Aprimatic 2613002 Aprimatic TM4 433 Original Controller
This remote control of the gate APRIMATIC TM4 has a frequency of 433.92 MHz and have 4 button(s).It comes with an instruction and batteries. The Programmation of the remote is easy and requires no special equipment.
Aprimatic 2613002 Aprimatic TM4 433 Original Controller by APRIMATIC
Remote gate frequency 433.92 MHz;Type of programming: programming with the receiver;Type of battery : ZCP Marantec.;1 year warranty - battery and instructions included
Hydraulic Oil Dielectric APRIMATIC aprimoil F26 1 Lt Specific for Electric Motors For Gates
Oil Original APRIMATIC aprimoil F26 Cod. 41700/016 For hydraulic operators for automation doors and gates. This & # 39; oil has dielectric features for the work in immersion of the stator of & # 39; Electric Actuator and antifreeze Features for retain its also features with very low temperatures. Packaged in canister 1 lt. This & # 39; however, oil is suitable for all types of plumbing actuators for gates.
MOTORIDUTTORE Wave 801-e Z16 APRIMATIC 41127/003 Automation Automatic New
Wave 801 designed for residential use with maximum weight of gate up to 800 kg. The kit consists of 1 operator EZ16 reliability thanks to the use of stainless steel gears and car permanent lubrication the noise reduction technology and the heavy construction makes the ideal of this gearmotor 90-degree For use multi-residenziale; High reliability and safety Technical Data - Power Supply: 230 V - Power Consumption Max. : 260 W - Power Consumption Max. : 1.6 A - Maximum force of thrust: 1250 N (with Z16) 1000 N (with pinion sprocket Z20) - Linear speed: 9.5 m/min (Z16) - Maximum weight of gate: 800 kg (Z16) - Sprocket Height from the ground: 70 mm - Working temperature: -20 °/+ 70 °C - Protection class: IP44 Wave 801
Aprimatic TR4 Gate remote control keyfob transmitter
Aprimatic 433 MHz four button remote control for use with Aprimatic automatic gates and garage doors. Supplied with LR23A 12 volt battery and instructions. Dimensions: 73mm x 42mm x 20mm Please note: if you use your remote control to open communal gates, barriers or an automated garage door you may not be able to program this remote control yourself. Contact the building or site management company to verify that the system is not code locked, if it is code locked you will not be able to register the remote control with the system. If you are a private owner then the programming of this remote control is simple.
Aprimatic TR2 Self Learning Replacement Cloning Remote Control Garage Gate TR 2
Universal Rolling and Fixed Code, Multi Frequency, Multi Brand, Self Learning 4-Channel Remote Control The Multi 2 is a cutting edge, self learning, rolling and fixed code, 4-channel remote control which can be used as a replacement or additional remote for a range of original remote controls. The Multi 2 is also multi frequency so you can clone all fixed code original remotes with frequencies between 280 MHz and 868 MHz. Here is a video of the easy cloning process: http://youtu.be/ChrOUa64JyY Please see above in the product images for complete list.
Aprimatic Kit for Sliding Gates Automatic Closing Photocells 41101 – 800
Complete kit for the automation of sliding gates 24 V up to 400 kg comprising: -1 Tubular 24 V (with on-board control unit and receiver). -1 flashing light 24 V (yellow light Radio Antenna with built-in) -1 -1 outdoor Key Selector 4 Channel Transmitter -1 Pair of photocells outdoor wall mount in B.T.
Receiving Single Radio External APRIMATIC RR If 41923/009 Automation Gates
External 1 channel radio receiver, APRIMATIC Single rr-se Cod. 41923/009, Model without Box. The external receiver is used to manage the remote controls APRIMATIC TR2 TR4 TM4 on APRIMATIC systems or of different Mark as the connection of the receiver to the central control is through wiring knit with on contacts of opening. The receiving Single Memory System is a & # 39; Single hardware and software solution Expandable up to 4 channels, suitable to every type of mounting and access management to every type of need. Power supply 24 Vdc/Vac, Low Power Consumption (Max.20mA Standby), from 40 to 120 m Range of input RF Front End Filter. System of decoding hopping code/rolling code self-learning signalling via radio, sound and visual recognition of code. Optional removable memory module of different series up to 496 codes, up to over 2000 codes. RELAY OUTPUT OF expansion series and up to 3 channels relay modules, this article refers to 1 to 1 channel module. Italian product warranty 24 months. In the packaging of the product are content all safety certification and manuals for instructions d & # 39; use and maintenance. Technical characteristics
This remote control of the gate APRIMATIC TX4E as a frequency of 433.92 MHz and have 4 button(s). It comes with an instruction and batteries. The Programmation of the remote is easy and requires no special equipment. This remote is compatible with the gate remote : APRIMATIC TX2M, APRIMATIC TX4M
Stem Actuator aprilucernario APRIMATIC st450 N Art. 43545/012 Running 300-sp 230 V Silver
Actuator to stem aprilucernario APRIMATIC st450 N Art. 43545/009 Running 300-sp 230 V silver Technical Data - Power Supply: 230 Vac 50 Hz - Power Consumption Max. : 150 W - Power Consumption Max. : 0.7 A - Pulling And Pushing Force: 450 N - Running Max: 300 mm - Automatic stop: Yes - Parallel connection: Yes - Thermal protection: Yes, With A Motor For Each infisso - degree of protection: IP55 (Indoor use) - Built-in capacitor: 1 for 5 uF - rele ': it' innovative system of mechanical end stops free of bodies in motion detection: further increases the reliability of the product in any condition of use. Small size for a better insertion architectural aesthetic in the structure. Silencing is the optimum speed and are two points of strength of the actuator st450 N.
