, sharpening pencils, and more, the utility knife is a toolbox workhorse. INTEY household tool kits has knives with built-in blade storage and rubber-covered handles for comfort and provide 10 free extra blades for changing.Hacksaw: A hacksaw cuts through wood and even metal and plastic pipes.What You Get From the Tool Kit1 x snap-off knife1 x adjustable wrench 8"1 x long nose plier 6"1 x slip joint plier 6"6 x precision screwdrivers (-)/(+)2.0-2.4-3.0MM1 x scissors 8"8 x hex key wrenches 1.5-6MM2 x scewdrivers (-)/(+)6*100MM1 x claw hammer 8oz1 x measure tape 3M1 x bit driver handle1 x hack saw11 x bits (-)3-4-5-6(+)1-2-3(*)1-2-3, AD9 x 1/4" Dr.socket 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13MM10 x knife blades1x screwdriver bit1x blow molded case
Mannesmann Tool Box/Assembled (155 Pieces)
Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge GmbH
Technische Datenaus stabilem Stahlblech gefertigtWerkzeugbox mit zwei leichtgängigen Schubladen und verriegelbarem DeckelfachTragegriffInhalt1 x Kombizange, 120 mm1 x Telefonzange, 120 mm1 x Seitenschneider, 110 mm1 x Vornschneider, 110 mm6 x Schraubendreher2 x Schlitz, 4 x Kreuz18 x Steckschlüsseleinsätze ½ Zoll, 10 - 32 mm10 x Steckschlüsseleinsätze ¼ Zoll, 4 - 13 mm1 x Zündkerzeneinsatz ½ Zoll, 21 mm1 x Adapter für Bits ¼ Zoll1 x Umschaltknarre ½ Zoll1 x Umschaltknarre ¼ Zoll2 x T-Gleitgriff ½ Zoll x 240 mm , ¼ Zoll x 130 mm1 x T-Gleitgriff1 x Verlängerung ½ Zoll x 125 mm1 x Verlängerung ¼ Zoll x 50 mm1 x Schraubgriff ¼ Zoll1 x Rollgabelschlüssel 6 Zoll1 x Bandmaß, 2 m1 x Schlosserhammer, 200 g1 x Rolle Universal-Klebeband1 x Sortiment Kunststoffdübel und Schrauben1 x Abbrechmesser, 18 mm1 x Spannungsprüfer, GS-geprüft, 60 mm8 x Stiftschlüssel in Kunsthalter, 1,5 - 6 ,0 mm1 x 3,6 V Stabschrauber mit drehbarem Griff1 x Steckernetzgerät GS-geprüft24 x Bits 50 mm30 x Bits 25 mm
Apollo 170 Piece Heavy Duty Pink Complete Household Tool Kit with Pink Tools, Wall Hanging Kit and Pink Tool Box for Everyday Tasks, DIY, Decorating & More - Housewarming Gift for Ladies Tool Kit
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Tools are not just for guys! With it's lively pink trim you can now add a touch of style to DIY Repair and Home Maintenance tasks ! Contents♦ Long Nose Pliers (150mm / 6")For gripping and twisting, and cutting wire ♦ Diagonal Pliers / Side Cutters (150mm / 6")With tempered jaws♦ Adjustable Spanner (150mm / 6")♦ 3-in-1 Wire Maintenance ToolIncludes terminal crimping, wire stripping and cutting functions♦ Rubber Mallet (227g / 8oz.) Rubber is non-marking is the preferred tool for use with chisels♦ Claw Hammer (227g / 8oz.) ♦ 5 x Combination Spanners / Wrenches: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" With open-ended and ring ends ♦ 16 x SAE / Metric Hex Keys:1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4"Metric Hex Keys: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm♦ 6 x Precision ScrewdriversFor smaller sized screws found around the home ♦ 6 x Saw with Five Extra Metal Blades (150mm / 6")For cutting, camping, pruning, carpentry and general DIY tasks♦ 4 x Full size Screwdrivers with comfort gripsSlotted: 5mm, 6mm Philips: #1,#2♦ Bit DriverFor use with the included bits for turning screws♦ 20 x CRV Screw Bits:Slotted: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4"; PH1, PH2, PH3, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3; Torx: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30; Hex: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4" ♦ 50mm Bit Connector♦ Scissors (200mm 8")♦ Tape Measure (3.5m / 12ft.) ♦ Torpedo Level / Spirit Level (200mm / 8")♦ Voltage Tester Used to determine presence or absence of electric voltage♦ 100 x Piece Screw & Anchors AssortmentIncluding wall plugs and screws of various sizes ♦ Heavy Duty Tool BoxFor carrying and storage of tools
