Aqua Forte

AquaForte DM-15000 Filter-/Teichpumpe 15m³/h, Förderhöhe 6m, 135 Watt
Aquaforte DM 15,000 pond pump energy efficient Eco Filter pump - 135 W - 15000L/hour - Maximum lifting height 6 m' - Pump Input 2 (63 mm)' - Pump Output 2 (63 mm) - Ceramic axle - Meerwassergeeignet - Promotes particles along with any dirt up to 6 mm Size - has protection against dry running - can be in the Aquaforte DM Series Pond Pump - Energy efficient ECO filter pump at a fraction of the high street retail price. Aquaforte builds very energy-saving pump with innovative electronics, for almost every pond size. If in the event of loss too a blocker Axis begibt pump will move to a lock position, meaning that no further electricity is consumed, until the interference/Blocker has been eliminated. This is also an protection against the burn out of the motor.The pump Kennlinie the Aquaforte pond pumps the picture view shows the dependence of the output from the pump head. The Aquaforte filler pump can dirt particles up to 6 mm size transport, are reduced noise level and are suitable for salt and fresh water use. The Pond Pumps of Aquaforte have a hard-wearing ceramic shaft, without any use of copper elements. The Pond Pump The Aquaforte DM range are also suitable for dry installation. When it comes to Aquaforte pond pumps are a new low cost dirty water pump which are ideal for for your circulation around the Koiteich and garden pond for water courses, waterfalls, fountains, etc.
EcoMax Aqua Forte RD715 O-13000 PLUS Electric Pond Pump
Aquaforte O-Plus 13000l Filter Pump - EXO MAX - Pump - Filter pump - Pond pump
Aqua Forte Pond/Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
AquaForte pond sludge cleaner.The apparatus can be used as a sludge cleaner for a pond or for many other purposes as a wet and dry cleaner.Other examples of places of use could be pools, paddling pools or even your car.4-in-1: Pond and pool cleaning, wet and dry suction, large, 35 litre volume, castors for easy transportation, fully automatic activation and emptying thanks to built-in time timer control, 1,400 Watt, dimensions 36 x 36 x 60 cm with 3 suction nozzles, 4m suction hose, 1.5m drain hose, max. suction height of 1.72m.
Ponddpro Rapid ECO Submersible Fish Pond Pumps. The Ponddpro Eco Rapid Series Pond Pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The Eco Rapid Series Pond Pumps cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area. Simply remove the front cage, to use your pump as a dry mount pump. Eco Rapid Series Pond Pumps can be run as a dry mount pump for gravity fed filter systems or used as a standard submersible pump, when used with the cage also provided.They also come with 1.5 inch threaded inlet and outlet, and we supply 1 x threaded union stepped hosetail free with these pumps. When using a pond pump to power a filter system, reliability is essential. That is why the Eco Rapid Series Pond Pumps key features provide total reassurance. They also have a nice stand making them easier to dry mount on the floor. Key Features. Pumps large quantities of pond water with low electricity consumption. Energy Saving Inverter Technology. Vortex impeller blade can handle solids up to 6 mm. Pump inlet & outlet has a 1.5" screw thread for union fittings and also comes with standard hosetail 25-38mm (1"- 1.5") for optional submersible use with standard flexi pipe. Eco Rapid Series Pond Pumps are suited for dry application or submersible with cage supplied. Eco Rapid Series High Pressure pond Pumps are suitable for both horizontal and vertical use. Eco Rapid series High Pressure Pumps have a strong head pressure and very low wattage. The Range Specifications: PDP01 - 3500 Pump, Power 25W, Max Head 3.0M Flow Rate 3500 L/H, 10m Cable..PDP02 - 5000 Pump. Power 45W. Flow Rate 5000 L/H. Max Head 3.5mtr. 10m Cable. PDP03 - 6500 Pump, Power 50W, Max Head 4M Flow Rate 6500 L/H, 10M Cable.
Aqua Forte PVC Elastomer Flexible Reducing Sleeve 90x63 mm, Extremely Flexible
Flexible Sleeve incl. Fitted rings 'reduced, 3 "x 2/90 x 63 mm
Aqua Forte Floating Skimmer 200 x 110 MM Black
The skimmer dierekt on a 110 mm Tube can be Instaleiert without any mounting material
Aqua Forte FastFall 62 Pond Waterfall
Sibo B.V.
These fast when he has a Afmeting Van 68 x 28 x 25 cm zorgt tevens For An Extra stukje Filtratie en Beluchting. For a Gelijkmatige Waterverdeling is the marriage of Keuze of de juiste Pomp met a exact fit Waterdoorstroomvolume bijzonder belangrijk. ONS advies For These Waterval is Om A Pomp uit te kiezen met Maximum flow tot 15 m³ per uur. He is as a complete outfit geleverd inclusief Doorvoer from 63 mm, Folieflens and rooster for Eenvoudige camouflage met natuurlijke materials. Hij blijft Toch an Toegankelijk For Onderhoud. Kenmerken Aquaforte Waterval almost case 62 cm * Maximum flow 15000 litres by uur * Afmeting 68 x 28 x 25 cm (L x W x H) * breedte Waterval: 62 cm * Aanvoer: 63 mm The settings Aquaforte Aquaforte is één Van De Meest Betrouwbare will notice a Huidige Vijverbranche. Door adjustable op Zoek te his to innovative for a Vijvermarkt and Zelf producten te Ontwikkelen, may Aquaforte a hoogwaardige Productenlijn Garanderen met as a Resultaat a Goede kwaliteit the most of your Vijverwater. Aquaforte Leveringen de Distributie Van De producten is Vanuit a large Nederlandse Groothandel Georganiseerd. De Medewerkers hebben Kennis Van De producten en it is altijd een goed Voorraadniveau gegarandeerd. De Aquaforte Warranty Aquaforte is Overtuigd of the producten the Ze Aanbieden. De meeste producten hebben een stand Warranty Van 2 years. Within these Termijn been Defecte Onderdelen of producten vervangen (Exclusief slijtage Onderdelen). Maar ook na of the Garantietermijn is of bedrijf
Aqua Forte pond hose, pond/spiral hose
Spiral Coiled Hose + Pond Hose, Black, flexible, for use on pond, landscaping, swimming pool or other cleaning & Irrigation construction sites
Aqua Forte inflatable pipe plug
Inflatable pipe cap (For Pipes 92 - 145 mm), Rohrstopfen For All Pipes and floor drains in the pond, Length: 1.5 m
Aqua Forte transparenter Luftschlauch 12x16mm, 50m Rolle
10 m PVC Air Hose Transparent 12 / 16 mm - air hose 8 / 10 mm