Aqua Forte

AquaForte DM-15000 Filter-/Teichpumpe 15m³/h, Förderhöhe 6m, 135 Watt
Aquaforte DM 15,000 pond pump energy efficient Eco Filter pump - 135 W - 15000L/hour - Maximum lifting height 6 m' - Pump Input 2 (63 mm)' - Pump Output 2 (63 mm) - Ceramic axle - Meerwassergeeignet - Promotes particles along with any dirt up to 6 mm Size - has protection against dry running - can be in the Aquaforte DM Series Pond Pump - Energy efficient ECO filter pump at a fraction of the high street retail price. Aquaforte builds very energy-saving pump with innovative electronics, for almost every pond size. If in the event of loss too a blocker Axis begibt pump will move to a lock position, meaning that no further electricity is consumed, until the interference/Blocker has been eliminated. This is also an protection against the burn out of the motor.The pump Kennlinie the Aquaforte pond pumps the picture view shows the dependence of the output from the pump head. The Aquaforte filler pump can dirt particles up to 6 mm size transport, are reduced noise level and are suitable for salt and fresh water use. The Pond Pumps of Aquaforte have a hard-wearing ceramic shaft, without any use of copper elements. The Pond Pump The Aquaforte DM range are also suitable for dry installation. When it comes to Aquaforte pond pumps are a new low cost dirty water pump which are ideal for for your circulation around the Koiteich and garden pond for water courses, waterfalls, fountains, etc.
EcoMax Aqua Forte RD715 O-13000 PLUS Electric Pond Pump
Aquaforte O-Plus 13000l Filter Pump - EXO MAX - Pump - Filter pump - Pond pump
Aqua Forte PVC Elastomer Flexible Reduction Sleeve 50 x 40 mm, Extremely Flexible
Product Description This restrictor is a flexible connection spigot, Manufactured from PVC Rubber, by a clamp band Stainless Steel in their position is kept. Has a very strong PVC rubber train - and tensile strength, is extremely flexible and not subjected to aging. Resistant against UV radiation, root growth, Kanalisationsgas, bacteria, chemicals etc pipes of same or different dimensions and/or Materials without problems can be connected. Can be affixed to any type: PVC, PE, PP, steel, iron, lead, copper, aluminum, concrete, Stoneware, asbestos cement etc. very quick and simple assembly, with a perfect seal. Data sheet Reducer Sleeve Flexible MaterialPVC-elastomer strong train - and tear strength UV-resistant Simple Assembly, perfect waterproofing for all types of pond accessories flexible Reducer 50 x 40 mm product suitable for reducing sleeve for all PVC pipe Types suitable for flexible elastomer with 1 pcs Flexible Reducing Coupling, 50 x 40 mm
Aqua Forte Pond/Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner
AquaForte pond sludge cleaner.The apparatus can be used as a sludge cleaner for a pond or for many other purposes as a wet and dry cleaner.Other examples of places of use could be pools, paddling pools or even your car.4-in-1: Pond and pool cleaning, wet and dry suction, large, 35 litre volume, castors for easy transportation, fully automatic activation and emptying thanks to built-in time timer control, 1,400 Watt, dimensions 36 x 36 x 60 cm with 3 suction nozzles, 4m suction hose, 1.5m drain hose, max. suction height of 1.72m.
Aqua Forte Pond Skimmer 160 mm with Reducer Black
These Drijvende Skimmer of Aquaforte schuif each over a Verloop to 110 mm en zo he kan via an been Wanddoorvoer aangesloten on the pomp of filter. Producte Igensc happen Aquaforte Drijvende Skimmer * hoogte: 280 mm * Diameter: 160 mm Aquaforte Leveringen de Distributie Van De producten is Vanuit a large Nederlandse Groothandel Georganiseerd. De Medewerkers hebben Kennis Van De producten en it is altijd een goed Voorraadniveau gegarandeerd. De Aquaforte Warranty Aquaforte is Overtuigd of the producten the Ze Aanbieden. De meeste producten hebben een stand Warranty Van 2 years. Within these Termijn been Defecte Onderdelen of producten vervangen (Exclusief slijtage Onderdelen). Maar ook na of the Garantietermijn is of bedrijf coulant. Vervang Ingson Derdelen its Ruimschoots op voorraad.
Aqua Forte Hailea V-30 Membrapumpe 1800 l/H-BelüFterpumpe-Teichbelüftung
The V series air pumps are very quiet and powerful. Housing made of high quality aluminum alloy. High performance and pressure thanks to double air chamber. Suitable for permanent operation. Air Pump V-30 / MK-30 6-way manifold Technical specifications: Power input: 25 Watt (220/240 V) Output per min: 30 l airflow per hour : 1.800 l Air pressure (MPa 2):> 0.025 Volume:
Aqua Forte Floating Skimmer 200 x 110 MM Black
The skimmer dierekt on a 110 mm Tube can be Instaleiert without any mounting material
Aqua Forte ACO 318 Air Pump Reciprocating Compressor 3600 l/h
HAILEA ACO-318 Air Compressor 3600 L/H Aerator Piston Compressor Pond Pump ACO 318 - sturdy and powerful, incl. 6x splitter - Power approx. 60L/min or 3600 L/h at 0m - max. pressure 0.02 MPa (1.50m) - Recommended working pressure 0.008 MPa (0.80m) - max. 1.5m water depth
Aqua Forte Floor Drain 110 MM Sturdy Design
Floor Drain PVC, sturdy design.Lid Diameter 380 mm (15).For use in a film or GRP pond.The special glue Fixseal makes the floor drain Easy glued and sealed.