Hi-Spec Heavy Duty 170W Multi Purpose Rotary Multi Tool, Sander, Cutting Tool & More with Variable Speed Switch & 120 Piece Mixed Accessory Kit. Compatible with DREMEL Tools and Accessories
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- Fulfilled By Amazon: Free returns for items within 30 days of shipment receipt- Hi-Spec Warranty: All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design, material and workmanship Power Tools : 3 Years Batteries and Chargers : 2 Years Consumables : 1 Year*Please contact us if there is anything wrong with your product*Cutter for cutting and engraving harder materials such as metalBrass brush for removing Rust and corrosion from metal surfacesNylon Brush for cleaning, dusting, polishing & surface preparation on metals such as metal, ceramics, stone, glass, plastics, fibreglass & woodCompact Storage Box to keep parts safe, secure and ready for when you need themWrench for changing and tightening attachments*Compatible with DREMEL and WEN Tools and Accessories*
Hi-Spec 15 Piece Children's Tool Kit with Real Small-Sized Hand Tools, Safety Goggles and Play-Work Hat All in a Convenient Storage Bag
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Tools aren't just for adults! My First Tool Set with real hand tools, and a fun toy safety helmetA fun and educational kit containing most popular hand tools for hours of entertainment making things! Great selection of most fun tools for hours of entertainment. 8+ years. Use under adult supervisionContents♦ Children's Safety Goggles (Universal Size)Protects eyes and teaches safe work practices ♦ Children's Safety HelmetHave fun dressing up in a play-work hat ♦ Claw Hammer 227g (8oz.)For banging and pulling nails ♦ Mini Long Nose PliersFor grabbing and twisting objects ♦ 2 x Black Nylon ClampsFor holding work items together ♦ Spring Carabiner HookTo attach and carry items ♦ Stainless Ruler 150mm (6")For precision marking ♦ 2 x Screwdrivers:#2 Phillips, 6mm Slotted ♦ Soft Zipper Storage BagTo keep tools clean and organized♦ PencilFor marking work surfaces ♦ Pencil Sharpener♦ Plastic Level♦ Tape Measure*Tools are not toys and should always be used with adult supervision*- Fulfilled By Amazon: Free returns for items within 30 days of shipment receipt - Hi-Spec Warranty: All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design, material and workmanship
Hi-Spec 67 Piece METRIC Auto Mechanics Tool Kit including Professional 3/8
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Get the right tools for the job!A Practical Kit for Engine and Auto Repair♦ Heavy Duty Long Nose Pliers 150 mm - Hardened precision milled jaws♦ Heavy Duty Combination Pliers 170mm - Cuts, turns and grips♦ Adjustable Wrench 150mm- Turns nuts and bolts♦ 8 x Hex Keys - 1.27, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6mm♦ Magnetic Bit Driver Handle♦ 28 x 25mm CR-V Bits- Slotted 4,5,1/8,5/32,3/16,1/4- Pozidrive PZ1,PZ2,PZ3- Square S0, S1*2, S2*2, S3*2- Hex H1/16, H5/64, H1/8, H5/32, H3/16, H1/4- Philips PH1,PH2, PH0- Torx T10, T15- 1/4" Socket Adaptor♦ Voltage Tester- detects electrical current♦ Robust Portable Storage CaseKeeps tools safe and secure- Fulfilled By Amazon: Free returns for items within 30 days of shipment receipt- Hi-Spec Warranty: All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design, material and workmanship
Hi-Spec 3.6V Cordless 1300 mAh Lithium-Ion Screwdriver & 102 Piece Tamperproof Mixed Screwdriver Bit Set in Aluminum Storage Box. All the SAE, Metric, Torq, Phillips, Slotted, Pozidriv, Clutch, IT, Metric, Spline, Tri-wing, Square, Spanner, Hex and Triangle bits you'll ever need!
