Aqua Crystal

Aqua Crystals Crystal Maker Starter Pack
Just add water to make endless crystal creations with the Aqua crystals crystal maker Starter pack. With everything you need to make sparkly rings, hair accessories, dream charms, necklace pendants, bracelets, key rings and other magical creations. The possibilities are endless. To start simply choose your mould, fill with the colourful magical crystal to create a unique design, then simply add water and wait for your creations to be revealed. These sparkling crystal accessories are ideal to experiment and accessorise with. Perfect as gifts for your friends or keep for yourself! suitable for ages 6+ years.
Aqua Crystal' Expanding Water Storing Gel Bead Crystals - CLEAR - 20g bag
Aqua Crystal
These little crystals absorb up to 400 times their weight in water and expand to make beautiful clear or colour gel-like water crystals. They are Ideal for wedding centre pieces, floral displays, crafts, keeping house plants and cuttings fresh, watered etc. They look fantastic mixed together for a multi-colour look and ultra stylish when displayed in single colours!Add water to the contents of a packet and leave for up to 24hrs, drain off any excess water and create your own beautiful display. Add water again when Aqua Crystals shrink, draining off the excess once they have expanded again.Each 20g bag will fill a 2 litre container (approximately). The bags are specifically made to hold the water crystals and sealed at the factory with easy to read instructions, in English, printed on the bags.For lasting results use young plants that are not too sensitive to different soil types or specific hydrocultures. Choose rooted plants (washing the roots well) and cut flowers.- Room Freshener: Soak Aqua Crystals in scented oil overnight. Crystals may expand less but will absorb and retain scent longer.- Decoration: They look good on their own for Wedding Centre Pieces, Parties, Foorball Colours, Offices, Candles, Centerpieces, Arts & Crafts, Even Massage Therapy.- Potting Soil Mix: Mix directly with soil to retain moisture for plant roots.Avoid direct sunlight - store at room temperature. Do not dispose of in drains. Not suitable for children. Do not ingest. Non-toxic. Biodegradeable.PLEASE NOTE - Vases, plants and candles are NOT included in the sale and are for illustration purposes only.
10000 Pieces Gel Soil Water Crystal Beads Clear Jelly Water Gems Vase Filler for Home Decorations(Clear)
10000 Pieces Gel Soil Water Crystal Beads Clear Jelly Water Gems Vase Filler for Home Decorations(Clear) 10000 Pieces multicolor gel beads: These multicolor beads not only look beautiful, but they reduce the amount of water a plant that needs to stay nourished. You can repeatedly use the beads as many times as you want. Safe, non-toxic, please feel free to use. Grow up to 9 - 11 mm: Water gel beads need to soak for 3 hours or more. The beads will grow up to 9 - 11 mm after absorb water. Please note water crystal beads will shrink under direct light and heat, it can return to normal size once it be placed without water. Multipurpose: The decoration beads can be applied for centerpieces, vase filler, any floral design, weddings, showers parties, also act as a replacement for soil with some plants, they help plants retain water and reduce the amount of watering plants need. They release the water gradually so the plant isn't flooded with water. Note: In order to prevent intake of this product and causes harm, please avoid infants from handling this item. Specifications: Color: clear Weight: approx. 50 g/ bag Bead size: approx. 0.10 cm in diameter Package include: 1 x 10000 Pieces water gel beads
Little Snow Direct ® Over 3500 Scatter Diamonds Wedding party Table Confetti crystal - 3 Mixed Sizes - Many Colours (AQUA/TURQUOISE)
Little Snow Direct
These lovely acrylic diamonds are sold by Little Snow Direct, bring a touch of sparkle and glamour to any celebration table. They have a faceted top and pointed back just like real diamonds. Look great sprinkled on tables or used around candle and floral displays and centrepieces. A combination of different sizes gives the best effect.
2 x Finerfilters, Ice & Water Filter for Daewoo DW2042FR-09 Aqua Crystal Fridge Freezer

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Dear Customer, This is a BRAND NEW compatible replacement fridge filter for Daewoo DW2042FR-09 Aqua Crystal refrigerators. Produced by Finerfilters The UK's Largest Supplier Of Fridge Water Filters. This cartridge has become increasingly popular in new generation Daewoo fridges, and fits inside the fridge compartment itself. This is a general purpose taste and odour cartridge, designed to remove chlorine, sediment and dissolved organics and is constructed entirely from NSF approved component. The filter is made from NSF42 material standards and is guaranteed to fit! This filter fits the following models: DW2042FR-09 DW2042F-09 DW2042FB FRNY225D2V FRNY22D2W FRNY22F2VI SR620X Titan 4 3019986700 If your fridge model has the filter on the outside of the fridge (external), you will need the DD-7098 instead, which we also sell. Technical Specifications: Temperature: 0.6 - 38C° (33 - 100°F) Pressure: 20 - 120 psi (140 - 827 kPa) Capacity: 1,136 litres (300 gallons) Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm / 0.5 gpm
Aquabeads 79288 Crystal Charm Set - Multicolor
Design dazzling jewel creations with the crystal charm refill set which comes with diamante beads and diamante stickers, as well as key chain accessories and key chains. From bows to butterflies, you can add some sparkle to the aquabeads world with these accessories. Charm the friends with this sparkling arts and crafts set - for showing off the creations.