Telecomando radiocomando APRIMATIC TR4 SICE 6900978 con 4 tasti
Radiocomando con 4 tasti Codice: 6900978
Universal Car Sun Visor Clip Holder Mount Stand for Remote controls, Visor and easy to find,adjustable to accommodate different size remotes 47-70mm
Car Sun Visor Clip Holder Mount Stand for Remote controls.Visor and easy to find,adjustable to accommodate different size remotes. It is very easy and convenience to be used for all kinds of doors/windows remote control and other industrial remote control.◆ 100% brand new and high quality; Material:ABS and metal; Specification: 65.5*35.5*14cm; ◆ It can be easily clipped to your car's sun visor for convenient use of your devices; ◆ Compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel and on-the-go lifestyle; No extra tool needed, easy to install; ◆ Adjustable holder, fit devices width from 47-70mm width; No extra tool needed, easy to install; ◆ Compatible with almost all Remote controls like BFT RCB02, V2 Phox2, Togo2wv, Came TOP432-EE, Original remote control replacements and so on.
Aprim ATIC Compatible Wireless Receiver Module in Case 2 Channel Universal Receiver for TR2 TR4/TM4 Handsender 12-24 V AC/DC, No/Nc 433.92MHZ Rolling/Fixed Code
2-kanal universal Empfänger
'This universal MHz rolling/fixed code 2 channel receiver 100% compatible with Aprim, Euro 2/TR4/TM4 433.92 MHz remote controls. The 2 channels allows you to operate 2 different garage gates and/or other electronics using your original Aprim, Euro 2/TR4/TM4 Remote Control. Parameters: •; MHz rolling/fixed code Frequency •; 2 channel receiver •; Memory: Up to 400 remotes. Instructions for programming receiver: Learning new Remote Control: Press "Learn 1" or "Learn 2" button Learn LED will go on. Then press the button which you wish to learn on your remote control. Learn LED will start blinking and go off - this means that you have successfully learned your remote to the receiver. Repeat the above steps for other transmitters. Erasing receiver Memory -- > Press "Learn 1" or "Learn 2 Keep Calm And Keep Holding until Learn LED will go off - Once Learn LED is off, it means that you have successfully erased the memory of the appropriate channel. How to connect your receiver: connect 2 wires of CH1 or CH2 to your control board between: 1) com and N/O, 2) com and p/p (push button) in parallel to push button. All you need to do is to connect this receiver to your control board by using only 4 wires (2 - for power; 2 - for relay) Note: The Abriviations of your board can be different, so follow your manual. Video instructions for programming receiver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfpzvdaadwu&feature=youtu.be. If you want to increase the remote control reception range up to 150 - 200 meters, then you can connect this aerial: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/b01 N1fpwbc. If you have any questions about your purchase please contact us.