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Fear No Tamperproof Screw Again!Save time and effort turning all screws and fastners; perfect for home repairs, picture hanging, fitting shelves and furniture assemblyBe prepared with the right screwbit for the right fastener!Contents♦ 1300mAh Lithium-Ion Screwdriver3.5Nm Torque - 200rpm No Load Speed - Front LED - 3-5 Hours Charge Time♦ 102 Piece Screwdriver Insert Bits and Adapters:- Double Ended Extended Phillips PZ2 (50mm)- Magnetic Bit Holder (50mm) for when extra reach is required[2] 1/4" Socket Adaptors (25mm)[9] Slotted/Flat: 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8mm[9] Hex/Allen (Metric): 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8mm[9] Hex/Allen (SAE/Imperial): 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32"[8] Pozidriv: #0, 1,5 x 2, 3[8] Phillips: #0, 1, 5 x 2, 3[9] Torx: T7, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45[6] TorxPlus: IP10, IP15, IP20, IP25, IP30, IP40[3] 12-Spline Flange: M5, M6, M8[4] Robertson / Square: S0, S1, S2, S3For tamperproof/resistant screws and fasteners:[9] Torx: T7h, T10h, T15h, T20h, T25h, T27h, T30h, T35h, T40h[6] Hex/Allen Key (Metric): 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm[6] Hex/Allen Key (SAE/Imperial): 5/64, 7/64, 3/32, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32"[4] Pin Spanner: 4, 6, 8, 10mm[4] Tri-Wing: TRI 1, 2, 3, 4[3] Torq-set: 6, 8, 10♦ 230V 50Hz Recharger Mains Plug♦ Aluminum Storage BoxWith internal thick foam padding to keep bits secureTechnical SpecificationVoltage: 3.6VBattery: Lithium 1300mAhTorque: 3.5 NmNo load speed: 200 rpmCharging time: 3 - 5 hours4 x LED Work lightsBattery charge indicator- Fulfilled By Amazon: Free returns for items within 30 days of shipment receipt- Hi-Spec Warranty: All our products meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects in design,
Hi-Spec 49 Piece Home Office Garage Tool Kit including Heavy Duty Fiberglass Hammer, Adjustable Wrench, Combination Pliers, Tin Snips, Sockets, Cutting Tool, Bit Driver & Screwdriver Bits, Precision Screwdrivers, Measuring Tape & Duct Tape – all in Compact Storage Case
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All-In-One DIY Tool Set!The one essential tool kit for DIY repair and maintenance tasks around the home, office, yard, garage and gardenContents♦ Low Vibration Fiberglass Claw Hammer- 8oz (230g) - for striking and pulling nails♦ Heavy Duty Combination Pliers- 170 mm - cutting, shaping wire and gripping materials♦ Adjustable Wrench- 150mm - easily tightens or loosens most common household nuts and bolts♦ 9 x 1/4 inch Drive METRIC Sockets- 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13mm- handy basic socket set for use on bicycles, furniture, garage and household equipment♦ Tin Snips 6" (145mm) - cut through metal sheeting, vinyl flooring and electrical wires♦ Tape Measure 10ft (3m) - with powder coated steel blade and both SAE and Metric measurements♦ 2 x Precision Screwdrivers- 2.4mm Slotted - #1 Phillips- for use with toys, battery compartments, computers, phones and small electrical components♦ 50mm Bit Connector- for use with cordless drill or electrical screwdriver- insert bits and turn screws effortlessly♦ 28 x 25mm CRV Bits- comprehensive selection of most common sizes of Phillips, Flat (slotted), Torx, Hex, Pozi, Square bits- includes a socket connector for use with the bit driver♦ Electrical Tape 30ft (9m) - for waterproofing and providing insulation to electrical wire and components♦ Digital Voltage Tester- used to determine presence or absence of electric voltage♦ Robust Portable Storage Case- to keep tools clean and organized.
Tool Kit, Home tool set - CATUO 100Pcs DIY Household Hand Tool Set with Screwdrivers Pliers Wrenches Hammer Saw ect, Good for Home Office Shed Garage Bike Car Electronics Test Repair Maintenance
CATUO PROFESSIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HOUSEHOLD TOOL SET -Multi-use complete tools. -Safe, comfort environmentally friendly material. -Professional tools with high quality standards. -Easily for storage, transportation and keep clean. -Ergonomically designed for strength, durability and maximum torque. -Perfect for household tasks, repairments, maintenance, manufacture ect. Specifications: Carry case size: 370x270x80mm Mini Saw size: 255x90x20mm Claw Hammer size: 235x106x22mm Packge size: 400*300*90mm Weight: 3.5KG Tool color: Black & red Package includes: 5 x Snap-Off Knife sheets 1 x Digital voltage tester 1 x 3M Tape Rule 1 x Electrical Tape 10 x Bit Storage 8 x Inner hexagon wrench:Heat treatment of carbon steel 1 x Snap-Off Knife 1 x Adjustable Wrench 1 x Claw Hammer 2 x mini Slotted Screwdriver 2 x mini Phillips Screwdriver 1 x Slotted Screwdriver 1 x Phillips Screwdriver 1 x Mini Saw 1 x Multifunctional screwdriver handle 1 x Long Nose Plier 1 x Groove Joint Plier 1 x Lineman Pliers 41 x Screws 27 x Expansion tube set