Daewoo DW2042FR-09, Aqua Crystal DW2042FR-09, 3019986700, 5045179021208,  FRNY225D2V, FRNY22D2V, FRNY22D2W, FRNY22F2VI Replacement Fridge Water Filter by AQUACREST
AQUACREST: Quality Water Quality Life Approved by WRAS Certified by WRAS to comply with the highest standards set out by water regulations in the UK. Superior Filtration All AQUACREST water filters use premium coconut carbon block to remove chlorine, taste, odor and other impurities. A Perfect Match This filter is a perfect alternative to the original filter. Fits your fridge just like a glove! No water leaks. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Our professional customer service team stands by for your any question and advice about our products. Stop settling for inferior water and choose AQUACREST for quality water and quality life!
Features:  100 % new and good quality Water Beads Are Designed To Absorb And Retain Water, This Is Then Released Slowly. They Can Be Used As A Substitute For Water In Your Vases Or Just As A Decorative Display. Harvest Size: 3 grams of Crystal Mud dry under maximum hydration (12 hrs.) will yield about 2 cups of round bouncy crystal soil water beads. Perfect for: Parties & Wedding Centerpiece, decoration, Fresh cut flower and Bamboo, Floating candles, Air Freshener, etc. Size:2.5-3MM (dry) 15MM (water-fat) Package: 5000 x Water Gel Beads5000 x Water Gel Beads WATER AQUA CRYSTALS GEL BALL CRYSTAL WATER BEADS WEDDINGDescriptionMaterial:Crystal MudSize:diameter:2mmAfter water absorption:8mmConversions:1 mm= 0.039inch, 1 inch=25.4 mmPackage Contents:10000Pcs 2mm Water Plant Flower Jelly Hydro Gel Pearl Beads Balls Crystal Soil Mud (Due to the large number, there will be a little error)HOW TO USE:1. ADD ONE OUNCE (2 LEVEL TABLESPOONS) TO ONE GALLON OFWATER OR 1 LEVEL TABLESPOON TO 2 QUARTS OF WATER.(FOR LARGER BEADS, USE DISTILLED WATER).2. ALLOW 6-12 HOURS FOR BEADS TO ABSORB WATER3. DRAIN ANY EXCESS WATER WITH A STRAINER OR COLANDER4. POUR FINISHED BEADS IN VASES AND BOWLS.WARM TIPS:ADD MORE WATER TO BEADS WHEN THEY BEGIN TO DRY TO REFRESH THEM.AFTER LONG PERIODS OF USE, BEADS CANBE WASHED WITH HOT WATER WHILE THEY ARE IN A STRAINER.NOTE:COLOR BEADS WILL FADE AND SLIGHTLY CHANGECOLOR. LAYER BEADS WITH DIFFERENT COLORS, SIMPLY PLACE WAXPAPER OR PLASTIC WRAP BETWEEN EACH COLOR LAYER. ON STEP 1 ABOVE, IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE THE PROPER AMOUNTOF WATER TO OBTAIN THE CORRECT COLOR. BY ADDING TOO MUCH WATER, THE COLOR IN THE BEAD WILL BE FADED
Trimming Shop Hot Pink 10 Packets of 10g Water Crystal Gel Beads - Aqua Decor for Tabletop Centrepiece - Ideal for Weddings, Parties, and Events - Soil Balls Suitable for Watering Plants by
Trimming Shop
Decorate your table tops for parties with these Water Crystal Gel Beads. When placed in water, these spherical orbs absorb liquids and expands in size. The multipurpose spheres can be placed inside vases and ornamental containers and displayed as décor during special events. These multi-coloured balls can be used as decorative centrepieces on tables for occasions such as weddings, birthday celebrations, graduations, anniversaries, and other formal or casual settings. The water balls are not only for festive affairs, as these can also be used to adorn home. Aside from decorative purposes, the balls can also be used to water plants. It can serve as a soil substitute, as the balls gradually release water through the span of several days - useful for conserving water and feeding plants. The expanding water beads are non-toxic, non-polluting, and reusable. Keep the balls out of direct sunlight. Take note that the beads will shrink after a few weeks of use. Balls are available in a variety of colours.
