Aprilaire 400M Humidifier
APR Supply Co.
Tune Up Kit For Aprilaire Model 400 Series Humidifiers (Part # 4788).  This Tune-Up Kit works for whole house large bypass humidifiers - models 400, 400A, 400M. WATCH MAINTENANCE VIDEO This kit contains everything you need to maintain your Aprilaire humidifier.  The kit includes: #45 Water Panel (QTY 2) 4335 - Feed Tube Assembly 4231 - Orifice (comes nested in feed tube) 4004 - Inline Strainer (included in feed tube envelope) Compression Nut and Ferule (included in feed tube envelope) 4403 - Scale Control Insert 4407 - Water Distribution Tray 4406 Float Assembly (QTY 2- included inside scale control insert assembly) 4405 Float Cover (included inside scale control insert assembly)
Aprilaire 60 Humidifier W/Blower Activation White by Aprilaire
Control Outdoor Sensor Manual Mode Sticker Installation Instructions Owners Manual
Aprilaire 313 Replacement Filter by Aprilaire
For models 2310, 3310 and 4300;Easy Installation;Requires annual replacement
Aprilaire 413 Replacement Filter by Aprilaire
Helps protect your home by filtering out contaminants in the air;Fits models 4400, 3310 and 2410;May also be used in models 2400 and 2140 with upgrade kit #1413;Requires annual replacement
Aprilaire 201 Replacement Air Cleaner Filter Models 2200/2250 2 Pack
Commercial Water Distributing
The ReplacementBrand Air Filter for Aprilaire 201 (2-Pack) Media Filter for Model 2200/2250 is suggested to replace once a year or after one heating and one cooling season. The Aprilaire 201 keeps your home or office safe and clean from foreign pathogens found within the air supply. Inside unfiltered air lie tiny particles that can be a detriment to your health and home. The Aprilaire 201 filter prevents these tiny particles from contaminating your air supply. Identical to the Space-Gard2200 filter, clean air is available to your indoor spaces by integrating this filter into your HVAC system. Order today!
Aprilaire 50 Sensing Relay, 24-volt by Aprilaire
Voltage Range: 21-24 VAC, 50-60 Hz;Sensing Current: Minimum of 4.0 Amps;Also works for Honeywell HE220, HE225, HE260, HE265, HE360 and HE365 humidifiers.
Aprilaire 213 Replacement Filter by Aprilaire
This is the MERV 13 replacement filter for the Model 4200, 3210 and 2210 Aprilaire Air Cleaners.  The filter can also be used in the Models 2200 and 2120, provided the Upgrade Kit, part #1213 has been installed.  The filter is the heart of the air cleaner and needs to be changed once a year or when your Air Cleaner Control indicates it is time to change the filter.  Use only genuine Aprilaire SelfSeal #213 to ensure the best performance of your air cleaner.
Aprilaire 51 Current Sensing Relay
Current sensing relay used to turn Aprilaire humidifiers on when indoor blower of air handler is energized. Makes installing any humidifier easier than ever before.
Aprilaire 4010 Transformer by Aprilaire
APR Supply Co.
Humidifier transformer for models 400, 550, 550a, 558, 560, 560a, 568, 600;Connect leads to 110-volt current; the screw terminals will then provide 24 volts;1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
Aprilaire 1210 Media Air Cleaner Merv11
REPLACEMENT FILTERS: This unit comes with (1 each) #210 MERV 11 filter; Aprilaire recommends replacing the media each year; order the #210 replacement filter; customers can also upgrade to the MERV 13 #213 filter if desired; REMOVAL EFFICIENCY: MERV 11; dust particles 1-3 microns: 50%; pollen & mold spores 3-10 microns: 85% (a single strand of hair usually has a diameter of 20 to 180 microns); CABINET FEATURES: Unit operation is completely silent; only maintenance required is replacement of the disposable media; outer housing is heavy gauge, pre-assembled galvanized steel; self-aligning painted door easily snaps into place every time; cabinet and media are UL classified; warranted for five (5) years from the date of installation to be free from defects in materials or workmanship - media is disposable and does not apply to warranty; narrow 6.75" cabinet for easier installations and more flexible applications
#4223 Aprilaire Drain Spud by Aprilaire

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LYCHYYY Humidifier Portable USB Mini Humidifier Advanced humidification device, Whisper-Quiet Operation Waterless Auto off with Warm Night Light,Pink
Rated voltage: DC5V-1ARated power: 1.5-2WInput interface: DC3.5Spray time: 4 hours at regular intervalsLight time: 1 hour at the timeProduct weight: 230g with color box, 17*9*18cm[Note]: This product is a humidifier. The material and structure are not suitable for aromatherapy. If you add essential oil, it may damage the service life of the product. The water of the humidifier is preferably tap water, because the distilled water is evaporated, and the purified water is extracted to change the original water quality.
#4223 Aprilaire Drain Spud by Aprilaire
This is a Brand New OEM Humidifier Water Drain Spud Nipple Funnel;Top Quality OEM Replacement Part!
Aprilaire 4406 Float Assembly
APR Supply Co.
Aprilaire Float Assembly 4406.  These fit in the Scale Control Insert/Float Chamber to control the supply of water. When the water level is high enough, the right hand float turns off the water supply. As water evaporates and the float reaches the bottom, the electronic switch is activated.