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Beko Oven Main Cooker Fan Motor. Genuine Part Number 264440102
Specification: 21 watts CL.180 220-240 volts 50/60 Hz This part compatible with following models Beko AFM22100B BIE22100XC BIE22102X BIM22100X ODM22100X OIE22101W OIE22102X OIE22104X OIER22101X OIG22101X OIM22101M OSE22121X OSF22110X BIE22100X BIE22101X BIG22101X BKDM22100X OIE22100X OIE22101X OIE22103X OIER22100X OIF22100X OIM22100X OSE22120X OSE22130X OSF22120X OSF22125X OSF22135SX OSF22130SX OUE22120X BD533AK BD533AW BD533AS BD634S BD634W BDC643K BDC643W BDC643S BDCC640W BDO9400WG BDOF953X BDV555AK BDV555AW BDV655W BDVC100X BDVC563AW BDVC663W BDVC664S BDVC665MK BDVC667K BDVC667W BDVC668W BDVF100K BDVF696KP BDVI668K BEO9400WG BDV555AS BDV555AX BDVC100K BDVC563AK BDVC663K BDVC664K BDVC664W BDVC665W BDVC667S BDVC667X BDVC668X BDVF100X BDVF696XP BDVI668X BSC630K BSC630W BSC630S COOK59DCX COOK69DIK COOK69DFK DBDF243WG DBDM223X ODF21300B ODF21300W ODF22309X ODF21300F ODF22300X ODF24300M OIE111X OIE21100B OIE21200WU OIE21300B OIE21400XP OIE22001X OIE22301X OIE22303X OIE22500AP OIE22500XP OIE21000X OIE21200CU OIE21201CU OIE21300W OIE22000X OIE22300X OIE22302X Blomberg BDO9564X BEO5022X BEO5122W BEO7043X BEO7123X BEO7422X BEO7423X BEO7536X BEO9424X BEO9546SLX BEO9566W BEO9566Z BEO9760X BEO9762X BEO9790X HKN9310 HKN9320E HKN9330E HKN9331A HKN9334E BEO5121X BEO7022X BEO7122X BEO7422W BEO7423W BEO7443X BEO9414X BEO9444X BEO9546SRX BEO9566X BEO9596X BEO9761X BEO9764X BEO9860X HKN9310Z HKN9330A HKN9330X HKN9331E HKN9430E Euromaid CDDB60 CDDW60 CDDS60 BS5 BS7 BS6 BS8 MS8 MW8 Flavel FLS61FX FLV91FX FLS63FX DDML61FDWP ML61CDW MLB5CDW ML61CDS MLB5CDT Howden HJA3400 HJA4620 HJA3660 LAM3301 LAM3402 LAM3501 LAM3600 LAM4600 LAM3400 LAM3403 LAM3502 LAM4401 LAM4601 Lamona HJA3400 HJA4620 HJA3660 LAM3301 LAM3402 LAM3501 LAM3600 LAM4600 LAM3400 LAM3403 LAM3502 LAM4401 LAM4601 Leisure GRB6CVC GRB6CVR GRB6FVK GRB6CVK GRB6CVW LEVC67W LEVI68X LEVC67X
Blade Block Knife 156870 18558-xx Reference: 20649013012 for Kenwood Small Electrical Appliance Spare Parts
We have been distributing spare parts for household electrical appliances for more than 30 years. offers an unprecedented range of household electrical appliance spare parts for individuals and professionals. - Our stock levels are kept up to date using a rolling list based on the latest technology. Compatible appliance models: 23020-56. Please check that this part is compatible with your appliance model.Please note: the product images displayed are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual goods received.
Candy 92784297 Hoover Washing Machine Lower Door Hinge
Please note: The manufacturer has changed the design of this part and this is beyond the control of the retailer.
Braun Upper part/gear box CA 4000

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Master Part Under Appliance Wand Dusting Brush Tool For Shark Cordless & Upright Vacuum Cleaners
MasterPart compatible Shark cordless and upright vacuum cleaner extendable under appliance and furniture wand. This handy replacement tool will allow you to effortlessly clean underneath all sorts of appliances and furniture with its thin and extendable design. Its dusting bristles will prevent scratches whilst picking up dust and debris. Also able to reach above cupboards by just flipping this wand.This tool has an adjustable length up to 36 inches and can fit under appliances 1 1/2 inches and above. Alternative to part number - 3266flih38euk Fits the following models - HV320, HV380, IF200, IF250, NV340, NV350, NV480, NV600, NV601, NV680, NV681, NV800, NV801. Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.
NEW Limescale & Detergent Remover for All Dishwashers and Washing Machines - Genuine Indesit Hotpoint Professional collection - Replace old Part numbers: C00089780 , C00091077 , C00091561 (Box of 12)
Indesit Hotpoint
Description Smelly washing machine? Remove detergent and limescale residues that can lead to appliance problems. This Limescale and Detergent Remover is a descaler that cleanses dishwashers and washing machines, removing limescale, grease and detergent build-up. Suitable for all makes and models of washing machines and dishwashers. The most cost-effective way to prolong the life of your appliance. Box contains 6 x 50g sachets 10 x 50g sachets 12 x 50g sachets 100 x 50g sachets Please Note: Not suitable for top loading appliances Hard water leads to deposits building up in your appliance, which reduces its efficiency and leads to premature failure. In fact, British Water say that even a 1.6mm coating of limescale on a heating element can make it up to 12% less effective. Hard water damage Clean element Element in hard water area Element when new All types of water can cause a build-up of detergent residue inside your machine, which can lead to blockages. This build-up provides an environment for bacteria to thrive causing unpleasant odours. Drawer build-up Clean drawer Drawer after use Drawer when new If you're not sure if you live in a hard or soft water area, try our limescale post code checker. By simply using one descaler sachet per month your machine will benefit from the following: Removes limescale build-up from internal parts Eliminates powder build-up and odour-causing bacteria Hygienically cleans all internal parts Maximises the efficiency of your appliance If used immediately with new appliances, reduces detergent quantity by up to a third
Cookhouse 800W Multi Blender with Bonus Spice/Coffee Grinder - High Power Professional Appliance for Smoothies, Soups, Iced Drinks, Recipes - 1.5L Capacity, Removable Parts for Easy Cleaning
Look no further for your all-in-one solution to blending, mixing and chopping ingredients! Powerful Engine: The CookHouse 800W blender was designed to give you the best smoothies and mixes possible - quickly and easily. The high quality engine blends your ingredients smoothly - without overheating! Bonus Grinder/Chopper attachment: We've included an attachment that makes it easy and fast to coarsely chop up ingredients such as coffee, spices, nuts, ice, or frozen foods! (500g capacity) 3 Speed and Pulse Blending: From easier powder mixes to thicker frozen ingredients, this blender can handle any recipe with 3 speeds and a pulse setting! Safety Double-Lock Feature: Won't start until blender is completely locked into place, ensuring safety and avoiding mess Easy Cleaning: Blades and glass jar are detachable, letting you quickly rinse and wash! 2 Year Guarantee: We promise you'll love this blender, or your money back! We are dedicated to fantastic customer service - if you are dissatisfied for any reason, let us know and we'll make it right. Details: → Non-Slip Feet → 1.5L Capacity Jar → Overheat Protection → Stainless Steel Blades & Base → 800W → High Precision Stainless Steel Blades