24 Bags Crystal Water Balls JELLY Water beads Crystal Aqua Gems Bio Gel Water Crystals Balls Crystal Jelly Soil Wedding Vase Decoration
24 Bags Water Jelly Water beads Crystal Aqua Gems Bio Gel Water Crystals Balls Crystal Soil Wedding Vase Decoration APPROX COUNT 50 TO 60 BALLS IN A PACK (jelly beads water crystals) 4 x RED,8 x PURPLE, 4 x CLEAR, 4 x GREEN, 4 x ORANGE. For questions, etc. You can also contact us! NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMTION ! - KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS !
Trimming Shop Clear Water 5G Aqua Crystal, Soil, Bio-Gel Ball, Water Beads, For Home Kitchen, wedding Birthday Party, Wedding Vase Centrepiece, 20 Packets
Trimming Shop
5G CLEAR BIO-GEL FOR ALL OCCASIONSFeaturesEach Bio gel Beads will in 20packets Each 5 gram packs will make approx. 1.5 litreLeave for 6-8 hours in water for the beads to fully grow and then drain off excess waterThe water beads size will be 10-15mm when grownIdeal for wedding and party table decorationIt will come in 16 coloursJust add water to grow they feed plant as wellFill a bucket, bowl or pan with water and drop a packet of gel ball seeds inMix up the colours to get a great effectPackage Include: 20 packets clear bio gel water beads
TEC-UK 24 Bags Water Beads Water Crystal Beads Aqua Gems Bio Gel Water Jelly Crystals Balls Crystal Soil Wedding Vase Decoration
6 DIFFERENT COLOUR OF JELLY BEADS;Comes in 6 Different Colors (4 x Red, 4 x Orange, 4 x Green, 4 x Blue, 4 x Purple and 4 x Clear;APPROX COUNT 60 TO 70 BALLS IN A PACK;Approx 1mm before grown up, approx 8-10mm after grown up;DO NOT SWALLOW ,NOT FOR ORAL USE
Trimming Shop 20,000pcs Water Aqua Bio Crystal Gel Beads Growing for Plants Vases Non-Toxic for Wedding Centerpiece Table Vase Filler - Mix
Trimming Shop
Plants that will survive in water crystal beads;Arrowhead VineIvyNorfolk Island pinePeacock PlantPothosPalmLucky bambooPrayer PlantSpider PlantPeperoniaPeace LilyRubber PlantWeeping FigThe PalmChinese evergreenCaladiumDracaenaSaves your time: Grow these water crystal beads, put in the vase for your plants and it will provide water to your plant time to time, you do not need to fill water for at-least a month.Take care of your plant: these water crystal beads look after your plant, simply check the bio gel if those are shrunk simply add water and it will be grown in 8-12 hours again.Pack comes with 20,000pcs in Mix Color
1 x EcoAqua EFF-6012A Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter to fit Daewoo Aqua Crystal DW2042FR-09, DW2042FR09, DW2042F-09, FRNY225D2V, FRNY22D2V, FRNY22D2W, FRNY22F2VI, 3019986700, 5045179021208, 5045176443904, Baumatic Titan 4, Titan 5
Clean, great tasting water and ice is what you get when you purchase the EcoAqua EFF-6012A 300-gallon capacity compatible water filter.An Aqua Crystal compatible water filter made by EcoAqua means you are receiving the expertise of a world leader in liquid filtration that is an instantly recognized brand in Europe and the UK. With this filter, you are assured of getting high quality water for your home or business that has been purged of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, dirt, rust and other particles, as well as unpleasant odours and tastes.The materials used in making the Daewoo compatible DW2042FR-09 by EcoAqua water filter are top quality ensuring that the product lasts longer while filtering away most of the impurities that give water a strange odour and taste. This water filter will also prolong the life of your refrigerator. It is designed to lessen the sediment deposits in your refrigerator's ice machine.The filtration process handled by this water filter involves the passing of the water from the exterior surfaces until it goes into the middle of the cartridge. With every filtering layer that the water goes through, the pores of the filters become smaller, so as to get rid of even the most minute particles or impurities in water. It does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health such as fluoride.The interval of the changing of these filters is dependent on the quality of your water as well as on the water consumption of your entire household.EcoAqua, an EcoPure company, is a Compatible Equipment Manufacturer (CEM) for DAEWOO water filters. They are a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of domestic and industrial fluids.Trademarks acknowledged & recognised as belonging to respective brand(s) owners. Used only for compatibility information.