MOTOR FOR ROLLER SHUTTERS AND Blinds APRIMATIC revolux 45s – 20 Nm 35 kg including accessories
The engines of the series apprimatic revolux 45s - 20/15 43302/001 A Mechanical stop are designed specially for the lifting of roller shutters and blinds sunglasses with weight up to 35 kg. The kit includes motor - Octagonal adapters 60 mm - Standard Brackets with Omega for L & # 39; Anchorage of the head. Characterized by reliability, speed, and quietness to provide performance adapted to the most demanding market demand, the strengths of this product are: ingombri Limited end stroke adjustment easy and intuitive maintenance end stroke position of the constant full range of adapters with simple and fast mounting Easily adaptable to all the media for curtains from sun and roller shutter motor head in fireproof material High resistance to mechanical stress direct mounting possibility of the head of the engine. Specifications: Power supply: 230 V Power Consumption Max. : 145 W Current consumption max. : 0.64 A Max Thrust: Tube diameter: 45 mm 20 Nm revolutions per mimuto force: 15 RPM SPROCKET degree of protection: IP44 Socket: 10 x 10 mm quandro including adapters for hose diameter 60 mm Length including motor 480 mm adapters We Remember that the engine must be dimensioned to the weight of the roller, Do not buy engines together for be sure that go well, it is designed to operate at full load then an engine of 100 kg can never go well with a roller of 30 kg scalderà very. Italian product warranty 5 years. In the packaging of the product are content all safety certification and manuals for instructions d & # 39; use and maintenance. Technical characteristics
Grey Prism Tribal Contemporary Flannel Backed Heavy Gauge Vinyl Tablecloth Ð Indoor/Outdoor Use, (60 Inch x 104 Inch Oblong/Rectangle)
Home Bargains Plus
A Cottage inspired heavy gauge flannel back vinyl tablecloth pattern that is suited to all your entertaining needs. The Country Cottage Bouquet Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth is designed to be a favorite for your busy home or restaurant designed on heavy 4 gauge vinyl with a thick lofty polyester flannel backing . The Country Cottage Bouquet tablecloth features a stylized Aster floral bouquet in shades of mauve, gold and green on a creamy background Great for use with adults and children for Christmas and the holidays at home or in commercial settings. Perfect for decorating and keeping your holiday table protected from everyday accidents. Like plastic, the easy-care vinyl surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Vinyl top layer adds a protective waterproof layer. Flannel backed to reduce skidding and slipping on most surfaces. Finished with sewn edges. Easy to fold and store when not in use. Great for indoor, outdoor, home, and commercial use alike. Country Cottage Bouquet Flannel Backed Heavy Gauge Vinyl Tablecloth is available in a large selection of sizes and shapes for all of your holiday entertaining needs. Sizes available are: 52 x 52 Square, 52 x 70 Oblong, 60 x 84 Oblong, 60 x 84 Oval, 60 x 104 Oblong, 60 x 120 Oblong and 70 Round
Aprimatic Compatible 2-canal Receiver, 12 – 24 VAC/VDC for APRIMATIC TR2/TR4/TM4 433.92 MHZ Remote Control
Universale rolling codice 2-canale 433,92Mhz ricevitore
If you want to activate a free button (S) on your APRIMATIC TR2/TR4/TM4 433.92 MHz Remote Controls (For example to open 2-nd or 3-rd different brand gate operator), then this receiver is for you. The benefits: 1) can be learned with your existing 433.92 MHz fixed and rolling code 433.92 MHz Remote Controls separately and simultaneously 2) an option to control and use 2 gate automations or alarm systems simultaneously 3) can be used in cases, when your receiver' S memory is full and can't accept any additional remote controls. By connecting this receiver to your system, you can increase the ammount of remotes up to 400. 4) by connecting this receiver to your system you will save a lot of money, especially if you require 10 - 20 or more additional remotes 5) if you have few different remote controls from different systems, you can replace them with the one 4-channel remote. It's very handy to use 1 remote instead of 3 or 4. How to connect: Connect 2 wires of CH1 or CH2 to your control board between: 1) com and N/O 2) com and p/p (push button) in parallel to push button. All you need to do is to connect this receiver to your control board by using only 4 wires (2 - for power; 2 - for relay) Note: The abriviations on your board can be different, so follow your manual. > With these 4 Channel Remote Controls you can operate up to 4 ABSOLUTELLY different system. < examples: 1) gate1 + GATE2 + Roller Shutter 2) gate1 + alarm system + Outside Lighting + Fountain 3) gate1 + GATE2 + gate3 + gate4. In order to use 1 remote for up to 4 different systems, you will require to purchse Additional Receiver (S). Programming Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4exjgebgfdi if you need Remote Controls for this receiver, here they are: http://www.amazon.com/dp/b01b94q5dg if you want to increase Remote reception range up to 250 meters, you can use this 433.92 MHz AERIAL: http://www.amazon.de/dp/b018pc84qq
Pack Receiver APRIMATIC RX2 °C Exterior 12/12 V + Two Remotes
Aprimatic Pack Two Controllers + Receiver 433.92 MHz winter in container, allows a high degree of safety for the control of remote access. The RX2 °C Receiver is capable of running with the remotes apricode. RX2 °C have 2 channels with relay output normally open