Mannesmann Universal Tool Set (89 Pieces)
Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge GmbH
Professional tool kit 89 pcs. Technical details -Wrench included: Y -Saw included: Y -Pliers included: Y -Hammer included: Y -Case colour: Blue Packaging content -Tools quantity: 89 tools Features -Colour of product: Blue
AWANFI Tool Kit 100 Piece DIY Home Household Toolkits for Daily Repair and Maintenance
The DIY Household Tool kit Setcontains the most reached for parts and tools used in handling most diy household, car garage, office, home yard and garden decoration, repairs and maintenance tasks -Multi-use complete tools kit. -Safe, comfort environmentally friendly material. -Professional tools with high quality standards. -Easily for storage, transportation and keep clean. -Ergonomically designed for strength, durability and maximum torque. -Perfect for household tasks, repairments, maintenance, manufacture ect. Specifications: Carry case size: 370*270*80mm Packge size: 380*285*90mm Weight: 3.6KG Tool color: Black & Orange Package Includes: 1.Saw(aluminium alloy) 2.Screwdrivers head (45#STEEL), Type: PH1/PH2/PH3/PZ1/PZ2/PZ3/4/6/T20/T25 3.Digita electrical pen test 4. Phillips screwdrive 5.Straight screwdrive 6.Screwdriver handle 7.Box parts 8.Precision screwdrive 9.Allen key(carbon steel heat treatment), type: 6/5.5/5/4/3/2.5/1.5 10.Fibre handle claw hammer 11.Water pump piler 12.Adjustable spanner 13.Cutter pliers 14.Sharp-nose pliers 15.Insulation tape
Duratool 14956TL Household Tool Kit in Blow Moulded Carry Case - Black (129-Piece)
Jetgadgets Ltd
A 129 piece tool kit ideal for the household, supplied in a handy fold-up blow moulded carry case. Kit Contents: Wire Stripper Topedo level Knife 4x Precision Screwdrivers 20x 25mm Bits Ratchet Handle 3.5m Tape measure 8oz Claw hammer 6" Adjustable wrench 6" Long nose pliers 6" Diagonal Pliers 16x Hex keys
VonHaus 92Pc Hand Tool Kit with 14” Heavy Duty Storage Carry Bag Organiser – Ideal Household/Home DIY Repairs – Incl. Bits Driver Pliers Hammer Wrench Hex Keys - 35 x 21 x 26.5cm
Carry out everyday repairs as well as electrical, decoration, building and wood working projects with this essential VonHaus 92 Piece Household Tool Set. If you’re fed up of searching the garage from top to bottom for the right size screwdriver or hacked off with having to drive to the DIY store for a hex key to adjust the cupboard door, this kit could be the answer to your prayers. Inside, you’ll discover a handy man (or woman)’s dream: a brilliant ‘starter’ kit that includes a magnetic bit driver plus dozens of bits plus pliers, wrench, hammer, spirit level and tape measure – as well as much more. Ideal for stowing in the garage or under the stairs till you have a job that needs taking care of. Comprises: 1 x Magnetic bit driver1 x Adaptor1 x 6in long nose pliers1 x 5in diagonal pliers1 x 6in Linesman pliers1 x 6in adjustable wrench1 x 8oz claw hammer1 x 9” spirit level1 x 3m tape measure2 x 3/4" spring clamp4 x precision screwdriver8 x metric hex keys8 x SAE hex keys9 x socket19 x 25mm bits1 x 32pc fastener set with plastic storage case Also comes with a heavy-duty tool bag which features various pockets and pouches to help you store tools and accessories logically and is capable of carrying a full load of kit without buckling under the pressure. Great gift for a DIY enthusiast.
Skandia (10919370) 16 Piece Tool Box Set
The Skandia (1091937) 16 piece tool box set is a great starter kit including a high quality tool box and essential tools. This tool kit is just what you need to have piece of mind that you can fix most issues that come up in your house on a daily basis. Tackle all the household tasks with this convenient set. All the tools are manufactured from high quality plastic and steel, ensuring great value for money.Skandia has been making tools for over 80 years. The first hand-tool brand for the do-it-yourselfer. Good products at an affordable price. With Skandia tools you have an extension of yourself at hand, so you can realise your ideas. A real do-it-yourselfer doesn't buy, but makes.Set includes:- 2 pcs open end spanners (10 x 11, 12 x 13mm)- 180mm Carpenter Pincers- 6 pcs Hex key ring, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm- 180mm combination pliers- 250mm Quick lock water pump pliers- 140mm Voltage Tester- 9mm Knife- 27mm Claw hammer- 150mm Hack Saw- 3M x 16mm Measuring tape- 4 pcs Screwdriver set - 2 x Slotted-3 x 100 and 5 x 100mm - 2 x Philips-0x 75, 2 x 100mmOther products in the range include:- 1091776 Screwdriver set - 6 pieces- 1091941 Combination wrench set - 8 pieces- 1091777 Flexible ratchet set - 7pieces- 1091938 Staple gun- 1091944 Quick lock water pump pliers- 1091940 Measuring tape - 5M- 1091943 Spirit level - 60cm- 1091942 Folding Hex Key Set Metric - 8 piece