Aprilaire 4406 Float Assembly
APR Supply Co.
Aprilaire Float Assembly 4406.  These fit in the Scale Control Insert/Float Chamber to control the supply of water. When the water level is high enough, the right hand float turns off the water supply. As water evaporates and the float reaches the bottom, the electronic switch is activated.
Aprilaire 213 Replacement Filter by Aprilaire
Use only with Aprilaire Model 4200 and 2210 Air Cleaners OR after installing 1213 Media Upgrade Kit in a model 2200 Air Cleaner.
Aprilaire 4655 Manual Humidistat by Aprilaire
APR Supply Co.
The indoor humidity should be set to match the outdoor temperature to prevent water from running down the sides of your windows;When the relative humidity reverses the Aprilaire 4655 manual digital control humidistat will close the control switch. The Aprilaire 4655 manual digital control humidistat can either be wall mounted or mounted on the return Plenum;This even water distribution ensures maximum evaporation from your humidifier
#4223 Aprilaire Drain Spud by Aprilaire
This is a Brand New OEM Humidifier Water Drain Spud Nipple Funnel;Top Quality OEM Replacement Part!
Aprilaire 413 Replacement Filter by Aprilaire
Helps protect your home by filtering out contaminants in the air;Fits models 4400, 3310 and 2410;May also be used in models 2400 and 2140 with upgrade kit #1413;Requires annual replacement
Aprilaire 8052 Duct or Outdoor Mount Temperature Sensor by ecobee
Comes with integral mounting bracket;Place in ductwork or mount outdoors;Max. Distance between Sensor and Module/Thermostat - 300ft.
Astonish Non-Slip Wood Floor Polish 1 Litre
Astonish Wood Floor Polish 1L
AprilAire 4051 GeneralAire Media Air Filters
General Filters Inc.
Aprilaire 4051 #204 replacement air cleaner media for Spacegard 2400 air cleaners. Manufactured by Generalaire. This item includes two complete media replacements. It is recommended that you change your filter media twice a year for maximum efficiencies.
Aprilaire 35 Humidifier Filters, Genuine Media for Aprilaire Models 350, 360, 560, 568, 600, 700, 760 & 768-4 Pack
Water Panel Evaporators are the heart of your humidifier and the component which generates the important humidity to keep you comfortable during the heating season. The water panel slides into the scale control insert and the water distribution tray sits across the top of the panel.. . 4 Pack!
Aprilaire 1210 Media Air Cleaner Merv11
REPLACEMENT FILTERS: This unit comes with (1 each) #210 MERV 11 filter; Aprilaire recommends replacing the media each year; order the #210 replacement filter; customers can also upgrade to the MERV 13 #213 filter if desired; REMOVAL EFFICIENCY: MERV 11; dust particles 1-3 microns: 50%; pollen & mold spores 3-10 microns: 85% (a single strand of hair usually has a diameter of 20 to 180 microns); CABINET FEATURES: Unit operation is completely silent; only maintenance required is replacement of the disposable media; outer housing is heavy gauge, pre-assembled galvanized steel; self-aligning painted door easily snaps into place every time; cabinet and media are UL classified; warranted for five (5) years from the date of installation to be free from defects in materials or workmanship - media is disposable and does not apply to warranty; narrow 6.75" cabinet for easier installations and more flexible applications
Aprilaire 45 Water Panel Evaporator, 2-Pack
Fits furnace humidifier models 400, 400 A, and 400 M.; Easy installation; requires annual replacement.; 2 Wick Filters per Pack.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown 2025 Edition (PC DVD)
Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops II now and receive the Nuketown 2025 bonus multiplayer map for free. Relive the close quarters chaos of this classic fan-favorite map, reimagined in a visionary depiction of the “Model Home of the Future”. It's time to go behind enemy lines with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 as a solider from an elite fighting force in a world of covert operations, deniable missions and secret warfare. In this sequel to one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed games of all time, Alex Mason is back and the stakes have never been higher. International figure Raul Menendez claims to be a messiah for the 99% but underneath the surface there's Cordis Die and a villain plotting to bring the world's superpowers to war. The Call of Duty franchise (known simply as COD to fans) has revolutionised video games and the first-person shooter with its thrilling gameplay, authentic weapons and an ultra-realistic portrayal of combat with Modern warfare 2 and 3 among the genre-defining instalments. The online multiplayer feature of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will enthral fans as they battle through maps with friends and foes. Players will decide how the game progresses along branching story lines through the decisions that they make. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will feature a zombie mode and with pre-orders there is a bonus Nuketown 2025 map available to download. David S. Goyer (Co-writer, The Dark Knight Rises) and Trent Reznor (Composer, the Social Network) are part of a team that have created a compelling and gripping storyline that spans decades. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 takes place from the 1970s and for the first time, Call of Duty is set in the future, in a 21st century cold war between the United States and China. In 2025 the protagonist is David Mason, Alex's s
Christmas Concepts® Battery Operated Fairy Lights With 20 White LED's - 2 Metre Length - Christmas/Wedding/Everyday Decoration
Christmas Concepts®
These white led lights give off a bright white glow and are perfect for round a small tree, putting round windows, the mantle piece, flowers, picture frames and much more as they are battery operated there are no trailing wires!! The lights are warm white which are like a fairy light colour. They are led lights which means the lights are bright, low voltage and energy efficient. The lights are 2m in length with 30cm lead wire. They require 2 AA batteries which are not included. The lights are a top choice with florist as the bulbs do not get hot. Indoor use only.
TVPower Mini USB Cable for Powering Roku Streaming Stick
Mission Cables
Eliminates the need for an AC power outlet TVPower Mini USB Cable allows you to power your Roku Streaming Stick directly from your TV's USB port. It's the quickest and simplest way to set up your Roku. Ideal Length TVPower Mini USB Cable is the perfect length for connecting your Roku to your TV's USB port. Long USB cables (like the 60" jumbo USB cable included with Roku) can hang down behind your TV, cluttering your multimedia area. Made for Roku TVPower Mini USB Cable connects Roku Streaming Stick to your TV's USB port. The special 90 degree connector minimizes the length of Roku and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the TV. Includes two cables per package to support any USB port orientation Use the cable with the 90 degree connector if your USB port is above your HDMI port. Use the cable with the 270 degree connector if your USB port is below your HDMI port. User Notes Ensure your TV has a USB port before ordering the TVPower Mini USB Cable. TVPower Mini USB Cable replaces the 60" jumbo USB cable that is included with Roku Streaming Stick.
Advertising Post Card Aprilaire Hum Difiers Unused

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Aprilaire 201 Replacement Air Cleaner Filter Models 2200/2250 2 Pack
Commercial Water Distributing
The ReplacementBrand Air Filter for Aprilaire 201 (2-Pack) Media Filter for Model 2200/2250 is suggested to replace once a year or after one heating and one cooling season. The Aprilaire 201 keeps your home or office safe and clean from foreign pathogens found within the air supply. Inside unfiltered air lie tiny particles that can be a detriment to your health and home. The Aprilaire 201 filter prevents these tiny particles from contaminating your air supply. Identical to the Space-Gard2200 filter, clean air is available to your indoor spaces by integrating this filter into your HVAC system. Order today!
Marc Jacobs Ladies'Watch XS Analogue Quartz Stainless Steel MBM3337
Marc Jacobs
The Ladies Henry Skeleton Watch MBM3337 is a great example of the Marc Jacobs watch range. You can buy with confidence that your MBM3337 Ladies Henry Skeleton Watch is fully covered by the official Marc Jacobs warranty.