Aqua Nova

Aqua Nova NCF-1500, Außenfilter
External filter for freshwater or seawater aquarium, 1500 L/H. 2-year manufacturer's guarantee. For aquariums up to 600 L. Comes ready to use with filter weights and pipes. (1 fine white foam, 1 large black foam, 750 g of activated carbon and 750 g of filter ceramic). Quiet and easy to use with quick release taps and self-priming system for quick start. Perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums as the helix axis is ceramic. Great value for money. Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 40 cm. Consumption: 20 W.
Aqua Nova NPH1300 - Aquarium Powerhead Pump - fish tank filter 1300L/h
Aqua Nova
Aqua nova Aquarium powerhead pump
Aqua Nova Large Laundry Basket Beige Luxury Launderette '
Beautiful large laundry basket in 100% cotton fabric beige and brown leather handles and bottom. This laundry basket has a removable machine washable peg bag beige that can be opened or closed with a cord. The grip of the laundry basket is of raidissement from top to bottom. Dimensions: Length 50 cm x Width 35 cm x Height 65 cm Colour: Beige Material: Cotton and leather
Aqua Nova
Zeolite stones can be placed in directly into filter or water flow. Can be easily removed for recharging to remove ammonia from ponds. Zeolite is widely regarded as the best media for removing amonia from all aquatic set ups, aquariums or ponds. A 'Real Beneficial Media' for helping to eliminate those High Ammonia problems. Zeolite is a re-generatable filter media. To recharge the media periodically, it is a simple matter to remove the Zeolite and then soak the it in a strong saline (cooking salt) solution for 24 hours and then replace it into your system and it will once again start to absorb the ammonia. An excellent product for maintaining a zero Ammonia level .
Aqua Nova Net Bag with zip for Filter Media 25x30cm
Aqua Nova
Net Bag with zip for Filter Media 25x30cm
Aqua Nova NF-600, Hängefilter
Aqua Nova
The Hang-On filter (hanging filter) captivate with an easy to use with a fine mechanical biological water purification. It's in the small aquaria where very little space, can be used the hang-on filter.Change the filter materials can be Einfachst and easy to clean.450 litres per hourFor aquariums up to 120 litresIncludes filter cartridge with sponge filter and aktivkohle.Adjustable flow ratePower consumption max: 7 Watts.220 V, 50 Hz
Aqua Nova 20cm airstone bar (AB-8
Aqua Nova
Simply connect to airline ( not included) for aeration in your aquarium
4 x AguaNova waterbed conditioner 250 ml, for Water beds - conditioner
Prevents lime deposits preserved the plasticizer, maintains the vinyl from the inside - extends the shelf life of the mattress. AguaNova waterbed conditioner effectively fights germs in the water and preserved its contents up to 12 months. 250ml Conditioner are sufficient for water core content up to 400 litres.This conditioner is effective against bacteria, as well as against fungi and algae.Keep the water fresh and clean and cares for the vinyl from the inside and the fibre layersExtends the shelf life of the water bed mattressSuitable for water beds of all kindsIncluded:4 x AguaNova waterbed conditioner 250 ml
Aqua Nova NSF-R100L ROUND Aquarium Sponge filter for fish tanks, fry and quarantine tanks
Aqua Nova
For aquariums up to 100L AQUA NOVA air operated internal sponge filters designed to provide biochemical filtration in your aquarium. To provide better filtration this sponge filter contains an air stone in the middle of the sponge. Dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 7x12x7 cm
Aqua Nova - 200 w Aquarium Heater submersible for fish tank
Aqua Nova
Aqua Nova 200 w Aquarium Heater