Sealey PW1712 Pressure Washer 12V Rechargeable
Model No:PW1712Capacity:17ltrBattery:Lead AcidMaximum Pressure:8.5bar/123psiWater Flow Rate:2.5ltr/minMotor Power:60WSupply:12VHose Length:6mtrCharging Time:6hrsOperating Time:20-40minsWeight:6.8kg
Aqua2go pistol
Aqua2Go Pro GD130 spray gun for Aqua2Go battery pressure washer. This also removes coarse dirt. The rubber reinforced spray gun has an adjustable nozzle that can be used to adjust the water pressure and water jet width.
aqua2go high pressure cleaner Clean 481 BLUE
Aqua2go high pressure cleaner Clean 481, blue140 bar max. < br>440 ltr / min automatic start-stop 8 mtr hose,lans,gun,rotor nozzles, 2.5 kw, < br>230V
Aqua2go PRO GD133 Connection Coupling for Spray Gun
Aqua2go PRO GD133 Connection Coupling for Spray Gun.
aqua2go Unisex's KROSS Battery High Pressure Cleaner, Green, M
The smart mobile pressure cleaner for on the road and Away From Home! ► separated portable multifunctional power ► Works without fixed electricity and fixed water connection ► rechargeable lithium-ion battery 2200 mAh included ( 220V), Charging time 2 hours ► includes 12V connecting to the car ► own 20L water reservoir for 30 minutes continuous use ► no limited water capacity when using the pump With suction hose ► Water Pressure of 3-10 bars ► Adjustable spray positions ► illumination with 12V and USB charging function ► handy storage for the hose and sprayer ► draw-bar and wheels for easy moving Aqua2Go pro comes complete with: ► Aqua2Go Pro smart portable washer ► 20 litre water tank ► waterhose 6 MT ► spray nozzle ► showerhead ► brush long ► 12 Volt cable for connecting to 12V in the car ► LED flashlight ► Length: 13.4 in. Width: 9 in. Height: 19.7 in. Weight: 11 lb.
aqua2go Unisex's GD73 Portable Pressure Cleaner, Green, M
Aqua2Go - a perfect companion! For all your activities specifications use It anywhere, no power or water connection required. Removable 17 litre water tank 12 minutes of continuous cleaning on a full tank Up to 5 full tanks on a single battery charge For hot Water up to 45°C Internal battery or 12 Volt power 220 Volt charging Adjustable spray nozzle for a soft spray or powerful jet. Water Pressure is adjustable From 3 to 8 bar 6 metre hose Includes showerhead and long brush Box contains: Aqua2Go pressure Washer 17 litre water tank water hose spray nozzle showerhead long brush 12 Volt cable for connection to car cigarette lighter.
aqua2go Wasserschlauch 3/4 Inch 50 m Yellow
'Extremely pressure resistant · KÃ ¤ Lteflexibel â · No twists and twisting in loading and relief â · Burst Pressure At 20 Â ° C 13 mm (1/2 inch): 50 bar â · Burst Pressure At 20 °C 19 mm (3/4-inch): 35 bar
aqua2go GD320 Camping Shower Rechargeable
Camping Shower wit rechargeable battery. Use it everywhere to clean or wash. The aqua2go shower is great for many uses such as campers, hikers, poolside or beach showering, car washing, horse cleaning, house-pet washing, plants watering, muggy hands and feet rinsing, windows and backyard cleaning or scouring with sand at the beach etc. Easy to Use Just simply dropping the shower pump under water and press the button, then it is already ready for use. With Rechargeable The shower built-in rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery, it powers the aqua2go portable shower for up to 1 hour on a single charge. Charging is easy via USB connection to a power bank or laptop, etc. 5V power supply on anywhere. Specifications: Water flow: 2.5 l/min. Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery (Lithium) Working time: 45 ~ 60 min. Charging: each USB output with 5 V, 0.5 - 2 a Charging time: 2 - 5 hours (depending on hair of different charger) Includes: 1 x aqua2go Camping Shower 1 x Shower Pump 1 x 2200mAh Battery(Built-in) 1 x 7"Hose 1 x Shower Head 1 x USB Cable 1 x Suction Cap 1 x Hook 1 x User Manual
Aqua2go GD169 Inlet Unit for Pressure Washer
Aqua2go GD169 intake unit for Aqua2go pressure washer
Aqua2go Pro Fast Charger for GD90 Pro High Pressure Cleaner
The lithium quick charger GD90 from Aqua2go charges your battery quickly.Caution: Only for Aqua2go Pro.
aqua2go Hochdruckreiniger Clean (Blue)
Aqua2go high pressure cleaner Clean 586, blue150 bar max. < br>480 ltr / min automatic start-stop 8 mtr hose and reel,lans, < br>gun,rotor nozzles, 2.0 kw, 230V
Aqua2go GD150 Pro Quick Connector for Hose Pressure 12 Volt Battery suitable for Pressure Washer
Aqua2go Pro Quick Coupling for compressed hose fits battery pressure washer 12 voltsGD - 150
Aqua2go GD166 Water Tank for Pressure Washer
Aqua2go GD166 water tank for Aqua2go pressure washer
Aqua2go Pro Lead 12 V Socket/Cigarette Lighter Charger 12 Volt GD 528
Cigarette Lighter Connection Cable GD 528 For Aqua2go Pro